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Kaine Signs Deal With Static Tension

After posting a lengthy discussion on why the band had previously turned down label offers, British heavy metal group Kaine just signed a special record agreement with newly founded Static Tension Recordings.

The record deal gives Static Tension exclusive rights to market and sell Kaine’s album "The Waystone" in the United States over the next two years. Kaine is excited to be working with Static Tension on the upcoming U.S. release, which is scheduled for October 14th, 2014.

The band’s guitarist/vocalist, Rage Sadler, comments: “I am very pleased we have come to an agreement with Static Tension. This is the perfect deal for us as this gives them exclusive rights to sell and market the band in America while we receive a fair share of the income from record sales. The deal also enables us to continue selling our own CDs and allows us to retain all of our own digital and merch income. The majority of European labels are only interested in ripping bands off and we really couldn’t do this sort of deal with the labels that approached us. This definitely isn’t the case with Static Tension who are firmly in the 21st Century and moving with the times as we are.”

Kyle Stevens of Static Tension stated: “I am extremely pleased to have Kaine as my first signing to Static Tension Recordings. They’re continued hard work, business savvy, and most importantly, their song writing skills are a breath of fresh air in today’s stagnant talent pool. Proving that traditional heavy metal is alive and well will make the forefathers from the New Wave of Heavy Metal proud.”

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Kaine Kicking Off Last Minute Tour

Kaine is excited to announce the band has been added as last minute support to Mordred's tour of Britain/Ireland. Kaine was offered the slot after original openers Furyon had to cancel.

Kaine will be having a change of personnel for the tour as guitarist Anthony Murch will not be able to take up his duties due to work commitments. Anthony will however be playing the London date with the band.

Saxon Davids (Entropy) will be playing lead guitar for the rest of the tour. David has had two days and one rehearsal to get ready for this tour, which was only offered to the band and confirmed on Monday. Dates are as follows: More...

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Kaine Passes On Record Label Offers

Kaine recently self-released new album "The Waystone" (which is available at Bandcamp here), and the band has now posted this message online to fans explaining why the group has turned down offers from record labels:

"Kaine has been negotiating with a number of established European record labels over the past month and despite having firm offers the band has decided to decline these deals.

"This is due to a number of reasons ranging from the labels wanting a high % of merch sales taken at gigs, total control over digital income to little or no income on any records sold and for the lack of any real plan, investment or advantage over releasing our material ourselves.

"The band funded 'The Waystone' entirely, to be essentially offered 50-100 free CDs to sell from these labels (we can produce our own CDs reasonably with Cram Duplication anyway) in return for the rights over our album with little or no % of sales offered to the band we didn’t believe these were fair or realistic offers. The album was a significant cost to the band and our objective is to break even on this cost, none of these offers would have allowed this to happen and would have resulted in a loss while essentially allowing them to make a small profit from our hard work.

"Our own CDs are selling well presently and we take 100% of the income minus a little for selling through bandcamp/CD Baby. We also retain 100% of our digital and merch income. This puts us in a very strong position moving forward.

"Kaine recently managed to negotiate a decent deal with a label in America which saw a fair % of return for sales and would have even lead to the album being released on vinyl, but this has also fallen through with them not being able to commit to their end of the agreement. We are very disappointed that this deal did not work out.

"The band has not been disheartened by this process, we have had bad experiences with labels in the past and are keen not to return to a loss making situation once more. As stated we are in a very strong position and while we may lack the investment to buy our way onto major festivals, supports and tours and into the established magazine we will continue to work hard, playing every show we can and try and buck the trend and be a success through hard work in what is a dying 'Metal' industry. We will continue to be 100% honest about what’s happening with the band and the challenges we face within the 'industry.'" More...

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CreativeLive To Stream Metal Songwriting Class

CreativeLive will livestream its next Music & Audio channel course, "Mastering Metal Songwriting," tomorrow (Tuesday, June 17th) at 9:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 p.m. EDT.

Eyal Levi, producer at Audiohammer Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Whitechapel), will host the two-day class along with special guests Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), Todd Jones (Nails) and John Browne (Monuments).

In this course, free to watch live, Levi, Clark, Jones and Browne will explore what it takes to craft great songs, from basic song structure and riff-writing, to writing melodies, leads and vocals, and then fine-tuning the arrangement to take your song from good to great.

The class will also feature critiques of songs from Kaine, Sacred Ash, and Mechanigod - which were chosen out of more than 300 entries submitted by bands at the Metalunderground Facebook page. More...

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Kaine Streaming "Solidarity"

British traditional heavy metal band Kaine just made new track "Solidarity" available for streaming online.

The track is available for immediate download for everyone who pre-orders new CD "The Waystone" at Bandcamp here. Alternatively the track can be downloaded by itself for £1.

The album is due to be released on August 1st, 2014 and pre-orders are set to ship on July 22 2014. The track listing is as follows:

1. Iron Lady
2. The New Wave
3. Dreams to Nightmares
4. Solidarity 06:29
5. Resistance
6. Entropy (Unrelenting Chaos)
7. This Soul Exchange
8. Wanderer
9. The Waystone More...

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Kaine Announces "The Waystone" Release

Britain's Kaine is proud to announce that the band's new album "The Waystone" will be released on CD and digital download this coming August 1st, 2014. The band's guitarist Rage Sadler had the following to say about the album:

"This is easily our best work to date, we spent a great deal of time crafting these songs in rehearsals and perfecting them before we went into the studio earlier this year. Akis K who produced the album did an amazing job with the production and I am really happy with the result.

"We hope that finally now the band gets some recognition after five years of being in the Heavy Metal wilderness! Many online reviewers have called this the 'Second Wave of NWOBHM,' the '80s Metal Revival' and compared us to the golden age of Iron Maiden, which has been great to read." More...

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Kaine Streaming New Single

"Resistance" is the second single from the new album "The Waystone" by the British metal band Kaine.

The album was recorded and produced by Akis K at Angry Bee studios and mastered by Z-Plane. "The Waystone" is due for release later this year. Kaine consists of:

Rage Sadler: Rhythm, Lead Guitar & Vocals
Dan Mailer: Bass, Vocals & Keys
Anthony Murch: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Chris MacKinnon: Drums

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Kaine Finishes Mastering Album

U.K. outfit Kaine has issued the following update about working on an upcoming new album:

"The mastering of the new album is now complete and the artwork is off with Cram Duplication ahead of the release for finalization. The mastering phase was completed by Z-Plane, which was recommended by the albums prouder Akis K.

"There is no official release date to be announced as of yet but there will be further information coming as soon as possible. The band is pleased with the outcome of the mixes and masters and looks forward to being able to finally release the album later this year."

Producer Akis K of Angry Bee Studios in London said: “Producing the new Kaine album was a great experience. Kaine write and play music that comes from within, without compromising and trying to conform to trends. Every single note and word in their songs is there for a good reason and the result is an album I am truly proud of.”

Rage Sadler added: “We worked extremely hard on this album starting with coming up with the material and the extensive rehearsals that followed during a time we were constantly on the road. To finally record it at the rate we did was exceptional, the whole thing was done in less than a week. Akis pushed us along the way and managed to get a great sound overall for the record and one that stands up alongside other releases of this day. We will hopefully be working with Akis again on future releases.”

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Kaine Issues Recording Update

Essex heavy metal outfit Kaine has issued the following update about guitarist Rage Sadler laying down tracks for an upcoming release:

"Rage is done in the studio having finished off the guitar parts today. This concludes all of the recording of instruments for the new album.

"Kaine will now take a short break from working on the album to play Nottingham on Saturday before returning to finish the vocals the week after."

You can also follow the band's recording process over at the Kaine Facebook profile here.

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Kaine To Enter The Studio

British heavy metal band Kaine has issued the following update about gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"Today we were hard at work at the rehearsal studio and we are now ready to record the new Kaine album.

"This time we will be recording at Angry Bee Studios who have recently been working with our good friends and MGR Records label mates Monument. Dates for recording are yet to be finalised but we hope to begin next month."

You can also stream the band's previous album "Falling Through Freedom" over at this location.

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Kaine Streaming New Album

British heavy metal act Kaine is currently streaming the entire new album "Falling Through Freedom" online. Check out the tracks in the player below or over at bandcamp here. The band also commented:

"Kaine’s debut album is finally released as of this moment! Full track previews are now available on our bandcamp page. We hope you enjoy the music, a lot of our very own blood, sweat and tears are on this record – we did this whole thing without the support of any management, financing or a record label. We finally throw ourselves on the mercy of the masses!"

The album's track listing is:

1. Lost Sages Tower 05:55
2. Helpless Salvation 04:47
3. Waking Dead 06:17
4. Reverence 03:51
5. Riding Volition 06:55
6. The Immortal 05:01
7. Quality of Madness 06:59
8. Champion 03:53
9. Valnir 04:14
10. Storm of the Devoted 07:04
11. Witchfinder General 08:45 More...

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Kaine Issues New Album Update

British heavy metal act Kaine has issued the following update about the progress on the band's new album:

"The mixing of our album is near completion! We are excited about the results and really look forward to releasing it for you.

"It’s been nearly a year since we started recording it, and although we have had some drama along the way the end result has been a massive improvement on the original sessions!

"Moving on from that, we still have enough great material demoed for a second and third album at this stage, we just need the money to record all of these great songs! Thanks for the support!"

You can also check out footage from the band's time in the studio at this location.

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Kaine Checks In From The Studio

Kaine is a British heavy metal band featuring Rage Sadler, Dan Mailer, Josh Moreton, and Anthony Murch. The band has now checked in with the following brief update about recording new material:

"In the studio! Laying down Ant's guitar tracks, rhythm parts half done, some lead lines put down, and solo time soon!! Sounding epic!!"

You can also check out previously posted studio footage here, or find more details on Kaine via the band's official Facebook profile.

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Kaine Posts Studio Footage Online

U.K. act Kaine has posted footage online from the band's time the studio recording working on an upcoming new album to be released next year. You can check out the clip below, which features snippets from the songs "Waking Dead," "Valnir," "Quality of Madness," "Storm of the Devoted," and "Lost Sages Tower." For more details on Kaine, head over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

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