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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Usurpress Signs With Agonia

Doom/crust/prog-infused death metal band Usurpress has signed a deal with Agonia Records. The quartet from Uppsala, Sweden recorded 3rd album, entitled "The Regal Tribe," during the fall of 2015 under supervision of producer Lawrence Mackrory (FKÜ, Darkane). Its release date has been slated for 2016.

"The name Agonia is synonymous with integrity, originality and quality", says Usurpress frontman, Stefan Pettersson. "We felt that to be able to compete with the bands already signed to the label we had to challenge ourselves and really step up our game. We decided early on to discard the traditional way of songwriting/arranging and compose 'The Regal Tribe' one piece at the time, starting with the first riff in the first song and ending with the last riff in the last song. That way we hoped to avoid the album becoming repetitive and stale and instead more fluent and powerful. Listening back to the finished album, I’m convinced we did the right thing. This is the album we have always sought to do". More...

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Usurpress Streaming New Split Album

Stereokiller is remorselessly decimating anything with an internet connection via a full stream of the entire split release between Swedish death metal division, Usurpess, and international grindcore unit, Bent Sea.

The split is due out next week via Selfmadegod Records. Now you can hear the entire split at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Usurpress - Eternity Denies History
2. Usurpress - A Tidal Wave Of Fire
I. Empty Triumphalism
II. Carved In Filth
III. The Styx Runs Dry
3. Usurpress - City Of The Nomads
4. Bent Sea - Double Standards
5. Bent Sea - I Am Become Lust
6. Bent Sea - Fashion Victims
7. Bent Sea - At Any Cost
8. Bent Sea - Animalist
9. Bent Sea - Nature Of The Blast
10. Bent Sea - Relentless
11. Bent Sea - See-Through

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Usurpress To Release Split With Bent Sea

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the pending release of a vicious split CD between Swedish death metal division, Usurpess, and international grindcore unit, Bent Sea. The label comments:

"The Usurpress side includes three brand new songs of the pure crust-fueled Swedish death metal the band is becoming infamous for, recorded March 2013 with producer Erik Sundström. Self-dubbing their brutal brew as 'death crust,' the band disburses short, aggressive songs based around weird, dissonant death metal riffs and raw, primitive d-beats.

"Formed in Uppsala, Sweden in 2010, the musical aim of founding members Steffe Pettersson (vocals), Påhl Sundström (guitar) and Calle Andersson (drums) was, and still is, to combine the bestiality of old death metal and the undying hate of true hardcore/punk. The band was later joined by renowned death metal-expert Daniel Ekeroth (bass), and have subsequently released their In Permanent Twilight EP and following 2012 debut full-length, Trenches Of The Netherworld, both via Selfmadegod, in addition to splits with Bombs Of Hades and Pyramido. The members hail from a diverse array of musical backgrounds, but their common ground is the love and understanding for all kinds of dark and aggressive underground music.

"On an angst-driven evening in January 2011, multi-instrumentalist Dirk Verbeuren (Aborted, Scarve, Soilwork) carved grindcore act Bent Sea out of his disembowling passion for the noise that permeated the air of his teenage years. Equipped with an arsenal of enraged beats and ferocious riffage, Verbeuren created an assaulting army of tracks, enlisting his Aborted bandmate and fellow Belgian Sven De Caluwe to call the formations. Later on the band was joined by legendary Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury. More...

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Usurpress Streaming Entire Album Online

Following their "In Permanent Twilight" MCD released this Spring, the crushing debut LP from cult Swedish death metal henchmen Usurpress is out now via Selfmadegod. "Trenches Of The Netherworld" contains eleven circle-pit anthems utilizing the band's blend of death metal and d-beat/crust punk influences.

Stream "Trenches Of The Netherworld" in its entirety right now via Stereokiller.com here. The following press release was also issued about the band:

"Uppsala-based Usurpress features the steamrolling flair of four members of the Swedish punk/metal underworld including vocalist Stefan 'Steffe' Pettersson (Diskonto, Uncurbed), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Tyrant, ex-Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal book), drummer Calle Andersson and guitarist Påhl (ex-Blotseraph, ex-Shuriken). The cover art for Trenches Of The Netherworld was crafted by by Rafal Kruszyk (Interment, Hooded Menace, Deceased, Paganizer, etc.)." More...

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Usurpress Ready To Unleash Full Length Debut

Following the release of the MCD "In Permanent Twilight" via Selfmadegod this Spring (along with several split singles and EP's in 2011), the first full-length LP "Trenches of the Netherworld" from Swedish death/sludge band Usurpress will be available from Selfmadegod this July. According to the press release, "the album contains eleven soul-reaping circle-pit anthems utilizing the band's seemingly patented blend of death metal and d-beat/crust punk influences." The album's cover art (shown below) was crafted by by Rafal Kruszyk (Interment, Hooded Menace, Deceased, Paganizer, etc.).

Uppsala-based Usurpress features vocalist Stefan “Steffe” Pettersson (Diskonto, Uncurbed), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Tyrant, ex-Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal book), drummer Calle Andersson and guitarist Påhl (ex-Blotseraph, ex-Shuriken).

The track listing for "Trenches Of The Netherworld" is as follows:

1. Black Death on White Wings
2. Effigies Burns Across the Wastelands
3. Coronation of the Crippled King
4. The Wooden Sceptre
5. The Colours Of Darkness
6. Trenches of the Netherworld
7. The God Eaters
8. In the Beginning (Ended Yesterday)
9. Dethroned By Shadows
10. I Stand Above Time
11. Seduction Through Bloodshed More...

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Barbarian Posts Tour Dates

Italian black metal band Barbarian has posted a few tour dates it will be heading out on with Swedish band Usurpress on their Monstrance Of Death Euro Tour 2012. There will be several more dates all throughout central Europe in July, as Iconoclast Records is arranging at least ten more dates in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Go to Barbarian's Facebook page for updates. Barbarian recently issued its self-titled album on Doomentia/Despise The Sun Records, an upload of the track "Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell" streaming below.

FRI 29 JUN ITALY, TORINO @ Infestazione Festival

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Usurpress Signs With Selfmadegod Records

Selfmadegod Records is proud to be unleashing some grim brutality under the banner of Uppsala, Sweden-based outlaws Usurpress. The record label commented:

"The unit fuses classic founding death metal patterns with dissonant, primitive crust/punk tones into a raw, filthy attack. Having only soiled the metal underworld with a demo and short split 7" releases to date (one with Bombs of Hades, the other with Pyramido), but that will all change on the 1st of May when their latest output In Permanent Twilight will be released. Recorded and mixed by Lawrence Mackrory in Blueflame Studio and Great Scot! Audio, the whiplash-inducing MCD runs rampant with eight thunderous Usurpress hymns in twenty-two minutes.

"Formed in 2010, Usurpress was founded by members Stefan Pettersson (ex-Sportlov, Diskonto/vocals), Påhl Sundström (ex-Blotseraph, Shuriken/guitar) and Calle (drums), later expanding to a four-piece by recruiting bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Tyrant, ex-Insision, Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal). More...

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