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Excellion Streaming Full EP

Mexican metal quartet Excellion is streaming the entirety of fourth EP "Unsean" ahead of its release on August 6th - listen in below.

Speaking about the level of creativity the new EP reaches compared with the previous efforts, bassist and backing vocalist Adrian Vilbel commented: “On ‘Unsean' you can find this maturity in the sound that is very unique actually, all instruments converge in a way that it just was’t in our previous releases, that’s why this new material it’s really a breakthrough for us.

“We were trying to express ourselves in the way we felt at the moment when we moved to Mexico City, it was a moment to adapt and learn a new way to live, so we felt the urgency to write some riffs and melodies that made people feel those expressions, that’s how the whole concept came to mind."

Originally planned to be a full-length release, Excellion decided to split it in two shorter releases. Vilbel comments: “Nowadays it’s kind of hard that a person listen to a full album from the beginning to the end. There would be a lot to digest and they just don’t want that, at least a lot of people, so yeah, ‘Unsean’ was actually a full-length, but we wanted people to give the same weight to every song and not just one or two. We wanted to write songs with high quality too and not just fillers so we decided to make this release in two parts. This is part one and you can expect part two some time around 2017. This way people can sit and listen the whole EP and it’ll be easy to digest too.”

1. Unsean Pt. I: In Search of Infinity
2. Unlucky Charms (feat. Fernando Obregón of Joliette)
3. The Courier
4. Diablo Jr. (feat. Jose Macario Tovar of Arcadia Libre)
5. Unsean Pt. II: The Heart of the Sapphire More...

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Excellion Posts EP Trailer

Ahead of the release on August 6th of Excellion’s new EP, "Unsean," the band has launched a teaser video that can be seen below.

“For ‘Unsean’ we took a different approach totally; it is our first work since we established ourselves in Mexico City. We’re all sharing the same home right now, so it was a new interesting way to write music for Excellion,” commented backing vocalist and bassist Adrian Vilbel. “We were all involved in the moment when someone had an idea and he just called the rest of the group, and just like that, suddenly we were working on a whole song right there. It didn’t matter if it was late at night or too early in the morning, it has been a fun ride and we’re really proud of the results we’ve gotten.”

The title of the EP, "Unsean," is not a typo but rather a wordplay. As singer and guitarist Frozen Chava explains: “There seems to be a lot of people that believe it’s a typo and well, it’s definitely not, but we expected that too when we decided to name our new work like that. It’s actually a word play where we used 'Unseen' and at the same time 'Sea' because that’s exactly the concept behind this new music. We humans actually know more about the space than the sea, it’s shocking that we only know about five percent of this vast amount of water on the Earth’s surface and that’s something to reflect about. There is a lot of mystery and things to discover down there, so yeah, that’s what UnSEAn is really about.” More...

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Excellion Releases New Music Video

Mexican traditional metal band Excellion just debuted a video single from an upcoming EP titled "Unsean," which is due on August 6th, 2016. This 5-track EP was mixed and mastered by Luke Martin (Plini, Nick Johnston) in Peterborough, United Kingdom.

The video for “Unlucky Charms” was directed by Sofia Ptacnik and can be viewed below. Bassist Adrian Vilbel comments:

“The story of the song may be a little different from the video of a metal band and that’s the whole point. The song talks about your self, a reunion with your inner child asking you if what you’re doing right now is what you’ve always dreamed of and the video it’s like an alternate reality where there’s this magical instrument that is capable of make you a virtuoso in any musical endeavor you may take and that’s why it’s so valuable and anyone wants it, even people with a lot of money and what we see at the start of the video. You know, we wanted to make something different to an always dark ambient metal video so that’s why we made it that way, it was actually fun.

“We could relate the song and the video in a way that is kind of a dream of that inner child of yours telling you that sometimes there’re more important things out there, so you should enjoy the ride and stop trying to take shortcuts, that’s what make experiences so valuable." More...

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Excellion Streaming Official Video

Mexican traditional metal band Excellion has posted an official video for the track "Beyond the Last Thrust," which is streaming below. The track comes from the La Paz band's latest EP "Until Hope Collapses." Tracking was done at DNZ Studio, the mixing performed by Herman Nunes at TRM LABS Studio, and the mastering by Ed Garnett at X3 Mastering Studio/Bajamuth Productions.

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