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Formed: 1989
From: Santiago, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Pirosaint news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Pirosaint Streaming New Track

New York band Pirosaint just uploaded the new track "House Of Hardcore," written exclusively for the Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore wrestling academy located in Poughkeepsie, NY.

"House Of Hardcore" features Ignacio Figueroa of the band Naioth on vocals. The track was recorded at Oily Sound Studios by Ignacio Orellana in New Windsor, NY and mixed / mastered at Ignacio Figueroa’s Studios in Valparaiso, Chile.

Pirosaint drummer Ignacio Orellana commented: "We are currently still looking for a capable and steady local singer but in the meantime we have been doing tons of other stuff… like this theme song, that we hope will bring more interest to our good friends at the local wrestling academy. We’ve already worked on some other things related to this so, we hope they will be made public soon enough. The band Pirosaint has material already recorded for an album but we haven’t found the right person to work with us as a singer... so we are still looking for the right person…" More...

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Quemasantos Recruits Vocalist

New York outfit Quemasantos has confirmed Chilean singer Rob Diaz as its official new vocalist and also unleashes the track "‘Seda y Acero" ("Silk & Steel"), which can be heard below.

The track was recorded by Ignacio Orellana at Oily Sound Studio in New Windsor, NY and mixed / mastered by Ignacio Figueroa in Valparaiso, Chile.

Quemasantos (spanish for Burning Saints) is project performing exclusively in Spanish that includes the members of the New York band Pirosaint. The group comments:

"Since we still don’t have the proper and steady singer for our main band Pirosaint, we’ve been looking for new ways to showcase our music, so Quemasantos it is just great for us, because we can create music for a different kind of audience. We have a lot of material and we will be showing it little by little as time allows us to do it."

The band consists of:

Rob Diaz - Vocals
Bill Smith - Guitars
Ron Buckner - Bass
Ignacio Orellana - Drums More...

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Pirosaint Splits With Vocalist

NY-based group Pirosaint today announces that Gonzalo Rodriguez will no longer continue as the band's vocalist. This decision was taken after 15 months of working together.

The last effort including vocalist Gonzalo Rodriguez was the track "Tonight," which can be heard over here. Drummer Ignacio Orellana also commented:

"We are very sad to be announcing this, Gonzalo has been the singer of the band since the band was formed back in 1989, but we have to move on and find somebody locally. We've recorded the music of 11 tracks since last year, and this have put us almost right back where we've started in 2011. With an advantage because, we have music and the demos for the vocal tracks for all the material, so we just need someone with the right attitude and feel, that can work with us."

Any interested vocalist in the Poughkeepsie/NYC area can get in touch with the band at this location.

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Pirosaint Posts Drum Cam Video

NY based band Pirosaint has uploaded a 13 minute drum cam video featuring drummer Ignacio Orellana performing three songs live at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The footage, available below, was shot October 17th while the band was opening as support act for Alekhine's Gun.

Pirosaint is currently finishing vocals tracks for a new album and the artwork will be done by Claudio Bergamin. The album is expected to be released early 2015. More...

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Pirosaint Issues Album Update

Pirosaint has just been confirmed as supporting act for Alekhine's Gun on October 17th, 2014 at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The band is currently performing new and previously recorded material as an instrumental 3 piece in the Poughkeepsie area as vocalist Gonzalo Rodriguez recuperates from a recent house fire.

Pirosaint will continue with the rest of the vocal recordings as soon as possible to be able to finish the second half of a new album before this year ends.

The art work for the upcoming album has been created by the Chilean artist Claudio Bergamin. The concept for this album was developed by guitar player Bill Smith and the band is expecting to reveal the artwork and track listing soon. More...

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Pirosaint Front Man's House Burns Down

Pirosaint has issued the following announcement about vocalist Gonzalo Rodriguez's house burning down:

"We regret to announce that our vocalist, Gonzalo Rodriguez, has lost his home due to a house fire. He and his family are okay, however, it looks as though they have lost everything.

"We have started a fundraiser called '100 For a Friend,' which will allow those who are willing to donate to purchase our recent release, 'Infected Brutality,' at a discounted price, or you can simply donate to the fund.

"All proceeds will go straight to Gonzalo and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts during this difficult time. We love you Tukan!!" More...

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Pirosaint Posts Recording Footage

New York band Pirosaint has uploaded a vocal recording clip where you can see singer Gonzalo Rodriguez working at Ignacio Figueroa's studio in Viña del Mar, Chile. The band's upcoming new album will feature 11 tracks, and the recording clip can be seen below.

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Digmetalworld Offering Albums For Free Download

Digmetalworld - the New York metal distributor that specializes in the promotion of South American metal bands - has announced that 75% of its Bandcamp catalog has become available for free download.

Pick up your own free copy of digital albums from Digmetalworld at this location. Owner/CEO Ignacio Orellana explains:

"Due the current state of the music business, we hope that all the people such as 'new media sites, djs, reviewers, promorers, everybody' can join us on our new way of promotion. Every album on our catalog its already on iTunes, Spotify, etc, etc... but what we really would like to see, are comments and thoughts of the fans and metal music alike. We are happy to have real quality metal music for you all, so if you are interested at all, here we are and get your digital copy from us directly and not from a piratebay, torrent or pirate blog." More...

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Pirosaint Offering Album For Free Download

New York's Pirosaint has announced that during this weekend (until Sunday March 16th), the "Infected Brutality" album will be available for free download right here. You can also stream the release below.

This offer is part of the band's 20th anniversary celebration of the "Infected Dreams" demo, recorded on March 14th, 1994 in Santiago, Chile.

"Infected Brutality" is the exclusive remastered versions of the two demos: "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94." The track listing is as follows:

1. Real psychology (1994)
2. Sent from the emptiness (1994)
3. Noise in my conscience (1994)
4. Agonic introspection (1994)
5. Brutality not condign (1992)
6. Killed your blood (1992)
7. Are only dead lives (1992)
8. Brutality not condign (1998) live
9. Noise in my Conscience (1998) live
10. Are only dead lives (1998) live
11. Real Psychology (1996) live

Drummer Ignacio Orellana commented: "We have received so many messages from the people (that knows us from back then), telling us how great this material is sounding now that has been remastered, that we thought that it would be special to share it during our small anniversary with new fans and more friends. This work it means a lot to us and represents our roots. Our new material brings a little of bit of that and all the new influences that comes included with the new members." More...

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ArmyOfOneTV Talks To Pirosaint

ArmyOfOneTV talked to the members of New York band Pirosaint. Watch the full video interview below. On this video, they discussed the beginnings, reformation, style changes and the new members' influences.

The band is currently promoting its latest re-edition album "Infected Brutality," which contains its original demos. The album is set to be released via Digmetalworld records/MVD Entertainment Group in North America on Feb 11th.

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Poughkeepsie, NY Metal Compilation Available

New York based metal website PoughkeepsieMetal has released a compilation featuring ten bands from the Upstate Poughkeepsie, NY area. Download the album entirely for free at Bandcamp here, or stream the tracks below.

The compilation features Prime Evil, which is currently recording a full album as well as the relocated band Pirosaint that is also recording a full-length. The track listing is as follows:

1. American Dream (The Standard Assault) 03:47
2. See Of Green (Submit To Suffering) 02:18
3. Reaping The Whirlwind (The Begotten) 03:00
4. Tonight (Pirosaint) 04:27
5. The Devil Inside (Feed The Addiction) 04:13
6. Danny Gloved Her (Dead Empires) 05:03
7. Crucifixion Aftermath (Prime Evil) 02:42
8. Ape Shit (Nasty Bastard) 00:37
9. E.B.S. (Clover) 03:21
10. Seraphim Of Pestilence & Disgust (Roargh!) 04:21 More...

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DigMetalWorld Releases New Compilation

DigMetalWorld Records has released a fifth compilation album for free streaming download. "Volume 5: The Devil You Don't Know" contains 18 tracks total with bands from Chile, Brazil, Sweden, and the United States.

Check it out below, or download your copy at Bandcamp here. The label comments on the release:

"As we've done in the past, we have selected bands that are already in our roster and also a few bands that we are currently working so we can get them into it permanently. We hope that the fans have followed our work through the years and they had got the message we've tried to transmit with every release through their names. Surprisingly, each year the quality of their productions have improved a lot to higher levels, so we know that if you give them the chance, these artists will get their space in the people's listening habits."

The complete track list is as follows:

1. I Want You (Atomic Head)
2. Tonight (Pirosaint)
3. Abiogenesis (Dynahead)
4. Departure from the Flesh (Desecrated Sphere)
5. Overload my Blood (Demencia)
6. Farewell (G.E.N.)
7. Mental Walls (Naioth)
8. Cierra Los Ojos (Fuka)
9. El Control (Silverjack)
10. Infierno (Mierdaster)
11. Hell Fire (Warbreath)
12. Meridian (Meridian)
13. Neverending (Mindpath)
14. Exiting Reality p.1 (The Gardnerz)
15. Snake Eyes (Sacred Oath)
16. Orias (Huinca)
17. I've Been Here Before (Nox Eterna)
18. Made Immortal (Hellscream) More...

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Digmetalworld Records Announces New Compilation

NY based metal music distributor DigMetalWorld Records has announced that its fifth compilation album is called "Volume V: The Devil You Don't Know" and will be available on Monday November 11th, 2013 via the label's website here.

The new compilation album will be available for free download and it will include metal bands from Chile, Brazil, USA and more. The track listing is as follows:

1. ATOMIC HEAD (I Want You) (Chile)
2. PIROSAINT (Tonight) (US)
3. DYNAHEAD (Abiogenesis) (Brazil)
4. DESECRATED SPHERE (Departure from the Flesh) (Brazil)
4. DEMENCIA (Overload My Blood) (Chile)
5. G.E.N. (Farewell) (Chile)
6. NAIOTH (Mental Walls) (Chile)
7. FUKA (Cierra Los Ojos) (Chile)
8. SILVERJACK (El Control) (Chile)
9. MIERDASTER (Infierno) (Chile)
10. WARBREAT (Hell Fire) (Chile)
11. MALDITO (Mutilation of the soul) (Chile)
12. MERIDIAN (Meridian) (Chile)
13. MINDPATH (Neverending) (Chile)
14. THE GARDNERZ (Exiting Reality Pt.1) (Sweden)
15. SACRED OATH (Snake Eyes) (US)

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Pirosaint Releases "Infected Brutality"

NY based thrash band Pirosaint has released the album "Infected Brutality" digitally via Digmetalworld Records, an album which will be distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America by the end of 2013. You can stream the full album at this location.

"Infected Brutality" contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94" recorded originally in Santiago, Chile by Jose Luis Corral at the Rec. Studios. The album also includes four previously unreleased live tracks and was remastered at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY. "Infected Brutality" is currently available on digital format via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Digmetalworld's website. With this album the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of the second demo "Infected Dreams."

Running order of the album:

- INFECTED DREAMS - Demo II - 1994
1. Real Psychology (1994) - remastered
2. Sent from the Emptiness (1994) - remastered
3. Noise in my Conscience (1994) - remastered
4. Agonic Introspection (1994) - remastered

5. Brutality not Condign (1992) - remastered
6. Killed Your Blood (1992) - remastered
7. Are only Dead Living (1992) - remastered

8. Brutality not Condign (1998) live
9. Noise in My Conscience (1998) live
10. Are only Dead Living (1998) live

- LIVE SHOW - SANTIAGO, Teatro Carrera
11. Real Psychology (1996) live

12. Semillero Rock (1991) rehearsal (CD bonus track)

The band is currently finishing up the recordings for the new album that will be released early 2014. More information about this releases and the upcoming album at the Official Website.

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Pirosaint Posts New Lyric Video

New York-based metal band Pirosaint has released a lyric video for the new track "Tonight." The video was created by Digmetalworld Records and can be viewed below.

The "Tonight" track was recorded at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY by Ignacio Orellana while vocals were recorded at Nacrur Studios by Andres Nacrur in Santiago, Chile. The mixing and mastering was done at Ignacio Figueroa's studios in Viña del Mar. Drummer Ignacio Orellana commented:

"We have uploaded our newest promos and also all our older material remastered (Demos and Eps done in Chile) to our Bandcamp page, so the people that don't knows us can do it easily. Now, we will continue to work on the rest of the recordings and all what is need it to complete the project. We hope to be able to play live for everyone pretty soon! We would like to thank to everyone that has been supporting and we won't disappoint you with our new material."

The new album will be called simply "Pirosaint" and will have 10 new tracks. The album is expected to be release late 2013 or beginning of 2014. More...

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Pirosaint Posts New Track Online

NY metal act Pirosaint has uploaded a second single from the band's upcoming self-titled album. The brand new track "Tonight" is available for streaming below.

The song was recorded at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY by Ignacio Orellana and the vocal tracks were recorded at Nacrur Studios by Andres Nacrur in Santiago, Chile. The mixing and mastering was done at Ignacio Figueroa's studios in Viña del Mar, Chile.

The album is expected to be released late 2013 or beginning of 2014. A lyric video will be released in the next few weeks. Drummer Ignacio Orellana commented:

"We are very happy to be working with Ignacio Figueroa, he has been a very patience man and he has giving us the sound that we have been looking for… to be working over the internet has been always a hassle for everyone we know but he have a clear idea of working this way, plus he is a very talented musician and you can see it when you start listening to his band Naioth, he knows what he is doing.

"To make a song talking about going to a concert it may sound a little weird today's day after youtube's way of showing everything day after day, but... back then it was a whole new experience, just remember yourself getting ready to go see to our favorite artists and such waiting for a friend or picking up to a friend before going out… Today we have lost the excitement and expectations about it, so we wanted to pay tribute to that with this song." More...

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Pirosaint Streaming New Single

NY metal band Pirosaint has released the first single from upcoming album "Pirosaint." The brand new track "A New Yesterday" is available to streaming below.

"A New Yesterday" features original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez, and this is his first recording with the band since the EP "New God" in 1997. The music was recorded at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY by Ignacio Orellana and the vocal tracks were recorded at Nacrur Studios by Andres Nacrur in Santiago, Chile. The mixing and mastering was done at Ignacio Figueroa's studio in Viña del Mar, Chile.

The album is expected to be release late 2013 or early 2014. Drummer Ignacio Orellana comments: "As we said it when we started in 1989 - Warriors will never Surrender - so, now in 2013 - We're here again, Now the Warrior has learned… bring metal back... bring Pirosaint back!

"Its been a real pleasure to work again with our original vocalist Gonzalo, it feels like home, and this song is about that, on how the band has always found the way back to metal. We are looking forward to this album, it will contain pure classic metal music. Hope you enjoy it like we are!" More...

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Pirosaint Announces Return Of Previous Vocalist

After splitting with vocalist Nick Scandiffio, Pirosaint has announced that the band will be rejoined by original singer Gonzalo Rodriguez to record vocals for a new full album.

Gonzalo Rodriguez was the responsible for the vocals on the band's demos "Atrocity Not Condign" (1992) and "Infected Dreams" (1994), along with the EP "New God" (1997). You can watch the music video for the track "Real Psychology," taken off the "Infected Dreams" demo recorded in 1994. Check out the clip below.

Drummer Ignacio Orellana also commented: "We are happy to announce that we are working with our original singer. It has been a pretty tough decision for us to do this, since he will be working with us from Chile and we already know that the second part of this project it will be the hardest part, because of that fact, but right now… with two local failures in the count, we still haven't found any stable singer locally to be able to record or perform live with us and we need to put our new material out. We have been working on the new songs for some time now… so our EP project has become our debut album… yeah! 20 years after but what the hell we have at least two original members that were on those old recordings… so that's all, we just keep working hard at it… we love what we do..."

Pirosaint consists of:

Gonzalo Rodriguez - Vocals
Bill Smith - Guitars
Ron Buckner - Bass
Ignacio Orellana - Drums More...

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Pirosaint Splits With Vocalist

Pirosaint has announced that vocalist Nick Scandiffio officially left the band. Scandiffio joined the group in November 2012 to replace original frontman Gonzalo Rodriguez. Drummer Ignacio Orellana explains:

"Unfortunately he was offered a better option for its future (a work offer) so, he won't be available for the band's recording schedule. We are currently finishing the recordings of the instrument tracks for our new mini EP album and as a band, Pirosaint has always been about moving forward, no matter what obstacles present themselves and are eagerly beginning the search for a new vocalist immediately."

Vocalists in the Poughkeepsie, NY area who are interested in joining the band can send an e-mail to: "booking@pirosaint.com." More info on the act is available via the official Pirosaint website or Facebook profile. More...

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Song Titles Revealed For "Stronger Than Hate"

Metal music distributor/label Digmetalworld has announced the full tracklist for its 4th compilation album, "Stronger than Hate - Volume 4," containing 15 bands from last year's edition plus five bonus songs, live and single tracks. The album is going to be available for free to download on Mon Dec 17th via Digmetalworld.

Commented its C.E.O/founder Ignacio Orellana: "We have been working since 2007 from our New York base, bringing the best bands from Chile, Brazil and Sweden to the rest of the world. This album is in fact stronger than the earlier releases because it brings a wider variety of metal styles."

The full track list is the following:

01. PIROSAINT - I'd Rather See them Bleed
02. HUINCA - Rapa Nui
03. WARCHEST - Fear of the Machine
04. LEFUTRAY - Screaming in Silence
05. MASTERPIECE - Revenge
06. KATTAH - I Believe
07. ANCESTTRAL - Bloodshed and Violence
08. CONFLICTED - God Is Death
09. INFERIS - Lead The Chain
10. MIERDASTER - Verte Caer
11. KRUDO - Asesino
12. AKBAL - Heredero del Odio
13. NAIOTH - Dance Of Light
14. OBSCENE - Unnamed
15. TERMINAL PROSPECT - Blood Burning Veins
16. MAGMA LAKE - Beyond this Path
17. D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death
18. GOATLOVE - Automatic Fire
19. NUCLEAR - The Pain you Asked For (live)
20. VASTATOR - Puñado de Almas (live)

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