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Wacken Metal Battle Canada Open For Submissions

Wacken Metal Battle Canada is proud to return for its fourth year showcasing Canada's top independent metal talent to the world stage at Wacken Open Air, which holds an attendance of over 80,000 metalheads from around the world each year.

For the last three years that Wacken Metal Battle has been held in Canada, it has produced two world champions Vesperia (2015) and Crimson Shadows (2013) to triumph at the international Wacken Metal Battle beating out over 30 other representing countries from around the globe.

This year's 2016 edition has expanded once again across the country with Hamilton and London and cities from BC's Lower Mainland, Island and Interior set to be announced at a later date joining the ranks of Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

WMBC organizer JJ Tartaglia comments: "It's hard to believe that we are already on our 4th edition of the Metal Battle. As always we are striving to make it the best one yet! Expanding to new cities is key to our growth, and we're very pleased with the addition of Hamilton and London in Ontario, and the Interior in BC. So prepare for a wild year of quality showcases across our great country, and let us all join in celebrating Canadian metal."

Submissions for bands from across Canada are open now and end on January 5, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Bands can submit their application for participation right here. More...

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Crimson Shadows Announces U.S. Shows

The 2013 International Wacken Battle champions from Crimson Shadows are currently forging through the frozen reaches of their homeland of Canada and will voyage onward into the USA to slay the west coast with Nekrogoblikon in August.

This is the band's first U.S. tour since the release of Napalm Records debut "Kings Among Men" (reviewed here) in the fall of 2014.

The power/melodic death band from Toronto had this to say: "We are extremely excited to do our first American tour with our mates in Nekrogoblikon. With an alliance forged between Vikings and Goblins, this tour will be the most epic invasion the west coast has ever seen!" More...

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Armstrong Metal Fest Announces Lineup

It’s now less than a month until Armstrong Metalfest flings its doors open to the gathering masses, welcoming in another round of Canada’s long running camping festival.

Co-founder Jesse Valstar comments: “Bretton [Melanson, the other co-founder] and I started this when we were 19, and it was a large undertaking. Now we’re 26 and it’s grown beyond us! But now we have the necessary reputation to put on a hell of a show.”

And what a show it is: 36 bands in two days, topped off with Californian deathgrind stars Cattle Decapitation and Canada’s own extreme metallers Anciients. The rest of the bill is a feast of Canadian and U.S. metal, from the vicious deathcore leanings of Angelmaker to the technical heavy metal leanings in Caveat, the power-infused melodeath of the hotly-tipped Crimson Shadows to the blackened death metal roar of Xul.

As well as a stellar lineup, there’s plenty of other forms of entertainment to keep a metalhead amused. Not least, AMF have announced a full-sized wrestling ring, kindly provided by BC’s very own Thrash Wrestling, which will stage a 2-hour show, the winner receiving a custom-made AMF Championship belt. There’s also a farmer’s market on the Saturday, “perfect to get blueberries for a hangover,” quips Valstar, and a long-standing tradition of a Beer Helmet March, where the creator of the most inventive beer case helmet gets two free passes for the next year. Random participants also get merch donated kindly from various bands of the festival, so it can pay off to slap a beercase over your head and walk.

Armstrong Metalfest runs from July 17th - 18th. You can pick up tickets right here. The finalized lineup is as follows: More...

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Chaos Fest Announces Headliners

Hamilton, ON's most brutal indoor assault, Chaos Fest, is proud to reveal this year's headliners, which include Liferuiner, Blackguard, Erimha, and Crimson Shadows plus many more bands from Ontario performing on the two day fest on May 1st and 2nd.

"I am extremely excited to announce the 4th annual Chaos Fest line up. We are doing a few things different this year by adding a couple more venues along with a wide variety of bands. We think it's going to be a hit," comments fest organizer Eric Camilleri.

Bands interested in performing at the fest can apply at this location. The currently announced lineup is as follows:

Crimson Shadows
Ending Tyranny
Lions Lions
We Were Sharks
Everyone Dies In Utah
One Year Later
The Apex

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Killitorous Has Equipment Stolen On Tour

Killitorous has issued the following statement about having equipment stolen while out on tour:

"Yesterday, on the Kings of Chaos tour, Killitorous along with Crimson Shadows van's got broken into in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They stole thousands of dollars of Killitorous gear and personal items as well as damaging both of the bands vans. It was the last day of the tour.

"According to the police who filed the report with the bands management, this happens everyday to people in Montreal (20-25 people DAILY), and ESPECIALLY to bands with license plates not from the province of Quebec. Shocking amounts of bands have been robbed and ripped off in Montreal when leaving their vans un-attended.

"We ourselves have heard so many horror stories, and have had a ton of friends in bands who have ALSO been robbed in Montreal and to be honest, the police were not very helpful in helping to find any suspect (they more so felt like insurance men handing us forms). We send out a warning to all bands touring in Canada: NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR VAN ALONE IN MONTREAL... which sucks so much because it is one of the best places for bands to play in the whole country.

"But they get shit on like this while they are playing... in some cases literally (like ours). Having had a completely successful tour be ruined by someone who has NOTHING to do with our band, business or work ethic hurts us in ways we cannot explain. All the hard work, destroyed by a complete stranger.

"It makes one of the most difficult things you can do (touring in an underground death metal band) feel a million times more impossible. We only have one thing to say to the motherfucker who does not know us, but destroyed all our hard work, the motherfucker who ruined a completely successful tour: You can never stop us. Thanks for encouraging us by any way possible. Buy our merch, come to our next shows, spread the word! You guys are the best!" More...

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Crimson Shadows Posts Tour Video

There are wild & heavy things going on on tour, and Crimson Shadows just posted a tour video blog showcasing the mayhem. What the five Canadian guys have experienced on their latest tour together with Alestorm & Brainstorm through Europe can be seen below. You can also still catch the band live in Canada on these dates:

15.01.15 CA - Belleville / The Belle Pub
16.01.15 CA - Toronto / The Hard Luck
17.01.15 CA - Guelph / The Green Papaya
18.01.15 CA - Windsor / The Dominion Tavern
19.01.15 CA - London / THE APK
20.01.15 CA - Oshawa / The Atria
21.01.15 CA - Quebec City / TBA
22.01.15 CA - Sherbrooke / TBA
23.01.15 CA - Ottawa / Maverick's UP STAIRS
24.01.15 CA - Montreal /Pirannah More...

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Crimson Shadows Posts New Music Video

Crimson Shadows has released a new official music video for "Heroes Among Us," which comes by way of the band's upcoming "Kings Among Men" album, due out September 9th via Napalm Records. Check out the clip below.

The entire album is also available for streaming online. Listen in at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. March of Victory
2. Rise to Power
3. Heroes Among Us
4. A Gathering of Kings
5. Maidens Call
6. Braving the Storm
7. Freedom and Salvation Intro
8. Freedom and Salvation
9. Dawn of Vengeance
10. Moonlite Skies and Bloody Tides

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Crimson Shadows Posts Full Album Online

Canadian epic metal band Crimson Shadows is set to release the brand new album "Kings Among Men" on September 1st in the UK & September 9th in North America via Napalm Records.

Today the band has teamed up with RevolverMag.com for a full album stream of "Kings Among Men." Give it a listen below.

Be sure to also check out the Pit Story Crimson Shadows shared with us over here and you can pre-order the album at this location. More...

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Crimson Shadows Launches Indiegogo Page

Crimson Shadows has launched an Indiegogo campaign in advance of its fall tour with Alestorm. The band has commented upon it below.

"In September, we will be embarking on our first ever European tour, supporting Alestorm, and will be the most important tour we've ever embarked upon as it will launch us as a band on the continent of Europe only a week after our album is released.

"In preparation for this tour, we planned a N. American tour with our brothers in Battlecross this month to raise the money to meet expenses that we will incur on our tour to Europe. Unfortunately, we were denied entry to the United States on June 22nd in N. Dakota, on our way to our first US Headlining show, EVER in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We wont let this stop us!

"If our Indiegogo campaign is successful with your support, our fiercest and most heroic fans will be responsible for developing Crimson Shadows around the world. You will enable us to tour Europe in September with Alestorm, and you'll help support our Napalm Records worldwide debut by allowing us to play for new audiences in Europe and beyond!" More...

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Crimson Shadows Posts Lyric Video

Crimson Shadows today reveals a brand new lyric video for "Rise To Power," which comes off upcoming album "Kings Among Men."

Check out the clip below, and you can pre-order "Kings Among Men" right here. The album drops on September 1st in the U.K. & September 9th in North America via Napalm Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. March of Victory
2. Rise to Power
3. Heroes Among Us
4. A Gathering of Kings
5. Maidens Call
6. Braving the Storm
7. Freedom and Salvation Intro
8. Freedom and Salvation
9. Dawn of Vengeance
10. Moonlite Skies and Bloody Tides

Be sure to also check out Crimson Shadows' recent addition to our Pit Stories column here. More...

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Pit Stories: Cpl. McTrailerpark Shuts Down A Fest

Get a bunch of amped up metal heads into an enclosed space and shenanigans are bound to happen, but add alcohol to the mix and you've got a recipe for pit craziness.

For this week's look at Pit Stories from metal bands across the globe, Crimson Shadows bassist Morgan Rider shares this tale of a festival getting shut down when the crowd turns on an unruly fan:

I have been playing shows the entirety of my adult and teenage life. I have seen just about as much crazy shit at concerts I have attended as the next guy has too. But actually PLAYING the show gives you that vantage point on the crowd and the pit that being a part of the crowd does not provide. Above all, some of the most insane crowds I have ever seen have been in our home country of Canada. I don't know if it's in the water or the poutine, but I personally think it may be the fact that Canada is one of the less-hit markets in the world for metal. The crowds here NEED their fix of metal!

One instance I can recall comes from another band I play in. We were playing an outdoor festival in Ontario right next to the lake and we were one of maybe 10-12 bands. I remember vaguely as we were gearing up to step up on stage, a roamer happened into our backstage area and started to harass our guitar player at the time that we had better play Lynyrd Skynyrd or Pink Floyd or he'd stab us in the throat or something to that degree. We told him to fuck off so we could get ready to play. And yes, this is the part where he losses his shit and attacks our guitarist who he was previously harassing. The quick tussle ended up in them both being bloody-nosed, bruised and covered in dirt, but otherwise OK! We kicked the random guy out of the backstage area and we moved onto the stage to perform. We didn't really hear him shouting at us about how he was going to round up his boys and come back for us though. Onward the show!

And this is where it gets interesting. We were maybe 3-4 songs into our set; we were enjoying the awesomely large-ish and crazy crowd, the cold Canadian beer and the feel of the breeze coming off the lake when Cpl. McTrailerpark and Company come drunkenly stumbling up into the festival grounds. I guess the guy originally did not realize we were the next performing band, so he went straight for the first long-haired and bearded fellow he happened across and a fight broke out immediately. Of course, we saw everything that was going on, so we shouted at someone to break the fight up before it got even further out of control. Now I have never seen this happen, except if a soccer team loses in Brazil or a bunch of fans streak across a football stadium, but the ENTIRE crowd B-lined and went straight for the guy and his buddies!

The whole crowd swarmed these guys and totally gang-beat them. Of course we did not stop playing. Within 5 minutes, ambulances, police cars and a paddy wagon all arrived with an even larger crowd of on-lookers. Eventually, the police came on stage and stopped us from playing and stopped the entire festival.

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Crimson Shadows Posts "Kings Among Men" Preview

Canadian melodic death metal act Crimson Shadows has posted an interactive preview for the upcoming new album "Kings Among Men," the sophomore full length album. The interactive preview, available in the player below, features clips from the entire release.

"Kings Among Men" drops on September 1st in the U.K. & September 9th in North America via Napalm Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. March of Victory
2. Rise to Power
3. Heroes Among Us
4. A Gathering of Kings
5. Maidens Call
6. Braving the Storm
7. Freedom and Salvation Intro
8. Freedom and Salvation
9. Dawn of Vengeance
10. Moonlite Skies and Bloody Tides

Check out the preview here: More...

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Crimson Shadows Denied Access To The U.S.

Crimson Shadows is set to release "Kings Among Men" on September 1st in the U.K. & September 9th in North America via Napalm Records, but unfortunately the band won't be appearing before U.S. fans anytime soon to support the release.

The Canadian outfit has issued this statement about being denied entry to the country while on tour with Battlecross:

"We regret to inform all our USA fans that we did not gain access to the USA and unfortunately have to drop off that part of the tour with Battlecross and IKILLYA.

"We will still be playing Ottawa Aug. 3, Quebec Aug. 4, and London Aug. 5. We do have plan for a full USA tour once we get back from our European tour and we will also be releasing some album teasers very soon for our new album 'Kings Among Men' out September 9th on Napalm Records. We apologize to all our fans again but it was out of our control."

The remaining dates of the Battlecross tour are as follows (Crimson Shadows only on the August 3rd, 4th, and 5th dates): More...

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Crimson Shadows Announces New Album

News from deepest Canada: the epic melodic death metal band Crimson Shadows is set to release upcoming album "Kings Among Men" on September 1st in the U.K. & September 9th in North America via Napalm Records.

The Canadian Wacken Battle champions recently signed with Napalm Records & has just unveiled the title, artwork by Peter Salai) and track list for the release.

1. March of Victory
2. Rise to Power
3. Heroes Among Us
4. A Gathering of Kings
5. Maidens Call
6. Braving the Storm
7. Freedom and Salvation Intro
8. Freedom and Salvation
9. Dawn of Vengeance
10. Moonlite Skies and Bloody Tides More...

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Crimson Shadows Comments On Upcoming Shows

Toronto, Ontario's epic death/power metal outfit Crimson Shadows yesterday confirmed summer tour dates with Battlecross.

The Canadian Wacken Battle champions Crimson Dhadows recently signed with Napalm Records and will have a new album out this summer. The album was recorded at Silverwing Studios in Montreal with producers Jonathan Lefrançois and Jee Gagnon and was mixed by Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios.

Bassist Morgan Rider says, "We are beyond excited to announce our second foray into the United States this year with our American brothers, Battlecross! We have been meticulously labouring away on our new album for Napalm Records and now we cannot wait to further prove ourselves to them and to our American fans and fans to be! Cheers!" More...

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Battlecross Announces New Shows, Working On Album

American thrash act Battlecross has confirmed summer tour dates with Canada's Wacken Battle winners Crimson Shadows and New York's IKILLYA.

Guitarist Hiran Deraniyagala says, "We're excited to announce our first headline run in quite a while. It's short but sweet, and this gives us time to write the new record this summer. We are stoked to have our Canadian brothers, Crimson Shadows joining us. We did a short run with those guys earlier this year and they're a great live band and have an awesome record coming out next fall."

After two busy summers on the 2012 Trespass America tour and the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, the band looks forward to some time off before South American dates with Killswitch Engage. Battlecross will use the time to write the follow up to "War of Will."

Battlecross is currently on tour in Europe with a series of festival appearances including Download Festival and the Graspop Metal Meeting, plus club shows with Huntress and Lacuna Coil. A full list of dates can be found below.

Guitarist Tony Asta says, "The past year has been very inspiring for the band and our attitude towards the writing process this time around is more confident and driven. I expect our next album to kick you in the ass harder than the last. Album #3 will be a serious contender in 2015 and a defining Battlecross record." More...

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Crimson Shadows Signs With Napalm

Canada's 2013 International Battle for Wacken winner Crimson Shadows has officially inked a deal with Napalm Records! The label comments:

"Please welcome Toronto's Crimson Shadows to the Napalm Records battle ranks! The performance at the Wacken Open Air Band Battle simply left us amazed! The Canadian melodic power / death metal quintet has already released a brilliant debut album and we are confident that new album will further establish the band and catapult Crimson Shadows to the Main Stage of Wacken!"

The band states: "We are very excited to announce our addition to the Napalm Records family. Its an honour to join the roster of one of the most reputable international record labels. We can not wait to deliver our brand of heroic metal that only the ice-clad lands of Canada can forge! Battle Hard!" More...

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Crimson Shadows Entering The Studio

Epic Canadian death power metallers and 2013 International Battle for Wacken winners Crimson Shadows of Toronto have announced that they will enter the studio next month to record their follow up to 2013's EP "Sails of Destiny" with Jonathan Lefrançois and Jee Gagnon at Silverwing Studios in Montreal. The record will be mixed by Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios.

As the winners of the 2013 International Battle for Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, Crimson Shadows is fresh off a triumphant year and started 2014 strong with a recent first run in the United States with thrash band Battlecross. Known for a Canadian twist on epic power European metal, the band is also set to make an announcement that they are signing to an international record label who will release the new record this summer. The band commented:

"Our new songs show a progression of the band as we have been through a lot over the past few years. With a full length and an EP behind us we look forward to this new record and working with Jo and Jee at SilverWing Studios to make these songs truly come to life, and have Eyal provide the finishing touches," said drummer Cory Hofing.

I'm really looking forward to spending a couple weeks in beautiful Montreal to hammer out these new tracks and show everyone what we've been up to since coming back and winning the metal battle in Wacken." More...

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Crimson Shadows Announces Shows With Battlecross

Canadian outfit Crimson Shadows has announced the band's first ever U.S. tour dates, supporting Battlecross later this month with stops in Pittsburgh (1/22), Cleveland (1/23), Toronto (1/24) and Detroit (1/25).

Crimson Shadows drummer Cory Hofing comments: "We are really excited to be making our way south of the border, its something we have wanted to do for a while now and to be sharing the stage with our friends in Battlecross makes it that much better! We have also decided to unleash a couple brand new tracks we have wrote for our next album on this mini tour so everyone will get a taste of whats to come."

Winners of the 2013 International Battle for Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, Crimson Shadows beat out Canadian underground metal bands such as Vesperia, Hollow, Dissension, Adrenechrome and more.

1/22 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose
1/23 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
1/24 Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo
1/25 Westland, MI @ Token Lounge

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"Canuck Metal Vol. 3" Available For Download

The Heavy Metal Association of Canada is proud to present "Canuck Metal Vol. 3," featuring 25 annihilating tracks from Canadian bands for free download.

You can download the songs at Bandcamp or stream them in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. A Scar For The Wicked - We Shall Prevail 03:09 (Perth, ON)
2. Answer With Metal - Generations 05:29 (Stouffville, ON)
3. Alphakill - Rebellion 04:54 (Winnipeg, MB)
4. Blasphemy Reborn - The Rebirth 05:38 (Melfort, SK)
5. BornBroken - Control 03:50 (Montreal, QC)
6. Buffalo Theory - Monstro 02:59 (Montreal, QC)
7. Crimson Shadows - Beyond The Mountain Wasteland 05:50 (Toronto, ON
8. D3ATHCHARGER - Forged In Steel 05:04 (London, ON)
9. Darkness In Aurora - Selflishly Used 03:24 (Peterborough, ON)
10. Edge of Attack - Forever 03:46 (Grand Prairie, AB)
11. Entropia - Wolves To The Slaughter 04:00 (Vancouver, BC)
12. Gales of Avalon - What Hell Have I 04:30 (Calgary, AB)
13. Ghoulunatics - King of The Undead 06:04 (Montreal, QC)
14. Hell Chamber - Bring Me Down 03:48 (Vancouver, BC)
15. Idillicah - Gone 03:00 (Brampton, ON)
16. Leah - Old World 04:02 (Vancouver, BC)
17. Lost In The Revolution - The Go Light Stop Machine 03:52 (Nanaimo, BC)
18. Monobrow - Mordrake's Revenge 04:59 (Ottawa, ON)
19. My Own Chaos - Because of Me 03:43 (Vancouver, BC)
20. Pronostic - Deviated Inner Spectrum 03:52 (Montreal, QC)
21. Psychotic Pulse - Obsession 03:53 (Toronto, ON)
22. Reason Prevails - No Kings 03:46 (Montreal, QC)
23. Sanktuary - Raise The Flag 04:25 (Yukon, NT / Halifax, NS)
24. Teach Her Treason - Annihilation 04:19 (Toronto, ON)
25. Through Death - Orphaned 03:38 (Montreal, QC) More...

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