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From: Viña Del Mar, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Naioth news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Naioth Releases Lyric Video For New Song

Chilean progressive metal band Naioth is announcing the release of its new album “Transhuman Communication” on November 11th, 2017 via Digmetalworld in North America. The band also posted a lyric video for the album's title track.

The band has created a pre-order link on its Bandcamp page at this location.

"Transhuman Communication" was recorded at IFM Studios and the drums at Rec Música Studios in Valparaiso, Chile. It was mixed and mastered by Ignacio Figueroa and all the pre-production (Midi) by Felipe Cuevas. The artwork was designed by Manuel Alarcón and all the animations by Claudio Abarca.

The album also features Rayna Lawson (Metal Nation Radio) as a guest vocals on some of the tracks. The track list is as follows:

1. Samsara
2. The Ultimate Lie
3. Sublimation
4. Fathers Of The Race
5. Universe
6. Wicked Fortress
7. Transhuman Communication More...

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Naioth Streams New Album Title Song

Chilean progressive band Naioth has released title track from the upcoming new album "Transhuman Communication" as a promotional single. Check it out in the player below.

"Transhuman Communication" will be issued in North America via Digmetalworld Records in 2017. More information is expected shortly.

Interested people can download the track for free directly at the band’s Bandcamp page located over here.

"Transhuman Communication," was recorded at IFM Studios in Valparaiso, Chile. The drums tracks were at Rec Música Studios. It was mixed and mastered by Ignacio Figueroa and the Pre-production (Midi) by Felipe Cuevas (Destinos). More...

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Naoith Recruits Tomas Garcia

Chilean math metal band Naioth announced that drummer Tomas Garcia (ex Daedius/Bluesur) has been added as a permanent member. Members of Naioth commented upon making him a permanent fixture in the band:

"When he did the audition for the spot of the drummer, he came in and performed the track “Seed Of Truth.” Right there we saw his technical precision, and that he was very dynamic and fast. We said to ourselves, this is our guy; he gained the spot deservedly."

Tomas Garcia commented: "I’m very happy because I’m able to participate in Naioth. I like the challenge of playing its drum tracks, as this will allow me to grow and learn my own instrument even more. I learned about Naioth at the Prog Fest in Valparaiso where we shared the stage, and I liked, right there, the energy and the show that they had."

Currently Naioth is finishing the demos for its second album. The band expects to start tracking very soon, so they can be doing shows by the end of 2014. More...

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DigMetalWorld Releases New Compilation

DigMetalWorld Records has released a fifth compilation album for free streaming download. "Volume 5: The Devil You Don't Know" contains 18 tracks total with bands from Chile, Brazil, Sweden, and the United States.

Check it out below, or download your copy at Bandcamp here. The label comments on the release:

"As we've done in the past, we have selected bands that are already in our roster and also a few bands that we are currently working so we can get them into it permanently. We hope that the fans have followed our work through the years and they had got the message we've tried to transmit with every release through their names. Surprisingly, each year the quality of their productions have improved a lot to higher levels, so we know that if you give them the chance, these artists will get their space in the people's listening habits."

The complete track list is as follows:

1. I Want You (Atomic Head)
2. Tonight (Pirosaint)
3. Abiogenesis (Dynahead)
4. Departure from the Flesh (Desecrated Sphere)
5. Overload my Blood (Demencia)
6. Farewell (G.E.N.)
7. Mental Walls (Naioth)
8. Cierra Los Ojos (Fuka)
9. El Control (Silverjack)
10. Infierno (Mierdaster)
11. Hell Fire (Warbreath)
12. Meridian (Meridian)
13. Neverending (Mindpath)
14. Exiting Reality p.1 (The Gardnerz)
15. Snake Eyes (Sacred Oath)
16. Orias (Huinca)
17. I've Been Here Before (Nox Eterna)
18. Made Immortal (Hellscream) More...

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Digmetalworld Records Announces New Compilation

NY based metal music distributor DigMetalWorld Records has announced that its fifth compilation album is called "Volume V: The Devil You Don't Know" and will be available on Monday November 11th, 2013 via the label's website here.

The new compilation album will be available for free download and it will include metal bands from Chile, Brazil, USA and more. The track listing is as follows:

1. ATOMIC HEAD (I Want You) (Chile)
2. PIROSAINT (Tonight) (US)
3. DYNAHEAD (Abiogenesis) (Brazil)
4. DESECRATED SPHERE (Departure from the Flesh) (Brazil)
4. DEMENCIA (Overload My Blood) (Chile)
5. G.E.N. (Farewell) (Chile)
6. NAIOTH (Mental Walls) (Chile)
7. FUKA (Cierra Los Ojos) (Chile)
8. SILVERJACK (El Control) (Chile)
9. MIERDASTER (Infierno) (Chile)
10. WARBREAT (Hell Fire) (Chile)
11. MALDITO (Mutilation of the soul) (Chile)
12. MERIDIAN (Meridian) (Chile)
13. MINDPATH (Neverending) (Chile)
14. THE GARDNERZ (Exiting Reality Pt.1) (Sweden)
15. SACRED OATH (Snake Eyes) (US)

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Naioth Parts Company With Drummer

Chilean band Naioth has announced that drummer Cristian Gonzalez recently left the band due to personal reasons. Cristian had joined the band in 2012, and participated very actively during the past year in all the live shows and also all three of Naioth's music videos. The band commented:

"We would like to inform to the fans and followers that our good friend CG is no longer our drummer due to a personal decision. We would like to wish him the best on all his future endeavors."

The band plans on revealing the new drummer in early 2014, when they come back to the studio to record the sophomore album. Recently Naioth released its third music video for the track "Mental Walls." watch the video at this location.

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Naioth Posts Official Video

Chilean Djent band Naioth has released its third official music video for the track "Mental Walls," which comes off the album "Dance of Light" released via Digmetalworld Records in 2012. The video was directed by Ignacio Figueroa and produced by Mauricio Duran at Tejevientos Films. Watch "Mental Walls" below.

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Naioth Releases New Music Video

Chilean metallers Naioth have released a new music video for the track “Death Elements,” which comes off debut album “Dance of Light." The video was filmed and directed by Mauricio Durán from Tejevientos Films and can be viewed below.

The "Dance Of Light" track listing is as follows:

1. Born
2. Seed Of Truth
3. Inside
4. Dance Of Light
5. Death Elements
6. Mental Walls
7. The Alchemist
8. Paradox Spheres
9. Fast More...

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Naioth Shoots New Music Video

Chilean metallers Naioth have finished filming their second official video for the track “Death Elements.” The video was directed and filmed by Mauricio Duran from Tejevientos Films," who also worked on the previous music video “Dance of Light.”

The track “Death Elements” comes off the band's debut album “Dance of Light,” released in July 2012 via Digmetalworld. The 9 track album is available for free download at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Born
2. Seed of Truth
3. Inside
4. Dance of Light
5. Death Elements
6. Mental Walls
7. The Alchemyst
8. Paradox Spheres
9. Fast More...

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Naioth Posts Lyric Clip For "Seed Of Truth"

Chile's Naioth has posted a new lyric clip for the song "Seed of Truth," taken off the band's debut album "Dance of Light," which can be found below.

The "Dance of Light" album was released in July 2012 through Digmetalworld Records and is available for streaming or download right here. The full track listing is:

1. Born
2. Seed Of Truth
3. Inside
4. Dance Of Light
5. Death Elements
6. Mental Walls
7. The Alchemist
8. Paradox Spheres
9. Fast

Naioth also recently released a video clip for the song “Dance of Light,” directed by Mauricio Duran (Tejevientos Films), which can be viewed at this location. The band has also announced that it will release another video clip for the song “Death Elements” in early 2013. More...

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Song Titles Revealed For "Stronger Than Hate"

Metal music distributor/label Digmetalworld has announced the full tracklist for its 4th compilation album, "Stronger than Hate - Volume 4," containing 15 bands from last year's edition plus five bonus songs, live and single tracks. The album is going to be available for free to download on Mon Dec 17th via Digmetalworld.

Commented its C.E.O/founder Ignacio Orellana: "We have been working since 2007 from our New York base, bringing the best bands from Chile, Brazil and Sweden to the rest of the world. This album is in fact stronger than the earlier releases because it brings a wider variety of metal styles."

The full track list is the following:

01. PIROSAINT - I'd Rather See them Bleed
02. HUINCA - Rapa Nui
03. WARCHEST - Fear of the Machine
04. LEFUTRAY - Screaming in Silence
05. MASTERPIECE - Revenge
06. KATTAH - I Believe
07. ANCESTTRAL - Bloodshed and Violence
08. CONFLICTED - God Is Death
09. INFERIS - Lead The Chain
10. MIERDASTER - Verte Caer
11. KRUDO - Asesino
12. AKBAL - Heredero del Odio
13. NAIOTH - Dance Of Light
14. OBSCENE - Unnamed
15. TERMINAL PROSPECT - Blood Burning Veins
16. MAGMA LAKE - Beyond this Path
17. D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death
18. GOATLOVE - Automatic Fire
19. NUCLEAR - The Pain you Asked For (live)
20. VASTATOR - Puñado de Almas (live)

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Digmetalworld Releasing Fourth Compilation

Digmetalworld Records has announced that its fourth compilation album containing 15 bands will be available for free download on December 17th via its website. The new compilation will be named "Stronger Than Hate", and represents four years of steady work with South American and European Metal Bands in the US.

The album follows "Vol.3 - The Hell Road" released in 2011. This year the list of bands hails from Chile, Brazil, USA and Sweden. The bonus tracks of this album will include live performances of Nuclear and Vastator. The complete list of tracks including the bonus tracks will be announced in a few weeks.

The list of 15 bands that are set for this album is the following, with the cover art following the jump:

02. HUINCA (Chile)
03. WARCHEST (Chile)
04. LEFUTRAY (Chile)
05. MASTERPIECE (Brazil)
06. KATTAH (Brazil)
07. ANCESTTRAL (Brazil)
08. CONFLICTED (Chile)
09. INFERIS (Chile)
10. MIERDASTER (Chile)
11. KRUDO (Chile)
12. AKBAL (Chile)
13. NAIOTH (Chile)
14. OBSCENE (Chile)

The three albums previously released are available for free download at these locations below.

(2009) Volume One
(2010) Another Kind Of Evil
(2011) The Hell Road


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Naioth Releases Official Video

Chilean djent band Naioth has finally released the official music video for the track "Dance Of Light" that comes off the debut album of the same name. The video was directed by Mauricio Duran and produced by Naioth and Tejevientos Films, featuring real footage from ESO. With this release, the band begins a new chapter which includes tour dates and the release "Dance Of Light" on CD format. Watch the music video of "Dance Of Light" below.

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Naioth Announces New Bassist

Chilean Djent band Naioth have confirmed the addition of Matias Iturra (ex-Mr. Hide) as permanent bassist in the band. The band also has announced its debut show at "The Metal Fest," which is set for October 19th in Santiago, Chile. Currently Naioth is working on its first music video for the title track from "Dance of Light."

The album was released last July via Digmetalworld Records for free download. You can stream the full album by going to this location.

Matias Iturra


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Naioth Recruits New Drummer

Chilean metal act Naioth has announced the addition of Cristian Gonzalez (formerly of Inferis and Break.down) as the band's new drummer. A video clip introducing the new member can be viewed below, and the band also stated: "We strongly believe that Cristian´s arrival it will make us fully capable to achieve the potential that the band is intended to. We are happy to have him with us, welcome aboard!"

Cristian commented on joining the group: "I've met Ignacio and Paulo when we were studying music, back in the same school, and we got back together a title time ago, when they asked me if I could be the drummer for their upcoming video clip. The idea of being a full time member of the band begun to appear very possible. I´m thrilled to be part of NAIOTH, it´s a new music style for me that will help me to develop my new skills, I bet it´s going to be quite a challenge!"

Naioth recently released debut album "Dance Of Light" via Digmetalworld Records. You can stream or download the complete album for free at this location. More...

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Naioth Streaming Debut Album

Chilean metal band Naioth, hailing from the town of Vina Del Mar, has released its debut album "Dance of Light" for free download via Digmetalworld Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the members of the band between 2010 and 2011. Naioth's "Dance of Light" is a fusion of Latin American based rhythms with the emergent sound of djent. Commented vocalist Ignacio Figueroa: "The results of the first Naioth album "Dance of Light" are one of kind for a Chilean Recording, because it is the very first one of its type." Stream the whole album over on Digmetalworld, or listen to it all below.

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