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Band Photo: Decapitated (?)

Formed: 1996
From: Krosno, Poland
Last Known Status: Active

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Decapitated Issues Statement On Their Time In Jail

Polish death metal veterans Decapitated has posted a statement online detailing their time in custody on charges of gang rape, which they were eventually cleared of. The message reads thusly:

"We are innocent. We are free. We are back home. And we are ready to return with the band.

"The last few months were one of the most terrible and irrational times in our lives.

"Jail is a horrible place. 96 days in jail and almost a month outside the jail where we dealing with fear, unbelievable stress, depression, and even violence. It was a really hard time - especially for our families. More...

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Nergal On Decapitated: "They Couldn’t Hurt A Fly”

This past September Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski urged fans not to jump to conclusions regarding the arrest of fellow Polish death metal band Decapitated. All four members of the group had been arrested and were facing a potential trial on charges of rape and kidnapping. Last week however, all charges were dropped against the band, with the courting concern for the well-being of the alleged victim. Nergal has since spoken publicly on the case again via his Instagram, offering the following:

“4 months ago, Decapitated were accused of kidnap and gang rape – subsequently they were put in a County prison and later into a local jail…and the shit hit the fan! I recall the similar case of my friends from Satyricon/Keep of Kalessin who spent 2 months in a Canadian prison because someone accused them of rape.

It took 2 months of legal bureaucracy and the help of the Norwegian government to get them out. The accuser finally recanted the allegations, claiming it was a mistake. They never received compensation for financial losses or emotional trauma, just a brief apology and a document to prove their innocence (which they must always carry around with them).

Somehow, from the very beginning my intuition told me my friends from Decapitated would be just fine. Now, I’m not claiming to be a prophet but I’m an optimist and a good judge of character, I know these guys and I know they couldn’t/wouldn’t hurt a fly. They are now released and have had charges dropped (without prejudice).

It’s obviously a big relief to their families and friends, including myself. So…what’s next for their career after such severe defamation? What about their good name? What about their families? I hope they get their justice and strike back soon!!! And Justice For All? Well…not quite. But getting innocent people back home…HELL YES!

Last thing, friends – stay rational and reasonable and think carefully before you speak… and caste a stone at innocent people.
Welcome home brothers.” More...

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Breaking News

All Charges Against Decapitated Dropped

Polish death metal band Decapitated, who had been held in the United States on charges of rape and kidnapping, have had all charges dropped, it has emerged today. New evidence has come to light that helped prove the band's innocence. The group were arrested on September 8 in Santa Ana, California last year. More details will be posted as soon as they become available.

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Decapitated Released From Jail Awaiting Rape Trial

All four members of Decapitated have been released from prison as they await trial for kidnapping and rape charges. Each band member faces charges of varying degrees for an incident alleged to have occurred on their tour bus back on August 31st, 2017 in Spokane, WA. On that night the band are accused of gang raping a girl on their bus. The group have denied all charges thus far.

The Spokesman-Review account that the band were granted release on their own recognizance this week without having post the $100,000 bond that was previously set. As part of their release, they were ordered to remain in the state of Washington and to turn in their passports. Additionally, Decapitated were ordered to sign waivers of extradition that would allow them to be sent back to Spokane, WA should they attempt to flee home to Poland.

It was also ordered that the four band members are not to have any contact with each other without attorneys present. Interestingly, the band received an endorsement from a member of Poland’s Parliament Dominik Tarczynski, which is said to have helped aid in their release.

The Spokesman-Review report also that Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh has given testimony that he saw the girl who accused the band violently moshing in the mosh pit earlier in that night. He is quoted as saying: More...

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Decapitated Vocalist & Bassist Charged With Rape

Decapitated singer Rafal Piotrowski and bassist Hubert Wiecek had their first court appearance in Spokane County on Friday for allegedly participating in a gang rape of a woman on their tour bus in Spokane on Aug. 31. With the aid of a Polish translator, Judge John Cooney communicated the charges of first-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape to Piotrowski and first-degree kidnapping and third-degree rape to Wiecek.

Waclaw Kieltyka and Michal Lysejko, the band’s bassist and drummer, had their first court appearance in Spokane on Oct. 13. Kieltyka was charged with first-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape and Lysejko was charged with first-degree kidnapping and third-degree rape.

All four band members had their bonds set at $100,000. They also aren’t allowed to talk to each other while incarcerated and were forced to surrender their passports to their attorneys. More...

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Decapitated: Bail Set for Guitarist and Drummer

Decapitated‘s Waclaw Kieltyka (guitars) and Michal Lysejko (drums) appeared in a Spokane, Washington court past Friday, to be formally charged with rape and kidnapping charges. Kieltyka was charged with first-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape. Lysejko was charged with first-degree kidnapping and third-degree rape. More...

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Decapitated Case: Attorney Shares Legal Insight

Though he’s not connected with the Decapitated case, MetalSucks recently interviewed NYC criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman to get a better understanding of the ongoing legal situation. According to the latest reports, the band remains held in an LA county jail awaiting extradition to Spokane, WA, where it is facing a charge of first degree kidnapping. That charge stems from allegedly holding two female fans on the band's tour bus against their will back on August 30th. The band members have also since been accused of gang raping one of the women.

Criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Lichtman does provide an overview of what the band members are potentially facing, which could be over a lifetime prison sentence if they are convicted. The maximum sentence for the kidnapping charge is 20 years to life and with a potential rape charge included, those numbers could quickly rise. However, it is noted that if convicted the average sentencing guidelines would have then facing under 8 years in prison.

Says Lichtman: More...

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Behemoth’s Nergal Comments On Decapitated Case

Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski, no stranger to legal troubles (most famously running afoul of the Supreme Court in his native Poland for his controversial views on Christianity some years back), has spoken out about Decapitated’s arrest for kidnapping and the accusations of gang rape from a Washington woman. He basically tells everyone to just wait for the facts to come out in the case before you start judging.

Speaking on the matter via his Instragram and Facebook account Nergal states:

"Touring life may get crazy every now and then. I was not on the Decapitated bus. I didn’t talk to anyone and I do not know the other people involved. I don’t want to speculate but I have learned in both my personal life and in many years of touring that people are complicated. I personally have never forced anyone to have sex with me and there should be a NO TOLERANCE policy used in such cases, no question.

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Decapitated Issues Statement After Arrest

After being arrested for allegedly kidnapping and gang raping a fan on their tour bus, the members of Decapitated have now issued their first public statement. The group posted this message online via Facebook:

"While we are not perfect human beings, we are not kidnappers, rapists, or criminals. As such, we strongly deny the allegations that have recently been brought against us.

"We ask that everyone please reserve their judgement until a definitive outcome has been reached, as charges have yet to be pressed. Full testimony and evidence will be presented in due time, and we have faith in that process.

"As there is uncertainty regarding a timeline for prospective proceedings and out of respect for fans and promoters, due to the severity of the claims, we have cancelled all planned touring.

"All social media platforms have been temporarily disabled as they have been used as destinations for defamatory and malicious remarks. We would like to point out that the statements in the published police report were given prior to an arrest. At that point, no member of the band was aware of an active warrant being issued."

An in-depth (and extremely graphic) police report detailing the alleged events was also released and can be read here. The band was arrested in Santa Ana, California and is currently awaiting extradition back to Spokane to face criminal charges.

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Decapitated Also Accused Of Gang Raping A Fan

Update: the band has now issued a statement, which can be read here.

Recently released court documents reveal disturbing details in Decapitated's recent arrest. As reported earlier past week all four members of the band, Michal Lysejko, 27; Waclaw Kieltyka, 35; Rafal Piotrowski, 31; and Hubert Wiecek, 30, were arrested on September 9th after the band's show in Santa Ana, CA with a potential charge of first degree kidnapping.

The charges stemmed from an incident which took place following the band’s August 31st show at "The Pin" in Spokane, WA. As it turns out, all four band members have now not just been accused of holding a female against her will, but also gang raping her on band's tour bus, while also sexually assaulting the victim's friend.

Spokesman.com provided the following summary of the court documents that were revealed:

"The women said they ended up speaking with members of Decapitated and were invited to have drinks in the tour bus parked outside the venue, according to court documents. One woman "described being excited to be on the bus, and then one of the band members began grabbing her breasts," court documents say. "He was later identified as the drummer, Michal Lysejko."

The same woman "was uncomfortable and said the band members began speaking to each other in Polish," court documents say. "She described the ‘vibe’ in the bus changed, and one of the members began looking at them like they were prey."

The woman said she looked at her friend "to signal they needed to get out of there." She then used the bathroom and was followed by the lead singer, Piotrowski, according to court documents. The woman told police Piotrowski began kissing her as she finished using the bathroom, and she began resisting when he started undoing her belt, according to court documents. She said she wanted to leave the bus with her friend, but a band member indicated her friend had already left, saying, "You have to have fun. She left you."

The woman "attempted to push Piotrowski away but he grabbed her arm and spun her around to where she was facing the sink and mirror in the bathroom," court documents say. "She saw in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye each of the band members taking turns raping her." More...

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Headline News

Decapitated Arrested In California

Update: the band has now issued a statement, which can be read here.

After releasing the "Anticult" album via Nuclear Blast Records, Polish metal band Decapitated recently hit the road in the U.S. to support the release alongside Thy Art Is Murder.

While the tour is ongoing, Decapitated won't be appearing on any further dates of the trek, with all four members of the band arrested in California this morning.

The Spokesman Review reported the following:

All four members of the Polish death metal band Decapitated were arrested in Santa Ana, California, early Saturday on suspicion of kidnapping a woman after their concert in Spokane on Aug. 31.

A woman reported to police just before 2 a.m. on Sept. 1 the alleged kidnapping by the band members, said Spokane Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Teresa Fuller. The band had performed with Thy Art is Murder at The Pin concert venue downtown as part of their “Double Homicide” tour. Fuller said she believes the woman attended the heavy metal concert.

The band members were arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office after their Friday night concert in Santa Ana. They have been identified as 27-year-old Michael M. Lysejko, 35-year-old Waclaw J. Kieltyka, 31-year-old Rafal T. Piotrowski and 30-year-old Hubert E. Wiecek. All are Polish nationals.

The four are in the Los Angeles County Jail awaiting extradition to Spokane. Fuller said additional charges are possible. The case is still under investigation by the department’s Special Victims Unit.

Defense attorney Steve Graham of Spokane said he was hired by the band on Thursday after they became aware of the investigation.

“There is another side to this,” he said. “We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit band of her own free will and left on good terms.”

He said he told police that the band members had offered to surrender but never heard anything back. “I made it clear that I could get the guys up here ASAP and they would cooperate,” he said.

Graham said he’s concerned that they will “languish” in the Los Angeles County Jail for weeks before being returned to Spokane, but said the four will not fight extradition and will return to Spokane willingly.

Live footage from the band's Santa Ana show can be seen below. At this point no statement has arrived from the band or label, but it seems a good bet there won't be any further U.S. appearances on the remaining dates. The band was also scheduled to tour Europe alongside King Parrot in October and November. More...

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Kreator Announces European Tour

Today, German thrash titans Kreator announced the upcoming second European tour for early 2018. January of next year will see the band tour cities that have not been covered on the recent runs and bring along label mates Decapitated as well as Dagoba.

The band is still touring in support of the chart-topping album "Gods Of Violence," which was released in early 2017 and received raving reviews from all over the planet - including right here at Metal Underground.com.

Commented Mille Petrozza: "Hordes! Do not miss this night of absolute aggression on our second European tour for Gods Of Violence! See you in the pit!"

The dates and venues are as follows:

11.01.2018 FR - Lille, Splendid
12.01.2018 FR - Reims, Cartonnerie
13.01.2018 FR - Rouen, Le 106
14.01.2018 FR - Bordeaux, Le Rocher Palmer
15.01.2018 FR - Lyon, Transbordeur
16.01.2018 CH - Lausanne, Docks
17.01.2018 IT - Bologna, Zona Roveri
18.01.2018 SI - Ljubljana, Kino Siska
19.01.2018 RS - Belgrade, Hala Sportova
20.01.2018 GR - Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theater
21.01.2018 GR - Athens, Piraeus 117 Academy
23.01.2018 MK - Skopje, MKC
24.01.2018 BG - Sofia, Mixtape 5
25.01.2018 RO - Bucharest, Arenele Romane
26.01.2018 HU - Budapest, Barba Negra Music Club
27.01.2018 CZ - Zlin, Masters of Rock Café
28.01.2018 CZ - Prague, Meetfactory More...

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Thy Art Is Murder Premieres New Music Video

Australian group Thy Art Is Murder premieres a video for the outfit's new track "Puppet Master" that was directed by Third Eye Visuals. The clip arrives alongside the band’s latest album, "Dear Desolation", which hit stores yesterday, August 18th.

Thy Art Is Murder will soon be out with Decapitated, Fallujah and Ghost Bath on "The Double Homicide Tour": More...

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King Parrot Announces Tour With Decapitated

Australia's notorious metal villains from King Parrot just revealed European tour plans in support of new studio album, "Ugly Produce/" The band will hit the road with death metal giants Decapitated for a 29-date run (including 10 dates in the U.K. alone) in October and November 2017. Additional support will come from Thy Disease and Venom Prison.

Vocalist Matt "Youngy" Young commented: "We've been working hard on our new album down in Australia, and we honestly believe this record is not only a continuation of our trademark sound, but a progression into new territory in terms of songwriting and musicianship. Couple that with the most off the wall videos we have ever produced, and I think we are really onto something with this new release.

"Most importantly we're excited to bring these new tracks to the European audiences when we tour alongside Polish legends Decapitated through October and November. It will be an awesome and diverse tour package, featuring two bands from different spheres of the extreme metal world, bringing utter chaos to the stage each and every night! Be prepared for more over the top King Parrot absurdity than ever before, we are giving this one our all!".

King Parrot's 3rd studio effort will arrive on September 22nd via Agonia Records (Europe), Housecore Records (North America) and Rocket/EVP in the group's native country. More...

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Decapitated Streams New Track, New Album Released

Today heralds the release of "Anticult" via Nuclear Blast Records, the new album from Polish technical deal metal act Decapitated. Today the band celebrates by streaming the new song "One-Eyed Nation" in the player below.

The full track listing for "Anticult" is as follows:

1. Impulse
2. Deathvaluation
3. Kill the Cult
4. One-Eyed Nation
5. Anger Line
6. Earth Scar (see music video here)
7. Never (see video clip here)

Check out "One-Eyed Nation" here:
8. Amen More...

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2017: Day One

The Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Belgium has become one of the biggest and most popular events on the European summer circuit. Seemingly every year they put together a fantastic line up, mixing the classics, the young blood and cult favourites to really give something for all head bangers. This year was no different, with such legends as Scorpions, Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult all booked, as well as plenty for the kids like Chelsea Smile and Architects. It all promised to be a hell of a weekend and indeed it was.

Though the festival doesn't begin it's "official" schedule until Friday, weekend campers arrive the day before and are met with plenty on offer, including a number of live bands and the Metal Cafe. Being too tired after travelling from England to Belgium, we were only able to catch one full performance, though we also caught the last ten minutes of Belgian stoner metal act, King Hiss, who would probably please fans of Mastodon but left little impact. This was followed by the very short journey to the Jupiler Stage, which housed most of the weekend's hardcore and deathcore groups to watch Dutch hardcore veterans, Born From Pain. The quintet are regarded as one of Europe's best hardcore groups and it's easy to see why, particularly in the live setting where their brand of positive energy spreads to the audience very quickly, making for a very enjoyable live set. More...

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Decapitated Releases "Earth Scar" Video

The Polish metal extremists from Decapitated are inching closer to the release of their seventh album "Anticult," which arrives via Nuclear Blast on July 7th. The band has further stoked anticipation for the album by issuing the video for the new track "Earth Scar."

"We're really excited to release the second song from our upcoming new record - 'Earth Scar!,'" said guitarist Vogg. "I have always drawn influence from all spectrums of metal and this song and? our new? record really reflect those influences. "Much like 'Never,' this song has been designed to crush on a stage and we can't wait to add it to our set. Rasta wrote the lyrics with a lot of metaphorical content dealing with touring. The opposing lifestyles from the 'normal,' day-to-day of being at home vs. being on the road and seeing our 'tribe' interacting with the music and the almost restorative qualities of that. We hope you all enjoy it and we can’t wait to see you all very soon!"

The new video can be seen below, and if you missed it, the history of Decapitated was recently covered in our Sunday Old School column here. More...

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Sunday Old School: Decapitated

What were you up to as a teenager? For many of us, we were listening to music, dealing with school, day dreaming of a life to come and maybe playing in a band ourselves. The question is, how many of us in our teens got our bands signed? That's just what happened to a quartet of young lads in Poland back in the nineties, who went on to create a legacy of brutal and proficient death metal, going by the suitably grizzly name of, Decapitated.

Decapitated was formed in 1996 by vocalist vocalist Wojciech "Sauron" Wasowicz and brothers Waclaw "Vogg" and Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka on guitars and drums respectively at a time when Vitek was only 12 years old. A year later, they recruited bassist Marcin "Martin" Rygiel, who was the same age as Vitek. They recorded their first demo, "Cemeterial Gardens" that same year, followed in 1998 by a second recording, "The Eye of Horus," which gained the attention of several record labels, including Earache, who signed the group to their Wicked World subsidiary. More...

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Decapitated Posts Guitar Playthrough

Polish metal extremists Decapitated will release seventh album "Anticult" via Nuclear Blast on July 7th.

Ahead of the release, the band premiered throttling new song "Never," and today a guitar playthrough video for the track has come online - check it out below.

If you missed it, a drum playthrough for the song was also recently released and can still be viewed here.

The full "Anticult" track listing is as follows:

1. Impulse
2. Deathvaluation
3. Kill the Cult
4. One Eyed Nation
5. Anger Line
6. Earth Scar
7. Never
8. Amen

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Decapitated Posts Drum Playthrough

The Polish metal extremists from Decapitated will drop their seventh album "Anticult" via Nuclear Blast on July 7th, 2017.

Ahead of that release, the band today premieres throttling new song "Never" as a drum playthrough featuring kit minder Michal Lysejko showing off his astounding chops.

Check out the clip below, and the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Impulse
2. Deathvaluation
3. Kill the Cult
4. One Eyed Nation
5. Anger Line
6. Earth Scar
7. Never
8. Amen More...

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