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The Gathering

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Band Photo: The Gathering (?)

Formed: 1989
From: Oss, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active


It all began in 1989. Brothers Hans and René Rutten and Bart Smits got together with the intention of starting a band. Soon enough Hugo Prinsen Geerligs, Jelmer Wiersma and Frank Boeijen joined them… The Gathering was born.

In those days they rehearsed once a week, somewhere outside of the small Dutch city of Oss. Their love for metal music (though certainly not all metal) was the common denominator, but most band members liked other music as well. This, and their will to experiment rather than imitate, would prove a fertile musical basis. In 1990 they recorded the rehearsal tape An Imaginary Symphony, which was sent out to all kinds of magazines. At that time, using keyboards in metal-oriented music was rather unusual, but still, most reactions were positive. Their first gig followed in January of 1991, in a little town called Heesch, near Oss, opening for Deadhead and Invocator. In April 1991, the demo Moonlight Archer was recorded and picked up by several journalists. At the same time other people and bands started noticing The Gathering. Consequently, they were booked to open for bands like Samael, Morbid Angel and Death. The time was right to release an album.
After signing with Foundation 2000, Always… was released in 1992. On this album, Bart’s grunts were accompanied by the female vocals of Marike Groot, who also joined The Gathering on stage for most of the gigs. This gothic/doom album was very well received and earned them many more concerts, including a few in Belgium and Israel. Unfortunately, due to a shady contract, the band would never know how many copies of Always… were sold. On top of that, the band parted with Bart and Marike because they weren’t satisfied with the result and dark times were ahead...
In 1993 Almost a Dance was recorded, also on Foundation 2000. Though musically again a strong album, new vocalist Niels Duffhues and new female counterpart Martine van Loon turned out not to be the right choice for The Gathering. Both voices didn’t really fit the music. So it was key to find a new vocalist that fitted The Gathering’s music and personalities like a glove.

Though enthusiasm was low, anything was possible at that point. They had hit rock bottom and the only way was up. During auditions halfway through 1994, magic came in the form of Anneke van Giersbergen, whose angelic voice fitted the highly atmospheric music perfectly. It also clicked on a personal level and German label Century Media was willing to give the band a contract. The Gathering were back, better than ever before, and proved so with Mandylion (1995). The atmospheric album was highly successful, especially in The Netherlands, where the single “Strange Machines” ended up in the Dutch charts, as did the album. Extensive touring brought them to all corners of their home country, as well as to Belgium and Germany. Expectations were high for a new album.
Nighttime Birds (1997) came into existence, but not without an effort. Writing new songs in between touring (and studying!) wasn’t easy, and neither was recording it. Nevertheless, the album, which was musically quite close to Mandylion, turned out to be another success. Reactions were positive and subsequent touring even more intensive, taking the band to Eastern Europe, France, Italy and several other European countries.
At this time they started to long for something new. Jelmer even decided he didn’t want to tour and play guitar as much anymore, so he left the band in July 1998. The other members wanted to try out new ideas, other instruments and different recording techniques. The result was How To Measure A Planet?, a varied and experimental double-album. It was harder to promote and more difficult to understand for some die-hard metal fans. Still, positive reactions came from all over the world, including the United States, where they played 14 shows during the summer of 1999.
The Gathering were also fed up with the music industry, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and start their own label, Psychonaut Records. Always... was re-released on this label in 1999, followed by Almost a Dance in 2000, both re-mastered and fitted with new artwork. However, since their contract with Century Media hadn’t ended yet, their live album Superheat (2000) was released on this label. Most of the songs on this album are from How To Measure A Planet?, the others from Mandylion and Nighttime Birds and they were recorded in several Dutch venues during 1999.

Another successful chapter in The Gathering’s career followed with the release of if_then_else (2000). The album is filled with diverse, intense and emotional rock songs, more compact than its predecessor. Fifteen months of touring ensued, taking them to virtually every nook and cranny of Europe, with a little sidestep to Mexico, and ending with a small Dutch club tour in October 2001.

After this, the band members took a well-deserved break and attended to their private lives. However, there was no time to be lazy, they ended their contract with Century Media, The Gathering had to run their new born label Psychonaut Records and their 12½-year anniversary was coming up. To celebrate this with their dedicated fans, they released the mini-CD Black Light District on their own label. Writing the songs for this CD as well as for the forthcoming full-length that’s planned for early 2003, started in 2000. The band went through a rough time and this can be heard in the songs. The latter part of 2002 will be used for touring and finishing the upcoming album. That one too will be released through Psychonaut Records with a license deal at a major label.
So The Gathering are finally free to do what they want and do best: make beautiful atmospheric, experimental and emotional music.

Frank Boeijen - keyboards & programming (04/12/73)
Anneke van Giersbergen - vocals (08/03/73)
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - bass (16/12/73)
Hans Rutten - drums & percussion (03/06/69)
René Rutten - guitars (02/07/72)

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The Gathering Announce Dutch Tour Dates

Dutch rockers THE GATHERING will do 18 gigs in various clubs in the Netherlands this upcoming winter to promote their latest album Home. Confirmed dates are as follows:

1 - Eindhoven, Netherlands at Effenaar
4 - Zwolle, Netherlands at Odeon de Spiegel
6 - Rotterdam, Netherlands at Nighttown
8 - Utrecht, Netherlands at Tivoli
13 - Voerendaal, Netherlands at Borenburg
14 - Haarlem, Netherlands at Patronaat

1 - Apeldoorn, Netherlands at Gigant
2 - Sneek, Netherlands at het Bolwerk
3 - Purmerend, Netherlands at P3
8 - Hardenberg, Netherlands at Podium Hardenberg
9 - Oss, Netherlands at Groene Engel
14 - Delft, Netherlands at Speakers
15 - Breda, Netherlands at Mezz
16 - Zwolle, Netherlands at Hedon
22 - Weert, Netherlands at Bosuil
23 - Hoorn, Netherlands at Manifesto
27 - Tilburg, Netherlands at 013 More...

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Napalm Death Give Studio Update and Video Preview

UK’s godfathers of Grindcore, Napalm Death,have finished recording "Smear Campaign," their highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code. You can check out a streaming video preview of the album here.

Reporting on the Foel Studios recording sessions, vocalist Barney Greenway said, "We just spent a few weeks again in the studio in Wales where we recorded The Code..., which was obviously such a good experience that we decided to return. Whilst we were not trying to compete with Code..., or make the same album again, it has to be said that Smear Campaign sounds twice as immense. We didn’t fuck around getting the songs together but somehow Smear Campaign seems to come across as a more in-depth experience.

“It was very cool that Anneke from The Gathering offered to sing on the album. It’s really funny, because we never would have thought about having guest vocals before the The Code... but every vocalist worked well with the song they contributed to. Anneke´s style is clearly very different to that of, for example, Jello Biafra but what she does totally enhances the experience. It sounds pretty spooky.

“Lyrics: I guess people know about the album title now but to give a brief explanation the general thread is actually a question asking why exactly we need religion to give us a basis on how to run our lives. Can we not be trusted as human beings to make our own decisions? This applies in my eyes to everything from Christianity to Paganism to Satanism. Surely the world would be more peaceful without religious restrictions and all this false morality!”

Some song titles we can already reveal are: “Rabid Wolves (For Christ)”, “In Deference”, “Atheist Runt”, “When All Is Said and Done”, “Sink Fast, Let Go”, “Shattered Existence”, “Fatalist”, and “Call That An Option?” Set for release via Century Media Records, NAPALM DEATH’s Smear Campaign’s European release is slated for September 18 and September 19 in North America. Having completed the new album, NAPALM DEATH will be hitting some European summer festivals delivering a dose of utter violent grindcore intensity on stage!

Napalm Death tour dates:

29.06.2006 Masnou El Mansou (E) @ In The Beach
30.06.2006 Roitzschjora (D) @ With Full Force Festval www.withfullforce.de
01.07.2006 Vigo M Trento (I) @ Metalparty Festival
02.07.2006 Cuneo (I) @ Nuvolari Fest
03.07.2006 Roma (I) @ Forte Prenestino
05.07.2006 Porto Torres (I) @ Campo Sportivo
06.07.2006 Palermo (I) @ Bier Garten
07.07.2006 Cologne-BS (I) @ Grind Your Mother III
12.08.2006 Prague (CZ) @ Brutal Assault Festival
14.08.2006 Szczytno (PL) @ Hunterfestival
26.08.2006 Kavarna (PL) @ Thrash Til Death Festival

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Gathering Singer To Guest On Napalm Death Album

NAPALM DEATH frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"As you may have heard, we are back in Wales at Foel recording the next NAPALM album (this place is fast becoming our favourite place to record!). Really, this thing is sounding absolutely immense. If you liked 'The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code', you'll really love this one, I think. We absolutely busted our arses to get everything ready, and the rest of the band really pulled out the stops to make some great, grinding music, with Russ Russell working wonders once again to produce that NAPALM DEATH 'wall of sound'. I also have to mention Chris Fielding, the in-house engineer, who has also made a great contribution to the proceedings.

"I can give you some more titles right now (everything, including the ones you had before, are definite): 'Rabid Wolves (For Christ)', 'In Deference', 'Atheist Runt', 'When All Is Said and Done', 'Sink Fast, Let Go', and tons more. The lyrical debate is perhaps for later but, generally speaking, the album is (hopefully) a deep critique of religion and religious governance/restrictions from an atheist perspective. All jolly stuff, then. And the music: still fast and furious, raging riffs and a couple more SWANS-style tracks this time (like 'Morale'), only progressed a bit more with even more atmosphere and a more rounded melodic vocal performance (if I may say so myself).

"Anneke [van Giersbergen] from Dutch band THE GATHERING has offered up a few parts to a track, which I've yet to hear. But before some people recoil in horror about NAPALM going operatic rock or whatever, this was done for good effect and relevance to the track. It will work. It will rock. I'm sure. And we're grateful to Anneke (who is an awesome vocalist in her own right) in advance for giving it a stab.

"Studio events: Russ threw up in Chris Fiedling's car after a night on the sauce; Dave, the studio owner, decided to shovel the sewage out of the septic tank right in the middle of a vocal session (barf!) and, on a more serious note, I ran over a badger on the single-track road around here. Nothing I could do to avoid him, but mortified nevertheless.

"Oh, and Jeff Walker, ex-CARCASS, turned up in his capacity as master-ligger. We didn't let him sing this time though, and just poked fun at him really."

NAPALM DEATH's new album, tentatively tititled "Smear Campaign", is scheduled for release later in the year.

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The Gathering Cancel First Month of European Tour

The End Records has confirmed that Dutch rock band THE GATHERING have had to cancel the first month of their European "Homelands" tour due to an illness. Singer Anneke van Giersbergen is said to be suffering from an obstinate bronchial and sinus infection, which has taken a turn for the worse over the past few days. In a statement, the group said, "The band very much regrets having to take this step, but Anneke's health will have to come first."

Because of the severity of the illness, the band is forced to cancel all shows in Europe and the Netherlands scheduled between April 19 and May 28. "We are consulting with promoters to try to reschedule the concerts to later this year so that tickets would remain valid," the band's management said in a statement.

THE GATHERING's latest album, "Home", was released today (April 18) in North America (via The End Records) and over the weekend in Europe via the band's own label, Psychonaut Records.

THE GATHERING will resume touring in June.

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The Gathering To Perform On Dutch National Radio

The Gathering will be playing an acoustic session on the radio show MoveYourAss [Dutch national radio 3FM] on Tuesday, April 11. The band will be on at approx. 11:15 CET. You can listen to it and see it online at 3FM.

The Gathering vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen will be performing a few songs live with Drive by Wire at the Club 3voor12 radio show in Amsterdam on April 12. Drive by Wire's album features all Gathering members on one or two tracks.

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The Gathering Wins Edison Award

During the Edison Award party on March 15th at club Melkweg in Amsterdam, the Gathering won an Edison Award for best National music DVD with "A Sound Relief." The Edison is a prize for quality in Sound Recording and is the equivalent to the U.S. Grammy Award, the Brit Award, the Grand Prix du Disque in France and the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis in Germany.

"A Sound Relief" was recorded at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 23, 2005 in front of an international audience. The International press praises the DVD as one of the most beautiful Dutch DVD releases ever.

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Century Media U.S. Office Celebrates 15 Years

Century Media has issued the following press release pertaining to their 15th anniversary of their US offices and planned reissues:

Century Media Records' U.S. office, relentlessly championing barrier-shattering music, celebrates its 15-year Anniversary in 2006. Quickly establishing itself as an incendiary musical force, Century Media brought its vision to North America in 1991 delivering its unique European style metal largely ignored by mainstream and underground labels. Tirelessly supporting a disappearing music scene, the label at once became a bastion for the artists creating extreme music and a haven for fans who found themselves disassociated , and thus Century Media generated a resurgence of the musical style.

To celebrate the anniversary, Century Media documents the past while pioneering the future. Commissioning a unique logo for its official releases and communications (as above) the label signifies the anniversary's importance. In the coming months Century Media plans new studio efforts from label heavyweights such as Lacuna Coil and Shadows Fall, and also to reissue early albums from artists who have helped shape their current distinctive image like: Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, The Gathering, Iced Earth, Moonspell and Stuck Mojo. These reissued CDs will contain reworked artwork, new liner notes with artist comments, and bonus tracks. Passionately expressing songs with images, Century Media artists have been creating videos from the label's onset and two different DVD sets will be forthcoming chronicling these efforts. First off is Century Overload, 2-discs exploding with Century Media's more recent talent delivering musically as well as visually. The discs include over 60 different recently released videos from our current roster including God Forbid, Napalm Death, Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil and more. Due to incessant demand Century Media has compiled their three out-of-print VHS collections, highlighting the company's first dozen years, and combined them into their second DVD set the 2-DVD release entitled The Visual Experience. Finally, Century Media artists themselves have also contributed special recordings for a CD whose nature will be announced at a later date.

The flagship label of The Century Family, Century Media Records was founded in 1988. Its American branch opened three years later. With nine offices around the globe, the label employs more than 150 people worldwide. Featuring a rich catalog, the label's leading artists today include Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, God Forbid, Arch Enemy and Nevermore.

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The Gathering Confirm North American Tour Dates

Dutch rock act THE GATHERING have confirmed three North American dates as part of their "Homelands Tour 2006". Support at the shows will come from GIANT SQUID and UNEXPECT. The dates are as follows:

Mar. 19 - Jaxx - Springfield, VA
Mar. 20 - The Middle East - Boston, MA
Mar. 21 - The Knitting Factory - New York, NY

THE GATHERING are currently finishing up work on their ninth studio album, entitled "Home", with Attie Bauw (producer of the band's 1998 effort, "How to Measure a Planet?"). The band is now at Bauwhaus studio mixing and mastering the music. For the recording the band had set up a professional studio in a quaint old church in the small town of Maurik, located in the south of Holland.

"Home" will be released sometime in the spring on the band's own label, Psychonaut Records (available on The End Records in North America).

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The Gathering Sign Deal With Sanctuary Records

Sanctuary Records has signed a European licensing deal with the world-renowned Dutch act THE GATHERING.

THE GATHERING recently entered the studio to commence work on their ninth studio album, entitled "Home". For this recording the band has set up a professional studio in a quaint old church in the small town of Maurik, located in the south of Holland. Under direction of Attie Bauw (producer of the band's 1998 effort "How to Measure a Planet?"), the band worked there for a month before heading to the Bauwhaus studio to mix and master the music. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Shortest Day", "Home", "Fatigue", "Your Troubles are Over", "Solace", "The Quiet One", "A Noise Severe", and "Alone".

Commented singer Anneke van Giersbergen: "We built our own studio there because we wanted to do something different and create a new atmosphere. As for working with Attie Bauw, he is a very inspirational man with great ideas and we were very eager to work with him again."

The new album, "Home", is once again a journey for ear and mind. It’s a story without taking you by the hand but rather wants you to make it your own. Both musically and lyrically it deals with the challenges and victories of everyday life. All this translated in to good and solid heavy pop and rock songs where melody, dynamics and emotion play the leading role. More...

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The Gathering South American, Mexican Tour Dates

Holland's THE GATHERING have lined up the following South American/Mexican tour dates in March 2006:

Mar. 06 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ ND Ateneo
Mar. 07 - Buenos Aires, ARG @ ND Ateneo
Mar. 08 - Santiago, CHL @ Teatro Caupolican
Mar. 10 - Mexico City, MEX @ Circo Volador
Mar. 11 - Monterrey, MEX @ Cafe Iguana
Mar. 12 - Guadalajara, MEX @ Hard Rock Live

As previously reported, THE GATHERING will play the following German dates in April 2006:

Apr. 19 - Hamburg, GER - Markthalle
Apr. 20 - Bochum, GER - Zeche
Apr. 21 - Aschaffenburg, GER - Colos-Saal
Apr. 22 - Berlin, GER - Columbia Club
Apr. 23 - Nürnberg, GER - Hirsch

THE GATHERING recently entered the studio to commence work on their ninth studio album. For this recording the band has built a professional homemade studio inside an old church in the small town of Maurik, located in the south of Holland. With the help of producer Attie Bauw (producer of the band's 1998 effort, "How to Measure a Planet?") the band plans to work there for a month before heading to Bauw's studio to mix and master the music. The CD is scheduled to surface sometime in the spring on the band's own label Psychonaut Records (available on The End Records in North America).

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The Gathering Enter Studio To Record 9th Album

World renowned Dutch act The Gathering entered the studio today (November 21st, 2005) to commence work on their 9th studio album.

For this recording the band has built a professional homemade studio inside an old church in the small town of Maurik, located in the south of Holland. With the help of producer Atti Bauw (producer of the band’s 1998’s "How to Measure a Planet?") the band plans to work there for a month before heading to Bauw’s studio to mix and master the music.

Comments singer Anneke van Giersbergen about the constructed studio and working with Bauw again: “We built our own studio there because we wanted to do something different and create a new atmosphere. As for working with Attie Bauw, he is a very inspirational man with great ideas and we were very anxious to work with him again.

“I like being in the studio especially because we are then together for a vast period of time as a group and we create something entirely new. It's always amazing to participate in this process and to finish with a brand new album. That sense of accomplishment is truly wonderful.”

She adds, “We would hope to see the album get released sometime in March (on Psychonaut Records in Europe, The End Records in North America). We plan to start touring in March and come over to tour in South America and the U.S.A. once again.”

In February van Giersbergen gave birth to her first child, a boy named Finn. The singer welcomes the changes being a mother brings to her and her songwriting.

“Being a mother has changed a lot for me and obviously everything I do or go through will somehow end up in a lyric or a song, but I haven’t written any mother-baby songs --- yet!” she laughs. “My views on life are the same as before I had my baby boy, they are now just so much stronger. So if anything, my contribution to the band’s music and the music we create together will be more powerful because of these new experiences.”

In other recent news The Gathering just released their double-DVD, "A Sound Relief", in the U.S./Canada via The End Records. The two-disc set features a live concert the band recorded on May 23, 2005 at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam, plus bonus extras like the band's own tour impressions caught on video, video interviews and a bonus disc showcasing a collection of beautiful 3-D animation clips.

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The Gathering Release "Mandylion" Deluxe Edition

It was ten years ago when the Gathering recorded their break-through album "Mandylion" and the European metal scene has never been the same since. Produced by one of the top teams, Siggi Bemm (Woodhouse Studio) & Waldemar Sorychta, who already helped Tiamat, Moonspell and Sentenced to find their sound, "Mandylion" became a blueprint for female fronted gothic metal – but it was only the beginning of a long story.

From their rough metal roots, to the atmospheric tunes "Mandylion" had to offer, to dreamy, profound songs on "Nighttime Birds" or "How To Measure A Planet?" to their latest adventures within the progressive/triprock field, the Dutch crew always remained true to themselves while building up a continuously increasing fan base.

Time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Mandylion" with a special deluxe edition. The double CD set features new artwork, a 16-page booklet with song-by-song linernotes from the band and never seen before photos from the recording session. CD2 contains the first demo recordings the Gathering did with Anneke van Giersbergen in June 1994 and early 1995. "Solar Glider" is a complete unreleased instrumental while "Third Chance" appeared 2 years later in a different version on the "Nighttime Birds" album.

"Working with THE GATHERING on this album is one of my most beautiful memories. To record with such an open-minded band like them... they'd need three sounds when other bands needed 100, and those three sounds were enough to create a gorgeous atmosphere" , states producer Siggi Bemm and it's this special atmosphere that still stands out 10 years later.

Track-Listing "Mandylion Deluxe Edition" (2CD): More...

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The Gathering to Release DVD

On October 25th The Gathering will release their first independent dvd entitled, "A Sound of Relief". Disk 1 of "A Sound of Relief" contains a concert recorded at Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 23rd which is supported by a 3D animation projection show. Disk 2 will feature an interview, a 15-year special on The Gathering, 3D animation clips designed for the band by artists, Michel de Klein and Marcin Pazera, and a tour impression. Full listing of what will be included is as follows:

Disk 1:
Live concert at Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 23rd 2005:

1. The big sleep
2. Broken glass!
3. Rescue me
4. Alone
5. Travel
6. Red is a slow colour
7. A life all mine
8. Golden grounds
9. Amity
10. In Motion II
11. Marooned
12. Souvenirs
13. Like fountains
14. Herbal movement

Disk 2:
Tour Impression 2004
Dutch TV special 15 year The Gathering
Italian video-interview
Animation Music Clips:
"The big sleep"
"Broken glass"
"A life all mine"
"Red is a slow colour"

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The Gathering To Release Rare, Unreleased Material

The Gathering and Century Media are opening their archives to present a luxurious double CD set full of rare and unreleased material. "Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides" will be released on August 22nd, 2005 all over Europe.

CD1 offers “the b-sides” from all of their out-of-print CD-Singles – including rarities like “Adrenaline” and “Theme From ‘The Cyclist”, as well as cover versions from "Talk Talk, Dead Can Dance" and "Slowdive."

CD 2 is full of unreleased demo recordings. In the end of 1996, The Gathering did demos for their "Nighttime Birds" album with German Krautrocker Eroc (Grobschnitt, etc.). For the first time ever you can hear all of the alternate versions as well as two instrumentals that were not used on "Nighttime Birds". Drummer Hans Rutten comments: “We love the sound of this demo Eroc mixed, crystal clear and with a lot of dynamics. Eroc had some great, crazy ideas, a pity we didn’t work together on the album.”

Eroc adds: "Quite often demos and pre-productions end up having a lot more of that 'special something' as compared with the corresponding final results - where endless weeks of trying to 'get things perfect' have a tendency to squeeze out every last drop of spontaneity from the music."

The other lost pearl from the band’s archive are the so-called “Texel Tapes” with pre-productions for "How To Measure A Planet?" including great alternate versions.
Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides also features detailed liner notes by the band, rare photos and a special packaging.

Starting as a raw, death metal influenced band, and creating what later should be called gothic metal, The Gathering have been an extraordinary group since the early ‘90s. From their rough metal roots, to the atmospheric tunes "Mandylion" had to offer, to dreamy, profound songs on "Nighttime Birds" or "How To Measure A Planet?" to their latest adventures within the progressive/triprock field, the Dutch crew always remained true to themselves while building up a continuously increasing fan base.

The Gathering "Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides” tracklisting: More...

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The Gathering Release Info on Tour and DVD

The Gathering have posted the following reguarding their upcoming DVD:

"The DVD-recordings shows of May 23rd are almost sold-out. There is also a fan meeting that day, where 175 people from all over the world meet each other; from 30 different countries!!
Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Israel, Italy, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Peru, USA, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Bolivia, Russia, Denmark,
China, Canada, Ecuador and England). The DVD part I ("A Sound Relief") will be released in Autumn 2005. The band is writing new material for the next studio album, which is expected early next year. Spring 2006 will be the start of the new tour of The Gathering. They will record DVD part II at the European tour."

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The Gathering Name Upcoming DVD

The Gathering's sessions/concerts that will take place in Paradiso on May 23 will be recorded for a DVD, entitled "A Sound Relief," scheduled to be released at the end of summer 2005. The DVD will focus on the more easier songs of 15 years the Gathering. The band plans on working on a more rock-oriented concert DVD in 2006, called "A Noise Severe." In between both releases the Gathering will work on a new album.

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The Gathering Work On Upcoming DVD And New Album

The Gathering are currently rehearsing again for new upcoming DVD recordings, as well as work in a new album. The band plans to hit the studio in autumn 2005, with a possible release date at the beginning of 2006.

Vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen is selling her guitar on eBay. For more information, visit http://www.sandandmercury.com.

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The Gathering Singer Gives Birth To Healthy Son

The Gathering frontwoman Anneke van Giersbergen and Rob Snijders (ex-Kong) welcomed a son, Finn, on Sunday, February 20 at 7:30 a.m. The couple's first child, Finn weighed in at 7.5 pounds. Both mother and son are said to be doing "really fine."

If you wish to congratulate Anneke and Rob on their firstborn, you can do so by writing to:

Vismarkt 15
6511 VJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Phone/Fax: 0031 (0)24 3225715

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The Gathering Releases 'The Musical History Tour'

Holland's The Gathering have issued the following update:

After some years of developing a new and groundbreaking way of teaching history, and educating our future history teachers all over Europe, Professor Wim Kratsborn succeeded in creating a project which contains the book of study, together with a CD-ROM containing visuals and sounds together with the learning material for all senses so the students learn to live and breathe this history timeline material. Earlier this month, Professor Wim Kratsborn released an audio CD from the project containing eleven songs performed by Anneke [Van Giersbergen, vocals], Rene [Rutten, guitar] and Frank [Boeijen, keyboards] of The Gathering.

"Our contribution is of course, the audio part. For every piece of the timeline, we created a little piece of music," stated Anneke. "Some spoken-word parts are done by Zlaya, Laurie-Anne [Kinder] and John Hayes. This music is also available on a separate CD.

"It's a nice and somewhat experimental release and fun for you Gathering lovers to check it out. But mind you, this is not an official Gathering release. It's a small piece in the big jigsaw puzzle of Wim and his companions. Nevertheless, it's nice to add to your collection."

More info about the project can be found at www.pastproject.com. You can order the "The Musical History Tour" album through The Gathering webshop at www.4tune-shop.nl.

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The Gathering Take Time Off Butt Continue Writing

The Gathering have just turned 15 years old, and Anneke van Giersbergen is pregnant. Congrats to the great news for the band and Anneke. They have also just finished up an European tour, and will take some time off so that Anneke can have her baby. The band is going to keep writing songs for the next record, and Anneke will continue to write lyrics.

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