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From: Chile
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Mindpath News

Below is our complete Mindpath news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

DigMetalWorld Releases New Compilation

DigMetalWorld Records has released a fifth compilation album for free streaming download. "Volume 5: The Devil You Don't Know" contains 18 tracks total with bands from Chile, Brazil, Sweden, and the United States.

Check it out below, or download your copy at Bandcamp here. The label comments on the release:

"As we've done in the past, we have selected bands that are already in our roster and also a few bands that we are currently working so we can get them into it permanently. We hope that the fans have followed our work through the years and they had got the message we've tried to transmit with every release through their names. Surprisingly, each year the quality of their productions have improved a lot to higher levels, so we know that if you give them the chance, these artists will get their space in the people's listening habits."

The complete track list is as follows:

1. I Want You (Atomic Head)
2. Tonight (Pirosaint)
3. Abiogenesis (Dynahead)
4. Departure from the Flesh (Desecrated Sphere)
5. Overload my Blood (Demencia)
6. Farewell (G.E.N.)
7. Mental Walls (Naioth)
8. Cierra Los Ojos (Fuka)
9. El Control (Silverjack)
10. Infierno (Mierdaster)
11. Hell Fire (Warbreath)
12. Meridian (Meridian)
13. Neverending (Mindpath)
14. Exiting Reality p.1 (The Gardnerz)
15. Snake Eyes (Sacred Oath)
16. Orias (Huinca)
17. I've Been Here Before (Nox Eterna)
18. Made Immortal (Hellscream) More...

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Digmetalworld Records Announces New Compilation

NY based metal music distributor DigMetalWorld Records has announced that its fifth compilation album is called "Volume V: The Devil You Don't Know" and will be available on Monday November 11th, 2013 via the label's website here.

The new compilation album will be available for free download and it will include metal bands from Chile, Brazil, USA and more. The track listing is as follows:

1. ATOMIC HEAD (I Want You) (Chile)
2. PIROSAINT (Tonight) (US)
3. DYNAHEAD (Abiogenesis) (Brazil)
4. DESECRATED SPHERE (Departure from the Flesh) (Brazil)
4. DEMENCIA (Overload My Blood) (Chile)
5. G.E.N. (Farewell) (Chile)
6. NAIOTH (Mental Walls) (Chile)
7. FUKA (Cierra Los Ojos) (Chile)
8. SILVERJACK (El Control) (Chile)
9. MIERDASTER (Infierno) (Chile)
10. WARBREAT (Hell Fire) (Chile)
11. MALDITO (Mutilation of the soul) (Chile)
12. MERIDIAN (Meridian) (Chile)
13. MINDPATH (Neverending) (Chile)
14. THE GARDNERZ (Exiting Reality Pt.1) (Sweden)
15. SACRED OATH (Snake Eyes) (US)

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Mindpath Releases New Album

Chilean band Mindpath has released new album "From Where the Highest Mountain Came" via Digmetalworld Records in North America.

The album can be heard below or downloaded entirely for free at this location. The artwork was created by Benjamín Herrera and the track listing is as follows:

1. Aether XI - Out of the Deepest
2. Cimientos
3. Aether XII - Respite Between Waves
4. Progress
5. Aether XIII - Refracted Sunlight
6. Rising
7. Aether XIV - Come to its Height
8. Neverending
9. Aether XV - Inscribed Stones More...

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Mindpath Streaming New Album Online

Chile's Mindpath has now released second full-length album "Psychosis, And The Silence That Prevails" online, and the release is now available for streaming through the player below.

Mindpath was formed by Iván Stevens in Concepción, Chile. In June 2010 his first demo "Through the Torn Veil of Faith" was released and distributed as a free download. After several months, Mindpath signed with the New Zealand label Satanica Productions, and the first full-length was released through the label on March 27th, 2011, entitled "In A State Of Full Consciousness." The track listing for the new follow-up album "Psychosis, And The Silence That Prevails" is as follows:

1. Aether VI: Interference 01:00
2. Unleash Dissonant Beings 05:00
3. Dreadplate 05:00
4. Aether VII: Detached 01:00
5. Misanthrope 05:00
6. Deathdrawn Manifesto 05:00
7. Aether VIII: The Observer 01:00
8. Onirical Plague 05:00
9. Resilient 05:00
10. Aether IX: Unspeakable 01:00
11. Echopraxia 05:00
12. Echolalia 05:00
13. Aether X: Beauty Of Nothing 01:00
14. Dissonant Beings Unleashed 05:00 More...

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