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Formed: 1989
From: Johnstown, PA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Incantation To Headline Mayhem In May Festival

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION will headline day one of the Mayhem in May 3 festival, set to take place May 17-18, 2008 at Uncle Pleasant's in Louisville, Kentucky.

"We look forward to headlining this killer fest," stated INCANTATION mainman John McEntee. "Our friends in ESTUARY played it last year and had great things to say about it, so we are sure it will kick ass. We don't get many opportunities to play Kentucky, so we look forward to a kick-ass fest."

Also newly added to the bill is Philadelphia's legendary death metal band GOREAPHOBIA. John continues, "I have also been jamming with GOREAPHOBIA over the last few months and things have been coming together great. We have been working on some new songs and everything looks real promising."

In addition to McEntee, drummer Jim Roe (INCANTATION, MR GRIM, D.O.M) has joined the GOREAPHOBIA ranks. Look out for GOREAPHOBIA's debut album to arrive sometime in 2008.

Here is the Mayhem in May 3 festival billing: More...

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Incantation Announce Special '90s Shows

Death metal legends INCANTATION have announced the following upcoming shows focusing on their early ’90s material:

March 1 - Baltimore, MD @ Murderland Metal Massacre Festival
March 14 - Allentown, PA @ March Metal Massacre
May 17 - Louisville, KY @ Mayhem in May 3 Festival
July 12 - Kalamazoo, MI @ Michigan Extreme Metalfest 2
July 19 - Urbana, IL @ Central Illinois Metalfest

Commented INCANTATION mainman John McEntee: “We have been getting a great response from all our loyal die hard supporters. Many people have been requesting songs to play at these shows. I just want to let everyone know that we will be mixing up the set pretty much every night to some extent. We want to make every show a great event and throughout the tour we will be playing almost every song from that era, but obviously not every song in one night.”

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Incantation Announce Pillard On Vocals At CIM

INCANTATION have announced that Craig Pillard (ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA, MORTAL THRONE OF NAZARENE, FORSAKEN MOURNING OF ANGELIC ANGUISH) will be handling vocals for the band at the upcoming Central Illinois Metalfest. INCANTATION's "Forsaken Throne of Golgotha" tour 2008 lineup is:

John McEntree (FUNERUS) - Guitar
Rayash (SUPREME LORD) - Bass
Alex Bouks (GOREAPHOBIA) - Guitar

The Central Illinois Metalfest will take place July 18-20 at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois.

INCANTATION will also headline day one of the Mayhem in May 3 festival, set to take place May 17-18, 2008 at Uncle Pleasant's in Louisville, Kentucky.

The band's seventh album, "Primordial Domination", was released in 2006 on Ibex Moon Records.

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Incantation Post European Tour Update

INCANTATION's frontman John McEntee comments on the Blitzkrieg 4 tour of Poland (with Vader, Rotting Christ, Krisiun and Funerus). and the Balkans Assassination tour (with Krisiun, Estuary and Inactive Messiah):

"Well, first off I want to send out a big thanks to everyone at Massive Music for making this amazing tour a reality. We are very grateful that you gave us the opportunity to preform in so many country's that we have never played before. You guys really stepped up to the plate."

"Well, the third leg of the European tour was the Blitzkrieg 4 with Vader, Rotting Christ, Krisiun and my other band Funerus. It was a true honor to be apart of such a strong package after so many attempts have failed in the past to play Poland. We want to thank all our long time supporters for coming out and kicking ass every night.. You guys made the long wait worth it. We look forward to returning to Poland again and hopefully as a headliner." More...

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Incantation Mainman Comments On Japanese Tour

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION have returned from there first Japanese tour with ANATOMIA and FUNERUS. The group's mainman John McEntee has issued the following update:

"We have recently returned from our Death In Hell Japanese tour. This was our first time playing Japan. We have been trying to play Japan for many years with no luck, so it was a great honour to get this opportunity. All the shows were great, the people were all really metal and respectful. We got the opportunity to play with our long time friends in DEFILED and BUTCHER ABC along with some other killer bands like COFFINS, INTESTINE BAALISM, SABBAT, SSORE, and many more. Also on the tour was my other band FUNERUS along with the Japanese band ANATOMIA. ANATOMIA were great touring mates, they are a kick-ass, old-school-style death metal band and heavy as fuck. They were a perfect opener for the tour! It was also great for FUNERUS; we got a great response every night." More...

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Obituary To Headline Brooklyn Xecution Festival

On Saturday, December 8, Florida's iconic death metal band OBITUARY will make its return to New York, headlining the Brooklyn Xecution Festival 2007 at Club Europa in Greenpoint Brooklyn. The event is presented by mandatory New York heavy metal hangout Duff's Brooklyn and sponsored by Williamsburg's San Loco.

Supporting OBITUARY will be respected New York metalcore pioneers MERAUDER, Virginia's lethal, old-school thrashers AT WAR, brutal, black death blasphemers INCANTATION, technical grind-gore masters MALIGNANCY, and Michigan's black thrashers SAURON. Local support for the event features harsh, black/death merchants DIMENTIANON, old-school crossover pitbulls UNDIVIDED, crunchy, death metal hellhounds SHADOW OF DEMISE and old-school death metal, sci-fi reverends CYBER CHRIST. Doors open promptly at 5:00 p.m.

Europa is located at 98-104 Meserole Ave. (corner of Manhattan Ave. and Meserole Ave.) in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY. Advance tickets can be purchased through www.ticketweb.com or directly at the Duff's Brooklyn located at North 3rd and Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn starting this Friday, November 9 anytime between 6:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

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Incantation Mainman Comments On Russian Tour

INCANTATION mainman John McEntee has issued the following update:

"We just got back from the Flaming Arts Fest Tour 2007. This was our first time ever performing in Russia. We played along side are long time friends in VADER, KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST along with some cool guys from the bands AMENTI and RIUL DOAMNEI."

"I must admit I didn't know a lot about the Russian death metal scene before the tour, but I have to say it was over the top! We packed venues every night! The crowds were totally sick some if the craziest we have played for."

"We were pretty busy traveling most of the time, but we did get time to visit Red Square. That was really cool, growing up in the time of the Cold War it was amazing to get to visit and have some great gigs in a country that was once unheard of for a American band to visit. Also at the Moscow show I did an interview for the biggest metal video TV show in Russia. So that was a great honor." More...

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Methadrone sign to Foreshadow Productions

Foreshadow Productions welcomes Methadrone to their label with the following statement:

"We are extremely proud to announce the signing of a new artist to our label - excellent American project METHADRONE! The artist behind the project, Craig Pillard, is definitely not a new-comer to the music scene as he is known from his work in INCANTATION in the 90-ties and as a current bass player for EVOKEN. Under the METHADRONE moniker he explores doom / drone areas of the musical spectrum. His newest album entitled "Sterility" will be released in Spring of 2008, but already in November we are releasing a free internet single promoting the album. In the meantime check out a new track from the up-coming release entitled "Self Relinquishment" with guest vocals from David Galas, which is available on METHADRONE MySpace page."

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Incantation Mainman Updates On Touring

Incantation has sent an update from their Balkans Assassination Tour 2007 and announced Japanese tour dates with Funerus and Anatomia.

John McEntee of INCANTATION:
"We are proud to finish up our world tour for the amazingly successful Primordial Domination album with our first dates ever in Japan. It will be our honor to get the opportunity to preform for all our long time Japanese Incantation supporters. We are playing with Somany, a great Japanese band too. We are sure these will be great shows and a great time. We also look forward to taking some time to do some sightseeing, before and after the tour."

Jill of FUNERUS:
"FUNERUS has been confirmed for a tour of Japan this November along with INCANTATION. We are extremely excited to travel across the globe to play our sewage death metal. We are also looking forward to playing with some killer and legendary Japanese bands on this tour! See you in Japan!"

INCANTATION with Vader, Krisiun, Rotting Christ and Funerus
08.10.2007 Kraków @ Rotunda
09.10.2007 Rzeszów @ Pod Palm?
10.10.2007 ?ód? @ Funaberia 2

INCANTATION with Krisiun, Inactive Messiah and Estuary
12.10.07 SK Bratislava @ Randal
13.10.07 CZ Brno @ Faval
14.10.07 HUN Budapest @ Blue Hell
15.10.07 ROM Cluj Napoca @ Irish & Music Pub
16.10.07 ROM Bucarest @ Preoteasa
17.10.07 BUL Sofia @ Hr Botev
19.10.07 GRE Atheens @ Underworld Club
21.10.07 MAC Skopje @ MKC
23.10.07 SER Novi Sad @ NS Time
24.10.07 SER Belgrade @ SKC
25.10.07 CRO Zagreb @ Mochvara
26.10.07 SLO Kranj @ Izbruhov Kulturni Bazen
27.10.07 SK Spisska Nova Ves @ RC Semafor
28.10.07 CZ Zlin @ Golem

INCANTATION with Funerus and Anatomia
21.11.07 Tokyo / Koiwa eM7 - with BUTCHER ABC and more
22.11.07 Kanagawa / Machida SDR - with FUNERAL MOTH and more
23.11.07 Osaka / Club Sunsui - with CORRUPTED and CATAPLEXY
24.11.07 Nagoya / Club Zion - with SABBAT and more...
25.11.07 Tokyo / ASAKUSA EXTREME ar Kurawood - with INTESTINE BAALISM, DEFILED and more..

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Incantation Mainman Checks In

INCANTATION mainman John McEntee has issued the following update:

"Well the first leg of our two month European has come to a end. For sure The Northern Assassin Tour was a great success! I was told before we left that the Scandinavian scene wasn't too strong. Well, i can't speak for other tours, but for us it was great. We had a excellent turn out every night. There were a lot of cool, old school death metal fans at all the gigs. We also got to hang out with some friends from GRAVE, NOMINON, IMMERSED IN BLOOD, ROTTEN SOUND, BEHERIT, DEMIGOD, DEMILICH and many more. It was a honor to be apart of such a kick ass tour, everyone has been great the bands, crew, clubs employees and all the die hard death metal supports! My new Mockingbird Special X has sounding great every night, it stays in tune great even with my low c tuning. What is also killer is that even as hard as I am on the guitar i haven't broke any strings yet. We are now getting ready to conquer Russia on the flaming arts festivals. I'm sure it will be a great experience. I want to thank Massive Music for this great opportunity. I also want to thank Craig and Reyash for doing such a great job every night, it's a honor to perform with such great guys and amazing musicians." More...

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Incantation, Funerus Playing Armenia Rock Fest '07

Incantation and Funerus will be playing this years Armenia Rock Festival along side their metal brothers in Sadus and many other great bands.

"We're looking forward to doing this killer fest! From what I hear this is the biggest fest of its type in Colombia. It'll be great to do this show considering all the problems we had with Cathedral Productions recently. We look forward to hanging out with all of our Colombian friends again. I'm sure this will be a great experience and we're very thankful to Nelson from SYLPHORIUM RECORDS for putting us on this amazing festival line-up."
- John McEntee of INCANTATION

The Armenia Rock Festival 2007 takes place on August 24, 25 and 26th. INCANTATION will be performing on the 25th.

For full festival information please visit armeniarock.com.

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Incantation Discusses South American Tour Issues

Incantation's John McEntee releases a strong statement about Cathedral Rock Productions in regards to the Sourth American tour issues:

“There were many problems working with Cathedral Rock Productions. I would like to let everyone in the metal community know that he is a real con-artist and after talking to many bands and promoters that have worked with him we all agree the conclusion is he is a all around a rip-off that does not care about the bands, fans or anything else except how much money he can scam from everyone.”

John continues, “Even with the major problems and financial loss that Cathedral Rock Productions had plagued on us, we still made the best of the tour and have worked with many great people. We also want to thank all the Incantation supporters that have came out to the shows along with everyone that have helped us make the best of our problems with Cathedral Rock Productions."

INCANTATION would like all metal fans to read John's whole statement, as well as a detailed account from Tour Manager Roberto Lizarraga, on their website.

INCANTATION have no intention of letting this incident affect their loyalty to fans as they are currently preparing for the upcoming European and Mexico tours. See the tour dates below: More...

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Incantation Plan European, Russian Tour w/ Krisiun

Promoting their latest release "Primordial Domination," INCANTATION will hit the pavement and recharge the European fiends.

"We are proud to once again share the stage with Krisiun & Rotting Christ. This tour will hit numerous countries that we have never preformed at before. We are looking forward to some killer shows. I'm sure with this strong line up it will kick ass." said mainman John McEntee.

INCANTATION tour dates with Krisiun, Rotting Christ and Crionics:
31.08.07 LIT Vilnus @ Mulen Ruzas
01.09.07 LAT Riga @ Melna Piektdiena
02.09.07 EST Tallin @ Nomme Cult
03.09.07 FIN Tampere @ Hella
04.09.07 FIN Turku @ Klubi
05.09.07 FIN Helsinki @ Nosturi
06.09.07 FIN Kuopio @ Henry's Pub
07.09.07 FIN Oulu @ tba
08.09.07 SWE Umea @ Midnight
09.09.07 NOR Trondheim @ Zone/Blaest
10.09.07 NOR Oslo @ Maiden
11.09.07 SWE Goteborg @ Belsepub
12.09.07 GER Kiel @ Pumpe
13.09.07 GER Hannover @ Headbanger Ballroom
14.09.07 GER Berlin @ K17

Much overdue, INCANTATION will play for the fans in Russia for their very first time. Additionally, Vader will be added to the roster or brutality.

INCANTATION tour dates with Vader, Rotting Christ and Krisiun:
16.09 (RUS) St-Petersburg @ Orlandina
18.09 (RUS) Ufa @ Ogni Ufy
19.09 (RUS) Ekaterinburg tba
20.09 (RUS) Magnitogorsk @ DK Ordzhonikidze
21.09 (RUS) Samara @ Strokovski Park
22.09 (RUS)Moscow @ Tochka
23.09 (BY) tba

Finally INCANTATION will round out the touring schedule pleasing their loyal Mexican fans with dates in Monterrey and Mexico City.

"It's great to return to Mexico again, you guys are always great. We look forward to a kick ass few nights of killer Death Metal. We will be playing along side long time friends in Grave, Dismember and Sinister and Mexico City will also have Denial (great old school death metal with Oscar of the legendary Cenotaph)" John said.

INCANTATION Mexican Tour Dates :
August 17th.- Monterrey, Mexico @ "Ibex Rock Bar"
August 18th.- Mexico City, Mexico @ "Circo Volador" ( at the "Heavy Metal Circus Expo")

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Incantation To Tour South America

Pennsylvania-based death metallers INCANTATION will embark on a South American headlining tour with labelmates FUNERUS this June.

Commented INCANTATION frontman/guitarist John McEntee: "This tour will kick ass! We have been waiting many years to play some of these countries. This also marks our return to Chile, which we haven't played since 1998 when we did the Chile metal fest with CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEATH. Also we look forward to returning to Colombia, which we haven't played since 1997 when we were the first North American death metal band to play there. We look foreword to playing for all you crazy die hard death metal heads. We are sure this will be a experience that we will never forget. I'm also playing with my other band FUNERUS. We look forward to spewing our savage death metal for all the South American death heads."

Jill McEntee, vocalist/bassist for FUNERUS, added, "We are looking forward to this very much since we had such killer responses to our shows in Brazil in September! See you at the shows!" More...

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Vader Announce Festivals, To Tour In Sept/Oct

Vader will appear on a few summer festivals. Some of them, such as Graspop Festival in Belgium, French Hellfest or German Wacken Open Air, have been already confirmed. More dates will follow soon.

Here's the full list to date:

Jun. 16 Schweinfurt, GER - Queens Of Metal Open Air
Jun. 22 Dessel, BEL - Graspop MM Festival
Jun. 23 Clisson, FR - Hellfest
Jul. 14 Spital am Semmering, A - Kaltenbach Open Air
Jul. 27 Eisenwahn, GER - Eisenwahn Open Air
Jul. 28 Namestovo, SK - Oravsky Rock Fest
Aug. 02 Hamburg, GER - Wacken Open Air Festival
Aug. 10 Bad Berka, GER - Party San
Aug. 11 Jaromer, CZ - Brutal Assault

Also in 2007, Vader are going to warm up their Polish maniacs, playing the second leg of Blitzkrieg 4 tour in such places as Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Zielona Góra, Wroclaw, Zabrze, Bielsko-Biala, Rzeszów, Radom, Bialystok, Elk and Olsztyn. The tour is scheduled to take place in September/ October. Rotting Christ (Greece) and Incantation (USA) have been announced as the special guests. More info will follow soon.

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Incantation Set To Dominate Europe

INCANTATION will return to Europe in February as part of the Domination Tour 2007 alongside MALEVOLENT CREATION, ROTTING CHRIST, NEURAXIS, MYSTIC CIRCLE, HARM and INACTIVE MESSIAH.

The Pennsylvania-based death metal band will also continue on with Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation and Rotten Sound for another six dates following the end of the tour.

“We’re looking forward to a kick ass tour,” said Incantation guitarist and frontman John McEntee. “We’ve been friends with Malevolent Creation and Neuraxis for a long time and it will be great to tour with them.”

Incantation’s seventh album, Primordial Domination, was released last fall on Ibex Moon Records. The longstanding and influential band has kept a steady tour schedule since the release of the record, touring the U.S., South America and Europe.

In other news, McEntee has just finalized an endorsement deal with BC Rich guitars. “I have been using BC Rich guitars for over 20 years and am proud to be working with them,” he said. More...

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Malevolent Creation Complete Preproduction

Malevolent Creation has completed the writing and pre production demos for 13 songs and will begin the recording of their 10th full length album "DOOMSDAY X" in the coming weeks of November.

"We're very happy with the direction the music has taken for this new album with song writing credit's by each of the band members, and each song having it's own identity but retaining the classic Malevolent Creation sound," The band said in its release. "It is truly amazing to have everyone writing for this album and bring's a lot of new idea's to the songs. Fear not, each song is extremely brutal and covers a lot of territory as far as extreme metal is concerned. We have definitely had some huge obstacles to overcome to get this album written, but we are finally satisfied with all the music and are anxious to start recording."

The album's recording and touring line up is:

Jon Rubin - guitars
Phil Fasciana - guitars
Dave Culross - drums
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Brett Hoffmann - vocals

Malevolent Creation has massive touring plans for 2007 already. Touring starts in Europe with "The Domination Tour 2007": More...

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Incantation Cancel First Two Dates of Tour

The first two dates of Incantation’s tour, which was scheduled to begin November 1, have been cancelled but the remainder of the tour will go on as scheduled.

The two cancelled dates are November 1 in Southgate, Mich., and November 2 in Heath, Ohio.

“We have no reason except that the booking agent said they lost contact with both promoters and the clubs themselves didn’t know about the shows,” said guitarist/vocalist John McEntee.

The death metal legends are touring with Internal Suffering and Year of Desolation in support of their recently-released seventh album, “Primordial Domination.”

“Primordial Domination” was released September 5 on Ibex Moon Records. The record sticks to Incantation’s tried and true recipe for brutal death metal, which has earned the band a reputation as one of the most important bands in the genre.

Dates are as follow:

11/03/06 Fri. Nite Cap Lounge, Chicago, IL
11/04/06 Sat. Just Bill’s Place, Overland, MO
11/05/06 Sun. Static Bar, Topeka, KS
11/06/06 Mon. Hubba’s, Aurora, CO
11/07/06 Tue. Kamikaze’s, Ogden, UT
11/08/06 Wed. Grove Street, Boise, ID
11/09/06 Thu. Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
11/10/06 Fri. Hell’s Kitchen, Tacoma, WA
11/11/06 Sat. Satyricon, Portland, OR
11/12/06 Sun. The Fourteenth Ward, Reno, NV
11/13/06 Mon. Bourbon Street, Concord, CA
11/15/06 Wed. Showcase Theatre, Corona, CA
11/16/06 Thu. Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
11/17/06 Fri. The Jumping Turtle, San Marcos, CA
11/18/06 Sat. Chic, El Paso, TX
11/19/06 Sun. The White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX
11/20/06 Mon. Red Rum, Austin, TX
11/21/06 Tue. The Galaxy Club, Dallas TX
11/22/06 Wed. The Pink Eye, Tulsa, OK
11/24/06 Fri. The Dart Room, Fayetteville, AR
11/25/06 Sat. Nathan P Murphy’s, Springfield, MO

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Incantation Announce U.K. Dates

Veteran death metal band INCANTATION will embark on a U.K. tour in March. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Mar. 06 – Bradford, UK @ Rio
Mar. 07 - Glasgow, UK @ Soundhaus
Mar. 08 – Dublin, IRE @ Voodoo Lounge
Mar. 09 - Bolton, UK @ Soundhouse
Mar. 10 - London, UK @ Camden Underworld

In other news, the first two dates of INCANTATION's U.S. tour, which was scheduled to begin November 1, have been cancelled but the remainder of the tour will go on as scheduled. The two cancelled dates are November 1 in Southgate, Mich., and November 2 in Heath, Ohio.

"We have no reason except that the booking agent said they lost contact with both promoters and the clubs themselves didn't know about the shows," said guitarist/vocalist John McEntee. More...

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More European Domination Tour Dates Added

More tour dates have been added to the European Domination Tour 2007, featuring Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation, Neuraxis, Carpathian Forest, Incantation and Harm. The following dates have been confirmed for the The Domination Tour 2007:

2/14 Berlin, GER @ Kato
2/15 Leipzig, GER @ Hellriser
2/16 Wien, AT @ Szene
2/17 Salzburg, AT @ Rockhaus
2/18 Innsbruck, AT @ Hafen
2/19 Plattern, CH @ Z7
2/20 Strasbourg, FR @ Laiterie
2/21 Paris, FR @ Locomotive
2/22 Eindhoven, HOL @ Effenaar
2/23 Vosselaar, BEL @ Biebob
2/24 Adelsheim, GER@ Live Factory
2/25 Brno, CZ @ Fledo
2/26 Bratislava, SK @ Randal
2/27 Este (PD), ITA @ Sottosopra Rock Club
2/28 Munchen, GER @ Metropolis
3/1 Osnabruck, GER @ N8
3/1 Groningen, HOL @ Vera
Mar. 03 - Essen, GER @ Turock
Mar. 04 - Rotterdam, HOL @ Baroeg

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