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Band Photo: Allfather (?)

Formed: 1996
From: Victoria, BC, Canada
Last Known Status: Active


Allfather was birthed during the early stages in 1996. At first, a three piece made up by Justin Hagberg playing guitar, Craig Stewart on drums and Paul Jacobsen doing vocals. This collection created an unreleased demo entitled "Render to the Unlight" (1996). After a while this era faded and Paul Jacobsen took up the duty of playing drums. With the addition of Cam Pipes on bass, Allfather began a new epoch and formed their first independently released recording entitled "Wrath of the Bloodthirsty" (1998), an exploratory six song collection that combined visionary philosophy and raw brutality. The need to unleash Allfather to the masses soon came and an independent vocalist was needed to do so, allowing kinsman Chad Klassen to take up the post. After playing a number of shows, another recording was completed to encourage label support. A five song promotional MCD (1999) was prepared and again independently released. Focus on ascension and war dominated the theme of this new release. Another campaign of shows was unchained, to further Allfathers cause. It was during this effort that a new bass player was introduced: Adam Angus, a strong comrade that would prove very worthy to join the ranks. Soon after this addition, another recording was organized (recorded 2001) and Allfather agreed to be in the company of four other cults on a split CD released by Realms of Darkness Productions and Dark Horizon Records. Allfather contributed five songs to this CD which houses a range of diverse styles, ranging from epic melodic Black Metal to raw and punishing War Metal. Allfather, Nebron (Hungary), Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse (USA) and Gnostic (USA) made up this vicious compilation entitled "Lead us to War and Final Glory" (2002).

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Dewar PR Releases Free 15 Track Compilation

Southern Ontario-based Dewar PR just released this year's winter digital compilation for streaming and free download.

The 2017 compilation features some of the best metal/hard rock bands of the past few years and is available to stream below or can be downloaded at Bandcamp here.

The full 15 song track listing is as follows:

1. Allfather - Inherit the Dust
2. Napalm Ted - The Deadline
3. Pseudo/Sentai - Werewolf Casey
4. Volunteer - Walk
5. Final Sign - Burn the Temple Down
6. Yeti on Horseback - Tree of Death
7. Arriver - Liquidators
8. Dead Register - Grave
9. Engraved Darkness - Ritualistic Sins
10. Flidais - High Stakes
11 The Glorious Rebellion - Bitches Hate Misogyny
12. Czar - Too Many Yetis
13. Siderian - Lizard Method State
14. Ascentia - Catharsis
15. Nihilo - Death Swamp More...

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Dewar PR Releases Free Metal Compilation

Dewar PR is pleased to announce the release of a new free digital compilation.

This January compilation features 12 tracks from Sisters Of..., Frank's Enemy, Slomatics, Old Thunder, Allfather, and more.

Fans of pretty much every genre of heavy metal will find something to enjoy. Listen in below, courtesy of ToiletOvHell.com.

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Slomatics – Troglorite (Stoner Doom)
2. Lotek Cruiser – Black Heart (Fuzz Rock)
3. Allfather – Blood Red Sunset (Sludge/Hardcore)
4. Frank’s Enemy – I Hate Star Wars (Electro-Grindcore)
5. Into the Storm – John Jameson (Sludge)
6. Tormenter – Cosmic Collapse (Thrash)
7. Old Thunder – Oncoming Storm (Aggressively Bleak Sludge)
8. Sisters of... – The Adversary (Prog Rock)
9. Twingiant – Daisy Cutter (Hard Rock)
10. Shamash – Mater Dei (Blackened Death)
11. Korseld – Bombrad (Death/Doom)
12. Chemical Cascades – The Iron Council (Black Metal) More...

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3 Inches of Blood Guitarists Leave, Tour Dates

Posted on the official 3 Inches of Blood website:

To confirm, (guitarists) Bobby Froese and Sunny Dhak are no longer part of the band. The two of them decided they could no longer commit to touring and needed to deal with some personal matters. Naturally, we were all quite shocked and disappointed by their decision, but after much discussion we understand why they needed to do this and we wish them the best.

We decided afterwards that we didn't want to call it a day, so we've recruited the guitar talents of Justin Hagberg from war-metallers Allfather, and Shane Clark who plays in Ten Miles Wide and The Almighty Punchdrunk.

We're also pleased to announce that we'll be doing a tour of the U.S.A. as main support for Metal Church.

Confirmed dates for the Metal Church tour are as follows: More...

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North West Metal Fest Info

The second annual North West Metal Fest in Vancouver will take place again this year from August 13th to the 14th. The 2-day outdoor metal show features 30 north-western bands, including: Abuse, Allfather, Angel Grinder, Day Glo Abortions, Demyse, Explosive Rage Disorder, Gross Misconduct, Gordred, Human Resistence Program, the Joint Chiefs, Omega Crom, Sack Blabbath, Widow Maker, Zuckuss, and many more. For more info, visit North West Metal Fest.

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