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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Erupted News

Below is our complete Erupted news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Abyss Records Releases Free Compilation

Axis Of Metal and Abyss Records have teamed again to release a sampler - this twenty-five track compilation is a window into the audio madness that is Abyss Records. You can hear the songs below or over at Bandcamp here. Axis of Metal also comments:

"Throughout the course of this twenty-five track compilation you will make your way through a war-zone of extreme metal of the highest pedigree. This journey will consist of the many different incarnations of extreme metal ranging from black metal, thrash metal, death’n’roll, death metal among the many other varieties the fine folks at Abyss boast."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Astrophobos - Soul Distruptor 04:45
2. Dead Awaken - Carnivore 03:12
3. Septekh - Burn It To The Ground 03:09
4. Angrepp - Five Horned Formatiojn 03:43
5. Christ Beheaded - The Cleansing Ritual 02:46
6. Bane - World Of Desolation 03:24
7. Corrosive Carcass - Butchershop 03:48
8. Daemonicus - Inhabited 05:03
9. Desultor - Another World 03:37
10. Diseim - Insanity 04:19
11. Entrench - As Dawn Breaks 04:51
12. Erupted - In The Grip Of Chaos 04:29
13. Eternal Helcaraxe - Echoes Through Our Blood 06:18
14. Fetus Stench - Stillborn Son 03:35
15. Fester - The Black Tower 06:32
16. Humangled - Skinned, To Feel All 03:55
17. Hat - Tilintetgjørelsen 06:10
18. Maax - Fight With Fire 03:12
19. Hyperborean - The Last Stand of Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae 09:56
20. Noctis Imperium - Descensus Ad Inferos 04:28
21. Radiation Sickness - Tripping In The Seas Of Madness 03:57
22. Rocking Corpses - Necropolis 04:04
23. Southwicked - Green River Killing Fields 05:14
24. The Gardnerz - Don't Look Back 07:24
25. The Gates Of Slumber - The Judge 06:02 More...

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Erupted Streaming New Track

"In the Grip of Chaos," the debut full-length from Swedish upstarts Erupted, is out now on Abyss Records. The album was recorded at Kloster Productions by Robin 'Rojne' Svensson, who worked with the band on its sold-out 2010 "Faces of Death" EP. To capture the true essence of the old-school Swedish death metal recordings that influenced their sound, Erupted recorded the bass and drum tracks live on analog tape. Check it out for yourself with the Axis Of Metal debut of the song "Salvation from Below" streaming now at this location, or below in the player.


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Erupted Streaming New Song

Up and coming Swedish death dealers Erupted are wrapping up work on their forthcoming debut full-length for Abyss Records. Titled "In the Grip of Chaos," the album is slated for release later this year. The track "That Which Is Denied Gains Power," one of eight new songs on the release, is streaming below. The band commented:

During the last months of 2011 until April of 2012 we have been doing recordings for our upcoming album. We haven't had a lot of time to play live, socialize, or even drink beer. But now, more than half a year after it was started, our album is on the finishing stretch and we can proudly present one of the tracks.

This album is going to consist of both new and old tracks, some of which our longtime listeners might remember from live shows or earlier recordings. We are currently looking for shows for our summer and hopefully we will be out showcasing our new material a lot, so keep an eye out for live videos and recordings to get sneak previews of more songs!

The whole studio experience has been special because both bass and drums were recorded on an analog tape recorder, which meant a lot of retakes, but we hope that some of the 'live' feeling got recorded on there as well. Besides that the recording experience has been good. All the mixing and mastering was done at Kloster Productions by Robin 'Rojne' Svensson, the same guy that mixed Faces of Death

Below is the tracklisting and cover art for "In the Grip of Chaos," which includes two songs from the 2010 release "Faces of Death" (denoted by asterix). The new track, "That Which is Denied Gains Power," follows.

Salvation From Below
In the Grip of Chaos
Dark Mistress
Path of Perdition
Death of A Depraved Mind
Blazing Fall of Heaven
That Which Is Denied Gains Power
Born of Hate
Hell Recreated*
Faces of Death*


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Erupted Issues New Album Update

Swedish death metal act Erupted has issued the following statement about the band's upcoming new album:

"OK, Situation update! Mixing is nearing completion, and from what I have heard so far it's sounding brutal enough to impregnate any attractive women listening to it with the spawn of satan himself.

"We are taking bookings for the summer, and so far it seems like Småland atleast will get all the Erupted action they can handle.

"We are in the process of designing and printing merchandise for the new album, so you all better start saving up, because it is a common fact that: Erupted shirt = badass motherf#cker. (This makes the owners of Carnivore shirts vintage badasses, retro brutality)

"We will release material from the upcoming album for your listening pleasure as soon as we possibly can. But, for any of this to be of any use we need to reach more people!

"So, our suggestion is that you tell all your friends, enemies and random people you might come in contact with about us, maybe even share our page, and in return we will keep providing you with awesome death metal! Any takers?" More...

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