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Alice Cooper

Formed: 1968
From: CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Alice Cooper Speaks On New Album

Rhys Saunders of Farmington, New Mexico's The Daily Times recently conducted an interview with Alice Cooper. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

The Daily Times: You're an artist who has always been known for elaborate stage productions, using storyline theatrics even during your early days. As a musician, how important is image compared to musical content? Are the two separable, or is there ever a time when one becomes more important than the other?

Alice: "In the beginning, we fought that; that was our biggest battle. We knew that we were a good band, that we were every bit as good as THIN LIZZY or FOGHAT, and the rest of those bands. I mean, just the fact that we refused to just be a band — why would we need to be just another band when we could also give them a show, and create a character that could be rock 'n roll's villain? It just means that we give you two things instead of one. People immediately go, 'Oh, they're doing the visuals because they can't play.' But after your first or second Number One hit, and after people like BOB DYLAN and THE BEATLES and THE ROLLING STONES are talking about how much they like your music in the press, they can't really knock you for that. It was a battle, but I think it's still a battle now. When bands like MARILYN MANSON and SLIPKNOT dress up — and they're very theatrical bands that are total derivatives of ALICE COOPER — people go, That's great, but what's going on with the music?' If you don't have those hits, you're really just a puppet show. It's almost like being a golfer. When you win a few tournaments, OK. But when you win the majors, people start looking at you as a great golfer."

The Daily Times: How do you balance your song selections each night? Are there certain songs you feel as though you have to play?

Alice: "We know which ones we have to do. These certain songs are ones you have to do every time. If you don't do the hits, the audience is going to let you know. I can think of 15 songs that I have to do or the audience would be disappointed. [Alice begins listing hits from the past 35 years at a break-neck speed.] If I went to see THE WHO or THE ROLLING STONES, and they didn't do 'Brown Sugar' or 'Satisfaction', I'd say, Hey, what's going on here?' After all of those songs, then we have a secondary bunch of songs of what I call radio hits, or ones that got played on FM radio, or the ones that, if you were an Alice fan, you had to hear those songs. I have to design my show in order to keep those songs fresh. I don't like to mess around with the original songs."

The Daily Times: What about the rumors that you're going to release a new album next year?

Alice: "There are always songs being written. I think I want to do albums that — you write the songs, and record them the same day. Don't let the band get tired of the songs. When the band is excited about those songs, that's when you record it. I think if the song is written well, I would rather hear a great performance than a great production. For a while, we were doing a 14-song album in 14 or 15 days. That's one song per day! This album is going to be a little more produced. It's more on the level of 'The Last Temptation' or 'From The Inside'. When I wrote it, I realized there was a character that was really trying to get me to develop him, and I couldn't figure out who he was. I started reading the lyrics and realized there was a guy evolving from this, a guy named Spider. He was a serial killer, but he was a complex serial killer. He doesn't kill for thrills, necessarily, and there's almost a justice about it in his eyes. In our eyes, maybe not."

The Daily Times: With these character-based albums, do you have a character in mind before you write the lyrics, or does a character develop after you start the writing process?

Alice: "Well, the idea behind 'The Last Temptation' was that there was an idea there already, sort of in the vein of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'. The whole thought process of that was — here is a moral behind the story. If you're a 14-year-old kid, you don't have to buy into everything the world offers you. It doesn't mean you have to be sexually active, it doesn't mean you have to be a drug addict, it doesn't mean you have to be a 19-year-old before your time. Be innocent for as long as you can! Don't let the world push you around. Don't let Hollywood tell you you're a jerk because you're not having sex every night. There's a great innocence in being a teenager that you have to hold onto."

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Dio To Appear On Alice Coopers Radio Show

Legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, DIO, HEAVEN AND HELL) will be Alice Cooper's special guest on Cooper's radio show "Nights with Alice Cooper" airing Tuesday, October 2. The program is a classic-rock format and is nationally syndicated on the United Stations Radio Networks. Air times differ, so make sure to check out NightsWithAliceCooper.com for more information.

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Alice Cooper Appears In Public Service Ad

An Arizona public-service announcement featuring longtime Phoenix resident Alice Cooper can be viewed below.

In other news, Alice Cooper will make his second appearance in a year at a Homer Haunted House and restaurant this Saturday, September 1. He will sign autographs from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Homer Mill (109 N. Byron St.) in Homer, MI.

According to AdWeek.com, Alice Cooper has never looked better than in this fall campaign for John Varvatos from Yard, New York. In one ad, he's outfitted in a black velvet jacket and top hat as he lounges on a couch with an enormous boa constrictor. Another features an eye-catching portrait of the singer with the snake playfully caressing his angular face. Photographed by music documentarian Danny Cinch, the black-and-white series, punctuated with the designer's name in bold red type, is another chic effort from the American menswear designer and a fine follow-up to previous ads featuring Iggy Pop and VELVET REVOLVER. The result is effortless, timeless style — just like the music it celebrates. More...

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Alice Cooper To Appear In Designer Ad

According to AdWeek.com, ALICE COOPER doesn't scream high fashion, but the aging rocker's never looked better than in this fall campaign for John Varvatos from Yard, New York. In one ad, he's outfitted in a black velvet jacket and top hat as he lounges on a couch with an enormous boa constrictor. Another features an eye-catching portrait of the singer with the snake playfully caressing his angular face. Photographed by music documentarian Danny Cinch, the black-and-white series, punctuated with the designer's name in bold red type, is another chic effort from the American menswear designer and a fine follow-up to previous ads featuring Iggy Pop and Velvet Revolver. The result is effortless, timeless style—just like the music it celebrates.

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Metal Gets Its Due On Massive Rhino Boxed Set

Heavy metal fans will be banging their heads in delight this fall with the release of Rhinos's "Heavy Metal Box," due Oct. 2. The four-disc, 70-song set boasts classic tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Slayer, among dozens of others.

Arranged chronologically from 1968 to 1991, the compilation also boasts hits from bands like Deep Purple, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, Pantera, Alice Cooper, Venom, Testament, Rush and Megadeth; the project will be packaged in a box resembling a Marshall guitar amp.

The liner notes will include extensive photos, track commentary and interviews with Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford.

Here is the track list for "The Heavy Metal Box": More...

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Geoff Tate Talks About Heaven And Hell Tour

Deb Rao of Glam-Metal.com recently conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Glam-Metal.com: QUEENSRŸCHE will be opening for HEAVEN AND HELL and ALICE COOPER in September. Are you excited about the tour?

Geoff: Well, we are very excited to be part of it. We pretty much dropped everything we were planning on doing at that point in time so we could be part of the tour. It is monumental for us. We were all very influenced by that BLACK SABBATH line-up. That particular line-up for me is some of the most influential rock music. I can't wait to see it live. I haven't seen the show yet. I am very excited about ALICE COOPER. ALICE COOPER was the first rock show; I ever saw when I was a kid. I saw the "Billion Dollar Babies" tour in 1973. I thought that was all rock shows were supposed to be like. (Laughter) I think it very much influenced my ideas of staging and production. Because of that. So we are every excited on different levels to be part of it.

Glam-Metal.com: Tell me a little bit about the tour. How big a stage show will QUEENSRŸCHE be bringing out with them?

Geoff: First of all, we are opening for the two bands, ALICE and HEAVEN AND HELL. So, no we will have a very sparse set-up production-wise. We are pulling from all of our different records for this tour. We are going to be playing different sets every night. Different set ups, so we kind of rotate some of our songs around. So fans that come to multiple shows can see a different show and a different set from us.

Glam-Metal.com: Now you also are going to be having another new product out in August called, "Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensrÿche" (CD and Deluxe CD Collector's Edition) on Capitol/EMI this August. Tell me a little bit about this compilation.

Geoff: That is kind of a very unique best of collection that EMI has put together. What they did is they took different versions of some of our well-known songs and included them on this compilation. Also included our demo, renditions of these popular songs and other popular songs that we've done. There is some unreleased material on it. Our former guitar player Chris Degarmo contributed and gave us a unreleased track that was something that we wrote and didn’t quite finish and had written years ago. We are including that in this collection, as well. I was in a band before QUEENSRŸCHE, it was called MYTH. We had written quite a few songs together. When I joined QUEENSRŸCHE, I brought those lyrics and melodies from those songs and make them into QUEENSRŸCHE songs. So songs like "Take Hold of the Flame" and "No Sanctuary" are done with a whole different band playing them and me singing them. So that is kind of a unique thing, as well.

Glam-Metal.com: How do you feel about the music industry today? Do you feel that there is a whole new generation of fans discovering the band for the first time?

Geoff: Yes, most definitely. We have age ranges from 15 to 45. It is pretty amazing. Our fans have had children. Those children have come to the shows and they bring their friends. It is a whole new thing, in some respect. In fact, I was talking to a group of young people backstage one night after the show and I said, "What brings you to the show?" They said you guys are legends. We really wanted to see you before you are all dead. (Laughter)

Glam-Metal.com: Now you have a great family, which includes five girls. Have any of them followed down your path, and chosen a career in music or acting?

Geoff: No, well maybe my youngest one, Emily, who is ten, might be a musician or actress. She is very talented. She really has a wonderful voice, very strong and big. I think she has the potential to do that. She is in a very sophisticated ballet company, since she was a kid. She loves being onstage.

Glam-Metal.com: Also you appeared on some of the "Metal Mania" releases including the current "Metal Mania Stripped Volume 3". How do you feel about the acoustic versions of the songs? I think a good song starts with the acoustic guitar and vocal. Do you agree?

Geoff: Yes, that is the basic for a song right there, the chord changes and the melody. I really love doing acoustic renditions of songs. I love stripping things down to a real basic form. It is very satisfying. Also playing acoustically, it is very different than playing with the band. In that I can hear it myself, so damn well. I love hearing the intricacies of what s going on musically. Sometimes when you get volume involved, and big distorted guitars it kind of steps on a lot of the subtleties that are going on within the music.

Glam-Metal.com: Geoff, you have had such an extensive career. What are you most proud of? Is it the completion of "Operation: Mindcrime 2"?

Geoff: I am happy every day, I wake up. It is a wonderful life. It is a wonderful career. I play music with people I really love. We are very lucky to be still doing this. But also on the other hand, luck has something to do with it, but it is a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of energy and focus to get everybody together on the same page and write a record. It is hard to put together the promotion for the record and get out there and support it on the tour. It is a lifestyle that you have to dedicate yourself to.

Read the entire interview at Glam-Metal.com.

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Ozzy And Alice Honoured At Mojo Awards

The 2007 Mojo Awards took place at The Brewery in East London on June 18th and three of rock's biggest stars were among the winners.

Ozzy Osbourne picked-up the Mojo Icon Award, Alice Cooper picked-up the Mojo Hero Award and The Stooges were honoured with the Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Alice Cooper Cancel Mexican Tour Dates

ALICE COOPER's official MySpace page has been updated with the following mesage:

"The Alice Cooper 2007 tour is set to go. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the tour will not be able to go to Mexico. Because of this, the South American tour has been forced to change."

ALICE COOPER South American tour dates are now as follows:

June 12 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Credicard Hall
June 14 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Alice Cooper Announce Tour Dates

ALICE COOPER has lined up the following tour dates during the coming months:

May 29 - Santiago, Chile - Teatro Caopoican
May 31 - Cordoba, Argentina - Estadio Juniors
Jun. 01 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio Luna Park
Jun. 03 - Sao Paolo, Brazil - [To Be Announced]
Jun. 05 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Chevrolet Hall
Jun. 06 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - [To Be Announced]
Jun. 08 - Curitiba, Brazil - Master Hall
Jun. 13 - Mexico City, Mexico - Plaza de Toros
Jun. 14 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Plaza Nuevo Progreso
Jun. 15 - Monterrey, Mexico - Arena
Jun. 21 - Athens, Greece Lycabettus Theatre
Jun. 23 - Huttwil, Switzerland Rock Sound Festival
Jun. 25 - Florence, Italy – [To Be Announced]
Jun. 29 - Borlange, Sweden Peace & Love Festival
Jul. 01 - Bucharest, Romania B'estival
Jul. 06 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre
Jul. 07 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre
Jul. 08 - Brisbane, Australia - Convention Centre
Jul. 11 - Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton Theatre
Jul. 13 - Perth, Australia - Burswood Theatre
Jul. 14 - Perth, Australia - Burswood Theatre
Jul. 18 - Wollongong, Australia - WIN Ent Centre
Jul. 19 - Canberra, Australia - AIS Arena
Jul. 21 - Launceston, Australia - Silverdome
Aug. 10 - Des Moines, IA - Iowa State Fair
Aug. 17 - Beaver Dam, WI - Dodge County Fair
Aug. 19 - Green Bay, WI - Radisson Three Clans Ballroom
Aug. 31 - Central Wisconsin, WI - Central Wisconsin State Fair
Sep. 14 - Hutchinson, KS - Kansas State Fair

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Alice Cooper Not Recording Until January

Launch Radio Networks There's been a major change in the timeline for ALICE COOPER's new album. Back in February, he said it would be out in May, but while all the material is written, Launch has now learned that he hasn't even started recording it yet. At this time, he's not expected to hit the studio until January, with a possible release next May, though nothing's set in stone — including the announced title, "Along Came a Spider".

Alice's annual world tour gets underway May 28 in Santiago, Chile, and he's got a U.K. tour in November. North American dates haven't been announced yet.

In related news, Cooper's autobiography, which is called "Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock 'N'Roller's 12 Steps To Becoming A Golf Addict", has been delayed a bit. The book was originally due out May 1, but it will now be available on May 8.

With a title like that, it should be no surprise that Cooper told Launch his game is very strong. "Three handicap, and I play five times a week, and I play really good," he laughed. "Yeah, that's the one thing I can really do, other than Alice Cooper. That surprises people, I think. They just can't believe that Alice Cooper could be a three handicap, but I am." A three handicap means Cooper's score will be three strokes above whatever the course's par is.

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Alice Cooper Announce UK Tour Dates

ALICE COOPER will be touring The UK towards the end of 2007. Confirmed dates are as follows:

6 - Sheffield - Hallam Arena
7 - Glasgow - SECC
9 - Newcastle - Metro Arena
10 - Birmingham - NEC
11 - Notthingham - Arena
13 - Brighton - Centre
14 - Bournemouth - BIC
16 - Cardiff - Arena
17 - Wembley
18 - Manchester - MEN

MOTÖRHEAD and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS are scheduled to open the above listed shows.

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Alice Cooper Interviewed On "The Hour"

Alice Cooper was on with 'The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos' on Monday (October 23). You can watch the interview at CBC.ca. Alice Cooper recenlty wrapped up a tour with Crash Kelly on support.

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Crash Kelly Plan Off Date From Alice Cooper Tour

Canada's CRASH KELLY, currently on the road supporting Alice Cooper, will be performing at the Chicago St. Bar & Grill tomorrow night, Wednesday Oct. 4th. An off-date, this will be the band's only headlining gig while on this tour.

CRASH KELLY w/ Alice Cooper
9/27 Poughkeepsie, NY Mid-Hudson Civic Ctr.
9/30 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
10/1 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
10/3 Joliet, IL Rialto Square Theatre
10/4 Chicago, IL Chicago St. Bar & Grill (*CRASH KELLY ONLY*)
10/5 Springfield, IL Sangamon Aud.
10/6 Evansville, IN The Centre
10/7 Pikeville, KY Eastern KY Expo Ctr.
10/8 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amph.
10/10 Kalamazoo, MI State Theatre

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Crash Kelly To Support Alice Cooper Again

Electric Satisfaction, the new Gilby Clarke-produced release from Toronto’s CRASH KELLY, has secured the band not just a second string of dates with rock icons Alice Cooper, but a third! Joining the tour on Sept. 27, CRASH KELLY will share Alice Cooper’s stage through Oct. 10. The tour includes CRASH KELLY’s first performance in Cleveland since frontman Sean Kelly’s appearance at Guitar Player Magazine’s “Guitar Hero 2005” competition, in which he was a finalist.

In May of this year CRASH KELLY, who covered Alice Cooper’s “Cold Ethyl” on Electric Satisfaction, toured Canada with Alice Cooper, leading to two additional August dates with the legends, including a gig at the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Additionally the band was invited to play a hometown show at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre alongside hair metal superstars Poison and Cinderella. Commenting on performing with Alice Cooper, vocalist / guitarist Sean Kelly had this to say, “playing with Alice Cooper in an arena setting was the culmination of many teenage fantasies, and it really felt like the beginning of the next phase for CRASH KELLY.”

Their fiery follow up to 2005’s “tight, infectious” (Outburn) Penny Pills, “Electric Satisfaction,” says Spin Magazine, “is an electric guitar solo-laden ode to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Crash Kelly tour dates with Alice Cooper:

9/27 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Mid-Hudson Civic Ctr.
9/30 Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
10/1 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
10/3 Joliet, IL @ Rialto Square Theatre
10/5 Springfield, IL @ Sangamon Aud.
10/6 Evansville, IN @ The Centre
10/7 Pikeville, KY @ Eastern KY Expo Ctr.
10/8 Cleveland, OH @ Tower City Amph.
10/10 Kalamazoo, MI @ State Theatre

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The Beatles Go Metal?

On October 24, 2006, Restless Records will release "Butchering The Beatles" — featuring the biggest, the baddest, the heaviest all-star line-up ever assembled to honor what is arguably the greatest band ever — THE BEATLES. All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to these remarkable songs. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer/guitarist Bob Kulick and ace engineer Brett Chassen, "Butchering The Beatles" features 12 new, ass-kicking versions of THE BEATLES' chart-topping hits, including "Hey Jude", "I Feel Fine" and "Day Tripper", plus the more esoteric "Hey Bulldog", barked out by the legendary Alice Cooper and "Tomorrow Never Knows", uniquely interpreted by the iconic Billy Idol, alongside classic concept songs like "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Magical Mystery Tour".

When asked by Guitar Player magazine what possessed him to go all metal on THE BEATLES, Bob Kulick stated that, "BEATLES songs are the Holy Grail. They're the best rock songs ever written. These new recordings are totally faithful, yet completely different. Billy Gibbons singing 'Revolution' or (MOTÖRHEAD frontman) Lemmy singing 'Back In The USSR' are not exactly Paul McCartney or John Lennon. And of course, the guitar solo sections were lengthened to accommodate all the artists' solo styles."

"Butchering The Beatles" track listing: More...

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Fireball Ministry To Support Alice Cooper

As the touring cycle for the critically acclaimed "Their Rock Is Not Our Rock" soldiers on, L.A. rock warriors FIREBALL MINISTRY — who in recent months have toured alongside such heavyweights of rock and metal as DISTURBED, H.I.M., OPETH, NEVERMORE, CLUTCH and CKY, in addition to a one-off performance with JUDAS PRIEST — will soon return to the road, this time in support of ALICE COOPER.

"ALICE COOPER is one of the main reasons this band exists," says FIREBALL MINISTRY vocalist/lead guitarist James A. Rota. "It is an honor for us to be opening these shows. DIO, PRIEST and now ALICE. We are one very lucky band to say the least."


Aug. 12 - Great Salt Air - Salt Lake City, UT
Aug. 13 - House of Blues Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas, NV

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Alice Cooper Guests On This Week's "Monk"

Rocker Alice Cooper is set to play himself as a murder suspect in this week's (July 14) episode of quirky USA network detective drama "Monk". You can view a brief trailer for the episode, dubbed "Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike", at this location.

Speaking to NWITimes.com about his appearance on the show, Cooper recently said, "I won't tell you anything about it so as not to ruin the story, but I'm a suspect in it and it is a very funny episode."

"Monk" airs Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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Gwar's Cover of Alice Cooper Available Online

Oderous Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, recently posted a message on the DRT Entertainment web site where he discussed the band's upcoming album, titled "Beyond Hell", covering an ALICE COOPER song, working with producer Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), and SlavePit TV. Here is what he had to say:

"OK, scum, it is I, Oderus Urungus, overlord of Toilet Earth and lead singer of the most dangerous band on this or any other planet — GWAR! Here to give you a quick update/review on the upcoming events and disasters that are set to plague this planet in the wake of GWAR's latest assault upon your sense and sensibility!

"First off, it's DONE! 'Beyond Hell', our latest and greatest studio release to date, is mixed and mastered and ready to drop on your heads! Produced by the amazing Devin Townsend, I can say with utmost confidence that this one is going to take yer fucking head off! The record doesn't get released til' August, but that is not going to stop us from letting you hear the first single from the album. That's right, we actually have done a single for radio play in a desperate attempt to expand GWAR's dominion of this world to the FM airwaves!

"But what's this you say? That GWAR's music is simply TOO FUCKED UP to ever make it on the radio — well, yer right! And that's why, for the first time in GWAR history, we have covered someone else's music! But not just anybody! Nobody less than ALICE COOPER, who is rumored to be a Scumdog himself! GWAR pays homage to the original master of shock rock, with a bone-crushing version of his most famous song — that's right, GWAR has covered 'School's Out' [download MP3] as the anthem of the summer and the rallying cry for legions of fed-up drop-outs everywhere. Demand it from your local lame-ass radio station all summer long, and hear us play it live on the mammoth Sounds of the Underground tour, coming soon to a burning city near you!

"And just to catch you up on the various other GWAR activities, Slave Pit Television is going strong, with new chapters being added every week! The new video, 'Bloodbath and Beyond', will be out this summer!

"As I mentioned earlier, we will be dominating the Sounds of the Underground tour all summer, and then this fall go on a HUGE headline tour. Plus I've had my pet hemmorhoid 'Blinky' replaced with several more that are even nastier. Rejoice children, it's almost time — GWAR will amongst you soon!"

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"A Headbanger's Journey" To Receive DVD Release

Heavy Metal has long been a stigmatized musical genre characterized by aggressive rhythms, dark lyrics and satanic worship. "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" is a ground-breaking film that explores the history of how these stereotypes came to be and explains the motivation and truth behind the music through candid interviews with metal icons, including Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickison, Lemmy Kilmister, and many more.

"Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" two-disc set will be released by Warner Home Video on May 23, 2006 for $24.98 just in time for metal's most popular music festivals such as Ozzfest, Gigantour and Sounds Of Underground kick off. Order due date is April 18, 2006.

Sam Dunn, a thirty-year-old anthropologist, has been fascinated by the culture of heavy metal since he was twelve years old. In an effort to study its origin and cultural impact, he sets out on a global journey to find out why this music has been consistently stereotyped, dismissed and condemned and yet is loved so passionately by its millions of fans. Along the way, Sam explores metal's obsession with some of life's most provocative subjects - sexuality, religion, violence and death - and discovers some things about the culture that even he can't defend. Shot on location in the U.K., Germany, Norway, Canada and the U.S., this documentary is the first of its kind. It is both a defense of a long-misunderstood art form and a window for the outsider into the spectacle that is heavy metal.

"Heavy metal music has an enormous worldwide following that many people are unaware of because it has been overshadowed by images of violence and mosh pits," said Tehya Kopp, WHV Senior Director, Special Interest Marketing. "This documentary digs into the stereotypes and misconceptions about the artists' motivations behind the lyrics and harsh sound and explores the real side of metal in a way that appeals to metal and non-metal fans alike. It's an eye-opening documentary that is both informative and enjoyable to all audiences."

"Metal: A Headbanger's History" contains over 87 minutes of special features including:

* 16 extended interviews with metal rock icons!
* 20-minute mini-documentary on Norwegian black metal
* Footage with Lemmy from MOTORHEAD at the Rainbow
* Director's commentary.
* Travel outtakes
* An awesome interactive metal history family tree, created specifically for the DVD.

You can watch the trailer, find more information about the release and read the directors' blog at metalhistory.com.

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Heavy Metal Documentary To Premiere In March

Sam Dunn is a 30-year old anthropologist. He's also a lifelong metal fan. After years of studying diverse cultures Sam turns his academic eye a little closer to home and embarks on an epic journey into the heart of heavy metal. His mission: to try and figure out why metal music is consistently stereotyped, dismissed and condemned, even while the tribe that loves it stubbornly holds its ground - spreading the word, keeping the faith, and adopting the styles and attitudes that go way beyond the music.

Sam visits heavy metal landmarks as far flung as L.A.'s Sunset Strip, the dirty streets of Birmingham and the dark forests of Norway. Along the way, the two sides of Sam Dunn - curious anthropologist and rabid fan - collide, as Sam explores metal's obsession with sexuality, religion, violence and death, meets his heroes and discovers some things about the culture that even he can't defend. Part social document, part celebration of a misunderstood art form, this documentary is the first of its kind: a chance for metal fans to speak out and a window into a culture that's far more complex than it appears.

The film stars Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Arch Enemy, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Geddy Lee (Rush), Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) and others.

The film is written and directed by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen and is distributed by Seville Pictures.

The film opened in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec City yesterday (Feb. 24) and will open in the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, Brazil, Japan, Poland and Belgium in early March.

For more information, visit www.metalhistory.com.

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