"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Ovid's Withering

From: FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Ovid's Withering Thanks Fans For 2013 Support

Ovid's Withering has checked in with the following 2013 recap message:

"We want to finish off the year by saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single person who has listened to and spread the love of all of our music, and especially a huge thanks to all the fans who supported us through merch or digital/physical album sales. The feedback has honestly been incredible.

"We decided to take the month of December off to relax after our tour/album release to take a breather and just have contests and give out free stuff for you guys. It was a nice break, but tomorrow the band will be meeting up to discuss all the upcoming stuff with Terraphage, shows, and tours we'll be planning this coming year.

"You guys made 2013 absolutely amazing, and now its time for us to do even better with 2014. We'll be releasing more info soon. Thanks again!" More...

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New Compilation Available For Streaming

Spectral Blasphemy has posted a new 35 track compilation album online, which is currently available for streaming or name-your-price download. Check out the release in the player below or over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is:

1. The Bridal Procession - Pillage the Scavenger 06:29
2. To Envy The Horrid - The Red Squall 04:34
3. The Breathing Process - The Living Forest (Part I).mp3 04:05
4. Bloodshed By Reality - Obliterated Centuries 02:58
5. Betraying The Martyrs - When You're Alone 03:52
6. Daarchlea - Qhilav 05:07
7. XisForEyes - Nomorial 02:52
8. Illuminations - Crippling Stillness 04:20
9. Before The Harvest - Demise-Intro 03:13
10. Darkness Before Dawn - Undeserved Hatred 04:00
11. Centipede - Me Against Me 02:46
12. Lorelei - Godfather Death 06:15
13. Ophelia's Breath - Become Stronger 03:55
14. Perdition - Throne Of Exile 04:56
15. Xenobiotic - Covenants 04:45
16. Tears Of The Martyrs - Anyone Unnecessary Fate 02:54
17. Knights Of The Abyss - Juggernaut 02:28
18. Winds Of Plague - Monsters 03:47
19. Birthing the Aftermath - Overture 02:28
20. Holod - Atlantis 03:25
21. Bow Prometheus - Burned 03:22
22. Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Soul Has A Price 03:03
23. Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom 06:34
24. Descend the Gods - Etheric Impregnation 03:26
25. Maelstrøm - Misanthrope 03:36
26. One We Created - Facade of Truth 03:38
27. Majesty - Shadows 05:09
28. Ovid's Withering - Oedipus Complex 06:25
29. Rosewood - Wetheapocalypse 04:17
30. Shag Harbor - Dreamland 03:50
31. XisForEyes - The Crow Road 04:25
32. Serpents - The Chasm 05:17
33. Betraying The Martyrs - Man Made Disaster 04:12
34. Before The Harvest - Lazarus Pits 03:15
35. Beware The Lobster - Blood Sparkle 05:09 More...

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Ovid's Withering Posts Teaser Trailer

Ovid's Withering has posted a teaser trailer online for an upcoming release, which can be found below. The band also commented:

"We are very happy to announce that we are starting a new project WITHIN Ovid's Withering. Now..bear with me here, let me elaborate. We're not starting another band, or anything like that. Same band, separate sound. A 'side album' if you will. This album will be a slower, more ambient, eerier rendition of Ovid's that we would love to share with the world.

"Let me clarify real quick here: We are completely happy with our sound as it is, and we are NOT changing it! Noooo way. This album is completely independent from the album-in-progress that you've been listening to, and will also NOT affect the release of said album later this year. This is an ADDITION to what we have already. A new sound within the sound that is Ovid's Withering. Double the Ovid's!

"This is something we've been planning for a while, and decided to finally bring it to light for all of you to see. With all that being said, please keep an open mind when you jam this track! This is not typical Ovid's... which is why we are releasing it separately. If it ain't yo thing, then its all good! You still have our other album to fall back on. This is purely something we are doing for the love of music, and to try to portray even more imagery to our fans. And without further ado...enjoy." More...

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Ovid's Withering Streaming New Song

Florida metal act Ovid's Withering, which features JJ "Shiv" Polachek from 7 Horns 7 Eyes, has posted a new song online for streaming. Check out the track "Oedipus Complex" in the player below, or find more details on Ovid's Withering via Facebook.

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