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C.F.A. Posts "Built Up Knocked Down" Video

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers of C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the third in a series of four videos, "Built Up Knocked Down," from the massively hailed Ripple Music debut album "Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God." This video, which follows "Sons of the Soil" and "Kick Rocks," was Cody's concept. C.F.A. did all the filming and lighting. Killiam Lord did all the editing and visual effects. And the whole thing was shot in C.F.A.'s lair, otherwise known as the Bro-Op.

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C.F.A. Posts Second In Series Of Four Videos

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the second of four upcoming videos is ready for public consumption, and the heavy rockin' trio partnered up with The Ripple Effect for the world premiere. The video for "Sons of the Soil" is another hysterical walk down the CFA brand of stonercore rock. Check it out below.

As Cody Foster says, "Alright this one is a video that CFA as a band had to reach out to friends for supplies/material donations. CFA had to build a set one evening and then film on another and tear it down the day after. This was so the other bands that share the space didn't have their schedules interrupted."

The video footage for the song "Sons of the Soil" was shot on June 19th from 7 pm to 2 am. Foster turned 40 during the shoot. "Trying not to give away what we did," Foster said, "We can say that the concept is one of those considered classic physical comedy." The proof is the heating pad and ice pack being applied to Cody's limbs that didn't work upon waking up the next day, his first morning being 40.

CFA had the opportunity to be filmed by Jack Saffle, better known for shooting pro skaters for the past 10 years. He also brought with him Addie Stonack and Jaynee Schmidtke to capture a second prospective shooting style and still shots, adjusting lighting and camera angles and hanging from the ceiling. Stonack say's Jack's style is meticulous very clear and well executed. She referred to her style as more gorilla and combining the two is bad ass.

There will also be making of footage and stills available at the end of the video.

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C.F.A. Posts New Video

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers of C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the first of four upcoming videos is ready for public consumption, and the heavy rockin' trio is partnering up with The Ripple Effect for the world premiere on July 1st.

The video for "Kick Rocks" was filmed over the course of several live events from the past year and edited by Killiam Lord, and gives the fans who have yet to experience the live shenanigans of C.F.A. a brief glimpse of the raw power these guys bring to the stage. "It's obvious Kill is a fan of CFA's music," bassist/vocalist Cody Foster explains. "The shots and movement of the camera really flows with the rhythm of the music."

The video will also include some extra footage of some typical CFA banter. To those of you who have had a chance to catch their live set, you understand what this entails. If you have not? Think, the Banana Splits. Just less appropriate and more sweaty. The video for "Kick Rocks" is now playing below.

"Kick Rocks" can be found on C.F.A.'s debut Ripple Music release, "Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God," which can be found through Nail Distribution throughout North America, Code 7 in the UK, and Clearspot International in Europe, as well as the Ripple Music online store.

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C.F.A. Releasing Debut Album Through Ripple Music

Ripple Music has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with C.F.A. to release the band's debut full-length album:

"Welcome to the world of Stoner-core! It's blistering in intensity. Riff-mad in execution. Blissed out in stoner madness and amped up in hardcore fury. Stoner-core is a brutal assault of stoner retro-rock mastery with the attitude of pure punk. And C.F.A. are on the front line of this mutated beast of rock fury.

"Now, Tacoma, WA-based hard rockers, C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) and Ripple Music are going to unleash the power of Stoner-core onto the masses. Ripple Music is proud to announce world-wide distribution of C.F.A's first full-length album, Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God. The sixteen track album of blitzing Stoner/punk anthems will be in stores on October 23rd, 2012.

"And keeping with their middle-finger-to-the-status-quo ethos, check out the band's 'backward is forward' CD cover design, where the band take something as standard as CD packaging and blow it up to serve their own mad principles." More...

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