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Internal Bleeding

Formed: 1991
From: Long Island, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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1985-1995: The Golden Age of Death Metal

Death should be credited with creating death metal, at least the old school style we recognize now, as they birthed the infamous Tampa, Florida sound. Bands such as Autopsy and Obituary—two of the forerunners—would not exist without Death. Death is not the true father of death metal, though. That distinction goes to Possessed. The California Bay Area group not only played a style of brutal, vicious metal, with loads of Satanic imagery, they also coined the term “death metal” on the “Seven Churches” album.

Around 1985, albums similar to “Slowly We Rot” (Obituary) and “Mental Funeral” (Autopsy) simply did not exist. Thrash was the fasted, craziest music around. Of course Possessed has already been mentioned, but the influence of Slayer, who obviously influenced Possessed, can not be under recognized. Where Possessed was different was they used a rougher production. Dark Angel, whose drummer, Gene Hoglan, would go on to be one of the most heralded drummers in the metal biz, certainly showed a good dose of Slayer in their sound. In the beginning, Slayer was nothing more than a faster, nefarious, more solo-oriented Venom protégé. More...

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Internal Bleeding Gets Aroused By Disasters

NYC death metal squadron Internal Bleeding is pleased to unveil the official new video for "Fabricating Bliss."

The crushing hymn comes by way of the band's "Imperium" full-length released last year via Unique Leader Records. To hear more from the album, check out the song "Placate The Ancients" at this location.

Filmed by director Kirk Farrington and adapted from a concept developed by bassist Jay Liff and vocalist Keith DeVito, the video for "Fabricating Bliss" was shot in a chaotic style to match the frenzied mind of the video's protagonist. The theme behind "Fabricating Bliss" revolves itself around the chaotic decent into the mind of someone who suffers from symphorophilia, a mental disorder in which sexual arousal is achieved by watching disasters and catastrophes. In this case, the disaster is a traffic accident.

"'Fabricating Bliss' is a great opening song for our 'Imperium' album," notes DeVito, "and we're really glad that we got the chance to do a video for it. Kirk really helped our vision come to life. We hope our fans dig it."

In related news, Internal Bleeding will be breaking the stage of the Hartford Deathfest next month as fest headliners:

7/18/2015 Webster Underground - Hartford, CT More...

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Internal Bleeding Tries To "Placate The Ancients"

With the release of "Imperium," the first new album in over a decade from New York City-based death metal institution Internal Bleeding, now less than one week away, Cvlt Nation is pleased to spew forth the debilitating rumble of the eighth cut, "Placate The Ancients." Listen in below.

Comments bassist Jay Liff of the tune: "'Placate The Ancients' has kind of an old-school Internal Bleeding vibe to it -- I think that's because of how the song flows from one riff to the next. It always reminds me of some of the band's demos from the 1990s. The riff and tempo changes are pretty dramatic in parts, yet they still have that patented IB groove that flows through it all. I think that's the key to this song; the flow."

The album was produced by the band and Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York and engineered by Cincotta and Derek Boyer. A full list of upcoming Internal Bleeding tour dates can be found after the stream. More...

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Internal Bleeding Posts New Lyric Video

As "Imperium," the first new album in more than a decade from institutional New York City-based death metal outfit Internal Bleeding is being prepared to see its official unveiling September 30th, a lyric video from the release is now viewable online.

Check out "The Pageantry of Savagery" below, thanks to Skulls N Bones. The third of nine horrendously destructive hymns harnessed by Internal Bleeding under direction of Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio in NYC (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay), "The Pageantry Of Savagery" is an aptly destructive example of what the front-runners of the "slam movement" have conceived and delivered: an inexorable and enraged album that yields no mercy.

Reports Internal Bleeding vocalist Keith Devito on the song's basis, "'The Pageantry Of Savagery' is about a child who grows up with little or no parental nurturing and what results from this lack of human contact. His only sources of love and perception of reality are completely artificial: television, computer games, the perceived social pressures of school, etc.

"That's where the title comes from, because what he sees is a parade (or pageantry) of savagery. Consequently, he is alone and isolated from humanity. The thoughts that stream through his head as he develops into adulthood are violent, anti-social and downright ominous. He eventually turns these thoughts into action and embarks on a violent quest for his fifteen minutes of fame. Most of the lyrics in the song reflect both his thoughts and his actions. In short, 'Pageantry Of Savagery' is about the mental development of a sociopath." More...

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Internal Bleeding Posts First Ever Music Video

Having shattered legs and various other limbs with a pioneering style of slam since the early '90s, New York death metal band Internal Bleeding is preparing to initiate it's latest offensive with the release of "Imperium" on September 30th (the band's first release in nearly a decade).

"Imperium" was produced by the band alongside Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York. As a precursor to it's unveiling, today Metal Injection premieres a new video for the album's closing bruiser, "Castigo Corpus Meum."

Loosely meaning "I punish my body," this smoldering clip serves as the band's first official music video in it's entire twenty-plus year career. Comments drummer Bill Tolley, "We chose 'Castigo' because it contains everything you'd expect from us - the spine crushing slams, the dramatic tempo changes and heavy grooves - plus it has a bit of a surprise twist at the end that we think makes the song interesting and a bit different than what you'd expect from us."

Check out the video below, and you can also catch the band live on the Carnival of Death tour in October. Dates are available after the jump. More...

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Internal Bleeding Posts Album Breakdown

New York death metal legion Internal Bleeding will unleash "Imperium" to the masses this Fall via Unique Leader Records. Produced by the band alongside Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York and engineered by Cincotta and Derek Boyer, "Imperium" boasts the menacing artwork of Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Carcass, Cryptopsy, The Haunted, Nevermore et al) and spews forth some of the band's darkest and heaviest material yet.

Additionally, "Imperium" includes a three-part trilogy featuring guest appearances by Suffocation's Terrance Hobbs and Frank Mullen as well as former Internal Bleeding throat Frank Rini.

In anticipation of its release, today Internal Bleeding brings fans a ten-plus-minute video examination of "Imperium," boasting interviews with individual members as well as snippets of each track. Comments guitarist Chris Pervelis:

"We wanted to try to give fans of the band a little bit of insight into each song from both a musical and lyrical perspective. Even though we feel the album is very cohesive and we're all on the same page musically, each member of the band has a different take on what is important and interesting about the album. It's these different perspectives that combine to make Imperium a very complete and well-rounded recording." More...

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Internal Bleeding Reveals New Album Details

The New York death metal tyrants in Internal Bleeding will release their new full-length, "Imperium," to the masses on September 30th via Unique Leader Records.

The album was produced by the band alongside Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York and engineered by Cincotta and Derek Boyer. "Imperium" also boasts the menacing artwork of Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Carcass, Cryptopsy, The Haunted, Nevermore et al) that can be seen below. The band comments:

"Ever since Invocation Of Evil was released, many in the music press and industry simply dismissed Internal Bleeding as another generic death metal band. We knew different, our fans knew different and the underground press certainly knew different. They understood that we offered something fresh and unique: death metal that focused on pit-friendly grooves, catchiness and hooks that you could actually remember. At the time, we called this approach to death metal 'Total Fucking Slam.' And though we garnered a great deal of underground acceptance, we had to fight a perpetual uphill battle against critics, naysayers and elitists who did nothing but talk a lot shit and run their mouths behind our backs or in print. We ignored them and kept plowing forward, but we never forget....

"To add insult to injury, our first two albums suffered from horrendous productions which no doubt made it more challenging to get people to truly understand our music. And by the time our third and fourth albums were released, we had no label or tour support and limited resources to keep things going. By the early-to-mid 2000s, we were a broken and dispirited unit and eventually fell into inactivity and disarray.

"Eventually our term - slam - had been picked up by hundreds of underground bands and a whole new genre of death metal was spawned. The seeds we had planted had finally come to bloom yet we were unable to enjoy even a modicum of recognition for it. It had been an extremely frustrating twenty years. We gave it our best, but in the end, we fell short of our goals.

"These experiences, plus other personal setbacks and tragedies, are the impetus behind the album title Imperium. It means a dominion of absolute power. It's a statement to those who've caused anyone to feel slighted, disrespected, tormented and generally abused. It's a clarion call to the victims of these tormentors - the abused child, the bands that struggle and come up short, the outcast, the geek and the populations that have been crushed under the boot of totalitarianism - to rise up, join us and take a rightful place at the throne of power. With Imperium, the time has finally come to turn the tables on the tormentors and make them suffer. More...

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Jungle Rot To Tour With Kataklysm, Suffocation

U.S. death metal outfit Jungle Rot will join Katakalysm and Suffocation for the Carnival Of Death Tour, which kicks off October 3rd in New York City.

The annual outing will traverse the U.S. and conclude with a Canadian onslaught, wrapping in Montreal on November 3rd. Additional support will come from Pyrexa and Internal Bleeding.

"Terror Regime," Jungle Rot's eighth studio album, was released via Victory Records in 2013. See the band live on these dates:

10/03 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
10/04 - Hartford, CT @ The Webster
10/05 - Albany, NY @ Bogie's
10/06 - Dayton, OH @ Oddbody's Music Room
10/07 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
10/08 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
10/10 - Springfield, VA @ Empire
10/11 - Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall
10/12 - Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
10/15 - Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
10/16 - Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog
10/17 - Fort Worth, TX @ Rail Club
10/18 - El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
10/19 - Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto
10/20 - Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar
10/21 - Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
10/22 - San Fran, CA @ DNA Lounge
10/23 - Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
10/24 - Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
10/25 - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
10/26 - Kelowna, BC @ The Level
10/27 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
10/28 - Saskatoon, SK @ Rock Bottom
10/29 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo
10/31 - Sudbury, ON @ TBC
11/01 - Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/02 - Rouyn, QC @ Paramount
11/03 - Montreal, QC @ Foufounes Electriques

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Internal Bleeding Finishes Work On New Album

The New York death metal icons in Internal Bleeding recently completed tracking their forthcoming new full-length, "Imperium."

The album was produced by the band and Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York and engineered by Cincotta and Derek Boyer.

"They knew what they were going for but had been very frustrated in the past and plagued by production issues," relays Cincotta, "I'm happy I was able to finally get them to where they always wanted to be."

"I'm totally pumped about this," drummer Bill Tolley enthused. "It's the first album we've put out in our 20-plus year history that has everything we've always wanted. From spine-splitting heavy guitars, to a big solid drum sound, a bass guitar you can actually hear and completely twisted vocals. Couple that with Cincotta's amazing production and it's by far the best IB yet." More...

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Pyrexia To Tour With Internal Bleeding, Kataklysm

Unique Leader Records has announced Pyrexia and Internal Bleeding will be a part of this years Carnival of Death tour alongside Suffocation, Kataklysm, and Jungle Rot.

Tour dates will be announced soon, and you can follow announcements about the tour over at the Pyrexia Facebook profile here. More...

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Internal Bleeding Signs To Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records is pleased to welcome New York-based death metal legion Internal Bleeding to the label's expanding roster of audio severity. Unique Leader comments:

"For over twenty years, Internal Bleeding has been at the forefront of the underground death metal scene, boasting a relentless DIY work ethic, consistently intense live performances and a commitment to composing some of the heaviest music possible, their breakdown-laden approach directly responsible for the establishment of an entire subgenre of death metal, aptly titled 'slam' (a term they began using as early as 1992).

"Founded in 1991 by guitarist Chris Pervelis following the demise of original band, Autumn Reign, it all began with a case of 300 blank tapes reportedly 'found' at a local university. The tapes provided the inspiration to set up a four-track to capture The One Dollar Demo. The following year, Internal Bleeding recorded their Invocation Of Evil demo, which went on to sell an impressive 5500+ copies through now-defunct Wild Rags Records. The band returned to the studio to track another demo in early 1994. The resulting Perpetual Degradation remains a certified classic in the annals of death metal. More...

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Internal Bleeding Posts Lyric Video

Internal Bleeding has posted a new lyric video online for the track "Castigo Corpus Meum," available below. The track comes off the "Imperium" release, which has the following track listing:

1. Castigo Corpus Meum
2. The Pageantry of Savagery
3. The Visitant
4. Placate The Ancients
5. In The Absence of Soul More...

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Internal Bleeding Announces New EP

Internal Bleeding is proud to announce the band has completed a 5-song EP, which is a teaser and lead up to forthcoming full-length “Imperium.” The following press release was also issued:

"The New York based band has been slugging it out in the industry since 1991 and have been credited with the invention of “slam-metal” as well as being one of the pioneers of the New York death metal scene.

"'Imperium' is the culmination of 20+ years of working, writing, playing and refining the Internal Bleeding sound. The definition of Imperium is 'supreme power or absolute domination,' and with these songs Internal Bleeding is set to dominate the scene once again. The much-anticipated EP has already caught the attention of many industry heavy hitters and the band will soon have label support behind them once again in support of their full-length release."

“By far, this is the best IB release to date,” states guitarist Chris Pervelis, “From a musical standpoint, it has all the hallmarks of the classic Internal Bleeding sound—heaviness, groove and catchiness–but we pushed ourselves and expanded it into some new directions, without violating the integrity of our music. From a production standpoint, Joe Cincotta at Full force nailed it. He finally got the sound we've been looking for—clear, precise and above all heavy. Having Matt Kourie do the mastering also helped a great deal, as he eschews the overly compressed, thin sound that is so prevalent today for a thicker sound that the listener will feel as well as hear.” More...

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The Goregrowler's Ball 5, Day 2

Day one of The Goregrowler’s Ball came and went without any hitches. Day two promised even more gore-gurgling delights. This day started earlier than Friday’s 5:30 start time. Originally scheduled for a 1:30 start time, the promoter pushed the start time back to 2:30. Prog death artists, Vex took this early slot, which we unfortunately missed. Comatose Records was on full display, as it was throughout the weekend, with Atrocious Abnormality. Said band played a brutal slab of unmerciful, brutal death metal featuring label head, Steve Green.

Ibex Moon Records, owned by John McEntee of Incantation, also made its presence known on the second day. Cardiac Arrest produced grimy, churning death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Grave. The Chicago act switched between rotten-limb-stiffening slow jams and all-out-blast fests provided by new drummer Nick Gallichio. Adam Scott, Tom Knizner, Dave Holland joined low and mid-range scathing voices to narrate grisly tales from the group’s three recordings. Set highlights include the frantic pace of “Insanity’s Grip,” and the ominous, full-moon-blooming groove of “Affliction of the Beast.”

Fellow Ibex Moon label and former tour mates, Hod took the hell-raising chaos outside. Hod was in fine form, performing its perfected blend of death, thrash, black, speed and all-things-metal (“We’re Hod and we play fucking metal”) style. The Central Texas act showcased material from its sole album, “Serpent.” The said album has been out for two years, so one would expect new material. Locals familiar with Hod knew the band well, so their new songs came without surprise. However, those from out of town delighted in hearing new tracks such as “Den of Wolves.” Look for a new record in 2012. More...

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Mountains Of Death Running Order Revealed

The complete band lineup and running order for the Mountains of Death festival, which takes place in Switzerland from August 18th - 20th, have now been revealed. The order is as follows:

Donnerstag, 18. August
21.00 - 21.30 Oral Fistfuck (CH)
21.50 - 22.20 Absorb (DE)
22.40 - 23.20 Impure (ES)
23.45 - 00.45 Krisiun (BR)
01.05 - 01.40 Putrid Pile (US)
02.00 - 02.40 Rectal Smegma (NL)

Freitag, 19. August
13:45 - 14:15 Cremation (CH)
14:30 - 15:00 Embalming Theatre (CH)
15:15 - 15:45 Insain (FR)
16:05 - 16:35 Perverse Dependence (RU)
16:55 - 17:25 Amputated (UK)
17:45 - 18:25 Disentomb (AU)
18:45 - 19:25 Degrade (SE)
19:45 - 20:30 Defeated Sanity (DE)
20:50 - 21:35 Abysmal Torment (MT)
22:05 - 23:05 To Violently Vomit (US)
23:35 - 00:35 Decapitated (PL)
01:05 - 01:45 Viscera Trail (IL)
02:00 - 02:40 Fubar (NL) More...

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Mountains Of Death Festival Lineup Announced

The organizers of the upcoming Mountains of Death festival have checked in with the following update about the band lineup:

"The following bands are completing the line-up of Mountains of Death 2011: Incinerate (US), Modus Delicti (IT), To Violently Vomit (US), and Putrid Pile (US).

"All those who are giving themselves the trouble to check out the links on the billing list might wonder about the myspace address of To Violently Vomit... behind this name stands nobody less than the singular, legendary and since 1992 acitve Disgorge from San Diego... or at least the greater part of them! All the rest about disturbances and stories about the band you can read at another place and would go beyond the scope of this note.

"Almost unavoidable, there are some line-up changes. The following bands are not able to play: Ancient Necropsy (CO) and Ingurgitating Oblivion (DE)"

The festival takes place from August 18th - 20th in Switzerland, with full details available here. The complete lineup for Mountains of Death is now as follows: More...

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Woods of Ypres Drops Off Goregrowler's Ball

Due to contract obligations with their record label, Woods of Ypres is forced to cancel their appearance at this year's Goregrowler's Ball. The band will be writing and recording a new album instead and apologizes to their fans for this cancellation and promised to make it up.

Replacing Woods of Ypres on this Metalunderground.com-sponsored festival will be Dehumanized, who has not played a live show in nearly ten years.

Tickets for the fifth annual Goregrowler's Ball are on sale now. The event is set to take place in San Antonio, Texas on November 18-20, 2011.

The latest bands confirmed are as follows: More...

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Hirax Co-Headlining Goregrowler's Ball 5

Goregrowler Entertainment announced the addition of old school thrashers Hirax to the fifth-annual Goregrowler's Ball on November 19th, 2011 in San Antonio,Texas. Hirax will co-headline the Saturday show with Swedish death metal morticians, Aborted. This appearance marks the band's first visit to San Antonio.

Forming in 1984 among California's emerging thrash scene, Hirax became one of the more respected and steadfast punk-crossover-thrash bands.

Other artists on the three-day bill include Suffocation, Exhumed, Woods of Ypres, Hod, Lair of the Minotaur and Internal Bleeding.

Additional details on the Goregrowler's Ball are available by heading over to the festival's official website at this location.

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Mucopus Finish Recording Debut Full Length

Mucopus have now finished recording their debut full-length. Tracking took place at The Slaughterhouse in Rock City Falls, NY with Darren Cesca (Goratory) and Dave Schaeffer (Virulence). Mastering the effort will be Colin Davis (Origin). In related news, John Longstreth (formerly of Origin, etc.) will be filling in on drums for the band while regular drummer Kyle Eddy joins Internal Bleeding for upcoming two-month tour.

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Strong Intention Sign To Goodfellow Records

Goodfellow Records is proud to announce that the Maryland grindcore assault known as STRONG INTENTION has joined the label roster and will be recording a new studio album for the label commencing in May, 2005. The band will be recording with Ken Olden (Damnation AD) at his DC studio, and the album, title to be announced, is currently on schedule for a mid-summer 2005 release.

“Being a fan of Strong Intention for so long makes this communion even more exciting for me," says Goodfellow owner Chris Logan. "They are a welcome addition to our family and, with their fuck you attitude towards the state of things today, we think they fit in beautifully here at Goodfellow.”

Shortly after wrapping up the recording, the band will be heading out on tour with Internal Bleeding, Bodies In The Gears of The Apparatus and Kill The Client in the USA. All confirmed tour dates are listed below. More...

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