"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Skid Row

Formed: 1986
From: New Jersey, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Unknown


Skid Row is made of up five talented young men from New Jersey all the way to Canada. Vocalist Sebastian Bach, guitarists Scotti Hill and Dave "Snake" Sabo, bassist Rachel Bolan, and drummer Rob Affuso created incredible music that could never be surpassed. "We stand and we won't fall, we're one and one for all, the writing's on the wall, we are the youth gone wild" sums up what Skid Row is about. Just being yourself, having fun, and saying "f*** you" to anyone who thinks otherwise. Skid Row made their mark on the music business in the late '80s and early '90s, and they all lived to talk about it. This is the story of Skid Row...

Skid Row was first formed in New Jersey in 1986 when guitarist Dave Sabo was working at a local guitar store and met bassist Rachel Bolan.They started talking and combining their ideas for songs and clicked like THAT. Bolan had known guitarist Scotti Hill from a previous band they were in. And Sabo had done the same with drummer Rob Affuso. So, all four of them got together, but, there was only a slight problem, they didn't have a lead singer...

After auditioning hundreds of singers and having no luck what-so-ever, ( except for Matt Fallon, Skid Row's first lead singer who "sounded too much like Jon Bon Jovi" and was later fired ) they had heard about a Canadian named Sebastian Bach who had recently sung at a music producer's wedding. So, the four guys sent Sebastian a demo tape. Sebastian remembers saying, " I hoped it wouldn't be good ( the demo tape.) And then when I played it, I said, 'Dammit to hell, this is good!'" So, they flew Sebastian all the way from Canada to NJ, and the guys knew right away it was meant to be. Sebastian was just perfect for this band in every way. The 6-foot 3 wildman demostrated everything Skid Row was about.

In 1989, Skid Row released their self-titled debut album. It was a HUGE success, and they were one of the biggest heavy rock bands of the time. Their biggest hit, "18 and Life," was the most requested song on MTV for many weeks on end. Teenagers just loved them for their bad attitude, rebellion, and especially for their hit "Youth Gone Wild," which was pretty much the national anthem of that year.

Now, before Skid Row ever made a second album, they were already off to Japan, Russia, and the U.S. on a worldwide tour. In late 1991, they released their second album, "Slave To The Grind," which amazingly debuted at #1.It was released in two different versions: The original one had a "rowdy song with the title containing a four lettered word," and on the other version, the song was removed and replaced with another song. Slave to the Grind was a major success and sent Skid Row on another worldwide tour with bands like Guns N' Roses and Pantera.

So, by 1992, Skid Row had already been to the Pacific Rim, Brazil, Japan again, and all over the U.S. They didn't really have any ideas for songs, so they released "B-Side Ourselves," a compilation of cover songs by Kiss, The Ramones, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, and Rush. "B-Side Ourselves" was mainly released because the fans were having a very hard time trying to get a hold of these b-sides, so Skid Row released it as an album.
Skid Row seemed to fade away after that, with the new introduction to alternative and rap music. It wasn't until three years later in 1995 that Skid Row released their 4th and final album, "Subhuman Race." There were some hit songs on "Subhuman," but Skid Row's videos were rarely seen on MTV anymore. After doing another worldwide tour, Skid Row broke up in early 1997 after turning down a show with Kiss, their biggest role models when they were young.

Skid Row never did break up COMPLETELY, they just kicked out Sebastian. The other 4 guys hired a new lead singer, Shawn McCabe, and formed Ozone Monday. Ozone Monday never saw an album release, and since then Shawn McCabe is out of the band ( as well as Rob Affuso ). The supposed new "Skid Row" is back, with John Solinger from the Texas band Solinger as front-man and Charlie Mills on the drums. Nothing is known about a new album yet...

Latest Skid Row News

Below is our complete Skid Row news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: The GNR Video Trilogy II

In week four of Celebrity Fit Club we finally get to see Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) in true form, that is to say, the anger finally appears. The best comparison I see is looking at Skid Row’s self titled debut album versus the follow-up, Slave to The Grind, going from “I Remember You” to “The Threat,” a sweet ballad to destruction. In this episode Bach goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes, hitting cameras, getting in the face of female teammates, and dropping fifty F-bombs in less than five minutes. Nice to have you back Sebastian… More...

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Paul Di'Anno To Play Hard Rock Hell Festival

Former Iron Maiden vocalist and solo artist Paul Di'Anno has issued the following update about appearing at the Hard Rock Hell IV Festival:

"This December 2010 Paul Dianno will be playing his first UK show for many years at The Hard Rock Hell IV Festival. at Pontin's in Prestayn, North Wales from December 3-5. Di'Anno will be doing a special set, featuring songs from the first two Iron Maiden albums: 'Iron Maiden' & 'Killers' as a celebration of the 30th Anniversary."

Additional details on the festival can be found at this location. Other confirmed acts include Skid Row, Pretty Boy Floyd, Diamond Head, L.A. Guns, and Tank.

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First Bands Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell IV

The organisers of the British festival Hard Rock Hell has announced the first batch of bands for this year's version of the event. The festival will take place at Pontins in Prestatyn, Wales and will feature performances from former Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di'anno and Blaze Bayley, as well as New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends Diamond Head and Tank. Also on the bill will be Pretty Boy Floyd, Skid Row, Michael Schenker Group, L.A. Guns and Enuff Z'nuff.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Too Tired to Row?

Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue) will be co-hosting (with Kerri Kasem ) “The Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx”, a radio show that will play rock music and promises a look inside the life of a rock star. No word yet on how “Tattoo Corner, a Look at Nikki’s tats” will play out on the radio…Ramon Sampson beat out Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), and John Tempestra (The Cult) in the Guitar Center DRUM OFF in L.A. this past week, answering the age old question: What do drummers do in the winter months when not on tour?... More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Christmas Edition

The season for giving and receiving is upon us. This week we look at what the 80’s glam gods are asking for this year…

Bret Michaels (POISON): A bandana (preferably blue) that alerts Bret when there’s a reality show opportunity near by.

Jon Bon Jovi (BON JOVI): Jeans (skinny, tears above and below the knees, medium wash).

Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW): Tickle me Elmo.

Steve Tyler (AEROSMITH): A band.

Sammy Hagar (CHICKENFOOT): A bottle of tequila, wrapped.

Vince Neil (MOTLEY CRUE): A Radio Flyer 2900 red wagon to carry all the cash made this past year.

Gene Simmons (KISS): To have Christmas renamed KISSmas.

Ted Nugent: Guns, raw meat, gun powder…oh, wait this is Ted’s weekly shopping list.

David Coverdale (WHITESNAKE): Once again make large hair and album sales go hand in hand.

Axl Rose (GUNS N ROSES): The option to do what he wants despite contractual obligations and pending legal proceedings. Also, a Tickle me Elmo.

David Lee Roth (VAN HALEN): A straight answer from the Van Halen brothers.

Jani Lane (WARRANT): For 2009 to end ASAP.

Kip Winger (WINGER): Hair dye for his chest AND buttons for his shirts.

Lita Ford: A new bed.

Josh Todd: A new tattoo.

Dee Snider: World anarchy in the name of peace and metal.

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"Rock Stars" Book Now Available

Metalunderground.com columnist David S. Grant (aka Rockstar_Scribbler) has released his latest book, "Rock Stars: The rise, fall, and rise of 80s glam frontmen into pop culture." "Rock Stars" is a look back and forward with the glam metal singers from the eighties. Accompanied by illustrations of each singer (courtesy of by Joel Gwidt), "Rock Stars" takes a tongue-in-cheek look at both the careers and music created during this time.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

"...Wearing tight acid washed jeans, Jon Bon Jovi made no qualms about putting "pop" back into rock. Videos focused on his ass made it appear there was an unspoken jeans rivalry between Jon and Joe Elliot of Def Lepard..."

"...I have to rethink everything regarding Rob Halford since he came out of the closet, turning from ferocious front man of Judas Priest to fierce. In hindsight there were signs. The video for "Hot Rockin" was pretty much just a bunch of guys working out in a gym. Hello!!..."

"...Sebastian Bach and Skid Row made music for the kids smoking cigarettes behind the school. Music for the kids that owned denim jackets, but didn't have the money for fancy patches (instead, forced to scribble SKID ROW across the back with a black Sharpie). Essentially, Sebastian Bach made music for the bad kid in The Breakfast Club..."

The book features twenty-eight mini-profiles detailing strengths, weaknesses, and X factors ranging from Kip Winger's hair, David Lee Roth's use of the microphone, to Bret Michaels reality series comeback. Think Behind The Music on cocaine.

You can purchase "Rock Stars: The rise, fall, and rise of 80s glam frontmen into pop culture" here.

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Glam Band Album Names

This week Ratt finally released the name of their upcoming album. The title is Infestation and not Caught Cheating as I had guessed. All said and done I probably had a 50/50 chance…Vince Neil will soon be announcing the name of his upcoming solo album. The world waits on the edge of their seats… More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: The Winger Comeback

During a week that featured Dokken teaming with Norton Antivirus ("Imagine that your hard drive is a chicken. '80s heavy metal band DOKKEN is a computer virus that wants to blow up your chicken. Don't allow heavy metal bands to have their way with your chicken. Get PC protection with Norton Internet Security 2010.") and Vince Neil opening ANOTHER tattoo parlor that will feature go-go dancers it, was two other bands that stole the show. More...

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The Rockstar Ramblings: Tribute to the Microphone

Ever since the days of Jim Morrison using his microphone stand for self arousal the mic has been a key tool for rock singers and their act. This was specifically true for the glam heavy metal acts in the eighties. Here’s a breakdown of the microphone cowboys and their unique style.


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The Rockstar Ramblings: Side A Song 1

There was once a time when music wasn’t downloaded one song at a time, had (in the case of albums and cassettes) two sides (an A side and B side), and song order was not only a conscious decision, but a reason an album would be successful.

Today we look at the glam heavy metal scene (late seventies to early nineties) and review the best first tracks.

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Skid Row Announces More Tour Dates

American heavy metal band Skid Row has announced some more tour dates for their trek across North America this year. You can check out the band on the following dates:

May 23 - Blue Water Resort - Parker, Arizona
May 29 - Wild Bill's - Duluth, Georgia
May 30 - Halligan's - Charleston, South Carolina
June 19 - Grizzly Rose - Denver, Colorado
June 20 - 4 Bears Casino - New Town, North Dakota (Music Fest 2009)
July 12 - Rocklahoma - Pryor, Oklahoma
July 17 - Shooter’s Saloon Outdoors - Superior, Wisconsin
July 24 - Halfway Jam - Royalton, Minnesota
July 25 - Sioux Empire Festival Grounds - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
August 1 - Cole County Fair (Jaycees Fairgrounds) - Jefferson City
August 5 - The Inner Harbor - Syracuse, New York
August 14 - The Wolf Den @ Mohegan Sun - Uncasville, Connecticut
August 22 - Rock Gone Wild ’09 - Algona, Iowa
September 18 - Small Planet - East Lansing, Michigan
September 19 - House of Rock - Dayton, Ohio
September 20 - Toledo Civic Theatre - Toledo, Ohio
November 15-19 - Shiprocked Cruise - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Sebastian Bach To Appear On Celebrity Rehab?

The New York Post is reporting that Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame, DMX and Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss will will join the cast of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab on the show’s third season.

Celebrity Rehab stars Dr. Drew (host of the syndicated radio show Loveline) and different celebrities each season. The show tracks the stars through 21 days of detoxification, treatment and group therapy at a residence in the Los Angeles area.

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More Bands Added To Rocklahoma 2009

The organizers of the Rocklahoma festival, which is held at the Catch The Fever Festival Grounds, located four miles north of Pryor, Oklahoma, has announced some new names for this years edition of the event. The biggest news is that Stryper has been confirmed to headline the main stage on Friday where they will be joined by new additions Night Ranger and Warrant. Added to the Saturday are rock legends Thin Lizzy and Sunday will see a newly confirmed performance from Skid Row.

Speaking on the festival, Stryper frontman Michael Swet said: "Rocklahoma is an event that I've heard about from peers and friends and they have always said that Stryper would be a perfect fit for this festival. Oklahoma holds a special place in my heart since my family lived in Moore, Oklahoma. I have a lot of family in Oklahoma. We're excited to finally be able to perform at Rocklahoma and look forward to an amazing night!"

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Skid Row Announces More Tour Dates

Infamous heavy metal band Skid Row has announced some more tour dates for this year. You can check out the tour schedule below:

5 - Kewadin Casino - Sault Ste. Marie, MI
6 - Revolutions - Neenah, WI
7 - The Surf Ballroom - Clear Lake, IA
16 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
17 - Key Club - West Hollywood, CA
19 - Escenica - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX
21 - Velvet - Mexico City, MEX

10 - Soaring Eagle Casino - Mount Pleasant, MI
11 - Austins Fuel Room - Libertyville, IL

23 - Blue Water Resort - Parker, AZ

25 - Sioux Empire Festival Grounds - Sioux Falls, SD

22 - Rock Gone Wild - Algona, IA

15 - Shiprocked Cruise - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Saliva Confirmed For Rock Gone Wild Festival

Saliva has been confirmed to appear at the Rock Gone Wild festival which will take place on August 20th-23rd in Algona, Iowa. There will be over 50 bands performing at the festival which features two stages and will be held at the Freedom Park festival grounds.

The lineup for the festival so far is as follows:

Dangerous Toys
Great White
Hardcore Superstar
Lizzy Borden
Puddle Of Mudd
Rhino Bucket
Saigon Kick
Skid Row

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Rock Revolution Game To Feature Big Metal Names

According to Psxextreme.com, fans of Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band take note: Rock Revolution is scheduled to drop on October 14 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will boast both guitar and drum peripherals. You'll be able to create your own tracks, test out each individual instrument, and of course, have a legitimate blast with several friends. Like it or not, the other two blockbuster music franchises now have some very stiff competition, and these are the songs that could propel Rock Revolution to a stunning sales victory. More...

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Skid Row Announces More Tour Dates

SKID ROW have updated their tour schedule. It is now as follows:

23 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI

11 - Alley Cat - Charlotte, North Carolina
12 - Coca Cola Pavilion - Daytona Beach, FL
13 - State Theater - St.Pete, FL
14 - UCF Arena - Orlando, Florida (with Vince Neil)
19 - Studio 183 - Monterrey, Mexico (with FIREHOUSE)
20 - venue tba - Chihuahua, Mexico (with Firehouse)
21 - Eldoma - Leon, Mexico (with Firehouse)
27 - The Emerald Theater - Mt. Clemens, Michigan
28 - Runway Park - Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario (with FASTER PUSSYCAT, LA GUNS)

4 - McFarland Park - Florence, AL
11 - Javelina Harley Davidson Festival - Boerne, Texas
12 - The Jerome Event Center - Jerome, ID
18 - Fire and Ice Bike Rally - Grants, New Mexico
24 - Rock The Park - London, Ontario
25 - G.B. Leighton’s Pickle Park - Fridley, Minnesota
26 - Sioux Falls Festival - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

15 - The Grizzly Rose - Denver, Colorado (with Firehouse)
22 - Wolf Den - Uncasville, Connecticut
23 - Surf Club - Ortley Beach, New Jersey

19 - Joes - Chicago, IL

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Former Wrestler's Band To Open For Skid Row

Former WWE wrestler Lita will open for rock legends Skid Row at their upcoming show in Duluth, Georgia with her punk band The Luchagors. No more details have been announced as of yet.

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Archer Confirmed For Sweden Rock Festival

Archer has performed with some of the biggest names in rock including, Heaven and Hell, Heart and Sevendust. The band is looking forward to sharing the stage at the Sweden Rock Festival (www.swedenrock.com) this summer alongside such metal giants as Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Poison, RATT, Triumph, Saxon, Disturbed and many more as they return to Europe.

The Santa Cruz, CA-based power trio, who won "Best Local Band 2008" in the Metro Santa Cruz Goldies Awards, takes the stage on Saturday, June 7th, opening for some of the biggest names in the metal music genre. The Sweden Rock Festival is held in Norjeboke, in the tiny village of Norje which is situated in Sölvesborg in the western part of southern Sweden.

Archer’s debut album "Doom$day Profit$" is a "genuine tour-de-force, rich with powerful songs imbued with that essential combination of brain-burrowing melodies, ripping riffs, pulsing basslines, tsunami drums and grab-by-the-throat vocals." The band cites influences that include Ozzy and Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and other legendary names.

Here is the current lineup for the Sweden Rock Fest 2008, which takes place June 4th - 7th: More...

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Headhunter Posts Skid Row Cover Online

HEADHUNTER, the band Destruction bassist/vocalist Schmier fronted from 1990 to 1994 after his split with the band, have updated their MySpace page to stream their cover of the SKID ROW classic '18 And Life'. Check it out at here.

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