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Brutal Truth

Formed: 1990
From: New York, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

Brutal Truth Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Brutal Truth.


Kevin Sharp Previews New Venomous Concept Album

Grindcore is a sub genre which has produced so many excellent bands over the years. From legends like Napalm Death in the UK and Brutal Truth from the USA, to up and comers, there's a lot to find. One of the most interesting things about the area though is how many musicians from different acclaimed bands got together to create even more bands and projects. So it was in 2004 when the aforementioned legends joined forces to create a hardcore punk style akin to the Japanese and Swedish bands they'd grown up listening to, as Brutal Truth's Kevin Sharp and Danny Lilker, along with Napalm Death's Shane Embury and Danny Herrera, along with Buzz Osborn of Melvins, forged Venomous Concept.

Releasing their debut album, "Retroactive Abortion" that same year, with a sophomore, "Poisoned Apple" following in 2008, the band took a break for a while before returning with "Kick Me Silly VCIII" in 2016 and are now working on completing their fourth full length. At their stop in London with Brujeria and Aggression, I caught up with Mr. Sharp to discuss all things Venomous, as well as his recruitment to Lock Up, the legacy of Brutal Truth, bandmate Danny Lilker, fallen friend Seth Putnam and much more. You can watch the whole interview below.

Diamond Oz: Well straight into it, I believe Venomous Concept are currently working on a new album...

Kevin Sharp: Yes. We're gonna call it "Fuck The Facts" and it's about sleeping on floors and paying dues... I'm just kidding man! I was just saying that to make Shane (Embury) laugh. Right now it's politics versus the erection. It's recorded. We've got some sounds lined up so when Shane gets back he's going to start slotting things where they go. It's a continuation of the same sort of thing but it's expanding. It's all generic answers. It's a little different but it's still like the same hardcore punk and two fingers fuck off, that kind of shit.

Oz: Well obviously you're still promoting "Kick Me Silly VCIII" at the moment. It's a very good album and "Anthem" for example is kind of like the go to Venomous Concept album for me.

Kevin: It's kind of a hilarious concept though. Writing an anthem to sell a war. That's sort of my sense of humour, I laugh at everything because it's better to laugh than cry.

Oz: Yeah and there's so much to be pissed off about...

Kevin: I don't want to live that way. I'm fifty years old and with the internet now, everyone's already there. It's a twenty four hate fest and life is fucking complicated, politics or whatever you want to make of it. Everyone has an opinion and the whole thing is nowadays everyone's lost respect for the other person's opinion. Everyone has their ideas on politics or social issues due to their lives and their experiences in life and because of that, when people fuck off their opinions they get weakened because it's like a loss of respect or whatever, so I don't wanna live in that world. Everyone's entitled to their own lives and their own opinions and that's sort of where this sense of humour is, I laugh at everything, even if it's worth crying about.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Co-Owner Discusses 2013 Lineup

Since 2006, Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) has given the people of Austin, Texas a reason to cheer, laugh, sing, dance, mosh and play air guitar. While not as prolific as ACL (Austin City Limits) or as expansive as SXSW, which covers most of the city, Fun Fun Fun Fest is unique in the entertainment it offers.

Although every year presents plenty of heavy acts, Napalm Death, Tomahawk, Municipal Waste and Pallbearer are scheduled on this year's Black Stage on November 2-4, there are times when distorted guitars are absent. These moments are best served taking in a comedian’s act, riding a mechanical bull, playing video games or simply discovering a new band. Metal heads with wrist bands in need of further straining their neck tendons can attend a FFF Nites show for free and throw their horns to bands such as Brutal Truth.

Last year’s installment brought in Danzig, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Eyehategod and many other loud and extreme artists. Danzig’s set was dubbed “Danzig Legacy” because he performed shorts sets of all of his bands—Danzig, Samhain and Misfits. However, the festival was forced to cut his set short soon after launching into the Misfit’s segment. His reaction caused FFF co-owner Graham Williams to blog about the fiasco, which went viral on the Internet.

Since our article containing William's comments on working with Danzig became Metal Underground.com's most read article of the year, we figure we should ask Williams a few questions concerning this debacle. Additionally, he commented on the history of FFF, his criteria for booking artists, this year’s big surprises and what artists he hopes to secure for future festivals. More...

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Aaron Mendiola Discusses The Goregrowler's Ball

Aaron "Goregrowler" Mendiola owns his own concert promotions and booking company, Goregrowler Entertainment. While Mendiola tirelessly works throughout the year to bring San Antonio the best in the metal underground, no event presents as big of a challenge or elicits as much gratification as his Goregrowler’s Ball Festival. After a year of planning and promoting, Mendiola can finally take a deep breath, step back and admire his accomplishment…then, it’s back to work.

As a proud sponsor of this head banging extravaganza, Metal Underground.com has chronicled the festival’s news as it breaks. We have given the scoop on the festival’s headliners and co-headliners—Suffocation, Exhumed and Hirax, as well as announcements of new additions such as Phobia and Brutal Truth. Now, it is time to give the floor to the man, Aaron Mendiola, who makes The Goregrowler’s Ball possible. More...

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