"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Madder Mortem

Formed: 1993
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Madder Mortem Streams Full New Album

Today marks the long-awaited release of "Red In Tooth And Claw," the sixth full-length studio offering from Norwegian avant metal collective, Madder Mortem. Alongside its official unveiling, you can now hear the full release below. Elaborates Madder Mortem vocalist Agnete M. Kirkevaag of the album:

"We've been away for seven years. It's been a long wait, both for you and us, but we're back, and back with a vengeance. Like always before, we've made an album that represents absolutely nothing except exactly the music we want to make.

"We want to make music that is different. We want to make music that assumes that the listener is too smart to accept stale, second-hand ideas hidden in non-threatening commercialist packaging and production. We want to make music that demands your attention, that you must invest in to understand, but that will keep giving you something fresh on the tenth and the hundredth listen. We want to make music that is true and real and living, that freaks you out or thrills you, that you love or hate, but that will never leave you indifferent.

"That's what 'Red In Tooth And Claw' is about to us, and what we hope it will be about to you as well. Pay your dues to howl with the underdogs!" More...

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Madder Mortem Posts "Fallow Season" Video

"Red In Tooth And Claw" is the sixth full-length studio offering from Norwegian avant-garde metal collective, Madder Mortem.

Set for release next week via Dark Essence Records, the band's first album in seven long years was captured by guitarist BP M. Kirkevaag, mastered by Peter In de Betou. and comes shrouded in the artwork of Christian Ruud (Tristania, Frantic Bleep).

As a precursor to its release, today a visual accompaniment to the "Fallow Season" single can be seen below. Vocalist Agnete M. Kirkevaag elaborates:

"'Fallow Season' was recorded at an abandoned sawmill in our home town. This mill was once a large plant, the pride of the small local community, but was decommissioned in 1996.

"In the twenty-years that have passed, nature has started to reclaim the plant, and its buildings have been left to decay. The lyrics of 'Fallow Season' deal with how greed and religion, as driving forces behind humanity's self-destructive behavior, are speeding our progress towards an apocalypse.

"The song suggests that perhaps this is what is needed: a cataclysm that will reduce our current civilization to rubble, and let nature reclaim some territory. Perhaps what we need is such a fallow season to rethink our priorities." More...

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Madder Mortem Streaming "Blood On The Sand"

With under a month to go before Madder Mortem's “Red In Tooth And Claw” hits the streets, Dark Essence Records has debuted the opening track “Blood on the Sand.”

“Red In Tooth And Claw” is the sixth full-length album from Madder Mortem, a band who has broken away from established genre boundaries to develop an experimental progressive sound, epitomized by Agnete M. Kirkevaag’s extensive vocal range that can express itself in the most tender of whispers or the harshest of screams.

The ten-track album will first be released on CD and digital formats this coming 28th of October, to be followed by the vinyl edition on the 9th December. With artwork by Christian Ruud, track listing for “Red In Tooth and Claw” is as follows:

1. Blood on the sand
2. If I could
3. Fallow season
4. Pitfalls
5. All the giants are dead
6. Returning to the end of the world
7. Parasites
8. Stones for eyes
9. The whole where your heart belongs
10. Underdogs More...

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Andy Winter Releases New Album

Andy Winter is behind several noteworthy releases in the more progressive and avant-garde spectrum of the Norwegian post-black metal scene, and now he has released his own new album "Incomprehensible."

The album was produced by Andy Winter himself, mixed by Shaun Thingvold, mastered by Maor Appelbaum, and features artwork by Travis Smith. Samples from all the tracks on the album are now available for streaming via Amazon here.

The track listing is as follows (guest musician appearances listed in parentheses):

1. Reversed Psychological Patterns (Agnete M. Kirkevaag of Madder Mortem)
2. My Illusions Are My Own (John Haughm of Agalloch)
3. Perfection Is The Blank Page (Kjetil Nordhus of Tristania, Trail of Tears & Green Carnation)
4. Somewhere Else To Disappear (Dan Swanö of Nightingale & Bloodbath)
5. Through The Eyes Of A Surrealist (Lars A. Nedland of Borknagar, Solefald & Age of Silence)
6. Far Beyond Autopilot (Heidi S. Tveitan of Star of Ash & Peccatum)
7. The Transversal Conjecture (Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom & Subterranean Masquerade)
8. Back To Square Two (Lars E. Si of Winds, Before the Dawn & Sensa Anima) More...

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Madder Mortem Reveals New EP Details

Norway’s avant-garde metal band, Madder Mortem, will be releasing a new EP, "Where Dream and Day Collide," due out this May on Peaceville Records. The EP contains three brand new songs along with the single and album versions of the title track, taken from the sublime 2009 release, "Eight Ways."

The tracklisting for ‘Where Dream and Day Collide’ is as follows:

1. Where Dream and Day Collide (single edit version)
2. Jitterheart
3. The Purest Strain
4. Quietude
5. Where Dream and Day Collide (album version)

Artwork appears courtesy of Christian Ruud, who, along with Kim Holm and the people at Toxic, are also responsible for the breathtaking visuals on the suitably mysterious ‘Where Dream and Day Collide’ music video, which will be included on the disc and can be seen here.

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Madder Mortem Re-Releases Album w/ Bonus Songs

Madder Mortem's highly acclaimed third album, "Deadlands," is to be re-released on November 9th. The package includes new liner notes documenting the album history, and two newly recorded and reworked bonus tracks, "The Exile" and "Deadlands Revisited," completed especially for this release.

Here's the tracklisting for the reissued "Deadlands" album:

1. Enter
2. Necropol Lit
3. Omnivore
4. Rust Cleansing
5. Faceless
6. Distance Will Save Us
7. Silverspine
8. Jigsaw (the pattern & the puzzle)
9. Deadlands
Bonus tracks
11. The Exile
12. Deadlands Revisited

You can order the album online here.

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Video Interview With Madder Mortem Posted Online

A new video interview conducted with Madder Mortem's Agenete Kirkevaag by the Imhotep webzine has been posted online. The video can be viewed below. More...

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Madder Mortem Posts "Armour" Music Video Online

Madder Mortem has posted a new music video online for the song "Armour," which comes from their latest album "Eight Ways." The video can be viewed below. "Eight Ways" is currently available in Europe and is set to be released via Peaceville Records on June 16th in North America. More...

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Madder Mortem Records Music Video For "Armour"

Madder Mortem has issued the following update about recording footage for an upcoming music video:

"The band footage for the first video for "Eight Ways" was recorded Sunday 12th April in Oslo. The video will be for the song "Armour", and will be a combination of band footage and 2D animation (direction by Arnfinn Moseng and art direction by Negar Bagheri). Keep an eye out for further updates - this'll be something very unusual and beautiful, and very much Madder Mortem!"

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Madder Mortem Announces Album Release Date

Norwegian progressive metal band Madder Mortem has just announced that their new album (which might be titled "The Eight Ways," though it's not totally certain) will be released on May 11th.

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Madder Mortem Unveils New Album Details

Madder Mortem has issued the following update about their upcoming studio album:

"The Eight Ways are opened. Our new album is ready to be released this spring on Peaceville Records. Wait and see - the waves will break for you!"


1. Formaldehyde
2. The Little Things
3. Armour
4. Resolution
5. A Different Kind Of Hell
6. Riddle Wants To Be
7. Where Dream And Day Collide
8. The Flesh, The Blood And The Man
9. Get That Monster Out Of Here
10. Life, Lust & Liberty
11. All I Know
12. The Eighth Wave

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X-Mass Fest Cancelled

Metallysee.com has announced today that the X-Mass Festivals 2006 are hereby cancelled! This year's X-Mass Festivals European tour, which was scheduled to include appearances by Gorefest, Belphegor, SkyForger, Madder Mortem, Darzamat and Prostitute Disfigurement, has been cancelled. The festival had to bear with a lot of band cancellations and line up changes.

The trek was originally slated to kick off December 8 in Berlin, Germany and run through December 19 in Paris, France.

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Winds Announce Guest Musicians On New CD

WINDS have announced the names of several musicians that will make guest appearances on their upcoming album. Those appearing are:

Agnete M. Kirkevaag (Madder Mortem, Frantic Bleep)
Lars A. Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald)
Øystein Moe (Ulver, Tritonus)

Andy Winter, piano player and main songwriter, comments: “These guys were selected by the four of us based on our deep admiration for their talents, and we are both honored and grateful that they chose (and found in time in their busy schedules) to participate in enhancing our new record with their presence.” WINDS is currently working on completing the remaining recording sessions for their fourth record, the follow-up to the well-received 2004 offering The Imaginary Direction Of Time. The upcoming album will be mixed and completed during late summer or early fall of 2006. The album will be released on THE END RECORDS sometime before the end of the year.

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Madder Mortem To Headilne Hamar Metal Festival

Norway's MADDER MORTEM have posted the following update:

"We'll be headlining the second day of the upcoming "Hamar Metal Festival" at Hydranten! The festival lasts for two days, 25.02 - 26.02. Tickets costs 250,- NOK per day, or 400,- NOK for both days.

The bands playing will be: Borgarholt, Pestiferous, Susperia, Khold the first day, and Mute, Dread, Cynicon, Fortress of Grief and us. For more info, visit the Hamar Ungdom website.

This will be a great event for all Heavy Heads of Hedmark (or other places), so grab your good mood and be there!!!"

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Arcturus, Mantas Confirmed For Inferno Fest

Arcturus and Mantas are the first two bands officially confirmed for next year's Infermo Festival, which will be happening on March 24-25 at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo, Norway.

The next two bands will be announced on December 24. Also, a kick- off party is to be held on January 27th at the Underworld in London. Bands performing live will be Arcturus, Enslaved, Red Harvest, Madder Mortem and Grimfist.

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Full Inferno Metal Fest Lineup Announced In Jan.

The organizers of Norway's Inferno Metal Festival 2005 will begin selling tickets for next year's event on Monday, November 1. Advance tickets will be sold at the symbolic price of 666 NOK.

The first bands confirmed to play the festival will be revealed on December 1 and December 24. The complete lineup will be announced at the kick-off event at the Underworld in London on January 27. Groups scheduled to perform at the kick-off event include Arcturus, Enslaved, Red Harvest, Grimfist and Madder Mortem. A Norwegian kick-off party will take place two days later (Jan. 29) at John Dee in Oslo. The lineup of groups performing at the Norwegian kick-off event will be announced in December.

Inferno Metal Festival 2005 will take place on March 24-25 at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues in Oslo. A total of 30 bands will be performing at the festival.

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First Inferno Metal Fest Confirmations Announced

Arcturus, Enslaved, Red Harvest, Grimfist and Madder Mortem are the first confirmed bands for the U.K. edition of the Inferno Metal Festival, set to be held on Thursday, January 27, 2005 at The Underworld in Camden.

Commented the festival's organizers, "Inferno Metal Festival's arrangers realize that the international interest has increased with staggering speed and as a result of this we have decided to do an Inferno event in London.

"Since this is an Inferno event, we’ll announce the full festival line-up for 2005 exclusively to the U.K. audience. In Norway this will happen two days later.

"During the day we will in cooperation with Bylarm (Norway's equivalent to 'In the City'), have a press/partner gathering with press-conference, get-together, lots of freebies and more. And of course an eventful musical evening.

"The plan is to make this an annual event, and maybe expand to 2-3 consecutive days, or even different cities."

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Madder Mortem Finish Mixing New Album

Norway's Madder Mortem have finished mixing their new album at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden and at Space Valley Studios. "Right now we're mastering at Strype Audio in Oslo," the band write on their web site. "It's been a long process, but the result will definitely be worth it! The release date has not yet been set, but we promise to tell you all as soon as we know." 12 songs were reportedly recorded for the CD, which is being described as "pretty creepy and dark," with "more experimental and crazy ideas" than its predecessor. Songtitles set to appear on the album include "My Name Is Silence", "Evasions", "Plague On This Land", "M For Malice", "Changeling", "Hypnos" and "Hangman". A late 2004/early 2005 release is expected. Read the studio diary at this location.

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Madder Mortem Finish Recording New Album

Norway's MADDER MORTEM have finished recording their new album at Space Valley Studios and are scheduled to mix the effort in late August at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. 12 songs were reportedly recorded for the CD, which is being described as "pretty creepy and dark," with "more experimental and crazy ideas" than its predecessor. Songtitles set to appear on the album include "My Name Is Silence", "Evasions", "Plague On This Land", "M For Malice", "Changeling", "Hypnos" and "Hangman". A late 2004/early 2005 release through Century Media Records is expected.

MADDER MORTEM's next live appearance will take place on August 7 in Kongsvinger. Also set to perform are SHOWDOWN, ZEENON, WYRUZ, INSENSE and LEFT AMONG THE LIVING.

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