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From: Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Nordheim News

Below is our complete Nordheim news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Nordheim Unveils "Rapthor" Cover

Nordheim is gearing up to release a new album to follow 2013's booze-soaked adventure "Refill." The cover artwork can be seen below, with the band simply commenting: "'Rapthor' album, out in 2017. Beer, boobs, bacon, dragons and dinosaurs. Roll your initiative!"

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Nordheim To Record New Album

Canadian folk metal group Nordheim just checked in with this update about plans to record a new album this year:

"So, we're finally sober enough to write something that make sense. We want thank you for your support in 2015 you've been great and we also want to wish you a Happy New Year and may everything you wish for come true.

"You probably have already noticed that we suck at social media. For 2016, we hope to change that but, you know, we said that last year.

"BUT, this year, we'll record a NEW ALBUM! FINALLY! Be ready because this one will be faster, heavier and the lyrics will be about important life stuff like boobs, bacon and dinosaurs."

We haven't heard any new music from Nordheim since the 2013 album "Refill" (remember how the awesome artwork spurred on some debate?). Stay tuned for more details as they are made available. More...

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Nordheim Posts New Lyric Video

Nordheim has released a new lyric clip for "The Grief," which comes off latest album "Refill." Check out the song below, and the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Ov Frost and Ice
2. Mask of the Banned One
3. Get Drunk or Die Tryin'
4. Watch the Raven Die
5. Under a Crying Storm
6. The Grief
7. Winter's Dawn
8. As Shadows Pass By
9. Soulblood (streaming here)

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Nordheim Streaming New Song

Canada's Nordheim has posted the song "Soulblood" online, which can be heard below. The track comes off new album "Refill," due out April 20th in Canada and early May elsewhere. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ov Frost and Ice
2. Mask of the Banned One
3. Get Drunk or Die Tryin'
4. Watch the Raven Die
5. Under a Crying Storm
6. The Grief
7. Winter's Dawn
8. As Shadows Pass By
9. Soulblood More...

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Nordheim Reveals New Album Artwork

Quebec's folk metal outfit Nordheim has now revealed the cover artwork for new album "Refill," which can be found below. "Refill" is due out in early 2013 through Maple Metal Records, with more info coming soon. In the mean time, check out additional details on the band through Facebook here.


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Maple Metal Records Posts Roster On Bandcamp

Maple Metal Records has posted the band's roster onto bandcamp so you can stream albums prior to purchasing physical or digital media. To get a taste of what Maple Metal has to offer, check out the full "Asphyxia" album by Sangre Eterna or the full "Lost in the North" album by Nordheim in the players available below, or find albums by Kalter, Kemilon, Valfreya, Memorain, and more over at bandcamp here. More...

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Eths Comes To The Rock Band Network

The pickings are quite slim again for new metal music this week on the Rock Band Network, but there is a good quality extreme metal track from rising French stars Eths.

The band will finally be releasing new album "III" (reviewed here) in North America early next month, but fans who haven't gotten a chance to hear the album yet can get an advance preview with the newly added song "Gravis Venter." The following two metal tracks are now available on the Xbox 360 version of the game:

ETHS - "Gravis Venter" (160 MSP)
Skylliton – “Crabplosion” (80 MSP)

PS3 players will instead get the following tracks on Tuesday, May 15th:

Nordheim - "Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!" ($1.99)
Close Your Eyes - "Song for the Broken" ($1.99)
The Bunny The Bear - "Ocean Floor" ($1.99)

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Morbid Angel And More Added To Rock Band Network

Back up in full swing again after tapering off for the holidays, the Rock Band Network is again adding a steady stream of new rock and metal tracks. This weekend Xbox 360 players have the following new tracks to look forward to:

Chaotrope - "Elysian" (80 MSP)
Chaotrope - "Extropy/Entropy" (80 MSP)
Chaotrope - "The Hourglass Paroxysm - Part I" (80 MSP)
Deadlock - "Martyr to Science (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
DRUOX - "Console War" (80 MSP)
DRUOX - "Console War (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Ghost Brigade - "Clawmaster" (160 MSP)
Misery Index - "The Carrion Call (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Morbid Angel - "Existo Vulgoré" (160 MSP)
Nordheim - "Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit! (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Ultra Vomit - "Mountains of Maths" (160 MSP)

These tracks will be added to the PS3 edition on 1/17/2012 (North America) and 1/25/2012 (Europe):

Winds of Plague - "California" ($1.99)
Halfbrick Studios - "Pirats 'Til We Die" ($0.99)
Vangough - "Estranger" ($0.99)
Rival Sons - "Torture" ($1.99)

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New Metal Songs Come To The Rock Band Network

After last week's hiatus due to the holiday season, the Rock Band Network is back in full swing adding in new tracks. This week's metal additions to the Xbox 360 version are as follows:

Devin Townsend - "Planet Smasher" (160 MSP)
Fallen Angel - "The One Who Walks Alone" (160 MSP)
Nordheim - "Beer, Metal, Trolls, and Vomit!" (160 MSP)
Pythia - "Just a Lie" (160 MSP)
Pythia - "Just a Lie (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Texas in July - "Hook, Line, and Sinner (RB3 2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)

These songs also hit the PS3 version on 1/10 (North America) and 1/18 (Europe):

Devin Townsend - "Ziltoidia Attaxx!!" ($1.99)
Asking Alexandria - "A Prophecy (RB3 version)" ($1.99)

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