"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Arkham Witch

Formed: 2008
From: Keighley, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Arkham Witch News

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Arkham Witch Releases "I Am Providence"

U.K. traditional/doom metal act Arkham Witch issued the third full-length studio album "I Am Providence" today via Metal on Metal Records.

Vocalist Simon Iff commented: "It's definitely a continuation in the style of 'The Lord of R'lyeh' and 'Kult of Kutulu' - that kind of fun take on the pulpy side of Lovecraft and a sheer musical celebration of the man and his imagination and legacy in popular culture rather than an attempt to imitate in music his cosmic viewpoints and eldritch atmospheres."

Guitarist Aldo Doom added: "I just want to add on behalf of myself and the rest of the gang that this has been one fun album to do. I don't want to scare all our fans and give too much away, but it's going to sound a lot different to our previous releases. We are NOT changing our style or wanting to progress into something different. Simon just simply started writing the songs for the album in a very cool different approach and the rest of us went with the flow! The result... well, if Lovecraft was around today, he'd be cruising around in his car, blasting out this album full volume and banging his head!" More...

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Metal On Metal Records Releases New Comp

Old school label Metal On Metal Records just released the 8th compilation CD of the annual series "Compendium of Metal." You can check out 9 out of 14 tracks below, or pick up the full version at this location.

"Compendium of Metal Vol. 8" features 14 songs from 12 bands, clocks in at 74 minutes, and contains a new, exclusive song from Meliah Rage as well as a previously unreleased pre-Meliah Rage rehearsal track from 1986, and more. The track listing is as follows:

1. DARK QUARTERER - Mind Torture 06:46
2. STONEGRIFF - Brother Cain 06:36
3. RISEN PROPHECY - Risen Prophecy 08:30
4. METAL LAW - Lord of Evil 04:52
5. BLOOD ATONEMENT - Speed Metal Militia 02:43
6. OUTRAGE - The Elemental War 05:22
7. MORTALICUM - I Dream of Dying 06:22
8. HI-GH - Till Death and After 03:15
9. ALBERT BELL'S SACRO SANCTUS - At the Horns of Hattin 06:43

"Hidden" tracks on full version:
1. DOOMSHINE "The Alchemist of Snowdonia"
2. MELIAH RAGE "The Lie"
3. pre-MELIAH RAGE "Enter the Darkness"
4. ARKHAM WITCH "Skull Fuel"" (THE LAMP OF THOTH cover - brand new recording)
5. ARKHAM WITCH "I Am Providence" (previously unreleased song - EXCLUSIVE live version) More...

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Arkham Witch Releasing "Get Thothed" EP

Metal On Metal Records has revealed details today about the new Arkham Witch "Get Thothed Vol. I" EP.

This will be the first in a series of 3 EPs from this British heavy/doom metal act playing songs from The Lamp Of Thoth (the previous band of songwriter/vocalist Simon and drummer Emily). The CD features 5 TLOT classics, slightly re-arranged and recorded anew.

"Get Thothed Vol. 1" comes in cardboard sleeves with insert and with a slipcase to house this and the future 2 EPs, which will feature some previously unreleased songs (planned for November 2015 and April 2016 respectively), as well as the booklet with all lyrics (to be out with "Vol. III").

A teaser trailer can be heard in the player below, and the first EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Skull Fuel
2. Wings of Doom
3. You Will Obey
4. The Lamp of Thoth
5. Sing as You Slay More...

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Arkham Witch Releasing "Demos From The Deep"

The 3rd full-length album from the British Lovecraftian metal band Arkham Witch was supposed to be released this Fall, but unfortunately the band encountered a few setbacks during the recording, so the release has been postponed to 2015.

Meanwhile, Metal on Metal Records will release "Demos From The Deep" - the band's re-mastered first demo from 2009 along with two bonus tracks - on November 14th. Three songs can be heard below, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Arkham Witch
2. Let England Prevail
3. Suicide 75
4. The Kraken
5. Legions of the Deep
6. Hyades
7. The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune [bonus track]
8. For Metal [bonus track] More...

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Arkham Witch Reveals New Album Details

England's own traditional metal brigands Arkham Witch are returning with their 2nd album "Legions of the Deep," which will be released on November 9th through Metal on Metal Records. The label comments:

"Those who know the previous works of the band know their personal take on NWOBHM, traditional heavy and doom metal. Lyrically the album features the familiar weird pulp fiction obsessions, Lovecraftian monsters, Howardian heroes, underground occultism, killer cyborgs and zombie cowboys, and musically it strides the frequencies between bands like Deep Switch, Hell, Witchfinder General, Judas Priest, Pentagram, Sanit Vitus, Manilla Road, Cirith ungol, and of course The Lamp of Thoth, the former band of Arkham Witch vocalist Simon and drummer Emily."

A teaser for the "Legions of the Deep" album (featuring a fragment of the title track) can be view below. The title song features additional vocals by Leo Stivala of Maltese doom metal veterans Forsaken. A short clip documenting this recording session that took place on June 23rd in the studio of Chris Grech (Nomad Son) in Mellieha, Malta, has also been posted by the label on YouTube.

The album's track lisingt is: More...

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Arkham Witch Sign With Metal On Metal Records

U.K. traditional/doom metal act Arkham Witch signed on with Italy's Metal On Metal Records. The band is currently working on its sophomore LP entitled "Legions of the Deep," which is scheduled for an October 2012 release date. The band's debut "On Crom's Mountain," was released last August through Barbarian Wrath Records.

Arkham Witch features Emily Ningauble (Drums) and Simon Iff? (Vocals) from the doom metal band The Lamp Of Thoth.

Metal on Metal had the following comments on the signing: "We met and saw Arkham Witch live when we went to the Doomsday festival in Wakefield, UK in February 2011. They instantly captured us with their incredibly catchy songs and the show that was pure mighty fun! We got their 2009 demo and later on their first album, which was a stellar piece of doomy heavy metal, so when they contacted us after their previous label closed, we eagerly offered them a deal."

For a taste of Arkham Witch, check out the player here:

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