"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1985
From: NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Overlorde News

Below is our complete Overlorde news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Overlorde SR Responds To Overlorde With Petition

The New Jersey based metal band Overlorde is claiming trademark infringement against the North Carolina metal band Overlorde SR and the latter's label, Heaven and Hell Records. A month ago, we had reported to you that Overlorde stated that the two names were too similar and the logos would cause confusion.

Heaven and Hell Records even ceased and desisted from selling Overlorde SR's latest release, "Medieval Metal Too," until the matter could be peaceably resolved. The petition, in which Overlorde SR is trying to get 500 signatures, and a more detailed account of recent occurences can be found by heading over to change.org. More...

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Overlorde Guitarist Posts Live Video Online

Guitarist Mark "M.E". Edwards of the New Jersey metal band Overlorde, has posted video footage of his solo performance from ProgPower USA XII. The video showcases his song, "Blinder." The video was filmed on September 16th, 2011.

The footage is of M.E.'s "One Man Show," where he performs to sequenced backing tracks that he programmed using a Roland R-70 in the 1990's.

Watch the footage of "Blinder" below:

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Heaven And Hell Stops Sales Of Overlorde SR

Heaven and Hell Records recently released a limited 1000 unit pressing of Fayetteville, NC band Overlorde SR's CD "Medieval Metal Too," and has ceased sales of the album on its website due to claims of copyright infringement. New Jersey metallers Overlorde had contacted the label and claimed that the similar monikers will create confusion, so Heaven and Hell Records is ceasing and desisting with the promotion of Overlorde SR until a mutually beneficial resolution between both bands can be arrived at.

Overlorde SR started out in the 70's in North Carolina, having its song "Keeper of the Flame" featured on Metal Massacre VIII and the EP "Medieval Metal" released in 1985. The New Jersey band Overlorde formed in 1985, releasing a five song EP on vinyl via Strike Zone Records in 1987. One band is power metal and the other is traditional U.S. heavy metal.

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Unearthing the NY/NJ Shred Metal Underground

Each week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we take a look at three quality underground artists that haven’t gotten the exposure they deserve. This week I am exploring the shred scene in the tri-state area.

Now I wouldn't exactly call it much of a scene here, but there are quite a few talented guitarists in New Jersey and New York. From people posting their own solos/songs on youtube out of a bedroom studio to veteran musicians who book at high class studios to record their album. Today I'll be discussing three acts from across the spectrum. More...

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Overlorde Announces Return of Vocalist Bobby Lucas

NJ heavy metallers, Overlorde, have announced the return of Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas as their new vocalist. The band is anxious to begin working on material for their follow-up to "RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT."

Bobby comments on his return to Overlorde, "I couldn't be happier about returning to OVERLORDE. Our release, 'RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT', is some of my best work ever and I plan on giving the next album 110%." I have been through some tough times and battled illness and tragedy in my life over the past 3 years, but I have come through it a much stronger person. I feel better than ever, and my voice is stronger than it's ever been in the 24 years that I've been a vocalist! Mark, John, and Dave are like family to me and it feels like I never left the group.I also want to thank them and the fans for sticking by me and making it all worthwhile! Cheers everyone!"

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Overlorde Part Ways With Singer Chris Colfax

New Jersey thrashers, Overlorde, have parted ways with vocalist Chris Colfax.

The band have issued the following statement regarding the search for a replacement singer:

”The band will now begin to look for a replacement. The band is well into preparing for its next release on Sonic Age Records, the follow-up to the highly acclaimed CD titled 'RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT.' So the vocalist should be ready to hit the ground running. “

”Any interested vocalists should feel free to contact the band at vocal_search@overlorde.com. Let Overlorde know how to hear some of you work online and give them some basic information about yourself.”

In other news the band have posted the song, "OVERLORDE," on their MySpace page.

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Overlorde Announce New Vocalist

Overlorde announces that Chris Colfax has permanently joined as the band's vocalist! The band looks forward to working with Chris as they write and prepare for the release of their second CD on Sonic Age Records.

A live MP3 of SNOW GIANT, taken from the band's set at BROOKLYN METALFEST II, is now available for download at the band's myspace page. This is the first publicly available Overlorde recording with Chris on vocals. Check out pictures of the show both at the band's myspace page and website.

In other news, Kong will be appearing at a "Meet and Greet" at DRAGON CON in Atlanta, Georgia as a guest of HEAVEN AND HELL RECORDS. The convention runs from Aug 31st to September 3rd, 2007.

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Overlorde Post New Video Online

A video single for the OVERLORDE song 'Snow Giant' is now available for streaming. Go to www.overlorde.com or www.myspace.com/overlorde.

In other news, Overlorde have been confirmed to play the Brooklyn Metal Fest on June 23rd. It will be the band's first live show in two years. Go to this location for more information. More...

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Second Annual Brooklyn Metal Fest Announced

Magus Beast announce the following details about the two-day event, Brooklyn Metalfest:

"It is with Great Pleasure that we announce the Second annual BROOKLYN METALFEST to take place at the Hook on Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd. This year’s event will be a TWO-DAY FESTIVAL with the first band hitting the stage at 7pm on Friday and at 12 noon on Saturday. Admission will be $15 dollars for single day tickets and $20 for two day passes. There will also be a FREE BBQ for all paid admissions (FREE FOOD ONLY).

This year’s festival is really shaping up to be a killer event. We have added ROSS THE BOSS - former guitarist of metal legend MANOWAR and the DICTATORS) playing a full Manowar set, SEVEN WITCHES – featuring Jack Frost (Savatage, Speed, Bronx Casket Co) and former Hades/Non-Fiction Lead Singer Alan Tecchio, and BRAND NEW SIN – who will be spending the Spring touring with Type O Negative. Also highlighted on the bill are Queens based Metal Veterans MAGUS BEAST and Long Island’s own, CONSTRICTED. LMP Recording artists and Brooklyn Natives ZANDELLE will be performing in support of their latest release as well as New Jersey Power Metallers OVERLORDE will be playing their first show in 2 years, and their first NYC tri-state area show since the December 2004 release of its critically acclaimed CD titled RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT. Some of the other bands that have been confirmed include: SKULLSHIFTER, VICTIM OF PAIN, TWILIGHT ODYSSEY, BORGO PASS, DEVILS ISLAND, CASTROFATE, ILLUSION OF FATE, DISBELIEVER, AUDIBLE THOUGHT, CHICAGO TYPEWRITER, AND MANY MORE! More...

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Overlorde Honour D-Day (June 6) With 1987 Track

Today, June 6, is not only the much publicized 06/06/06, it is also the anniversary of OVERLORDE's naming. And the anniversary of a monumental event in world history.


To mark the anniversaries, and to honor those who sacrificed so much, OVERLORDE has added a song to its MySpace music player from their 1987 EP. Titled OVERLORDE, the song is about D-Day.

Check out the song, and read more, at this location.

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Overlorde Post Video Online

The official DVD of KEEP IT TRUE IV has been released. This features four of Overlorde’s songs (20 minutes) from our debut European gig in April 2005. This is the first EVER DVD release featuring Overlorde footage. We are glad to report that the DVD came out excellent. Great audio and video.

Since the DVD will be difficult to get in the USA, we may be offering it via mailorder to all our fans. The DVD would come with a free full size promotional poster. So if you have any desire to buy the DVD, contact us right away so we can be sure to contact you directly one we decide to proceed with the offer.

Click here to see the new promo video for Overlorde's songs on the official KEEP IT TRUE IV compilation DVD! More...

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Live Interview with Guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards

Overlorde's Flying V slinger will call into HIGH VOLTAGE metal radio show in Oslo, Norway on Sunday, September 11th to talk about RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT, the band's 20th anniversary, and his Norwegian heritage. While the show itself is in Norwegian, the interview will be in English. The show airs locally on FM 101.1 and can also be heard live over the internet worldwide. So be sure to tune in between 3:00pm and 5:00pm East Coast USA (9:00pm-11:00pm CET) time. http://go.to/High-voltage. Force Recon Pathfinder Curt Sigurdsen will be the host! Note: Try tuning in a day in advance to be sure the stream works OK for you.

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Help Overlorde Choose Their New Single

Overlorde is choosing its next single/MP3 from their Return of the Snow Giant CD. And they want your help!!

Please take the poll that has been set up and tell Overlorde which song is your fave, or that you think should be used as the next single, at www.overlorde.com

Only vote if you are fully familiar with their Return of the Snow Giant CD. Thanks!

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Overlorde Guitarist Hold Meet & Greet At Progpower

Overlorde has announced that guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards will represent Overlorde for an official meet and greet session with fans during Progpower USA VI metalfest in Atlanta, Georgia. M.E. will be the guest of the End Records on Saturday, September 17th. Fans can get full sized Overlorde promo posters signed by M.E. and can also pick up the bands highly praised Sonic Age Records debut CD titled "Return of the Snow Giant," including the new vinyl gatefold edition.

Signs will be posted at the festival starting Friday, Sept 16th, announcing the exact time of the meet and greet.

M.E. will also have copies of his solo release "G.W.A." (Guitar with Attitude) for sale. To learn more about this Joe Satriani style release, visit www.meflyingv.com.

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Overlorde Posts New Song Online

Overlorde announces the launch of its MySpace Music page at MySpace.com! Guitarist Mark "M.E." Edwards explained the importance of this:

"The metal community has really flourished at MySpace. Especially the American fans. We just recently became aware of MySpace Music, which allows bands to post songs and interact in a positive way with fans. It really is a great place to bring the bands and fans together, and I think its going to go a long way in rejuvenating the classic/heavy/power metal scene here in the states. The response has already been great. The page has only been up for about 10 days and we have already hooked up with over 500 new fans!"

The site is found at www.myspace.com/overlorde. Anyone who already has a MySpace profile is invited to send an ADD FRIEND REQUEST to the band. For everyone else, you don't need to be registered to check it out but it is required to access all sections of the Overlorde page. Registration is free.

"People visiting the site will find some cool things and surprises on our MySpace Music page in the coming weeks". Edwards explained. "And right now there is information regarding a contest to win free shirts and posters. You can also post to a blog wishing some of Overlorde's band members a happy birthday. If anyone out there likes what he or she sees, be sure to tell all your other MySpace friends! See you there!"

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Overlorde Schedule Online Listening Party

An "Online Chat and CD Listening Party" has been scheduled for Saturday, January 15th. Check out the new Overlorde CD while chatting with other fans and members of Overlorde. Drop a line to ovrlrde@aol.com with subject of "Online chat and listening party!" if you want to attend and get contacted with details.

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Overlorde Finish Recording

The recording and mastering for "Return of the Snow Giant" is done and the master CD has been delivered to Sonic Age Records. Everything appears on-track for the December 17, 2004 release! The CD artwork is now available, as well as the first MP3. Pictures from Overlorde’s appearance at Metal Nation: Northern Aggression, and lyrics for the song Colossus (Island of the Cyclops), can be found at www.overlorde.com.

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Overlorde Announce Live Appearance

First live appearance in over two years announced: Metal Nation: Northern Aggression I metal fest Oct 1, 2004 in Manchester, NH, USA, appearing with Seven Witches.

Additional lyrics posted from "Return of the Snow Giant."
Photos from the August 14th recording session posted.

See the current news section of www.overlorde.com for more info!

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Overlorde Records Debut Album

Overlorde enters the recording studio on July 25th to begin recording its debut CD for Cult Metal Classics Records, titled "Return of the Snow Giant." The recording is being done at Trax East, located in South River NJ. The recording sessions will be engineered by Eric Kvortek, and the mixing sessions will be engineered by Eric Rachel. The sessions are also being video-documented by Overlorde Force Recon Pathfinder Greg Smith.

Overlorde guitarist M.E. has been documenting guitar pre-production for the recording sessions in the Musicians forum at http://www.snakenet.com.

In other news, to commemorate the band's signing with Cult Metal Classics and the coming release of the CD, the band has made a special "Limited Edition" T-shirt (and other items) available at its Cafe Press webstore. Check it out here. Also, Force Recon Ranger Damian Smolko has been working on an interactive video game featuring Overlorde music. Once it is ready, it will be available as a free download.

The following songs are being recorded for release on the CD (not in exact song order): More...

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