"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1992
From: Medellin, Colombia
Last Known Status: Active

Witchtrap Interviews and Features

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Witchtrap Discusses "Vengeance is My Name"

Metal bands formed below the Equator rarely find an audience in North America. Other than Sepultura, Sarcófago and a few cult, underground black metal bands, most metal fans in the USA can’t count enough South American bands on their fingers to fully expose both palms. In same ways, being located so far south of Los Angeles and New York City has resulted in bands being cut off from MTV and other mainstream music outlets.

Colombia’s Witchtrap never felt the pressures of pop metal. They still proudly wave the flag of true heavy metal with a serious nod to Germany’s architects of power metal and thrash and the spirit that encompasses the term “metal.” Colombia doesn’t boast the economy of the US, so Witchtrap’s twenty-year existence has been one of strife, which really highlights the group’s dedication. Read onward to find out more about the group’s latest recording “Vengeance is My Name” and the group’s ongoing battle to crush South American audiences with a thousand pounds of sonic dynamite. More...

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