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Band Photo: Metal Church (?)

Formed: 1981
From: Seattle, WA, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Metal Church Singer Comments on Tour

From the operatic range of Ronny Munroe's voice to the tight presentation of guitarists Rick Van Zandt and Kurdt Vanderhoof, Metal Church's performance at Backstage Live in San Antonio brought to mine the term professional. Songs like "Ton of Bricks," "Gods of Wrath" and "Metal Church" whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Some of these songs have held their fans in thrall for thirty years.

Besides legends like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Kiss and Metallica, few metal artists have the power to stay relevant like Metal Church. In fact, if it weren't for Metallica guitar tech and then-Metal Church guitarist, John Marshall, stepping in as James Hetfield's guitar hand on tour (Hetfield burned his hand on a stage pyro), Metal Church would have never made its way into my ears.

The group's success isn't linear, though, as the group has stepped away from the big lights a couple of times. Their most recent hiatus came in 2009 after releasing "This Present Wasteland." The group issued "Generation Nothing" last year and followed the release up with a reunion show at 70,000 Tons of Metal. Now that the band has returned to its former glory, they've assailed North American crowds with their no-bullshit-brand of true heavy metal. Before speaking from the book of heavy metal in San Antonio, vocalist Ronny Munroe and I grabbed the green room at Backstage Live to Metal Church's experiences on the road and the events that helped make the tour possible. More...

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Ronny Munroe Relives 70000 Tons Of Memories

The wind and rain was picking up about half way through Metal Church’s first set of the “Reunion at Sea” aboard 70000 Tons of Steel as the boat was rushing hellbound towards the Caribbean island of Grand Turk. That may have been the destination for some of the 2,000 passengers aboard the Majesty of the Seas, but not for old metal warhorses like me. You see, this cruise had little to do with sunshine and warmth. There were 80 shows to be seen and I was hellbound to see as many as I could, even if that meant sacrificing a day at the beach to catch up on sleep deprivation and drunken madness. The return of Metal Church was just one of those many highlights, as the first show set list consisted of the songs voted on by fans prior to the cruise. It was enough to bring a large guy to tears. Just before the Easter holiday, I spoke to Ronny Munroe to reminisce about the memories of that night in late January, as well as the future of the band, which includes a new album on the horizon. Read and listen along: More...

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