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Zorormr Premieres "The Aftermath" EP

Following the "Corpus Hermeticum" album released last year, Polish one-man black metal outfit Zorormr is now gearing up to drop "The Aftermath."

This new six track EP melds the blackest of arts with glorious traditional '80s metal and is set to officially arrive June 10th, 2016 through Via Nocturna.

Pre-orders are online here, and today we're giving you a full advance preview of all six songs!

Listen in to "The Aftermath" below and be sure to let us know what you think of the blend of sounds. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Last Judgement
2. The Crawling Chaos
3. The Adversary
4. The Aftermath
5. Arise, Cthulhu, Arise!
6. Zorormr More...

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Zorormr Streams "The Adversary"

Polish one-man black metal act Zørormr just released new track "The Adversary" online. The song is from forthcoming EP "The Aftermath," which will be released on June 10th from Via Nocturna. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order "The Aftermath" right here. More...

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Zorormr Releasing "The Aftermath"

Via Nocturna is proud to announce that the label will release "The Aftermath" by Polish black metal act Zorormr on June 10th, 2016.

"The Aftermath" is a six-track EP that is similar at times to a cross between Rotting Christ, Naglfar and the glory of 80s heavy metal.

01. The Last Judgement
02. The Crawling Chaos
03. The Adversary
04. The Aftermath
05. Arise, Cthulhu, Arise!
06. Zorormr More...

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Zorormr Issues Album Update

Zorormr has issued the following update about recording for an upcoming new album:

"As promised here is the big announcement: Icanraz has recorded drumz for Zorormr's third album! All those recordings were made in the Polish legendary Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, and many others). The drumz are 100% pure and live with no sampling, a true masterpiece of old school high quality recording. Stay tuned for more info about it in the first part of the studio diary to be delivered in September!"

Here is what Icanraz had to say: "I've just recorded the drums for the new Zorormr album. What is Zorormr? It's HARD! This time I had the pleasure of doing it in Hertz Studio. Many good has been said about Wieslawski Bros. work so I won't repeat myself. The final effect kicks ass!"

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Zorormr Issues Update On New Album

Ambient black metal act Zorormr has checked in with the following update on the "IHS" album being released next year:

"Greetings My Loyal Followers! Farewell 2012, say hello to 2013. It's been a rough ride for me, but eventually after months of hibernation I could finally get back on track and start doing something with ZORORMR. So let's forget what's behind and embrace what's ahead!

"In 2013 (in first 3 months) the 'IHS' album will be released. Also I'm planning on making some guest appearances on other musicians' albums and even more, but let's not spoil the f!@#%ng surprise! Don't worry, you'll be the first to know!

"So, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2013! Stay heavy and stay true to yourself!"

For more on Zorormr, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Zorormr Streaming New Song

Black metal act Zorormr has issued the following announcement about streaming the new song "Thy Kingdom Come" online:

"The wait is over! Check out band’s Facebook, MySpace or website and listen to 'Thy Kingdom Come' - the first promo track of the upcoming 'IHS' album! The song features gruesome vocals of the legendary Polish black metal crusader Cezar (CHRIST AGONY & MOON) recorded especially for this album!

"As you already know the amazing drum parts were recorded by Icanraz (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, PIGFACE BEAUTY). Quite a few wonderful leads were done by Quazarre (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, ASGAARD). And that’s not the end of the guest-list! Also joining force with ZORORMR are Shadow (BLACK ALTAR) with a stunning vocal performance, Roman Bereznicki (LECTER) who recorded clean guitars and Virian (LILLA VENEDA) who added some weird growls to one of the songs...

"More to say that the cover art & layout is being prepared right now by Odrzansky and will be revealed on the 30th of March. Stay tuned & happy Ostara!"

The album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Zorormr Issues Album Update

Black metal act Zorormr is currently working on the band's upcoming 10 track album, "IHS," and follow-up to the "Kval" release. The band has now issued the following update:

"Almost there... still fighting with the mix and getting ready for the master under the watchful eye of Wojtek Kostrzewa (ASGAARD). The sound is strong and heavy but you'll be surprised how this album turns out in the end.

"Needless to say that after some time of struggling with ideas the new cover art is in the making and I guess it will be a surprise to some of you. Get ready for February 'cause like the Starks' say: winter is coming!"

You can also listen to Zorormr tracks available for streaming online via Facebook.

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Zorormr Reveals New Album Details

Black metal act Zorormr has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming new album:

"Finally, after few weeks of silence and uncerntainty the time has come to shed some light on the ZORORMR's follow up to the now cult 'Kval' debut! The second album will be entitled 'IHS' (as for Latin 'In Hoc Signo (Vinces)' and will contain 10 songs out of 11 recorded at Red Dragon Studio in Opole. Some song titles include 'Thy Kingdom Come,' 'Harrowing of Hell' and 'The Sacrifice.' As you already know the material is in mixing stage and will enter post-production by the end of January. Already the cover art is being prepared that will be a surprise but details on this will be announced later.

"What's more important is that 'IHS' will include a whole bunch of exceptional guest vocalists: Cezar (CHRIST AGONY, MOON), Shadow (BLACK ALTAR) and Virian (LILLA VENEDA). As you already know the drums were recorded by Icanraz (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, ex-ABUSED MAJESTY) and few leads were done by Quazarre (DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, ASGAARD) who also engineered the process of guitars and bass recording.

"Their contribution to the album made it more diverse and complex. Even now, without the mix and mastering done, the tracks sound simply excellent! But to know this you'll have to wait just a little while. Hopefully the album will be out around Walpurgisnacht 2012... but I can't give you any more info about it right now.

"Stick around for more news coming soon. And yeah, have a Godt Nyttår!"

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