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Formed: 1991
From: Poland
Last Known Status: Active


Mainman Nergal was only 14 when he formed Behemoth back in 1991. The three- piece quickly made a name for themselves in the black metal community with their second demo “From The Pagan Wastelands” (1993) and mini album “And The Forests Dream Eternally” (1994).

Behemoth’s first LP “Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)” came out through the Polish underground label Pagan Rec. in 1995 and gained a positive response which resulted in a new record deal with the German label Solistitium Rec. Their second album “Grom” saw the light of day in 1996 and remains their most controversial release to date, mainly because of the incorporation of female vocals and acoustic guitars.

The third release “Pandemonic Incantations” saw the addition of the very talented drummer Inferno and marked the band’s vastly improved musicianship and production. In the fall of 1998, after an extensive European tour, Behemoth signed to the Italian label Avantgarde Music. With the highly successful “Satanica” (1999), the group ventured into the realm of death metal by replacing the raspy black metal screeches with a forceful growl. Thanks to this remarkable release and the attention it gained, Behemoth secured two European tours with Deicide and Satyricon.

In the years to follow, Behemoth maintained the same pace by releasing a consistent string of intense album, which further combined their early black metal influences with the ferocity and technicality of death metal. With “Thelema.6” (2000) the band continued to expand musically and lyrically. Vocalist and lyricist Nergal was aided by poet Krzysztof Azarewicz in his efforts to achieve a sophisticated and intimate obscurity. “Thelema.6” was the first of Behemoth’s albums to be released in U.S. through Olympic Records.

Touring opportunities with bands like Nile, Morbid Angel and Carpathian Forest began to pour in. In 2001 the band made its debut at the most prestigious European summer festival- Wacken.

“Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)” was released in 2003 and furthermore established the band’s undeniable potential and creativity. Rave reviews started to flow in and Behemoth made its North American live debut at the New Jersey March Metal Meltdown festival. The several nationwide tours that followed ( with bands like Deicide, Amon Amarth, Danzig and Six Feet Under) and the release of the Conjugation EP, all helped make 2003 a breakthrough year for Behemoth.

In 2004 they released a DVD called Crush.Fukk.Create, followed by their latest studio album “Demigod” ( featuring guest appearance by Nile’s Karl Sanders). Again, it received great praise in the media. In addition, the group’s first video “Conquer All” debuted on Headbandger’s Ball.

In early 2005, Behemoth embarked on an extensive North American tour with Suffocation, King Diamond and Nile.

Latest Behemoth News

Below is our complete Behemoth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Behemoth Announces Asian Tour Dates

Behemoth has just officially confirmed dates for their first ever tour of Asia starting later this month.

Behemoth's mainman Nergal gave us his thoughts on this exciting news, "It's historical and we're totally psyched! We've pushed for this tour to happen for years. In fact, it was pretty frustrating seeing all those bands playing in Japan, one of the most exotic markets on the metal globe. It's even more thrilling to see China, Taiwan and Thailand in this schedule too. Seems like after completing these shows we'll have THE WHOLE metal world covered and we can officially close the promotional cycle for "The Apostasy."

The tour dates are as follows:

29.10 - Tokyo (Japan) "Music Exchange"
31.10 - Beijing (China) "MAO Livehouse"
01.11 - Taipei city (Taiwan) "VU Live House"
05.11 - Bangkok (Thailand) "Studio 125"

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Behemoth Nominated For Video Awards

Imhotep's Roy Kristensen talked to Nergal during the Hole In The Sky festival on August 29, 2008. You can watch the two-part video interview below.

In related news, Behemoth's video for the song "At The Left Hand Ov God" and its producers – Grupa 13 - have been nominated for awards in 3 categories at the Yach Film Festival in Poland: Grand Prix, Direction and Montage. The results will be announced during the 17th edition of the prestigious polish videoclips festival – Yach Film Festival 2008 on the 9-12th of October. You can watch the video below.

As previously reported, Behemoth has announced that they will be releasing their new EP, "Ezkaton" in North America on November 11th. The EP will feature a brand new song entitled, "Qadosh" aswell as live tracks and re-recordings. More...

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Behemoth Announces New EP Details

Behemoth has announced that they will be releasing their new EP, "Ezkaton" in North America on November 11th. The EP will feature a brand new song entitled, "Qadosh" aswell as live tracks and re-recordings. The disc will also feature covers of The Ramones song "I'm Not Jesus" and Masters Hammer's "Jama Pekel." The EP will be made available as a limited edition box set that will include four picture disc seven inches, a BEHEMOTH pendant and the CD all packaged in a deluxe box.

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The Boy Will Drown Scheduled To Enter Studio

British technical metallers The Boy Will Drown are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording of their debut album.

The Boy Will Drown, who recently signed a multi-album, worldwide recording deal with Earache Records, are set to follow in the footsteps of their idols Decapitated and enter Hertz Studios in Bialystok, Poland to record their as-yet untitled debut album. The band are set to enter the studio on October 27th and will be holed up until November 13th.

Guitarist Liam Keel comments: "We really wanted to use Hertz because of their understanding of extreme music, which they have proven with bands like Decapitated, Hate and Behemoth. We want to achieve an extreme sound so the production will match the tunes."

Having only formed in 2006, The Boy Will Drown are currently regarded as one of the most flamboyant and intense bands in the UK. Playing a vicious blend of technical and experimental music based around grindcore and death metal, the band do everything in their power to mesmerize and pulverize the listener whilst simultaneously injecting an element of humor, fun and youth into their music.

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Behemoth Announces Live Album, Tracklisting

BEHEMOTH will release their first live album, "At the Arena ov Aion – Live Apostasy," in October 2008 via Regain Records.

The CD will be available as digibook (15 tracks) and metalbox, which includes a patch, a guitar pic and bonus songs.

Here is the "At the Arena ov Aion – Live Apostasy" track listing:

1. Rome 64 e.v.
2. Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
3. Antichristian Phenomenon
4. Demigod
5. From The Pagan Vastlands
6. Conquer All
7. Prometherion
8. Drum Solo
9. Slaves Shall Serve
10. As Above So Below
11. At The Left Hand Ov God
12. Summoning Ov The Ancient Ones
13. Christgrinding Avenue
14. Christians To The Lions
15. Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
16. Decade Ov Therion
17. Chant For Eskaton 2000 e.v.
18. I Got Erection
19. Pure Evil & Hate

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Tyrant Scheduled For Hole In The Sky Festival

Swedish cult Metallers TYRANT are set to appear at the upcoming annual Hole In The Sky Festival happening from August 27th - 30th, 2008 in Bergen, Norway.

Here's the itinerary:

Wednesday 27/8 - Skinned Alive @ Garage
Toxic Holocaust

Thursday 28/8 - Metal Command @ Garage
3 Inches of Blood
Dead to This World
Lobotomized More...

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Behemoth's Nergal Checks In From The Road

Behemoth's mainman has issued a following update on the European "festival season" and the band's exploits:

"So, we've started a festival season. Two very successful weekends behind us and I guess it's time for some reflection now. First of all, we are extremely excited to be part of some of the best open air events taking place this year. What a splendid way to close 'The Apostasy' touring cycle! Last week's Tuska and Graspop simply blew everything away. It's been years since we played both and it felt great to finally be back there and rock! I just came off the plane from Slovenia. It was the first time ever we played at Metalcamp and let me tell you something - this must have been the craziest and at the same time most memorable festival in our career! We started with 'Slaves Shall Serve' and everything went pretty fine even though the monitors sucked and the whole show seemed to be a bit chaotic - but somewhere halfway thru the set all hell broke loose. When the intro to 'Demigod' started the clouds went pitch black and shortly after heavy rain and thunderstorms begun. The stage was literally flooded, everything was in water including us, our armors, guitars, amps - everything. But seeing the crowd goin' completely berserk we obviously didn't even think of heading off. We'd still go on with 'Conquer All' even though the weather conditions were really awful - then our amps started blowing up one by one, till there was simply no way to continue… but yeah, it was hell of an experience. Seems like we pissed off someone up there ha ha.

"Thanks to all of you out there who stayed in the battlefield to the end! We WILL come back next year with a complete show, you have my word for that!

"We'll be coming back in August to do another round of festivals such as Party San, Summer Breeze, Brutal Assault, Hole In The Sky! Can't wait already - but before we do that we'll take some serious vacation, decompress and recharge batteries to come back fully refreshed and focused! Ha ha, yes, you read it right, WE ARE TAKING TIME OFF. A whole month – I'm not even sure how on earth am I gonna survive this. Anyway, stay tuned for more news. There are some killer releases coming out from Behemoth later this year. We've been workin' hard for last couple of months to prepare something really special and cool.

"Wait and be surprised! See ya next month!"

Make sure to catch the band on their festival tour this summer: More...

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Contraband Candy's Inferno Festival Special Part 2

Part 2 of Contraband Candy's "Inferno Festival Special" is now online and ready to view. It features interviews by Behemoth, Gorgoroth, drummer extraordinaire Nick Barker and hot newcomers Den Saakaldte, plus lots of this unique festival flavour and some excerpts from the Inferno Conference featuring Tom Gabriel Fischer of Celtic Frost and ex-Mayhem front man Maniac of Skitliv.

You can watch Part 2 of the Inferno Festival Special here or below. More...

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UVTV Features Century Media Special Podcast

This week’s episode of "UVTV’s Heavy Metal Podcast" continues our series of record label specials.This week’s featured label is CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS. Some of the bands highlighted on the show include DIVINE HERESY, HIMSA, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, and BEHEMOTH with live performances by STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, IN THIS MOMENT, NAPALM DEATH and GOD FORBID, just to name a few, in this video-packed episode.

You can download the podcast as an MP4 or get it from i-tunes.

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Contraband Candy Posts Inferno Festival Trailer

Contraband Candy is wrapping up production on their first-ever all-original-material festival special. To get you in the mood, they've released an action-packed trailer on ContrabandCandy.com (also embedded below/after the jump). The preview/trailer features interviews with King of Gorgoroth and Sahg, Nergal of Behemoth, Maniac, once of Mayhem and now with blackened doom-punks Skitliv, the outrageous and controversial Kvarforth of Shining and loads more. More...

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Behemoth Posts New Video Online

You can now check out Behemoth’s new video, for the song 'At The Left Hand Ov God' at Headbanger's Blog. The track is from band’s latest album, The Apostasy.

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Dimmu Borgir To Shoot New Video In Los Angeles

Silenoz from Norwegian black metallers DIMMU BORGIR spoke to BW&BK today while in Philadelphia, PA on "The Invaluable Darkness Tour - Part 2: Legions Of The Chosen Few" with BEHEMOTH and KEEP OF KALESSIN. The guitarist revealed that the band are going to be filming a third video from their latest album, "In Sorte Diaboli."

"We're going to do a third video in Los Angeles," says Silenoz. "We thought it would be cool to do a more upbeat song (from In Sorte Diaboli). There's a film team that have done other bands and it will be done professionally. We've been planning it for months, so when we get to Los Angeles it's all set." More...

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Behemoth Announce Summer Festival Dates

BEHEMOTH have lined up some summer festival shows. These are going to be the final shows wrapping up The Apostasy touring cycle.

Commented Nergal: "We are stoked beyond belief! We've just confirmed a number of best summer festivals across Europe and I can't think of a better way to end the promotional campaign for our latest record.".

The dates are as follows:

31 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Neurotic Deathfest

21 - Casablanca, Morocco - Casa Gateways Festival
25 - Hove, Norway - Hove Festivalen
27 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Festival
28 - Helsinki, Finland - Tuska Open Air

5 - Arvika, Sweden - Arvika Festivalen
6 - Tolmin, Slovenia Metalcamp

9 - Bad Berka, Germany, Party.San Open Air
14 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany - Summer Breeze Open Air
15 - Jaromer, Czech Republic - Brutal Assault
29 - Bergen, Norway - Hole In The Sky Festival

27 - Essen, Germany - Asgard Festival

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Complete NEMHF 2008 Lineup Revealed

The complete lineup for the 10th Anniversary of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, set for weekend of April 25-27 at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachussetts has been confirmed.

The largest and most successful metal festival in the United States will be presented this year by ESP, Randall, EMG, exclusive magazine presenter Metal Maniacs Magazine, and "Summer Slaughter Tour" second stage sponsor Sumerian Records.

"When we first started, we never could have much this festival would have grown," said festival co-founder Scott Lee. "It started out of our love for metal and it’s been amazing to be able to share that with fans who love it as much as we do. It’s also gratifying to be able to give exposure to up-and-coming bands and watch them develop into international stars."

The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will present Gigantour featuring Megadeth, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Job for a Cowboy and High on Fire on Friday night. Doors will open Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Saturday will kick off the full two-stage set up at 11:30 a.m. with for the Fallen Dreams, Veil of Maya, Trap Them, COCKPUNCH!, Xtryrantx, Winds of Plague, From A Second Story Window, Soilent Green, Arsis, Sleeping Giant, Stick to Your Guns, First Blood, Disfear, Municipal Waste, The Ghost Inside, Embrace the End, The End, Keep Of Kalessin, Monstrosity, Skeletonwitch, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Animosity, As Blood Runs Black, Heaven Shall Burn, Vital Remains, Kataklysm, Hate Eternal, The Acacia Strain, Overkill, Behemoth, Shadows Fall, and Dimmu Borgir.

Sunday’s lineup includes Classic Struggle, Stray from the Path, Waking the Cadaver, Unholy, Cold World, Recon, Elysia, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, On Broken Wings, Dead to Fall, Full Blown Chaos, Ligeia, Since the Flood, Shai Hulud, Hemlock, After the Burial, Unexpect, Thy Will Be Done, Born of Osiris, Impending Doom, Kid Deposit Triumph, Vanna, Emmure, A Life Once Lost, Despised Icon, God Forbid, Eluveitie, Tyr, Turisas, Ensiferum, Nevermore, Meshuggah, and Ministry. The show will begin at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The full schedule of set times will be announced soon.

The festival will also host the popular vendor area, where fans can pick up an assortment of rare CDs, t-shirts, and other memorabilia. Artists performing at the show will be on hand for meet and greets throughout the three days.

The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is also sponsored by Metal Edge Magazine, Monster Energy, All In Merchandise, 518 Prints, MTV’s Headbanger’s Blog, The Syndicate, Mazur PR, Heavy Hitter, Scott Lee Clothing, and many more to be announced.

Tickets are $47.50 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, $45 for Sunday, or $129 for a three-day pass.

Tickets are available at all Strawberries and FYE Stores, online at tickets.com and enterthevault.com, or by calling 1-800-477-6849.

The Palladium is located at 261 Main Street in Worcester, MA.

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Necronomicon Issue Studio Update

Quebec-based dark metallers NECRONOMICON have issued the following update:

"We are happy to anounce the extras on the Return Of The Witch album have been recorded. Extras featured include: Arianne Fleury (ex-AUGURY) and Roxanne Constantin (NEGATIVA, QUO VADIS) and others. Rob the Witch's (guitars, vocals) recovery from a throat injury is going well. A minor infection is still on and off but everything should be good for the April 3rd show at the Metropolis in Montreal [with DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH]. Some tests will be done this weekend while Rob will be recording his vocal tracks on the album. If everything is good the band should be ready to mix really soon. Scheduled for first week of April, the entire crew and of course the producer as well as the band will meet on the set for the video clip of 'The Time Is Now' to talk about the last details before setting the official date of shooting."

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Keep Of Kalessin Announce Album Release Date

Norway’s KEEP OF KALESSIN have announced June 10th as the North American release date for the band’s “Kolossus” release. This will be hot on the heals of their tour with DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH (dubbed the “Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2”) happening this April into early May. Founding guitarist Obsidian C. had this to say about the bands new North American activity:

“We're very excited about finally touring the US after 13 years in the band's existence. Being support for juggernauts as DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH just makes this a unique opportunity for KEEP OF KALESSIN to show ourselves to the US audience.

"Also, the partnership with NUCLEAR BLAST will prove invaluable for the band's conquering of America and will definitely prove to be the highlight in our career so far!”

Here are the latest Invaluable Darkness 2 tour dates, featuring Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and Keep Of Kalessin: More...

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Behemoth Post Video Trailer Online

Polish metal titans BEHEMOTH report:

"Never one known to rest on their laurels, the Polish killing machine Behemoth raises the bar once again with their bombastic new video 'At The Left Hand Ov God', which provides them the perfect visual forum to convey their over-the-top ideals.

This is pure blasphemy at it's finest and it is just another step closer to solidifying their spot as the genre's most dangerous and unrelenting force. The clip was produced by acclaimed Polish director Dariusz Szermanowicz and Group 13." An eye-popping trailer can be seen below...

In other news, the band has just finished the second leg of their European Apostasy tour, which covered the UK, France, Spain and Portugal.

Nergal (vocals, guitars) states: “We’ve just returned home, exhausted but satisfied! It was extremely successful trek I have to say. Shows in London, Lisbon, Limoges and Nantes in France and especially the one in Paris, which we filmed for upcoming DVD were probably our best performances EVER. I’m so fuckin’ happy we managed to catch that memorable night on cameras, so we can share it with fans in the near future. Also, I’d like to send my regards to both opening bands: Suicide Silence and Devilish Impressions for being great companions. We are taking some time off now to enjoy a few weeks of well deserved rest before we hit the road again. The Inferno Festival and North American tour await. Get ready for some more darkness to come!”

Behemoth are set to make their much anticipated return to North America this spring on The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2 as direct support to DIMMU BORGIR. The month-long trek, which kicks off on April 2nd, also features KEEP OF KALESSIN in the support slot and marks Behemoth's third stateside run in support of The Apostasy. More...

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More Bands Added To Graspop Metal Meeting 2008

ARCH ENEMY, SYMPHONY X, BRING ME THE HORIZON, BLACK STONE CHERRY, THROWDOWN and BLEEDING THROUGH have just been confirmed for the Graspop Metal Meeting which is set to take place June 27th - 29th at De Boeretand in Dessel, Belgium.


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Behemoth's "Making Of" Video Posted Online

Behemoth has recently finished filming their new video for the song "At The Left Hand Ov God." The clip was produced by acclaimed Polish director Dariusz Szermanowicz and Group 13. The making of the video has been posted at this location. Also, photos from the video shoot are availabe at www.behemoth.pl in the Visuals/Misc section.

In other news, the band has just finished their second leg of their "European Apostasy" tour which covered UK, France, Spain and Portugal.

The band comments: "We've just come back home...Exhausted but satisfied! It was extremely successful trek I have to say. Shows in London, Lisbon, Limoges and Nantes in France and especially the one in Paris, which we filmed for upcoming DVD were probably our best performances EVER. I'm so fuckin' happy we managed to catch that memorable night on cameras, so we can share it with fans in the nearest future! Also, I'd like to send my regards to both opening bands: Suicide Silence and Devilish Impressions for being great companions! We are taking some time off now, enjoy few weeks of well deserved rest before we hit the road again...Inferno festival and US tour are next! Get ready for some more darkness to come!"

Behemoth are set to make their much anticipated return to North America this spring on "The Invaluable Darkness Tour Part 2" with Dimmu Borgir. The month-long trek, which kicks off on April 2, also features Keep of Kalessin.

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Roundtable Discussion w/ Behemoth and JFAC Online

BEHEMOTH frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski, JOB FOR A COWBOY singer Jonny Davy and guitarist Bobby Thompson and GOJIRA frontman Joseph Duplantier — who joined forces last fall for the Radio Rebellion tour — sat down with Headbanger's Blog for a roundtable discussion about all things metal.

In the first of three daily posts, they talked about how radio metal is an oxymoron and how bands that don't get radio play can make a living. Check out the links below.

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