"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2002
From: MI, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Wartorn began twisting into form in the spring of 2002 when lead guitarist/singer Greg Kehrier saw a flyer that drummer/singer Sean Sethi posted in a Michigan State University dorm. The two exchanged their musical ideas and found that their influences matched to the T. T as in Thrash. They decided a jam session was needed. Once Sean moved his drum set from his hometown of Lancaster PA to MSU, the thrashing began, and the Wilson Hall music practice room was baptized in metal. A small crowd gathered as Sean and Greg took requests of Slayer and Metallica covers and played them start to finish... without rehearsing first. A band was born... ready to thrash 'till death and show no mercy.

During the summer of 2002 the band decided on the name Wartorn, and the talented yet incomplete metal ensemble began writing original material. By the time they returned to MSU, six songs of metal thrashing madness were finished in their original form, and much more original music was in progress.

While songwriting was rushing ahead, the search for new members was not. After sifting through several guitar and bass players who didn't exactly match the Wartorn style, the grave was finally opened in November 2002. Guitarist Dave Ruiz was introduced to the band, and instantly his guitar work began complementing the band's sound. Dave's power metal and thrash metal influence combined with Greg's speed/thrash metal, jazz and classical background created a harmony-clad guitar force to be reckoned with. Adding Sean's progressive rock inspiration to the songwriting process gave the new lineup of Wartorn a metal sound that is incredibly intense, melodic and unique.

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