"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2006
From: CT, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest ORCumentary News

Below is our complete ORCumentary news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Dewar PR Releases Free Compilation

Dewar PR is celebrating a fourth anniversary by releasing a new compilation for free download. The 24 track compilation features a plethora of death, doom, black and thrash metal.

Grab your own free copy right here, and you can also stream all 24 songs below. The full compilation's track listing is as follows:

1. Castle Freak-Human Hive 02:47
2. War Curse-Final Days 05:19
3. Franks Enemy-Bring Our Drones Home 02:13
4. Heavy Temple-Love you to Death (Type O Negative cover) 05:44
5. Weoh-Ne Sorga 04:45
6. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-Immaculate Deconception 04:06
7. Stone Healer-Unconditional 08:18
8. Horse Head-Destroyer Television 05:05
9. Sicada-Sledge 03:58
10. Zoxim-Solace 06:16
11. Malphas-Legions 04:18
12. The Black Lantern-I Know You Don't Know 02:27
13. Invidiosus-Neurotic Misery 05:17
14. Siderian-The Small House 05:03
15. The Conquering-The Bloody Fields of Thezric 03:55
16. Infernal Altar-As the Lion Devours the Lamb (Unmastered) 04:40
17. Edge of Haze-Reach 04:42
18. Seraph In Travial-Bring Forth D 07:31
19. Killer Refrigerator-Autoerotic Refrigereration 01:31
20. Ghost Horizon-Pale Apparition 03:54
21. A Light Within-World Through the Window 04:47
22. The Beast of Nod-Hyperanal Hemorrhaging 04:42
23. ORCumentary-ORCtogenarian 07:06
24. Wisteria-Return to Nibiru 05:50 More...

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Orcumentary Posts Full New Album Online

The infamous Orcumentary is now streaming new album "Destroy the Dwarves" ahead of tomorrow's official release date.

The band's unique orc rock (which is self described as 'blackened comedic industrial/power/folk/melodic death metal' for fans of high fantasy) is on full display on the album, with song titles such as "The Big Trollbooth in the Sky" and "Into their Cavernous Hole we Plunge." Listen in below. More...

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Pit Stories: Band Casualties In The Pit

Time for another Pit Story - this time about a band taking part in pit shenanigans that saw a show cut short and a vocalist get the boot!

Orc Adams of Orcumentary had this tale to share about performing live while another band was busy imploding out in the crowd:

I played a show a few years ago which turned out to be an interesting spin on the whole “I knew the band before they were famous” thing. I was playing my final song ("Orc Rock Anthem") and after a short amount of time, things seemed to get a bit rowdier than usual. People were moshing, but I didn’t pay that close attention to it, obviously focused on the performance. I finished the song, broke my gear down, got off stage, only to find out that one of the bands just left without even playing.

The account I received of what happened was that in the pit during my last song, someone was pushed into the singer of the aforementioned band. The singer punched that guy in the face and started a big fight. That band fired their singer and they just drove back home (probably a 3 hour drive) without even playing. They had a U-Haul and everything.

I’d prefer not to divulge the name of the band, but they recently signed to a very well-known metal label.

Alright metal heads, let's hear your predictions on who is being referred to in the story! Anybody else actually go to this show and see it go down?

Orcumentary's new album "Destroy the Dwarves" will be released on October 2, 2015 on CD (w/ bonus track) and digital formats. Take a plunge into a cavernous hole with the band below: More...

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ORCumentary Visits "The Big Trollbooth In The Sky"

After we just helped ORCumentary plunge into a cavernous hole last month, now a second single arrives from upcoming album "Destroy The Dwarves."

The song, titled "The Big Trollbooth in the Sky," showcases the band's unique blend of power metal, death metal, folk and industrial music into a catchy 5 minutes. Band leader (and sole member) Orc Adams had the following to say:

"'The Big Trollbooth in the Sky' was actually the last song to be completed on 'Destroy the Dwarves' because I had writer's block so many times. Fortunately, it came together really well and it turned out to be one of my favorites on the new album. It’s another ORCumentary song with a lot to offer: killer leads, melodies, an (almost too) upbeat chorus, and there’s even a miniscule black metal influence in the sort-of tempo/mood change.

"Lyrically, it picks up right where 'Orcs 1 Goblins 0' left off: Orc Adams goes on a spiritual journey to Orc Heaven, where he runs into his old friend Troll the Brave and True, who gives the orc hero invaluable assistance (and a weird vision) from The Big Trollbooth in the Sky."

New album "Destroy the Dwarves" will be released on October 2, 2015 on CD (w/ bonus track) and digital formats. More...

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ORCumentary Plunges Into A Cavernous Hole

ORCumentary is the evil brainchild of keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Orc Adams, and while it may be a "solo" act, with 2 albums, an EP, and over 100 live shows in 7 states under his belt, ORCumentary is proving that strength doesn't always come with numbers.

Adams' savage "orc rock" sound is a unique mix of folk, industrial, power, and death metal, but the largest influence on the music is his hatred of elves, men, dwarves, goblins, and 2+ piece bands.

If you loved "Praise Gor-Nacular" (reviewed here), or "Orcs 1, Goblins 0" (check out a music video off that album over here), then we've got a stinky, hulking green surprise for you today. Moving past men and goblins, ORCumentary's new album "Destroy the Dwarves" is coming in early October, and today we're exclusively premiering an advance track!

Plunge into the cavernous hole below, and let us know how much you love what you discover there! The album's full track listing will be:

1. The Big Trollbooth in the Sky
2. Destroy the Dwarves
3. You Must Procreate!
4. Into Their Cavernous Hole We Plunge
5. He Drank Deep From His Mug
6. The Betrayer’s Song
7. The ORCtogenarian
8. Within the Folds of my Fat
9. Killing is Fun
10. Cropduster
11. The Leprechaun Hunt (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)

If you just can't get enough of orc on everything else combat, hear the rest of the project's discography at Bandcamp. More...

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ORCumentary releases new music video

ORCumentary, the electronic rock/metal brainchild of Connecticut-based solo artist Orc Adams, has released a music video for the song "Goblin Death March," viewable below.

The track is taken from the album "Orcs 1, Goblins 0," released earlier this year. More information, including links to purchase music, can be found at Adams' new website.

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ORCumentary Reveals Album Details

ORCumentary, the evil brainchild of solo artist Orc Adams (keyboards, vocals, songwriting) will release a new full-length album on March 29th, 2013. It will be titled "Orcs 1, Goblins 0," and appears poised to continue the eccentric, tongue-in-cheek, GWAR-inspired brand of synthesized "orc rock" on the 2012 EP "Praise Gor-Nacular!" (reviewed here)

The tracklist for "Orcs 1, Goblins 0" is as follows:

1. Cast Your Lot With The Orcs
2. Goblin Death March
3. Troll The Brave And True
4. "Black Forest" Ham
5. Troll Snot
6. The Leprechaun Hunt
7. Plains Of D'Lagrolon
8. Strangled By Your Own Sword Belt
9. Gor-Nacular's Grove
10. The View From Gor-Nacular's Lofty Seat
11. Fuck The Elves! (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)
12. Troll Snot (Instrumental [CD Exclusive Bonus Track])

A two-track single for "Troll Snot" is now available to download via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Adams recently checked in with the following nugget: "Recording for the next album is going really well... Already finished drums and guitar on song 2, which is not only pretty melodic, but chug-tastic - in a good way!"

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