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From: MN, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Earthrise Parts With Bassist

Minneapolis-based sludge group Earthrise - remember when we covered this group for an Unearthing way back when? - is now parting ways with the band's bassist. Earthrise comments:

"Hi friends. Big update on our end. We regret to inform you all that our bassist/brother Andy Rutledge is leaving Earthrise. For the better part of a few years we’ve struggled with staying active through our busy schedules, and for Andy, it’s time to move on and work on some new, non-musical endeavors.

"We’ve had some incredible times with Andy and will definitely still be tapping his knowledge for tone and gear suggestions. More importantly, we will miss his irrational love of Guns N' Roses, the raddest band van ever, and his extreme irritation at our juvenile attitudes of annoying him while he was sleeping (We've changed, promise!).

"With that said, the rest of us are becoming quite active again and we’re officially on the search for a new bassist. Here’s an off-the-cuff list of what we’re looking for:

- 4 or 5 string bass, tuned to Drop G#
- Powerful amp + cab, ability to dial in tone to our specific application
- Effects, specifically fuzz/distortion, delay, reverb, and octave/pitch shifter
- Able to practice 1-2 times per week, local shows and short weekend jaunts on occasion
- Able to help pay for practice space rent, recording and merch costs, etc.
- A familiarity and enjoyment of the specific genres that we play, so that we're all on the same page in regards to the stylistic approach
- Willingness and ability to work on/learn some of our old (and new!) material outside of practice
- Be a generally cool person

"Get at us if you or someone you know is interested. We still have plans to deliver some heavy riffs to you all as soon as possible. Thanks!!" More...

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Unearthing The Sludge Metal Underground

There’s a whole lotta metal out there, spanning dozens to possibly hundreds of sub-genres, and it can be difficult to find new music to match your tastes if you don’t know where to start looking. Every Monday we unearth three lesser known or unsigned metal bands within specific genres or geographical areas that deserve to be heard by a bigger audience.

With metal’s roots firmly rooted in thrash, and with styles like power metal dominating a big portion of the playing field, heavy music is generally thought of as something fast and furious played while lightning fast fingers work up and down the fretboard. While this is often the case, there’s a large section of metal that likes to take a nice leisurely stroll down aural destruction avenue.

Today we’ll put the spotlight on three acts that have a seriously sludgy component to their music. Sludge, stoner, doom, drone: these genre tags and more all get lumped together and frequently intersect at varying points, so there may be some crossover and any given listener may decide these bands are more one than the other. My only qualification here is that they utterly annihilate musically, usually in slow motion and with a fair share of drawn out notes, like a low speed avalanche of crushing molten metal.


This California act is a bit of a dream for fans of sludge or funeral doom. Formerly called Bewilderbiest before dropping a proper release, Bereft is still very much an unknown in the overall metal scene, even though it features names that will be familiar to fans of extreme metal, including Derek Rydquist (The Faceless) and Charles Elliot (Abysmal Dawn). Moving away from their normal modes of operation, these musicians are producing a more primal, less technical form of extreme metal that’s a disturbing look into the hate and despair humanity is capable of feeling.

Bereft has now released debut album “Leichenhaus” (reviewed here), and while tracks from the release are unfortunately sparse online, there are a few ways to check out the music. A live performance video of two songs off the album can be heard below, or you can check out the full album version of “Withered Efflorescence” via Facebook. Noisecreep is also currently hosting a stream of the track “Ethereal Dispersal” at this location.


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Earthrise Streaming "Eras Lost" LP

Minneapolis based post-metal/sludge band Earthrise has released the band's debut LP titled "Eras Lost" online for streaming. Check out the full release in the player below or over at bandcamp. The track listing is:

1. Challenger Deep 06:14
2. Titan 04:25
3. Suspension 03:04
4. Former Worlds 07:06
5. Polar Low 05:32
6. Relentless 03:29
7. Mirovia 03:35
8. Eighteen Hundred 06:33
9. Transmission 04:01
10. Exhale 05:22
11. Frame Dragging 03:45 More...

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