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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Otyg To Be Resurrected And Release New Album

Last month in a look at lesser-known side projects from heavy metal musicians we covered Otyg, a folk metal outfit from Vintersorg (Borknagar, Vintersorg) that last released an album at the tail end of the '90s.

During a recent interview we conducted with Vintersorg in regards to his upcoming new album "Orkan," he revealed that Otyg is now finally being resurrected and the band is in the process of recording a third album and follow-up to the 1999 release "Sagovindars Boning." Vintersorg had this to say during the interview:

Yeah, actually we decided to raise that old troll again. It’s been like 12 or 13 years since we put that band to sleep. We always thought the band wouldn’t be vanished from the face of the earth, we always had this kind of open door to it. For the last 10 years I’ve felt like I didn’t have the inspiration to write that kind of music, because I wrote all the music for that band as well. Lately me and Mattias, he’s also in that band, we started to discuss it and he was really keen on doing a third album.

We actually wrote a third album and did some pre-production on it but we never made it anything more than that. So for him he felt it would be nice to complete the saga. We’re actually recording the third album now, and I don’t know if we’ll be doing anymore, but it feels nice to get this one out. It’s a little bit in a new direction, but still very much sounds like Otyg. It’s interesting for us because we haven’t been touching that ground for so many years.

The full interview will be going online tomorrow. Vintersorg's new album "Orkan" is due out on June 29th, 2012 (EU) and July 10th, 2012 (North America) through Napalm Records.

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Unearthing The Unknown Side Project Underground

Every Monday we take a break from the news to highlight three lesser known bands that deserve a moment in the spotlight and can help expand your metal horizons.

Last year we showcased three side projects from black metal icon Ihsahn, but there are plenty of musicians from throughout metaldom who have a host of additional projects outside their most well-known bands. This week we’ll take a look at bands covering a range of sounds from the members of Borknagar, Katatonia, and Samael that all show a different side than what fans may be expecting from their favorite musicians.


While many may be aware that Vintersorg from Borknagar has had his own self-titled, folk leaning and clean singing focused project for years, it’s not as well known that he was also involved in a folk metal project called Otyg prior to his solo releases.

Otyg had a very ‘90s, proto-metal feel as the musicians were starting to explore the boundaries of the genre, and is a must hear if you want to explore the roots of folk metal or are into the early works of bands like Amorphis or Borknagar. The band released two full-length albums titled “Älvefärd” and “Sagovindars Boning” before going on hold indefinitely. The music is a little on the lo-fi side and not quite as bombastic or epic as the intricately arranged folk and orchestra stuff that has come out of metal in the interim, but just listen to that atmosphere!


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