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Monster Magnet

Formed: 1989
From: NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


This space-rock band was formed in New Jersey, USA in 1989 by David Wyndorf (vocals/guitar, ex-Shrapnel), with John McBain (guitar), Joe Calandra (bass) and Jon Kleiman (drums). After a couple of self-released tapes and a rather self-indulgent debut album, Monster Magnet suddenly found broad press and public support with Spine Of God, despite the back cover disclaimer that "It"s a satanic drug thing . . . you wouldn't understand'. The sound and songs drew on Wyndorf's obsession with late 60s psychedelia, music and culture, producing a hypnotic set that blended Space Ritual -era Hawkwind -style with an MC5 / Black Sabbath guitar barrage and a liberal sprinkling of drug references, all played with a 90s venom.

The band were quick to capitalize, touring almost non-stop around Europe and the USA, and, following a US tour with Soundgarden, they lost McBain but gained a contract with A&M Records, who were happy to give the band creative freedom. The resultant Superjudge, with new guitarist Ed Mundell, was, if anything, more intense, and saw Monster Magnet pay tribute to Hawkwind with an affectionate blast through "Brainstorm".

Their live shows remained an experience in themselves, with lighting engineer Tim Cronin's astral projection backdrop proving to be an essential component as the band whipped up a frenzy on stage, touring Europe with Paw and the USA with Raging Slab in 1994. Dopes To Infinity and Powertrip honed their space rock sound to perfection and established them as arguably the leaders of the genre. Guitarist Phil Caivano was brought into the line-up in 1998 to augment the band's live sound and help record God Says No.

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Monster Magnet Singer Talks Solo Album And More

Metal Hammer Germany recently conducted an interview with MONSTER MAGNET singer Dave Wyndorf.

While talking about the band's new album, 4-Way Diablo, and his peculiar lyrics, Dave revealed his plans for the near future.

According to Dave, he has three plans right now:

1. Finishing his album with movie-soundtracks. There is no film actually that uses his tunes, but it shall be film-music anyway.

2. Completing a solo record. Release date and album title are not confirmed yet, but it shall consists of peculiar and small songs. A lot with piano and somehow similar to Monster Magnet's smaller and mellower songs.

3. Finish another Monster Magnet record, as the songs on 4-Way Diablo are basically two years old. A heart attack after an overdose of pills had forced him to take a time out.

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Monster Magnet Mainman Discusses New Album

Vassil Varbanov of Bulgaria's Tangra Mega Rock recently conducted an interview with MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Tangra Mega Rock: There's a cover version of THE ROLLING STONES' song "2000 Light Years from Home" on [the new MONSTER MAGNET album] "4-Way Diablo". Why?

Dave Wyndorf: I guess the question is more "Why not?" I love this song, and my buddies in the band wanted to play it, so that's the reason. They brought it up, and I said, "Okay, if it sounds good..." We did it and it was really fun to do.

Tangra Mega Rock: Is there something that you can pick up as a phrase to describe the atmosphere of the whole recording process of the album?

Dave Wyndorf: Ah... The thing I'll always remember from this time is that the guys in the band — Ed, Jim and Bob — were really, really, really good. Those guys put down their tracks really fast, it was excellent, it was fun...

Tangra Mega Rock: A lot has been written about the victims that the rock'n'roll world has given... How do you personally feel today? Are you still in good shape?

Dave Wyndorf: Yeah... I was in bad shape for a while because of touring too much. I was taking too many sleeping pills and that kind of stuff... I think the trick with rock'n'roll is to know when to stop for a while and not stay on the road for too long. That's what makes me go crazy.

Tangra Mega Rock: What about the concept of rock'n'roll in general? Now, in the 21st century, does it have to be in a more futuristic kind of shape?

Dave Wyndorf: Well, I think the main reason it's different now is that more people in the world today tend to get their music from other sources than record stores — they look for it online, on computers and stuff like that. Besides, the way rock'n'roll is sold is more corporate now than it ever was, but I don't think that will effect the music that much, as it should come from the same part that it always did.

Tangra Mega Rock: Once we were waiting impatiently for a new album to come, like counting the days backwards till the release date of the new AC/DC record or something, and now almost everything's been leaked on the Internet months before, there's no impatience and this kills a bit the value of the whole ritual of being a rock fan... What do you think?

Dave Wyndorf: That was really well said and I totally agree. The way people get their music now isn't the most exciting one. The ritual has been torn apart by all this stuff and... I hope that people can kind of invent their own ritual that would make it as exciting... but I agree with you — it's not much fun when stuff gets leaked out there and you just download it. The physical act of going out to the record store has definitely gone away. What replaced it is that kids are still searching for bands, but they do it on the Internet and on YouTube. They still look for underground stuff, but that's where they search. I don't particularly think that's good, I think the old physical way is better... but at least it's still being done.

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Monster Magnet Frontman Speaks Of Overdose

MONSTER MAGNET frontman Dave Wyndorf recently spoke to U.K.-based music journalist Dave Ling about the occasion on which an overdose on prescription drugs almost killed him on February 27, 2006.

"It had been a long time coming," recounts Wyndorf. "Eveything began when I couldn't sleep on tour, so the doctors gave me something that would put down a wild animal. This was an anti-anxiety drug; the stuff that airline pilots and astronauts use. I was doing a lot of transatlantic flying, and on a plane one day I just started gobbling them down. All of my paranoias came at me like a giant, three-headed beast. My biggest mistake was not asking for help. The things are supposed to clear you mind before you go to sleep. They wipe out all the worries and concerns you might have, but what I didn't understand is that it's like a computer..."

Everything just re-boots when you switch on again? "Exactly," he replies. "The problems are not deleted, in fact they get magnified by ten. It was fucking horrible. I was utterly powerless, on a slipperly slope. I don't recall doing it but on the day concerned I took the whole Goddamn bottle — a hundred pills, man, just like they were a shot glass — and the next thing I knew, I woke up in a fucking loony bin."

Having sampled their upside and downside, even forged a career spent singing about them, Wyndorf is in a pretty unique position to talk about drugs. "They're supposedly a gateway into creativity," he muses. "And you know what? It's all a myth. They suck, and they'll get you in the end. They certainly got me."

As previously reported, MONSTER MAGNET has set "4 Way Diablo" was the title of its new album, due on November 2, 2007 via SPV Records. The CD was produced by Matt Hyde and features a cover version of THE ROLLING STONES' "2,000 Light Years from Home".

"4 Way Diablo" track listing:

01. 4 Way Diablo
02. Wall of Fire
03. You're Alive
04. Blow Your Mind
05. Cyclone
06. 2000 Light Years from Home (THE ROLLNG STONES cover)
07. No Vacation
08. I'm Calling You
09. Solid Gold
10. Freeze and Pixillate
11. A Thousand Stars
12. Slap in the Face
13. Little Bag of Gloom

Hyde, who worked with MONSTER MAGNET on their "Powertrip" and "God Says No" releases, stated about the band's new CD back in March 2006, "I believe it has the potential to be their best record since 'Powertrip'."

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Monster Magnet To Release New Album In November

MONSTER MAGNET has set "4 Way Diablo" as the title of its new album, due on November 2, 2007 via SPV Records. The CD was produced by Matt Hyde and features a cover version of THE ROLLING STONES' "2,000 Light Years from Home".

"4 Way Diablo" track listing:

01. 4 Way Diablo
02. Wall of Fire
03. You're Alive
04. Blow Your Mind
05. Cyclone
06. 2000 Light Years from Home (THE ROLLNG STONES cover)
07. No Vacation
08. I'm Calling You
09. Solid Gold
10. Freeze and Pixillate
11. A Thousand Stars
12. Slap in the Face
13. Little Bag of Gloom

MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf was forced to halt work on the CD in February 2006 after overdosing on prescription drugs.

Hyde, who worked with MONSTER MAGNET on their "Powertrip" and "God Says No" releases, stated about the band's new CD back in March 2006, "I believe it has the potential to be their best record since 'Powertrip'."

MONSTER MAGNET's last studio album, "Monolithic Baby", was released in 2004 via SPV.

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Monster Magnet Guitarist To Appear On Rush Tribute

MONSTER MAGNET guitarist Ed Mundell will contribute a cover of the RUSH song "What You're Doing" to an upcoming RUSH tribute album, due in September on MainMan Records.

Mundell recently finished laying down tracks for MONSTER MAGNET's new studio album with producer Matt Hyde.

MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf was forced to halt work on the CD in February 2006 after overdosing on prescription drugs.

Hyde, who worked with MONSTER MAGNET on their "Powertrip" and "God Says No" releases, stated about the band's new CD back in March 2006, "I believe it has the potential to be their best record since 'Powertrip'."

MONSTER MAGNET's last studio album, "Monolithic Baby", was released in 2004 via SPV.

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Underground Video Television Covers Stoner Rock

This week’s episode of Underground Video Television (UVTV) is a Special Stoner Rock Edition hosted by Bobby Black, columnist at High Times magazine and host of Sirius Radio Hard Attack channel’s “Contact High”. The show features music videos of Clutch, Corrosion Of Conformity, Fu Manchu, Turbonegro, & Monster Magnet as well as some live videos of Mastodon and Bobby’s close friends Type O Negative. Also on the show is a brand new live video of Fireball Ministry playing their track “It Flies Again” that was filmed recently in Buffalo NY. You can view the show online or by subscribing to the UVTV podcast on i-Tunes.

Bobby Black’s show “Contact High” on Sirius Hard Attack Channel 27 airs Thursdays 9pm-10pm ET and features the sludgiest, most psychedelic and potent stoner rock ever. Find out more information about Bobby Black at his MySpace page.

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Headline News

Monster Magnet Mainman ODs, Euro Tour Cancelled

MONSTER MAGNET have cancelled their European tour after the group's mainman, Dave Wyndorf, was hospitalized following a drug overdose.

"The battle with one's inner demons is the most personal fight any of us can undertake," said MONSTER MAGNET's manager, Steve Davis of Davis Entertainment Group. "The fight is at times a lonely, confusing journey. On the evening of February 27, Dave Wyndorf suffered a setback in his own fight and was hospitalized due to a drug overdose. His full recovery is expected. We ask that all those he has encountered over the years or simply affected by his music to take a moment to think good thoughts of and for him. With the grace of God and those who love him we are all confident that Dave will rebound from this set back and continue to play and make great rock and roll."

MONSTER MAGNET recently spent time at Sound City and Paramount recording studios in Los Angeles recording the follow-up to 2004's "Monolithic Baby", tentatively due this summer via SPV. The CD is being produced by friend and veteran MAGNET producer/mixer Matt Hyde ("Powertrip" and "God Says No"). Also planned for release are reissues of the band's classic albums "Tab" and "Spine of God", featuring new artwork and liner notes, as well as bonus tracks, as part of SPV's SuPerValue reissue series. A DVD is also in the planning for late 2006.

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Monster Magnet European Tour Dates Announced

More dates have been announced for MONSTER MAGNET's upcoming European tour with WITCHCRAFT.

MONSTER MAGNET are currently in Los Angeles in pre-production for their follow-up to 2004's "Monolithic Baby!", tentatively due early next year. The band spent the past few months working on a DVD release as well as reissues of both "Spine of God" (1991) and "Tab" (1992) CDs featuring re-recorded bonus tracks. In addition, MAGNET frontman Dave Wyndorf is planning on recording his first-ever solo album.

The currently scheduled tour dates are as follows:

Mar. 04 – Wolverhampton, UK @ Wulfrun Hall
Mar. 05 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
Mar. 06 - Manchester, UK @ Manchester Academy 2
Mar. 08 – Glasgow, SCO @ QMU
Mar. 09 – Leeds, UK @ The Cockpit
Mar. 10 - Sheffield, UK @ The Corporation
Mar. 12 - London, UK @ Astoria
Mar. 13 - Brusells, BEL @ Ancienne
Mar. 14 – Amsterdam, NETH @ Paradiso
Mar. 16 - Tilburg, NETH @ 013
Mar. 17 – Hamburg, GER @ Grosse Freiheit
Mar. 18 – Gothernburg, SWE @ Tragarn
Mar. 20 – Helsinki, FIN @ Tavastia
Mar. 22 – Stockholm, SWE @ Arenan
Mar. 23 – Oslo, NOR @ Rockefeller Music Hall Norway
Mar. 24 – Malmö, SWE @ KB Sweden
Mar. 26 – Copenhagen, DEN @ Pumpehuset Denmark
Mar. 27 - Arhus, DEN @ Voxhall Denmark
Mar. 28 – Berlin, GER @ Columbiahalle Germany
Mar. 30 - Herford, GER @ Club X Germany
Mar. 31 - Weisbaden, GER @ Schlachthof Germany
Apr. 01 - Leipzig, GER @ Werk 2 Germany
Apr. 03 - Dortmund, GER @ Soundgarden Germany
Apr. 04 - Cologne, GER @ Live Music Hall Germany
Apr. 05 - Stuttgart, GER @ Longhorn Germany
Apr. 07 - Munich, GER @ Tonhalle Germany
Apr. 08 - Linz, GER @ Posthof Germany
Apr. 09 - Vienna, AUT @ Arena Austria
Apr. 11 - Zurich, SWI @ Xtra Switzerland
Apr. 13 - Barcelona, SPA @ Razzmatazz II Spain
Apr. 14 - Madrid, SPA @ Aqualung Spain

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Monster Magnet Guitarist To Jam With Space Ritual

On Saturday, April 9, 2005, the Dutch Roadburn Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary edition with a stunning variety of space/stoner/doom rock bands on three different stages with Brant Bjork & The Bros, SUNN O))), ELECTRIC WIZARD (the first ever show with the We Live line-up), and HIGH ON FIRE, amongst others, at 013-Tilburg.

Monster Magnet lead guitarist Ed Mundell has been confirmed to jam live on stage with headliners SPACE RITUAL. That band was formed in 2001 to revive the lost magic, the truly interstellar spirit of Hawkwind, of which the band were all members, and this will be Space Ritual`s first ever gig on the European mainland. Check roadburn.com for the complete line up. Holland’s major network, VPRO 3voor12, will pull off a live webcast of the 10th Roadburn Festival.

In other news, VPRO 3voor12 will re-broadcast last year`s "Monster Magnet Live at the 9th Roadburn Festival" webtv webcast. The webcast will run on April 6, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. GMT at www.3voor12.nl (click on webtv).

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More Tuska Open Air Details Revealed

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival has added more international and Finnish acts to the 2005 roster. The line-up is almost complete with only 1 more artist to be added for Saturday afternoon as well as the winner from the band contest at Rotonde-Festival, France, which is to be held later this spring. This year's Tuska-Festival is more international than ever, with nearly half of the artists coming from abroad. The evening clubs will most likely see some international action as well.

New additions in Finnish professionalism will be represented by Apocalyptica, whose cello metal is witnessed way too rarely on their native soil. Apocalytica just recently supported Rammstein on their European tour and appeared stateside on a few selected dates.

German precision and universal greatness is brought to you by the mighty Gamma Ray. The band last appeared on the bill at Tuska 2000 and have since built their fanbase by selling out club shows on a regular basis.

Other additions include up-and-coming death metallers Amoral, Finnish-singing Stam1na and Viikate, as well as Callisto who are about to embark on a European tour in a few weeks.

The search continues for one more, either domestic or foreign artist.

Ticket sales for Tuska 2005 start on Friday April 1st. Three-day ticketcosts 67 euro, one-day ticket 32 euro. Go to www.lippupalvelu.fi to purchase tickets.

Current Tuska 2005 line-up reads as follows: More...

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Monster Magnet Part Ways With Guitarist

MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"I'm announcing with deep regret that Phil Caivano, guitarist, singer and my longtime friend, has decided to 'move on' from MONSTER MAGNET.

"Phil joined the band in 1998 and has been a solid contributor since day one. No one I know has ever been more dedicated to his craft. He is a unique and talented individual who excels at everything he does and I wish him all the best.

"Phil himself will let you know what he's doing in his own good time, but for the record, this is an amicable split.

"Needless to say, there is only one Phil Caivano so replacing him is impossible. However, MAGNET is auditioning guitarists to fill the rhythm slot and I'll let you all know what's up. In the meantime, I'll be playing guitar. This change in line up will in no way effect the output of MONSTER MAGNET, as I am writing the new album now and things are on schedule.

"Phil is and will always be welcome as a member of the MONSTER MAGNET family.

"Rock is alive! Love, Dave."

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More Tuska Open Air Confirmations Announced

Dimmu Borgir, Monster Magnet, Sentenced, Destruction, Primal Fear, Bal-Sagoth, Lake of Tears and Wintersun are the latest bands confirmed for the eighth annual Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, set to be held July 15-17 at Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki, Finland. The 2005 festival will once again present more than 30 bands from different styles of metal, several of which will be announced at a later date.

Saturday, July 16 will be headlined by the infamous Norwegian black metallers Dimmu Borgir. Their Tuska performance will be one of few selected festival shows the band will do next summer. Dimmu Borgirwere originally scheduled to play at Tuska 2004 but after being offered one of the headlining slots at Ozzfest, they obviously had to cancel their appearance.

In addition to the already confirmed acts, more Finnish and international artists will be added to the roster.

Tickets for Tuska 2005 will go on sale April 1 through Lippupalvelu. The three-day ticket costs 67 euros and one-day tickets cost 32 euros.

Tuska 2005 confirmed bands so far: More...

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Hater To Finally Release Second Album

Hater, the '90s band featuring the Soundgarden pair of bassist Ben Shepherd and drummer Matt Cameron, will finally have their second album released. Simply called 'The 2nd', it's due out through Burn Burn Records in late April. The record, which also features Mark Lanegan, former Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain and Ministry drummer Bill Rieflin, was originally due for release a decade ago.

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Monster Magnet Bassist Arrested For Striking Fan

According to the Rock N Roll Experience web site, MONSTER MAGNET bassist Jim Baglino was arrested following the band's September 30, 2004 concert in Lancaster, PA. Baglino told the web site, "We had a really crazy show and there was no barricade and I swung my bass and hit a guy in the head and the next thing I knew he was being carried out and was bleeding, and after the show I was arrested and I sat in a cell for 15 hours." Added Rock N Roll Experience webmaster Bob Suehs, "I'm not quite sure what happened in terms of a settlement, but I do know that the entire band was in New York and that their label reps flew from California to New York to make settlement and get this ordeal over with...the band actually did not get to the venue until like 15 minutes or so before show time...Their drummer Bob and Jim both summed it up saying that this entire tour had been really crazy and that they look forward to their last show for this leg of the tour on Oct. 2 in Virginia so they can take a brief break before the next leg of the tour starts. As far as the charges go, it's also not clear if the charges were dropped, or what charges he was arrested on."

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Monster Magnet's Cleveland Show: 'Unorganized Kara

Monster Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf lost his voice prior to the group's scheduled performance at Peabody's in Cleveland Thursday night (Sept. 16). According to a BLABBERMOUTH.NET source at the show, "the band opened their set with a 20-minute version of the instrumental 'Tab...'. Dave played guitar with his back to the crowd through the whole song. After the song ended, it was announced on stage by one of Dave's bandmates that Dave would be unable to sing tonight under doctor's orders due to problems with his throat. The lead singer from Cleveland band RED GIANT (www.redgiant.net), Alex, filled in on vocals for the next 6 songs. RED GIANT were one of the local bands sharing the bill. Alex did a good job of keeping the crowd entertained and actually sounded very good job singing the songs, especially on such short notice. Unfortunately, Alex relinquished his microphone for the final two songs of the set and the band invited crowd members to come up on stage and sing. The ending of the show turned into a giant, unorganized Monster Magnet 'karaoke' session, with multiple people on stage stumbling their way through 'Powertrip' and 'Space Lord'. Dancing female audience members also jumped up to adorn the stage and dance with Dave. The crowd was definitely not amused and voiced their displeasure as the show came to an abrupt end. Boos and the chants of 'refund, refund' filled the club." The set list for the show was as follows:

01. Tab...
02. Tractor
03. Medicine
04. Nod Scene
05. Snake Dance
06. Evil (Is Going On)
07. Spine Of God
08. Powertrip
09. Space Lord

Monster Magnet are scheduled to perform at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City Friday night (Sept. 17).

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H.I.M. U.S. Tour Dates Announced

The first dates have been announced for H.I.M.'s upcoming U.S. tour — the band's first since inking a worldwide recording contract with Sire Records. Support at all dates is expected to come from Melissa Auf Der Maur (ex-Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) and Monster Magnet. The dates are as follows:

Nov. 12 - Worchester, MA @ The Palladium
Nov. 13 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
Nov. 14 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Nov. 15 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Nov. 18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Club
Nov. 19 - Detroit, MI @ The State Theatre
Nov. 21 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
Nov. 24 - Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
Nov. 26 - Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
Nov. 27 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
Dec. 02 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Avalon

As previously reported, H.I.M. singer/main songwriter Ville Valo has been working on new material over the summer and the band hope to start producing their next album in January or February.

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Monster Magnet Postpone One Show, To Play The Rest

Despite rumors to the contrary, MONSTER MAGNET have not called off the remainder of their U.S. tour following the cancellation of their scheduled performance at Jaxx in Springfield, VA Saturday night (August 28). A representative at the group's record label, SPV Records, has told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that the Springfield gig was "postponed due to a bus/trailer problem" and that the band are currently on their way to Chicago for Tuesday night's (Aug. 31) show at the Double Door venue. Support at the shows will come from Relapse Records recording artists BONGZILLA.

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Watch Monster Magnet's 'Monolithic' Video Online

The video for Monster Magnet's new single 'Monolithic' can be viewed online on Launch.com.

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More Monster Magnet Tour Dates Announced

More tour dates have been announced for the forthcoming Monster Magnet, Bongzilla tour in September. Dates so far are as follows:

August 27 - Seaside, NJ @ Green Room
August 28 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx Nightclub
August 29 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
August 31 – Chicago, IL @ Double Door
September 1 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music
September 4 – Portland, OR @ Dante's
September 5 - Seattle, WA @ Neumos
September 7 - San Francisco, CA @ Independent
September 8 - Los Angeles, CA @ Monster Garage TV
September 9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
September 10 – Phoenix, AZ @ Mason Jar
September 12 – Denver, CO @ Cervantes
September 13 - Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck
September 14 - St. Louis, MO @ Mississippi Nights
September 16 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
September 17 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
September 18 - Little Falls, NJ @ Yogi Berra Stadium
September 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Northstar
September 21 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre
September 22 - Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
September 24 - Manchester, NH @ Liquid
September 25 - Rochester, NY @ Steel Music Hall
September 26 - Boston, MA @ WAAF
September 27 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock Cafe
September 29 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
September 30 - Lancaster, PA @ The Chamelon
October 1 - Baltimore, MD @ Rechter
October 2 - Huntington, WV @ Harris Riverfront Park
October 7 - Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews
October 23 - Miami, FL @ Bayfront Park

(Note: not ALL dates are with Bongzilla)

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Locobazooka 2004 Lineup Announced

Locobazooka 2004 is returning to the Fitchburg Municipal Airport this year for 2 full days of music lasting from September 25th through the 26th. Confirmed so far are the following artists:

Breaking Benjamin
Josh Todd
Monster Magnet

...with more TBA.

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