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Infected Society

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From: France
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Le Mouv Channel Featuring Metal Bands

Kaotoxin Records has announced the recording of what could be dubbed as being "The French Peel Sessions" as, for the first time in France, the state-owned national radio network, Radio France, have started an ongoing series of "live in the studio" recordings for nationwide broadcasting on their "Le Mouv" channel.

Earlier this month, Radio France debuted "Le Metal sur Le Mouv," which is hosted by Tanguy Blum and airs every Sunday night. The show is focused on underground metal and has already aired the likes of Ad Patres, Deep In Hate, Drawers, Insain, Nolentia and Miserable Failure so far.

Tanguy reached out to artists on Kaotoxin's roster to record two of these "live in the studio" shows. The first one, with France's Calvaiire, has already been recorded and aired at this location. The next session will feature Unsu, Infected Society and Miserable Failure. This will be followed by and audio/video broadcast of Ad Patres performing live.

For the first session, plans are Unsu will record 20 minutes worth of new material from their debut full-length which is currently being mixed. Infected Society will record another 20 minutes worth of live material, while Miserable Failure will record a live rendition of their "Hope" EP in its entirety along with additional tunes from their current and forthcoming releases.

The band will also feature guest drumming by none less than Benighted/F Stands For Fuck You drummer-extraordinaire, Kevin Foley. The second session will see Ad Patres perform their current set live in the studio. Recording sessions are scheduled for June.

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Kaotoxin Issuing Six-Way Grindcore Split

French extremists Kaotoxin Records will release a six-band, 23-song grindcore split entitled "Monsters! (Six of a Kind)" on April 15th. Featuring tracks from Total Fucking Destruction, Department Of Correction, C.O.A.G., Miserable Failure, Unsu, and Infected Society, the team effort offers a cornucopia of grindcore madness.

The limited edition - 1,000 copies with no repress - Deluxe DigiSleeve CD was mastered by Dan O'Hare (Brutal Truth, XXX Maniak) and also includes bonus music videos from Total Fucking Destruction, Infected Society, and Unsu. Check out the "Monsters! (Six of a Kind)" trailer below.

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Nolentia Tour Underway In France

French grind-benders Nolentia have started the second leg of their 2013 roadkill titled "Three To Grind Them All" in support of their second full-length, "May the Hand that Holds the Match that Will Set this World on Fire Be Blessed above All," released earlier this year through Kaotoxin Records.

The first leg took place this summer with fellow French grinders Warfuck and Department Of Correction and went from July 26th through August 3rd, taking the band to three countries (France, Belgium and Switzerland). The trek saw the band open for Brutal Truth and take part in France's Xtreme Fest alongside Suicidal Tendencies, Dying Fetus and many more.

Now teaming with fellow Kaotoxin grinding units, Austrian retarded Goregrind trio VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC and French drunktards Infected Society, Nolentia has announced the second leg of the tour - which began December 9th and will conclude on Dec. 17th and wind its way via France and Switzerland again.

After the six-date trek, Nolentia will make an appearance at the inaugural edition of Xtreme Fest, which also features Suicidal Tendencies, Dying Fetus, Municipal Waste and more. Visit Xtreme Fest for details.

Nolentia Tour Dates:

Nolentia + VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC + Infected Society
13.DEC - FR - CLERMONT-FERRAND - Raymond Bar
14.DEC - CH - BIENNE - LaBiu

Nolentia Only:

This summer, Nolentia released the official music video for the track "More to Fear," taken from "May the Hand that Holds the Match that Will Set this World on Fire be Blessed above All." The video is the first in a three-part series of individual video that, once completed, will be compiled into a single cinematic rendition of Nolentia-spawned madness. Check out "More to Fear" at this location.

"May the Hand that Holds the Match that Will Set this World on Fire be Blessed above All" was released in February on Kaotoxin Records. The album is available as a digital download at site.

 photo nolentia_zpsba1440fc.jpg

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Three Grindcore Bands Premiere New Compilation

Today we've teamed up with Kaotoxin Records to bring you grindcore in three flavors for the blastbeat gourmet!

The "Miserable Fucking Society" compilation will be coming August 5th, 2013 (France) and September 3rd (U.S. and U.K.) but today you can stream the nineteen track monstrosity through the player below.

The compilation includes:

Infected Society, the old-school grindcore / brutal hardcore beast featuring past and present Yyrkoon, Drowning, Ashura and Decline of Humanity members, F Stands For Fuck You, the brand new grind’n’roll project by renewed Benighted members, and Miserable Failure, a modern grindcore failure by miserable French fuckheadz. These acts are teaming together to bring you 29+ minutes of three different approaches of the very same style.

The track listing is:

1. Infected Society - Old-school Traditional Butchery 01:40
2. Infected Society - Definitely Dead 01:33
3. Infected Society - Ultimate Slavery 01:41
4. Infected Society - Mentally Deranged 01:07
5. Infected Society - Crack-whores 01:42
6. Infected Society - Life Eraser 00:28
7. Infected Society - Raw Quad Orgy 02:39
8. F Stands For Fuck You - Zero 01:51
9. F Stands For Fuck You - Sound Of Nothing 01:31
10. F Stands For Fuck You - Fit 01:18
11. F Stands For Fuck You - The Dead Men 01:16
12. F Stands For Fuck You - Fuck Off 02:15
13. F Stands For Fuck You - Firesky 01:33
14. F Stands For Fuck You - The Bombing 02:00
15. Miserable Failure - Summoning Chaos 02:24
16. Miserable Failure - All Women Must Die 00:49
17. Miserable Failure - No More Friends 01:34
18. Miserable Failure - None Shall Be Saved 01:21
19. Miserable Failure - Inside Me 00:57 More...

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Kaotoxin Streaming French Grind Compilation

Kaotoxin Records is going to grind your face off with the release of "In Grindo Veritas": A Collective Work of French Grind Intoxication. Due out on July 2nd (a day later in North America), "In Grindo Veritas" features 44 tracks by 37 French grinders. That's over an hour of grind for the price of a single! VS-Webzine has posted an exclusive stream of the entire compilation.

A gathering of 37 of France's up-and-coming Grinding acts along with some renewed veterans (Gronibard, Pulmonary Fibrosis...) with either previously unreleased tracks (the vast majority) or exclusive versions (Nolentia, Trepan'Dead, Gronibard) for "In Grindo Veritas": A Collective Work of French Grindcore Intoxication was mastered by Dan O'Hare of Total Fucking Destruction at the Mark-It-Zero studios (Brutal Truth), curated by Florian of Department Of Correction, and features artwork by outstanding artist Luis Sendon (Brutal Truth, Obscene Extreme Fest, SWR Fest).

From the crusty shores (Nolentia, Grist...) to the grinding Death Metal ones (Diktat), from the Goregrind insanity (Foetal Injury, Defecal Of Gerbe, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Gronibard...) to the technical Grind (Department Of Correction...), from traditional Grind (Yattaï, FaxE...) to cyber Grind (Mulk...) every subgenre of the 30 years old yet still raging Grindcore movement is featured, with a truck load of killer bands for the listener to discover. Stream it all below.

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VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC Posts Tour Dates

Austrian slamming goregrind trio VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot) is teaming with the nihilistic Dutch one-man goregrind terrorist of Anal Penetration and Kaotoxin records French label-mates Infected Society for the Raw Nerve Webzine sponsored roadkill extravaganza titled the "Snuff Fetish Infection Tour" coming to the UK, France and Belgium from January 23rd through the 28th. They are also coming together for the release of an alike-titled limited edition split-tape/digital EP made of previously unreleased material mastered by Dan O'Hare of Total Fucking Destruction at Mark-It-Zero studio, the tour dates which follow below:

January 23rd 2013 - UK - London - Unicorn
January 24th 2013 - UK - Bristol - Gryphon
January 25th 2013 - UK - Leeds - Royal Park Cellar's Music
January 26th 2013 - FR - Valenciennes - Igel Rock (w/ Unsu)
January 27th 2013 - BE - Oostende - OHK
January 28th 2013 - BE - Liège - Inside Out


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Infected Society Posts "Stop/Think/Change" Teaser

Infected Society has posted a teaser trailer online for the new song "Stop / Think / Change," which will appear on the forthcoming "In Grindo Veritas" compilation of all French grind acts. Check out the teaser below.

You can also hear the full Infected Society song "Victims of Procreation" over at this location, or read the band's entry in our "Pit Stories" column about reverse sexual harassment right here.

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Infected Society Recruits New Band Members

French grind act Infected Society released the "Get Infected" MCD in June via Kaotoxin Records. The band has now checked in with the following update about recruiting new members:

"Hey friends! A little bit late but finally, here comes the news. So please welcome Gauthier as the new bass player and Alex as 'the guy who made fucking noise with its machines for our samples' :D Stay tuned friends, we're working hard to be back on stage, as soon as possible! Cheers."

Infected Society has posted several pictures of the new band members via Facebook. To hear what Infected Society has to offer, check out the song "Victims of Procreation" right here, or you can read the band's bizarre entry in our Pit Stories column about reverse sexual harassment at this location.

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Pit Stories: Reverse Sexual Harassment

Each week we chat up bands and fans from all corners of metaldom to get their favorite pit stories from live shows. This week guitarist Fack of French death grinders Infected Society shares two memories from the pit, including the following tale of reverse sexual harassment:

When we played in Finland, with some of my previous bands, the boss from our label had a ferocious argument with a guy from the audience because of of the guy’s gorgeous girlfriend. Why? Not because his girlfriend was seriously looking after the label’s boss, but because he was trying to refuse to fuck her. Her boyfriend, a colossus, was really angry someone could refuse to fuck his girlfriend. So the label’s boss had to explain that he was married, with children. But it seems it wasn’t a good excuse enough to the angry colossus, so he had to explain, again, that “no, seriously, you’re girlfriend’s absolutely sexy and beautiful, but I’m married, with children and that, despite his girlfriend’s so hot, he can’t cheat on his wife” to save his life.

Another one? Well. With one of my previous bands, which I won’t name, the singer was so drunk at a gig that we had to play the same song twice because it was on the set list and the singer wouldn’t believe we were just finished playing it, having no memories of the few previous minutes. The crowd was dead laughing, such were we! Encore fait!

Infected Society recently premiered the new song "Victims of Procreation" online, which can be heard at this location. The band will be releasing a debut MCD through Kaotoxin Records this year, and more details on the band can be found via the Infected Society Facebook profile.

Feel free to share your favorite show experiences below, and check back in again next Tuesday as we share more mosh pit stories from metal bands.

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Infected Society Premieres New Song Online

It was revealed yesterday that French death/grind act Infected Society has officially signed on with Kaotoxin Records to release a debut MCD this coming May. Metalunderground.com is now proud to premiere the first cut off the impending release. Crank the volume to 10 and prepare to have your ears bleed from the force of "Victims of Procreation" via the player below.

The MCD's finalized track listing and release date will be announced in the near future as the details become available. In the mean time, you can check out more on Infected Society at this location or via the Kaotoxin Records Facebook profile.

The core of Infected Society is:

- Fabien Desgardins (Fack): Guitars
- Frédéric Desseaux (Brédin) : Vocals

The Infected Society live members are:

- Nicolas Minier (Nicklaus): Drums (Decline Of Humanity, Maladaptive, Altered Beast...)
- Christopher Lorent (Kris): Bass (ex-Yyrkoon, Burgul Torkhaïn, ex-Tridus Elasticus...)

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Infected Society Inks Deal With Kaotoxin

Frech act Infected Society has officially inked a new deal with Kaotoxin Records for the release of an as-yet-untitled debut MCD in early May. Metalunderground.com will be streaming a new track from the release titled "Victims of Procreation" online tomorrow. Kaotoxin commented on the band's history:

"After having played together in various extreme bands for over a decade, Fack (ex-Yyrkoon, ex-Drowning, ex-Decline Of Humanity, ex-Burgul Torkhaïn, ex-Ashura...) and Brédin (Decline Of Humanity, ex-DSK, ex-Tridus Elasticus, ex-Altered Beast...) decided to form a more extreme project of their own late 2010. Infected Society was born.

"Focusing on a very fresh blend of old-school Napalm Death, scum era, meets modern grindcore, Infected Society has recorded what can be felt at the first listen as being a totally straight-ahead grindcore debut MCD but which, for the lover of the genre, will prove being more diverse, fresh and catchy than most of all the copycats releases of an over-populated scene nowadays, adding fastcore, hardcore and thrash influences to their blasting madness.

"Mastered at the famous Walnut Groove studio ran by ex-Carnival In Coal member, Alex, the, as of now yet untitled, debut MCD, first release of the multi-album deal signed with KAOTOXIN records, will be released early May through KAOTOXIN records to coincide with a set of gigs Infected Society is to play with ex-Drowning members and friends: France's dark doom masters Eibon." More...

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