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Slice the Cake

From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Slice The Cake Faces An Uncertain Future

Progressive metal band Slice The Cake is unfortunately down a member, as Gareth Mason just issued this statement via Facebook:

"For reasons far too numerous and personal to list here, 'Odyssey to the West' will be my last album with Slice The Cake. We have one more show lined up that will be announced shortly and what happens after that, and whether STC continues to be a thing at all will be totally at the behest of Jack and Jonas, and totally for them to work out. Release date is coming soon. It's been real, thank you."

Jack Magero adds: "Whether or not it continues as STC, I have a metric fuckload of material still lying around from the post OTTW writing phase, so at the very least, I'll still be pushing on. It's unfortunate that things unfolded how they did but the only thing that matters is getting the music recorded and out into the world, which is still my goal, so keep those spirits up everyone.

"Furthermore, I don't blame anyone who may not be interested in Gareth-less future projects. I don't listen to post-Howard Jones Killswitch Engage, soooo... yeah, I totally understand. Regardless of anything else, I wish the best of luck for whatever tomorrow brings to all" More...

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Slice The Cake Pushes Back Album Release

Slice The Cake has issued the following statement about pushing back the release of the band's new album:

"We regret to announce that 'Odyssey to the West' will no longer be released on March 1st. The album is near enough done but we ended up making the decision a few days ago that it would be better to take a bit of extra time to make sure that absolutely everything is perfect before releasing it.

"We feel this is truly our magnum opus and the extra time will make the difference between a great album and an unforgettable one.

"Aside from that, we want to make sure this album hits as hard as it possibly can when it drops, and this will enable us to get a few more things arranged behind the scenes that will help with the launch.

"To soften the blow a bit, we will be releasing 8 whole minutes of new music in the form of a single on March 1st, and soon after we will be able to reveal the new release date. We're sorry for the disappointment, but we can guarantee it'll be worth the wait!" More...

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Slice The Cake Posts Album Trailer

Slice The Cake just dropped a new teaser trailer for the band's upcoming album, which is available below, and the group also comments:

"Hope everyone is excited for 'Odyssey to the West' to drop on March 1st! We're slaving away to get the album wrapped up, and we're sorry we haven't had much to get you all hyped, so by way of apology, here's two minutes of new tunes."

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Slice The Cake Posts Year End Message

Slice The Cake will be baking up a new album titled "Odyssey to the West," due out on March 1st, 2015. The band has also briefly come out of the kitchen to offer this year-end update:

"2014 has been nothing short of arduous for us, full of trials and tribulations that have shaken our very foundation, both on a personal level for each of us, and for us as a collective. But we're bouncing back. We're stronger than ever, more unified than ever, and more ready and willing to take hold of all the opportunities that lie ahead of us in the coming year.

"We each and every one of you a thank you. This project began as a bunch of dudes in bedrooms making some music, and it became a way for us to pour out our very souls and stay sane, and now it's becoming a chariot that can take us to the stars and beyond.

"And that's down to you guys. We can make the music, but without people to listen to it, it may well have ended up meaning very little in the grand scheme of things.

"And so, we stand on the precipice between 2014 and 2015, transfixed on time's unwinding, unending waltz, ready to leap across the chasm into the new year and raise a whole new generation of men without faces. And believe us when we say we couldn't be any more excited.

"So with warmth, and the deepest of love, we hope your holidays are happy, and that 2015 brings you all great things." More...

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Slice The Cake Announces New Album

Slice The Cake has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new album:

"So, we’ve long been mostly silent and short on details for our new album until now. We’ve been taking our time and making sure the cake is cooked to absolute perfection, but now we’re ready to begin unveiling what we feel is our Magnum Opus.

"Odyssey to the West is a concept album that combines a more emotionally mature approach to our songwriting with a visceral and poetic lyrical take on biblical allegory and meta-narrative, exploring themes such as archetypes, the nature of narrative itself, universal symbolism, spiritual alchemy and recurrence.

"This record has been a labour of love from its inception, we have poured our hearts, souls and minds into this work and we’re incredibly excited for you to hear what we’ve created. You will be able to listen to Odyssey to the West, in full, on March 1st, 2015."

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Exile i. The Razor’s Edge
2. The Exile ii. The City of Destruction
3. Stone and Silver i. The Mountains of Man
4. Stone and Silver ii. The Horned God
5. Stone and Silver iii. The Man of Papyrus Limbs
6. Westward Bound i. The Lantern
7. Westward Bound ii. The Pilgrim’s Progress
8. Castle in the Sky ii. The Tree of Life
9. Unending Waltz
10. From Shell to Shell
11. The Dark Carnival
12. The Man of Ash and Rust i. The Torn Thread
13. The Man of Ash and Rust ii. Nameless, Faceless
14. Destiny’s Fool
15. The Holy Mountain More...

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Slice The Cake Posts "Of Gallows" Clip

Slice The Cake has released the band's first official play through video for "Of Gallows," which is taken from the first full-length album "The Man With No Face."

Check it out below, and you can also stream both "The Man With No Face" and the follow-up album "Other Slices" over at Bandcamp here.

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Slice The Cake Streaming Full New Album

Slice the Cake has released the new album "Other Slices" through Myriad Records, and the full release can now be streamed online. Check out the album over at Bandcamp here or through the widget below. The "Other Slices" track listing is as follows:

1. Blow Up Voodoo Doll 01:50
2. False Illumination 03:43
3. Nebulayer Cake 05:36
4. The Siren's Song 07:05
5. Fractal Exam Sequence 06:37
6. A Dance With Dragons 04:21
7. 4th Dimensional Observation 02:47
8. Cleansed 03:15
9. Genghis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You! 04:54
10. The Great Migration 05:06
11. Kow Otani's Castle In The Sky 07:19 More...

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Slice The Cake Signs With Myriad Records

"The Siren's Song," a brand new song from Slice The Cake's forthcoming studio album set to be released via Myriad Records, has now been posted online and can be heard below. The band also comments:

"Things have grown fairly quiet in the Slice The Cake camp as of late, but we've been slowly and steadily sowing the seeds to build an amazing future for our musical meeting of minds, and we're ready to finally show the first blooming flowers to the world.

"First off, we're proud to announce our signing to Myriad Records! Myriad is a great independent label with some real ethics fuelling them, rather than being an exploitative machine that destroys artistic expression. Some other great bands that have worked/are currently working with Myriad are The Schoenberg Automaton, Bleeding Skies and Friend for a Foe. Myriad's a great little family of musicians and we're stoked to be joining them!

"Leading on from that, we shall be releasing our next album Other Slices through them, first through all good digital distributors and on CD + 10" Vinyl Picture Disk soon after. For this album, we wanted a release from the thematic intensity of our previous work, an opportunity to bring in some guest musicians, and a chance to show people what gets left on the cutting room floor. Though that's not to say we think these songs are somehow lesser works than anything we have released to date, but rather this album is a collection of songs we felt were great that just didn't fit into our previous releases for a variety of reasons. Some of it was written after the release of The Man With No Face, some of it before, some of it is a drastic departure from what we'd usually do, some of it is more traditional, but we think you'll find it all equally delicious.. The track list is as follows: More...

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Slice The Cake Posts "Other Slices" Teaser

International act Slice the Cake will be releasing new album "Other Slices" this coming December 21st, 2012. The album will follow "The Man With No Face," which can be streamed in its entirety at this location. A teaser clip featuring music off "Other Slices" can also be heard below.


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