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Damnation Angels

Formed: 2006
From: Doncaster, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Threshold Discusses Support Bands For Tour

British metal band Threshold's latest live album "European Journey" was recorded during the November 2014 "For The Journey" tour and consists of 15 live tracks.

The band is continuing on that journey and is currently on the road in Europe with Spheric Universe Experience and Damnation Angels.

Nucleaer Blast caught up with Richard West to ask him how Threshold heard about the support bands and what it's like to share the road with these bands in tow. Find out what he had to say below.

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Damnation Angels Parts Ways With Vocalist

U.K. based symphonic metal act Damnation Angels has split with Norweigan vocalist Per Fredrik PellK. The decision was mutual and in the works for some time now. The band recently issued the new album "The Valiant Fire" in Europe back in March and will issue it in North America on June 23rd via Massacre Records.

The band posted the following on its Facebook page: "We're sorry to say that after 5 years together, we're parting ways with PelleK. It's a mutual decision that has been on the horizon for quite some time. Per Fredrik has a lot going on in his life and simply can't commit the amount of time that we require from him. As things with the band get busier and busier, we need someone who can commit a serious amount of time to the band, and Per Fredrik simply can't fulfill this duty. We remain friends out of the band and wish him all the best for the future.

"So we plan on doing the Iron Maiden 2 album singer trick...it's time to find our Bruce Dickinson! The search for our new singer begins now, we're searching worldwide with no limits. Anyone from anywhere can apply. Simply click this link to download an instrumental version of one of our tracks and send us a link to you singing it on YouTube."

PelleK commented: "Hey guys. After 5 incredible years of touring and recording with Damnation Angels, I have decided to let someone else take my position as lead singer of the band. The reason is simple. As many of you know I've been very busy lately playing the lead role in an international cinema movie, singing for several video game companies and TV productions, playing concerts abroad, writing albums, making YouTube videos etc, and in addition to this there are many TV and movie related things coming up that I can't announce yet that will require a lot of my time.

"My former band members Will and John Graney have been like a second family to me, and I've learnt so much from them, so I wanna say thanks to those two. To all the Damnation Angels fans I've met on the countless U.K tours, the Europe-tour and in the U.S.A: Performing for you have been totally amazing. I'll never forget!"

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Damnation Angels Drops Off Ridgefest

Damnation Angels will not be appearing at the upcoming Ridgefest 2015, with the band issuing this statement:

"We're sorry to say that we've had to pull out of next weekends Ridgefest. It was a tough decision but many elements forced us to pull out. Mainly due to the contract for the show not being signed along with a serious lack of promotion and doubts of whether the festival would actually even go ahead.

"Our doubts started when the Facebook page promoting the festival became completely silent early March but we hung on and pressed for the contract to be signed until it was too late to make plans for travel and rehearsal. Both us and our management thought pulling out was the best course of action. We apologize to any of our fans who were attending, we were really looking forward to the show!!"

The organizers of Ridgefest also recently posted this message online about the status of the festival:

"Righto folks, here is the story. Lots and lots has gone wrong with this the very 1st Ridgefest, over ambitious maybe, naive certainly, inexperienced ooh yes, finished ooh no. More...

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Damnation Angels Releases New Lyric Video

U.K. based symphonic metal act Damnation Angels released a lyric video for the new track "This is Who We Are" from the upcoming new album "The Valiant Fire." The album is set for release on March 27th via Massacre Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Finding Requiem song streaming here)
2. Icarus Syndrome
3. This is Who We Are
4. The Frontiersman
5. Closure
6. The Passing
7. Everlasting
8. The Fire Inside
9. Under an Ancient Sun

Check out "This is Who We Are" here: More...

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Damnation Angels Streaming New Track

U.K. symphonic metal act Damnation Angels - featuring Quantice vocalist Per Fredrik Åsly a/k/a PelleK, is streaming the new track "Finding Requiem." The song is taken from the upcoming sophomore release "The Valiant Fire," which is expected for release on March 27th via Massacre Records.

The track list for the album is:

1. Finding Requiem
2. Icarus Syndrome
3. This Is Who We Are
4. The Frontiersman
5. Closure
6. The Passing
7. Everlasting
8. The Fire Inside
9. Under an Ancient Sun More...

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Damnation Angels Reveals Album Release Date

After pushing the release to October of 2014 and then again to February of 2015, Damnation Angels has now announced another delay in the release of "The Valiant Fire," which is now scheduled for March 27th. The band comments:

"I'm afraid we have some bad news regarding The Valiant Fire. Due to things completely out of our control the album is now coming out March 27th. We are really sorry about this, it's not an error on our part. We are probably just as annoyed as you are as we can't wait to release it and have been promoting the February release date for a while now.

"To compensate you all for this we will now be releasing two songs prior to the release and one of those tracks will come next week!! Also as soon as we release that new song you'll be able to pre order copies of the album and get yourselves new merchandise!" More...

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Damnation Angels Comments On Album Delay

Damnation Angels has checked in with the following update about delays in the release of a new album:

"Hello everyone, we understand The Valiant Fire was due to be released soon however due to it being an incredibly massive job, one that we didn't really anticipate, and also a few things that were out of our hands we've had to push it back a bit.

"The album is in fact complete now and ready to go so hopefully we'll have a release date for you within the next few weeks. We promise it's worth the wait and hopefully we'll have it out early 2015! Thanks everyone for your patience and amazing support.

"The Valiant Fire is coming...just a little slower than expected!!"

Forthcoming album "The Valiant Fire" will follow previous debut release "Bringer Of Light" (reviewed here), which dropped as a limited release in 2012 and then saw official worldwide release in early 2013.

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Damnation Angels Pushes Back Album Release

Damnation Angels has checked in with the following update about releasing a forthcoming album:

"Mixing of The Valiant Fire is underway but due to the album being such an epic job and us wanting it to be perfect (meaning not rushing the last part of it after all the effort so far) we're pushing the release back to October.

"However trust us when we say it will be worth the wait as we are firm believers that rushing albums, ruins albums. We'll have a concrete date very soon so stay posted."

Forthcoming album "The Valiant Fire" will follow previous debut release "Bringer Of Light" (reviewed here), which dropped as a limited release in 2012 and then saw official worldwide release in early 2013.

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Damnation Angels Splits With Bassist

Damnation Angels - which was nominated as one of our best metal newcomers of 2013 - has checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bass player:

"I'm afraid we've had to part ways with Bassist Stephen Averill and we feel we should be honest about why so there's no confusion.

"It isn't to do with personal differences or a difference of opinion, Stephen just didn't come through when we needed him to, let us down and left us in a position where we had no choice but to fire him and look for someone else. Because of this we were forced to postpone the bass recording and in the end I had to do it.

"We're really disappointed with how this ended after all we'd done together and the great times. Of course we wish him luck with future endeavors.

"So our search for a new bassist begins, we want someone who is serious and completely dedicated to music with tons of experience, road tested and has great gear. We want someone in it for the long run, someone who's purpose in life is to be a successful

"Get emailing people if you think you're the Bringer Of Bass: damnation__angels@hotmail.com." More...

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Best Metal Newcomers Of 2013 Explored: Part 5

For our 2013 year-end awards we included a category for best “newcomers” – those bands that released debut albums well worth hearing.

To help get you acquainted with the best new talent releasing albums you may have missed, we’ll be looking at each of the bands nominated for the “best newcomer” category by our staff. Today, senior reviewer Progressivity_In_All looks at:

Damnation Angels

With one of the coolest names of the incoming class of 2013 bands, Damnation Angels strikes hot at the anvil of heavy metal to forge their sound out of equal parts power and symphonic metal. Hailing from Doncaster, England, a tag-team of brothers handle the drums and guitar: Will and John Graney, Stephen Averill handles bass guitar, and Per Fredrik 'PelleK' Åsly contributes impassioned clean vocals with a powerful voice that can pace about anywhere within a four-octave range with no problem.

The debut album, "Bringer of Light" (reviewed here), landed the band a prestigious opening spot on the main stage of 2013's ProgPower USA festival, where a stateside audience greeted Damnation Angels' debut in the country.

The sound of Damnation Angels is one steeped in tradition, and a damn fine iteration of it at that. When not involved with Damnation Angels, lead vocalist PelleK has his own self-titled project that he writes for, releasing a bombastic Christmas album just before this last Christmas (on the cover art, Santa Claus is riding a giant fire-breathing dragon). Fast on track to become the next Timo Kotipelto, young PelleK is leading Damnation Angels into the future with style into what will be their next record, "The Valiant Fire," which was announced to the ProgPower USA crowd during the exclusive performance of "Finding Requiem" from the album.

If you want to see more of the best new talent 2013 had to offer, be sure to check out the previous entries:

Part 1 - covering Witherscape, Gloryhammer, and Cnoc An Tursa
Part 2 - covering Vista Chino, The Resistance, Raven Lord, Skan, and Lord Dying
Part 3 - covering Avatarium, Gloryhammer, Bane of Winterstorm, Artlantica, and Heavatar
Part 4 - covering Gloomball, Damnations Day, Vista Chino, and Beezelfuzz

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Damnation Angels Parts Ways With Keyboardist

U.K. based symphonic metal act Damnation Angels parted ways with keyboardist Daniel Saunders. The band is set to embark on the first European Tour this coming November and guitarist Will Graney is set to play the keyboards as well live, if the band is unable to find a replacement.

In a statement on the band's Facebook page, Graney stated: "Hello everyone, a personal statement here from Will! I'd just like to announce that we are parting ways with Keyboardist Daniel Saunders. Things just didn't work out and that's the nature of this business I'm afraid. As we always say, good luck in the future. This will not effect anything upcoming so don't worry about the tour or the album! It's all still going ahead.

"People seem to come and go a lot in this industry but the key is Me, John, PelleK and Stephen are as a band and friends stronger than ever. We will consider a keyboardist to join this family but it has to be the right person this time. So we will take our time and 'I hope' we will find that person. Feel free to send us a message if you're interested to damnation_angels@hotmail.com.

"Until then or maybe indefinitely, I will be taking care of keyboards live as well as guitars and like I said this doesn't effect anything SO SEE YOU ON THE ROAD IN NOVEMBER, WHEN EUROPE DESCENDS INTO DARKNESS...."

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Damnation Angels Announces European Tour

U.K. based symphonic metal act Damnation Angels announced that they will embark on the band's first ever tour of Europe with Andromeda and Until Rain. The tour kicks off on November 15th in Copenhagen. The band is also working on the new album "The Valiant Fire," which is tentatively set for an April 2014 release. One new track was debuted at the band's recent performance at ProgPower USA in Atlanta back on September 6th.

Confirmed dates thus far (more to be added) are:

15 – Copenhagen, Denmark – High Voltage
16 – Esbjerg, Denmark – Konfus
19 – London, UK – The Underworld Camden
20 – Uden, Netherlands – De Pul
24 – Paris, France – Le Divan Du Monde
26 – Barcelona, Spain – Razzamatazz3
27 – Nice, France – Altherax
28 – Milano, Italy – Bloom
29 – Wien, Austria – Replugged

1 – Prague, Czech Republic – Nova Chmelnice More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: A Friday To Remember

Internationally respected, domestically loved, and locally interesting (“Look at all these black-shirted people walking into this Einstein Bagel Co!”), the ProgPower USA festival returned to its frequent home at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for its fourteenth year of bringing quality metal to the stateside masses.

Through the hallowed gates (err… glass and metal doors) of the venue, almost anything was possible on the days of September 5-7. To some, it was an ocean of opportunity or a place to be reborn in metal. To others, a place to spend endless nights with the masters of the world themselves. To most of the 1,000+ attendees, it was where they went to reach within, feel alive, and leave with a sense of pride -- nobody was wondering “Why am I here?,” even if it was only the 1st chapter of their ProgPower story. (For this writer, the festival was also a chance to write 9 song/album titles from the bands that would be performing at the show into this second paragraph about the show. Because it sounded really cool.)

As previously detailed, the festival brought 5 bands to the states for the first time and 16 in total throughout the three days, with an extra 2 added to that in a separate Wednesday show. When I had arrived on Friday, the ProgPower elite who had come both days prior to it were feeling quite at ease and even had a sort of comfortable glow about them. I later learned that this was due in part to warm hangovers, but mostly due the awesomeness of the concerts on the days leading up to Friday, which were written about in part by Metal Underground admin CROMCarl. This, however, is the record of my time at this year's crazy heavy wonderland. More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: At A Glance

In its 14th year for 2013, the ProgPower USA Festival is one of the longest-running US festivals, and the longest-running US multi-day festival to feature bands from outside the US.

This year, it has the special distinction of being the US debut show for five bands. Totaling more than a hundred and twenty band performances in its time, it has developed a reputation as a tastemakers’ festival, heightening awareness within the US of foreign bands.

It can be a daunting festival, price- and endurance-wise, but it’s one that should be considered if the genres it derives its name from at all turn your head. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s celebration of the fast and the nerdy down at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, starting on September 4th. More...

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Damnation Angels To Enter Studio In October

U.K.'s Damnation Angels, featuring Norwegian vocalist Per Fredrik Åsly (a/k/a PelleK), has announced that the band will enter the studio in October to record its sophomore LP "The Valiant Fire." The album is targeted for an April 2014 release month via Massacre Records.

The band issued its debut "Bringer of Light" in 2012, with release in North America via Massacre just this year. On September 6th, the band will make it's United States live debut at ProgPower USA when they kick off the main festival as its first band at 2:00pm.

Further information on the new album is expected soon. More...

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ReinXeed Cancels ProgPower USA Performance

Swedish metal act ReinXeed has cancelled its first U.S. performance, which was scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta, GA. Festival promoter Glenn Harveston announced that Chicago progressive metal act Divinity Compromised will fill the 2-3pm opening spot for that day.

The band provided the following explanation: "We are very sorry to announce our cancellation of ProgPower USA and all other shows and festivals in 2013. Due to personal private reasons Tommy ReinXeed will not do any more live shows after the "Rock out Wild" festival and for the rest of the year.

"We are all very sorry about this but respect his decision and are looking forward to the upcoming release of the album 'A New World' and new strength and motivation to tour in the future."

The revised lineup for ProgPower USA is as follows:

Thursday, September 5, 2013 (Kickoff Show):

In The Silence - 6:00 to 6:45
Circle II Circle - 7:15 to 8:45
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - 9:30 to 11:45 More...

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Damnation Angels Signs With Massacre Records

Massacre Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with Damnation Angels:

"We're happy to announce the signing of the British symphonic metal band Damnation Angels! The band was formed in late 2006 and has gained a reputation for huge drum beats, monstrous riffing, powerful and expertly performed vocals - all blended with the massive power of the orchestra.

"Their 'Shadow Symphony' EP was released in 2009 and got rave reviews. They've perfected their live performance while playing many shows in the UK, sharing the stage with bands such as Sabaton.

"The band is going to make their debut appearance in the USA at ProgPower USA this fall! The dates below for 2013 are already confirmed." More...

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Damnation Angels Streaming New Track

U.K. based symphonic metal band Damnation Angels is streaming the new song "Someone Else." The song appears on the band's debut full length LP "Bringer of Light," originally issued in Japan through Radtone Music in March of this year. The album will now receive worldwide distribution through Massacre Records on February 22, 2013.

Damnation Angels features vocalist Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly ("Pellek"), who also released a record with PelleK this year entitled "Bag of Tricks." Damnation Angels will open the first day of the ProgPower USA festival on Friday, September 6, 2013, making its U.S. debut live performance.

The track listing for "Bringer of Light" is as follows:

1. Ad Finem
2. The Longest Day of My Life
3. Reborn
4. I Hope
5. Acerbus Inceptum (Pt. I)
6. Someone Else (Pt. II)
7. Bringer of Light (Pt. III)
8. Shadow Symphony (Pt. IV)
9. No Leaf Clover (Metallica cover)
10. Pride (The Warrior’s Way)

Check out "Someone Else" here: More...

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ProgPower USA Reveals 2013 Festival Lineup

Just following Epica's performance on the first day of ProgPower USA XIII, festival promoter Glenn Harveston revealed the lineup for ProgPower XIV, held annually at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. For 2013, Saturday's event will be held on Friday, September 6-7, 2013 and will have one less band, but Saturday there will be a triple co-headliner. The roster was revealed as the following:

Friday, Sept. 6, 2012:

Damnation Angels
Ashes of Ares
Soilwork (co-headliner)
Shadow Gallery (co-headliner)

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2012:

Heaven's Cry
Circus Maximus (co-headliner)
Armored Saint (co-headliner)
Sabaton (co-headliner) More...

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Damnation Angels Posts Studio Diary

U.K. symphonic metal band Damnation Angels has posted a studio diary for the debut full length release "Bringer of Light." The album was released early 2012 in Japan only, as the band is still negotiating a record deal for release in Europe and North America for a late summer release. Damnation Angels features vocalist Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly, vocalist for Pellek.

Check out the studio diary for "Bringer of Light" here:

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