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Formed: 1990
From: Hamburg, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

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Paragon Comments On "Hell Beyond Hell" Release

German metal band Paragon just issued this year-end message and comment about the band's latest album release:

"It's not easy for A small band like us to keep on going these days as it gets harder and harder to get (paid) shows and sell enough albums in this commercial driven music business. Anyhow, we are existing now for 26 years and we still love what we do, love to record new music, play live and most of all get feedback from you - the best fans of the world.

"We had a great year with all the positive feedback for 'Hell Beyond Hell' from fans and press and a lot of cool shows. We also know that 'Hell Beyond Hell' is maybe not such an easy listing experience like 'Force Of Destruction' and needs a few more spins before it clicks. 'Force Of Destruction' had all a Paragon fan could expect from a Paragon album, but after that we grew as a band and as friends and we didn't wanted to repeat ourselves.

"So 'Hell Beyond Hell' is 100% what we wanted to record at that time, without compromises to anyone but ourselves! We rehearsed a lot for the live shows and we are a much tighter band now, than we were in the past. Bert, Martin & Günny already gathered some riffs and songwriting will start in January. So also after 26 year expect no mercy from us as it will see the release of one of our heaviest albums and also a lot of Metal fueled live shows. All the best to you and your families and 'Metal Is The Law!'" More...

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Paragon Reveals New Album Details

Following a recent signing to Remedy Records and announcement about new album "Hell Beyond Hell," Paragon is now ready to reveal full details on the release. The band comments:

"Sören's drums for the new album 'Hell Beyond Hell' were recorded by Schrödey at his Absurd Studio and most other stuff was recorded and of course also mixed by Piet Sielck at his Powerhouse in Hamburg. We tried to keep everything very direct, fresh and open and we are very satisfied with the result. On the limited edition there will be nine songs and an edit of one song.

"Unfortunately our long time cover artist and friend - Dirk Illing - passed away last year way to early, so we wondered who could be the one to take over our cover art. When Martin and Jan (Bünning) went to the last Judas Priest show in Hamburg in the middle of 2015 they met Lars Paukstadt, the guy who created the classic Paragon shield and logo about 25 years ago! He still is an artist and doing a lot of none-Metal-stuff, but has also done artwork for bands like Iced Earth & Legion Of The Damned. After some phone calls and sketches form Lars, we knew he is the right one! The cover artwork is still in progress, but we hope to have it in our hands soon."

01. Rising Forces
02. Hypnotized
03. Hell Beyond Hell
04. Heart Of The Black
05. Stand Your Ground
06. Meat Train
07. Buried In Blood
08. Devil´s Waitingroom
09. Thunder In The Dark (Bonus Song)
10. Heart Of The Black (Edit - Bonus Song)

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Paragon Announces "Hell Beyond Hell"

After recently signing to Remedy Records, Paragon has now issued the following announcement about releasing a new album early next year:

"The next Paragon album will be called 'Hell Beyond Hell' and it will be released in March / April 2016 on Remedy Records, distributed by Soulfood. The exact release date will follow soon!

"There will be eight songs on the regular CD and vinyl LP and one bonus song and one edited song on the limited digipack-CD.

"The eight songs have a running time of 46 minutes with two epic titles about 8 - 9 minutes long. Stay tuned for more new concerning the artwork, song titles, new shows etc."

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Paragon Signs Record Deal

Germany's Paragon just issued the following statement about inking a new deal with Remedy Records:

"OK Paraheads you waited long enough. We are very pleased to announce that we are back on Remedy Records / Souldfood Distribution! Remedy released all our classic albums like 'Steelbound,' 'Law Of The Blade,' 'The Dark Legacy,' and 'Revenge.'

"Their office is based in Hamburg, we were always in contact with Jörn & Pedy and of course we are still friends. They always treated us very well and it really feels good to be back on a label which really cares about (metal) music and not only about money. More...

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Paragon Recruits New Drummer

After parting ways with drummer Chris Gripp, German power metal band Paragon has now issued the following announcement about recruiting Sören Teckenburg:

"After just a few rehearsals we decided to make Sören Teckenburg a permanent Paragon member. This man just LIVES drumming.

"Besides having several other projects and bands like Time Has Come, he also is a drum teacher. He is click tight, hits the drums heavy and he can play lightning fast.

"We are very proud that he has joined the Paracrew and we are sure he will increase our sound and performance superior. Be prepared for a few surprises in our future live sets as there will be no limitations now."

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Paragon Parts Ways With Drummer

Germany's Paragaon has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's drummer:

"Some bad news, some good news: After almost ten years we parted ways with our drummer Chris Gripp.

"No bad blood, Chris just decided he has to put more focus on his private live and is not able to concentrate on Paragon as we need it. He will of course continue to play the drums in his Iron Maiden tribute band Powerslave and his other projects. All the best to you Chris - you will be missed!

"For now we will continue with Mr. Sören Teckenburg of Time Has Come who already helped out our good friends of Iron Savior at some live shows as session drummer. After three rehearsals he is already able to play an almost flawless set with us and we are really looking forward to our shows in Greece and the UK!" More...

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Paragon Posts Full Album Preview

German metal act Paragon posted a preview featuring clips from the entire forthcoming release "Force of Destruction." The album is scheduled to drop via Napalm Records on October 19, 2012. "Force of Destruction" is the band's tenth studio release and the first to feature new guitarist Jan Bertram (Ex-Arctic Fields) and guitarist Wolfgang Tewes (Black Hawk) who joined the band in 2010.

The track listing for "Force of Destruction" is as follows:

1. The Last Day on Earth
2. Iron Will
3. Tornado
4. Gods of Thunder
5. Bulletstorm
6. Blood & Iron
7. Blades of Hell
8. Dynasty
9. Rising from the Black
10. Demon's Lair
11. Secrecy

Check out the preview here: More...

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Paragon Reveals "Force Of Destruction" Details

Paragon will release "Force of Destruction" this coming October 19th through Napalm Records, and the new album's track listing is:

1. The Last Day On Earth
2. Iron Will
3. Tornado
4. Gods Of Thunder
5. Bulletstorm
6. Blood & Iron
7. Blades Of Hell
8. Dynasty
9. Rising From The Black
10. Demon´s Lair
11. Secrecy
12. Son Of A Bitch (Bonus Track) (Accept Cover)
13. Blood & Iron (Bonus Track) (Vocals Andreas Babuschkin & Kai Hansen) (Remix)

Napalm Records comments on the release:

"Traditionally forged Heavy Metal! For more than 20 years, the Heavy Metal institution has been example for how German steel has to be forged - no-holds-barred, heavy and on maximum volume! The new album 'Force of Destruction' stays true to the band's creed and fires from all cylinders. Heavy riffs, pounding drums, melodic hooklines and catchy refrains turn songs like 'Iron Will' or 'Bulletstorm' into anthems of the genre.

"In each and every second, every song on the album breathes the band's fighting spirit and sense of the tradition. The longplayer was produced by sound wizard Piet Sielck, who has already lent his talents to bands like Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian or Iron Savior. He gave 'Force of Destruction' a crystal-clear and heavy sound. The limited first pressing includes the exclusive bonus track 'Blood & Iron' that features Piet Sielck & Kai Hansen on guest vocals. Heavy Metal fans know what to do!" More...

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Paragon Reveals New Album Cover

German heavy metal act Paragon joined the Napalm Records roster earlier this month. The band's 10th album "Force of Destruction" is due out via Napalm this coming October.

Paragon has now revealed the cover artwork for the album, which can be viewed below. For more details on Paragon, head over to the band's official Facebook profile here. More...

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Paragon Joins Napalm Records

German heavy metal veterans Paragon (founded in 1990) have inked a deal with Napalm Records. The band’s 10th album "Force of Destruction" is scheduled for an end of October release.

The new longplayer was produced by Piet Sielck (Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Iron Saviour) at Powerhouse, Hamburg. Guest vocals on the bonus version of the song "Blood & Iron" were provided by Kai Hansen & Piet Sielck.

Stay tuned for more details, or you can also check out additional info on Paragon over at the band's Facebook profile. Paragon is:

Andreas Babuschkin - Vocals
Wolfgang Tewes - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Bertram - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals
Christian Gripp - Drums

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Paragon Issues Band Update

German power metal act Paragon has issued the following update, through bassist Jan Bunning:

"We are very proud to announce that the producer of our next album will be none other than Piet Sielck. We already worked with him on four of our previous albums ('Steelbound', 'Law Of The Blade', 'The Dark Legacy' and 'Revenge') and it will for sure be like a coming home for us. Piet worked with bands like Saxon and Blind Guardian and knows best what we have to sound like.

"At present we are gathering ideas and riffs and already have completed some rough versions of two songs and ideas for about four others. I can already tell you that the stuff sounds very old school and back to the our roots!

"The artwork will once again be handled by Dirk Illing who who also worked with us on previous albums like 'Law The Blade', 'The Dark Legacy' and 'Forgotten Prophecies' and his recent works include the Scorpions and all the Wacken merchandise.

"Last but not least, there will be a reunion with our photographer Stefan Malzkorn who also did a lot of our album and promo shots (like our last shots of the new lineup). He is one of the best photographers in Germany, already had a lot of front covers in Metal Hammer and Rock Hard and worked with bands like Saxon, Gamma Ray, Cradle of Filth and Apocalyptica."

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Paragon Reveals New Album Tracklisting

German power metal band, Paragon, have announced a November 14th release date for their new album, "Screenslaves." The tracklisting for "Screenslaves" is as follows:

1. Hellgore
2. Disconnected
3. Entombed
4. Screenslaves
5. Bloodfeast
6. The Blade In The Dark
7. Death Next Door
8. The Killing Hand
9. Waxworks
10. Larger Than Life
11. Legacy (italian version)
12. Screenslaves videoclip (digipack bonus only!)

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Paragon To Enter Studio In April

German power metallers PARAGON will enter the studio in April to begin recording their new album for a fall release. Songtitles set to appear on the as-yet-untitled CD include "The Blade In The Dark", "Screenslaves", "Bloodfeast", "Disconnected" and "King of my Castle".

PARAGON's latest album, "Forgotten Prophecies", was released last June via Remedy Records.

After the recording of "Forgotten Prophecies" in early 2007, the band's longtime bass player Jan Bünning quit the band because of "musical differences." Shortly after, the group found a replacement in Dirk Seifert.

In late 2007 the band changed labels and is now signed to Massacre Records.

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Paragon Introduce New Bassist

German power metallers PARAGON have updated their MySpace page to reveal their current lineup, which introduces the band's replacement for bassist Jan Bünning, who lef the band due to "musical differences".

The current Paragon lineup includes: Andreas Babuschkin (vocals), Martin Christian (guitars backing vox), Günny "Luigi" Kruse (guitars, backing vox), Dirk Seifert (bass), Christian Gripp (drums).

Paragon's new album, Forgotten Prophecies, will be released in June.

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Skyclad & Paragon To Play Ragnarok Preshow

Skyclad and Paragon have been confirmed to co-headline the Fimbulvetr [="Winters of Winters' in Nose mythology] Preshow at this years' Ragnarok festival, which is set to take place on November 4th at the new Concert Hall in Perth, Scotland.

The aim of the gig is to provide a top quality night of metal, featuring five bands from the UK and abroad in a smaller, more intimate venue than that of the main day's festivities. The preshow will be taking place on November 3rd.

The event will be recorded for future inclusion on live DVD/CD.

For more information, visit www.ragnarokfestival.com.

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"Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004" Details

Armageddon Music have announced a March 21 release date for the "Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004" 3-CD set. The package will feature more than 220 minutes and 38 bands, along with liner notes, photos and information about the annual German metal festival. Here is the complete track listing:

Disc 1:

01. ANTHRAX - "Indians"
02. ANTHRAX - "Only"
03. DESTRUCTION - "Nailed To The Cross"
04. CHILDREN OF BODOM - "Sixpounder"
05. CANNIBAL CORPSE - "Dormant Bodies Bursting"
06. MAYHEM - "Pargans Fears"
07. DEATH ANGEL - "Thicker Than Blood"
08. UNLEASHED - "To Asgaard We Fly"
09. ORPHANAGE - "Five Crystals"
10. EKTOMORF - "I Know Them"
11. EKTOMORF - "Destroy"
12. BAL-SAGOTH - "The Emperial Lexicon"
13. MNEMIC - "Ghost"
14. CATHEDRAL - "Stained Glass Horizon"
15. NEVERMORE - "Enemies Of Reality"

Disc 2: More...

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Paragon Set Release Date For 'Revenge'

German power metallers PARAGON have set an April 18 European release date through Remedy Records for their new album, "Revenge".

"Revenge" marks the follow-up to the band's successful album "The Dark Legacy", released by Remedy in 2003.

The new CD was recorded in part at Karo studios with the help of an engineer, and the rest of the recording process and mixing was done at Piet Sielck's (IRON SAVIOR) new Powerhouse Studios. The artwork for the record is being done by the Argentine artist Valgorth. PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Tom Naumann makes a guest appearance on lead guitar in the track "Impaler".

"Revenge" track listing: More...

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Paragon "Revenge" Tracklisting Revealed

Germany's Paragon have revealed the tentative track listing for their new album, "Revenge", scheduled to be released in February/March 2005 through Remedy Records.

Here is the track listing:

01. Impaler
02. Assassins
03. Traitor
04. Master Of The Seas
05. Revenge
06. Symphony Of Pain
07. Beyond The Veil
08. Battle Rages On
09. Art Of War
10. Empire Of The Lost
11. The Gods Made Heavy Metal (Bonus Track - MANOWAR cover)

The Japanese version will also include an edited version of "Master Of The Seas."

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Paragon Finish Recording Backing Vocals For New CD

German power metallers Paragon have finished laying down the backing vocals for their new album, "Revenge", due in February/March 2005 through Remedy Records.

"Revenge" marks the follow-up to the band's successful album "The Dark Legacy", released by Remedy last year. The new record is being partly recorded at Karo studios with the help of an engineer, and the rest of the recording process and mixing will be done at Piet Sielck's (Iron Savior) new Powerhouse Studios. The artwork for the record will once again be done by Dirk Illing of XMD. Primal Fear guitarist Tom Naumann makes a guest appearance on lead guitar in the track "Impaler".

In other news, Paragon have posted pictures of their live appearance at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany in August. Check them out at this location.

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Primal Fear Guitarist On Upcoming Paragon Album

Primal Fear guitarist Tom Naumann has recorded a guitar solo for the track "Impaler" on the upcoming Paragon album, "Revenge," due in February/March 2005 through Remedy Records.

"Revenge" marks the follow-up to the band's successful album "The Dark Legacy", released by Remedy last year. The new record is being partly recorded at Karo studios with the help of an engineer, and the rest of the recording process and mixing will be done at Piet Sielck's (Iron Savior) new Powerhouse Studios. The artwork for the record will once again be done by Dirk Illing of XMD.

"Revenge" tentative track listing:

01. Revenge
02. Traitor
03. Master of the Seas
04. Art of War
05. Beyond the Veil
06. Impaler
07. Assassins
08. Battle Rages On

Commented Paragon bassist Jan Bünning: "There will at last be two additional tracks (a ballad and a more melodic song) which have no titles yet and maybe a cover version which we already recorded for a tribute compilation but which was not used because the compilation was not released. There will [also] be a DVD as bonus to the first pressing which will include a liveshow of our Wacken and/or Sweden Rock performance."

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