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Deus Otiosus

From: Denmark
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Deus Otiosus News

Below is our complete Deus Otiosus news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Deus Otiosus Streaming New Song

Deus Otiosus will release the "Rise" album this coming Summer, 2014 via Deepsend Records. As a taste of the coming album, today the band has unleashed new song "Iron Rule." Give it a listen below. You can also hear the band's entire previous album "Godless" at this location.

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Deus Otiosus Streaming Full "Godless" Album

Denmark's Deus Otiosus has posted the band's latest full-length album "Godless" online for streaming. Give the tracks a listen via the player below, or buy the album in digital format over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Snakes of the Low 05:00
2. In Harm's Way 04:31
3. New Dawn 06:06
4. Pest Grave 04:59
5. Surrounded by the Dead 05:06
6. Cast from Heaven 05:14
7. Face the Enemy 04:27
8. Death Dance 05:41 More...

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Deus Otiosus Streaming New Track

Gun Shy Assassin has posted yet another exclusive song stream from Danish blackened thrash band Deus Otiosus. That track, "Harm's Way," can be accessed by going here. The song is included on the band's latest release, "Godless," which was recently issued on Deepsend Records.


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Deus Otiosus Streaming "New Dawn"

Copenhagen, Denmark based classic death metal act Deus Otiosus has uploaded the song "New Dawn" online, which can be heard in the player below. "New Dawn" comes off the band's latest album "Godless," available now through Deepsend Records. Track-by-track commentary on the album direct from the band can also be found right here.

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Deus Otiosus Streaming New Track

"Godless," the new second album from Danish old school death metallers Deus Otiosus is out now on Deepsend Records. To help launch the release, Bravewords has posted a new track from "Godless" over at this location. The band has issued a track-by-track commentary for the eight-song album that gives an in-depth look on each of the songs on "Godless." Read it below:

#1 "Snakes Of The Low":

"Snakes Of The Low" was one of the last songs we finished for Godless. After the initial rehearsals of the song, we all agreed that this would be the obvious album opener. Its fast and aggressive death-thrash style drips with Nietzschean venom. Yet the song never reaches a pace that could give the wrong idea about the general feel of the album.

#2 "In Harm's Way":

The second song is kick-started by our new drummer, Jesper Olsen. "In Harm's Way" is actually one of the oldest songs on the album, as it was originally written for my former band, Cerekloth, around 2009. But the song has seen a thorough reworking to fit the standards of the new album. Drum-arrangements, guitar harmonies, leads, vocal lines, breaks and the drum intro itself are all new. This mid-paced track is meant to point out that whether it's death metal or rock 'n' roll is immaterial, a good song is a good song.

#3 "New Dawn":

Here Godless almost grinds down to a halt, as "New Dawn" shows the slow, heavy side of the album. As this tune slowly drags forward the image of a new world order is laid out. The heaviest tune on the Murderer album was called "Ashworld", and where the old world burnt in this song, the foundations of a new one are laid in "New Dawn".

#4 "Pest Grave":

After "New Dawn", "Pest Grave" is meant to shock start the heart once again, as the fastest, most raging song of the album so far kicks in. The chorus and pre-chorus to "Pest Grave" were actually among the first things ever written for Deus Otiosus, so the oldest parts are from 2005, while the majority of the song came later as we were writing the rest of Godless. In speed and catchiness "Pest Grave" mimics the black death itself as it spread across medieval Europe.

#5 "Surrounded By The Dead":

"Surrounded By The Dead" is a continuation of the bands' "The Dead"-series started on Murderer with "Thousand Arms Of The Dead"; or could even say by "Death Lives Again" on the demo by the same name. Like it's predecessor "Surrounded By The Dead" shows more a more stylistically traditional approach to old school death metal, obviously accompanied by lyrics about supernatural, undead horror.

#6 "Cast From Heaven":

Like "In Harm's Way" this is one of the oldest songs on the album, originally written during my time in Church Bizarre around 2008 or so. I've always felt that "Cast From Heaven" was the best song I wrote during those days, so I'm glad to finally have it recorded in a good studio version. Once again the song has been heavily re-written and is minutes shorter than the original version. "Cast From Heaven" once again shows a new side of the album, as it takes off into more epic and melodic territory to accompany the Milton-inspired lyrics about the fall of the rebel angels.

#7 "Face The Enemy":

From the melody of "Cast From Heaven" the album reverts right back into one of its most caveman-like moments with the opening riff of "Face The Enemy". An aggressive, violent, up-tempo and straight forward song about stomping down your enemies.

#8 "Death Dance":

If there is a standout track on Godless it is the closer, "Death Dance". Once again the pulse slows down and the melody returns. But that is not all. The song is inspired about the artistic, medieval metaphor of 'La Grande Danse Macabre' or 'Totentanz'; and not just lyrically. "Death Dance" is, as the title suggests, a twisted and morbid death-waltz.


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Deus Otiosus Reveals Album's Release Date

Denmark's Deus Otiosus will be releasing new album "Godless" in Scandinavia through VME on November 19th, and in the USA and Canada through Red/Sony on November 20th.

"Godless" is the follow-up to Deus Otiosus’ 2010 debut album, "Murderer," which was released by FDA Rekotz and American Line Productions.


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Deus Otiosus Posts New Album Recording Footage

A short video from the recording of the second Deus Otiosus album, titled "Godless," is now online. Besides the footage from the recording session at Earplug Studio, the video also contains music samples from the upcoming album that have not been heard before.

Watch the video at Youtube or below. The "Godless" album is to be released on Deepsend Records in the coming months, with more details to be revealed shortly.

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Deus Otiosus Signs With Deepsend Records

Denmark's Deus Otiosus has signed with Deepsend Records to release the band's second album, "Godless," later this year. You can visit Deepsend Records at this location or listen to a track off the new album, titled "Pest Grave," in the player below.

The label also commented on the new signing: "Danish old school death metallers Deus Otiosus have signed to Deepsend Records. Deepsend will release the danes’ sophomore album 'Godless' later this year. Godless is the follow-up to Deus Otiosus’ 2010 debut album, 'Murderer,' which was released by FDA Rekotz and American Line Productions. Deus Otiosus joins Dawn of Demise, The Cleansing and Spectral Mortuary as our dominance in the Danish death metal scene continues!"

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Deus Otiosus Streaming New Song

Deus Otiosus has issued the following announcement about streaming a new track online from the band's new album:

"The time has come where we can present you a song from the upcoming 'Godless' album. This one represents the faster, raging side of the album: Ready or not, here comes the 'Pest Grave!' Listen to it right here on myspace."

Further details on the upcoming "Godless" album will be announced as they are made available. You can also view the artwork below. More...

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Deus Otiosus Reveals New Album Artwork

Denmark based act Deus Otiosus, which recruited a new drummer earlier this year, has now revealed the front cover artwork for the band's second album "Godless."

Check out the cover below (artwork originally by Gustave Doré, layout created by the band), or you can find more details on Deus Otiosus via the band's Facebook profile here. Some of the song titles to appear on the album will be “Snakes of the Low,” “Surrounded by the Dead,” “New Dawn,” and “Face The Enemy.” Further info on "Godless" will be announced as it is made available.

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Deus Otiosus Recruits New Drummer

Denmark's Deus Otiosus has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummer:

"Jesper Olsen has replaced Søren Bentsen as the drummer for Deus Otiosus. Like Peter Engkjær and Jesper Holst, Jesper Olsen also has a past in Hideous Invasion, so we're keeping things within the family.

"Jesper has already been playing with the band for some time. He's doing a great job and we're continuing the work with the songs for our second album with him."

You can also check out Deus Otiosus tracks available for streaming by heading over to the band's MySpace music page.

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