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Formed: 1973
From: Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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AC/DC To Record In Vancouver This Week?

According to a BW&BK source, Aussie hard rock legends AC/DC landed in Vancouver, BC last night (March 1st) to commence work on their anxiously-awaited new album. The band's last album, 2000's Stiff Upper Lip, was recorded at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC with George Young (Angus and Malcolm Young's older brother) and engineered/mixed by Mike Fraser (METALLICA, AEROSMITH, VAN HALEN) - perhaps the team set to work on the band's new material?

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AC/DC Album Rumours Heating Up

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that an insider from Albert Music, AC/DC's long-time Australian record company, has revealed there is plenty of excitement building about a possible new album from the band.

"We're very hopeful," he said, "but at this stage there's nothing official."

AC/DC's New York management is yet to confirm rumors that the band will soon begin recording another album in the U.S. "They work on their own time frame," said the Sydney source.

"When they make a record, it's because they want to."

The band itself is now international, with members scattered across the globe. Malcolm and Angus Young divide their time between Britain and Australia (with Angus also spending time in the Netherlands because he has a Dutch wife). Singer Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are based in the U.S., while drummer Phil Rudd lives in New Zealand.

"They can all get together pretty quickly though," the source said.

Williams told Spinner.com last month that AC/DC will enter the studio March 1 to begin recording its first new album in eight years. The web site caught up with Williams at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles, where he said, "God I'm ready."

As for touring, however, Williams was less sure about the group's intentions. He explained, "If we go out again or when we go out again, you just never know. We've been around a long time, so we're going to get together and get in the studio and I fully expect we will (tour). I don't mean to be so negative about that."

AC/DC recently re-opened its official web site for business, although the site dismissed rumors that the band was playing some secret European shows this winter.

Reports surfaced earlier in January that AC/DC was nearly finished recording its next album, but a spokesperson for the band's Australian label, Albert Records, denied the story.

AC/DC's last all-new set, "Stiff Upper Lip", came out in 2000.

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Deicide, Dope, RATM Music Used To Torture Iraqis

According to a news article on Mother Jones, music by bands including Deicide (who's song "Fuck Your God" is declared the most used), Dope, Drowning Pool, Metallica, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, Hedpe and others has been used in American military prisons and on bases as torture devices. The songs are said to induce sleep deprivation, "prolong capture shock," disorient detainees during interrogations, and are apparently handy for drowning out screams. Based on a leaked interrogation log, news reports, and the accounts of soldiers and detainees, here are some of the songs that guards and interrogators reportedly chose: More...

Read the full article at Mother Jones.

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AC/DC To Enter Studio In March

Spinner.com reports that Australian hard rock icons AC/DC are getting closer to ending an eight-year drought of new music. "God, I'm ready," bassist Cliff Williams, who was in L.A. to participate at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, tells Spinner.com. To that end, the group will hit the studio March 1.

Almost as long as the wait for new music is the band's absence from the stage. Tour plans, however, aren't as firm. "If we go out again or when we go out again," Williams said. "You just never know. We've been around a long time, so we're going to get together and get in the studio and I fully expect we will [tour.]. I don't mean to be so negative about that. [When] the last tour ended in early '01, you'd see kids on their dads' shoulders. And these kids were like 10, 12 years old. It will be tremendous to see that again. And it's very cool — younger kids getting into older music."

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Slayer Announces RockHard Helmet Line

Slayer has joined forces with O'Neal USA, one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle and BMX accessories, to produce a limited edition of Slayer helmets that feature the band's distinguished and celebrated artwork. The helmets will launch under the name of RockHard, and will be sold at all Cycle Gear locations and at finer motorcycle dealerships worldwide . In addition, each helmet will be certified and numbered with its own Certificate of Authenticity. Slayer's RockHard Helmets go on sale on Monday, February 25 and once they're gone, they are gone.

Slayer's RockHard Helmets will be available in three unique shells: Full Face Street (retail from $349), Off Road Dirt ($249 to $269), and Half Shell (Harley style) ($159 to $179). Every helmet will be boxed in a custom-made container patterned after the Anvil road cases, which are used to transport band equipment while on tour. Each helmet passes the highest safety standards from around the world, certified standards in each country in which they are sold. These standards include DOT, SNELL, Australia, EU, Japan and ECE. Each helmet is produced with the finest materials and is made with the most comfortable liners for a perfect fit every ride.

"The RockHard Helmet line, and the Slayer helmet in particular, has generated a huge amount of buzz with our retail outlet buyers," said Jim O'Neal. "Personally, I'm very psyched about this product as it takes Slayer to another merch level."

RockHard Helmets is also producing limited edition helmets for AC/DC, KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Hustler in its current first "Tour" line up. With nearly 300 artists under contract with the RockHard project, what better way to launch the RockHard line than with the almighty metal icon, Slayer.

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AC/DC Frontman Helps Out Young Band

The following story was posted at Heraldtribune:

In the drizzling rain, five scared boys with perfect rock 'n' roll hair stood on the sidewalk in front of Sarasota pub the Irish Rover. Brian Johnson, rock legend, lead singer for AC/DC, bounced in between them, infinitely energetic. Years of screaming "Back in Black" haven't taken a toll on Johnson's vocal cords, nor has the occasional cigarette. Ten eyes, wide with fear, never left Johnson's face. The boys heard every syllable he spoke with an accent as thick as the day he left England.

"The first time you'll never forget," Johnson told them. "Your first time on stage, you'll never match. "This is a special time, my boys, you'll be excellent. Remember to look at your audience; look 'em in the eye." The band, Bad Sara, consists of four middle-schoolers and a high school freshman; Alex Rappaport, 14, Garrett Moore, 13, Mike Magazino, 14, James Hyde, 13, and Austin Bowman, 15.

About a month ago, Garrett recognized Johnson's wife, Brenda, in a parking lot and handed her a CD that he and his friends recorded in his garage. Garrett sings lead and writes most of the lyrics. Alex and James write their guitar parts and Mike "just comes in on drums, like magic." Garrett said. Brenda liked the CD so she gave it to her husband. "Not bad for homemade," Johnson growled. "All you could hear was cymbals and vowels, but I said to myself, 'they've got something, something that needs to be nurtured.'"

Brian Johnson interjected: "I heard 'em, I liked 'em, but there is no jumping off place in Sarasota for a rock band. "So I call my friend Duff, (Paul Duffy, owner of the Irish Rover), and I tell him, give 'em a chance,'" he added. Duffy agreed, and Bad Sara packed the place. It was standing room only; children, teenagers and adults stood on chairs to see the boys play. They opened with "Get to Me," and "My Way," both original compositions. The band followed with songs by Nazareth, Black Crowes and Guns N' Roses.

Johnson was not the only well-known musician at the Rover: Donald "Duck" Dunn, an accomplished studio bass player who played with the original Blues Brothers Band and Skid Row guitarist Scotti Hill offered encouragement and musical support to the boys. Out of the blue, with ultimate cheek, Alex launched into the opening chords of AC/DC's smash hit "Highway to Hell." Garrett decided to surprise Johnson by "covering a few of the songs that helped make Brian a rock legend." Johnson, vibrating with excitement, could no longer contain himself. He jumped to his feet and joined the boys on stage for "Shook Me All Night Long" and "Thunderstruck." "Not many people ever get the opportunity to do something like this. Scotti, Brian and Duck signed my guitar; I feel like I'm in a dream," Austin said.

Read the full article at Herald Tribune.

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AC/DC Re-launch Website

According to The Pulse of Radio, AC/DC has re-opened its official web site for business, perhaps a sign that the band is planning more activity for 2008. A limited access version of the site has been online for months, but the full-fledged edition is now operational. A message on the home page reads, "The day of reckoning is upon us. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here, and we're pleased to have you joining us as we turn on the power at AC/DC's official website, ACDC.com!" The post promises all the latest news on the band and the official word on rumors, as well as a detailed history, photos, downloads and a chance for fans to submit their own video messages or tributes.

A contest currently running at the site offers a chance to win a Peavey bass signed by bassist Cliff Williams.

The site also dismisses a recent rumor that AC/DC will play a surprise gig in Switzerland at the end of this month.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that AC/DC was finishing up its first album in eight years, tentatively titled "Strap It On", but a spokesperson for the band's Australian label, Albert Music, denied the story.

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AC/DC Rumoured For Australian Stadium Show

According to News.com.au, speculation is mounting over who is next to take the Suncorp Stadium stage in Brisbane, Australia.

AC/DC fans, prepare to rejoice. An Acca Dacca tour has been rumoured for years, but industry insiders reckon the kings of hard rock will hit the road this year, including a Suncorp blitzkreig.

And local promoters salivating over LED ZEPPELIN are on the phones to Canada. Following the band's London reunion gig, Toronto-based promoter Michael Cohl is reportedly stitching up a Led Zep tour. The cost? $200 million for North America alone.

But with Zep singer ROBERT PLANT touring with recent collaborator ALISON KRAUSS in April and May, a Led Zep jaunt to Oz could take place next year.

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AC/DC Officially Shoots Down Swiss Club Gig Report

Australian hard rock legends AC/DC have released the following statement:

"Contrary to rumours floating around the internet, AC/DC will not be playing at a special club performance in Switzerland in late January."

AC/DC's record label, Albert Music, told Undercover News earlier in the week that, despite reports to the contrary, the band is not in the studio, is not recording with Mutt Lange and does not have a title for an album which has been widely reported to be called "Strap It On" (a title which was apparently made up by a fan). More...

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AC/DC Apparantly Not In The Studio

According to Tim Cashmere Undercoverhd.com, AC/DC are not in the studio, they are not recording with Mutt Lange and they don't have a title for an album which has been widely reported to be called Strap It On.

Following stories that the band have returned to the studio for their first album since 2000's Stiff Upper Lip, Albert Records' Danny Keenan has told Undercover they're hopeful, but it's not the case.

"If you ask me if they're in the studio today, I can tell you they're not. If you ask me if they were in the studio last week, I can tell you they're not. If you ask me if they're in the studio next week, I can tell you they're not.

"We're pretty hopeful, but unfortunately there is no word of an album at this stage."

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AC/DC To Tour In Second Half Of 2008

Spain's TheMetalCircus.com are reporting that AC/DC will tour during the second half of 2008.

A source told the Spanish site that some of the AC/DC tour crew has been told that the band will tour in the second half of this year. There are currently no other confirmations regarding where or when the tour would start.

Total Rock has also announced that there's a fair chance that AC/DC will play one of the so-called "secret shows" in the UK, but that there is no official word on it.

Information is running wild regarding the possible cities that will have the chance of hosting the showcases, but Sony BMG are keeping it quiet, with Sony BMG Italy going as far as to say that there are "no plans" for an AC/DC album and tour at this moment.

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New AC/DC Album Due In April?

Spanish website www.rafabasa.com has reported exclusively the title of the new AC/DC album.

According to the site, the name of the new record will be Strap It On, and it will be released via Atlantic Records on April 23rd 2008... "at least at the time of this press release".

As previously reported, the band have been working on the new effort with famed producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange (DEF LEPPARD).

Almost eight years has passed since AC/DC released their last studio album, Stiff Upper Lip.

Stay tuned for updates, as official details surface.

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AC/DC Drummer Escapes Conviction Sentence

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been escaped conviction on a charge of common assault. Rudd had been arrested and charged after an altercation with his former girlfriend.

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AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne Reveal New Sales Figures

AC/DC's classic "Back in Black" album was certified 22-times-platinum on December 13, 2007 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales in excess of 22 million copies in the United States.

As previously reported, "Plug Me In" — the ultimate career-spanning DVD box set of live performances, interviews and more from AC/DC — has been certified five-times-platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Released on October 16, "Plug Me In" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Music Video chart and #1 on the SoundScan Top DVD Music Videos chart.

"Plug Me In" — the first AC/DC release since the band came to Columbia Records earlier this year — debuted at #1 in 12 countries around the world, including the U.S., the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, and New Zealand.

The compilation contains over five hours of live and television performances, many of them rare and previously unavailable until now. A limited edition of the set includes a third disc featuring 21 additional performances, along with reproductions of authentic AC/DC memorabilia.

AC/DC is scheduled to begin recording its first all-new album since 2000's "Stiff Upper Lip" at some point soon, although exact dates remain a mystery.

OZZY OSBOURNE's latest CD, "Black Rain", was certified gold on December 14, 2007 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for shipments in excess of 500,000 copies in the United States.

"Black Rain" was reissued on November 20 as a "Special Limited-Edition Tour Package" featuring a bonus CD of live tracks and B-sides. The bonus CD includes the following cuts:

01. I Don't Wanna Stop (live)
02. Not Going Away (live)
03. Here For You (live)
04. Nightmare
05. Can't Save You
06. Love To Hate

In an interview with Australia's Herald Sun published last month, Ozzy Osbourne made it clear that he wasn't too happy about the effect of downloading on the music industry. He said, "I've been suffering terribly from people downloading ['Black Rain']. If they don't find something to stop it, people won't be able to make records. There won't be any new bands. How are they going to survive? I'm an old-timer, I've been doing it 40 years now, but new bands are going to suffer. It's ridiculous, you could be doing it for nothing. Sharon said I'd be astounded to find out how many bands are touring because you can download a record but you can't beat a rock show."

"Black Rain" was reissued in August by Epic in a new jewel-case package containing the full booklet with lyrics and new color cover art and photos. It also contains CD extra bonus content featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the "Black Rain" photo shoot.

"Black Rain", which originally came out on May 22, was released in "eco-friendly" packaging, with the CD sleeve made out of recycled paper. In addition, the record came out without a booklet to further save paper, with the lyrics, credits and other inside material available to buyers of the CD at SonyMusic.com.

"Black Rain" features several songs based on current events and the state of the world in general. But Osbourne told The Pulse of Radio that he hasn't turned into an "issues-oriented" artist. "Believe me, I've not suddenly woken up and I'm sane," he said. "But I'm not one of these guys that can write about boy-meets-girl and, I mean, it's got to mean something to me. I don't write all the lyrics, but I have to say, 'Well, you know, isn't that strange that that happened when this happened,' you know, and I'll get going, you know."

"Black Rain" debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart, with first-week sales of 152,000 copies.

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Blender.com On "The 28 Most Recognizable Guitars"

According to Blender.com: "We salute rock & roll's most iconic tool of the trade since stuffed spandex - the multinecked, fur-lined, flame-throwing masterpieces that remain as influential as the shredders who strapped them on." Hard rock and metal legends featured include Les Claypool, Dave Grohl, Michael Anthony, Angus Young, Ace Frehley, Zakk Wylde, Jerry Only, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Kurt Cobain, ZZ Top, Gene Simmons, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen among others.

Read the full article at Blender.com.

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AC/DC Collection Due In November

Wal-Mart will release an exclusive 2CD+1DVD AC/DC compilation called "Sight & Sound Collection" on November 23. A partial track listing for the set is as follows:

01. Hells Bells
02. Shoot To Thrill
03. What You Do For Money Honey
04. Given The Dog A Bone
05. Let Me Put My Love Into You
06. Back In Black
07. You Shook Me All Night Long
08. Have A Drink On Me
09. Shake A Leg
10. Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

As previously reported, AC/DC's "Plug Me In", a two-disc DVD set of more than five hours of concert footage and interviews, sold 35,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 1 on Billboard's Top Music Video chart. The compilation contains over five hours of live and television performances, many of them rare and previously unavailable until now. A limited edition of the set includes a third disc featuring 21 additional performances, along with reproductions of authentic AC/DC memorabilia.

According to The Pulse of Radio, AC/DC is scheduled to begin recording its first all-new album since 2000's "Stiff Upper Lip" at some point soon, although exact dates remain a mystery.

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AC/DC DVD Tops Billboard Music Video Charts

AC/DC's "Plug Me In", a two-disc DVD set of more than five hours of concert footage and interviews, has sold 35,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 1 on Billboard's Top Music Video chart. The compilation contains over five hours of live and television performances, many of them rare and previously unavailable until now. A limited edition of the set includes a third disc featuring 21 additional performances, along with reproductions of authentic AC/DC memorabilia.

Disc one is devoted to the band's early years with singer Bon Scott, covering the period between 1975 and 1979. Among the highlights are the band's first U.K. television appearance in July of 1976, the first public performance of "Highway to Hell" on Dutch television in 1979 and four songs from one of Scott's final shows before his death in early 1980.

Disc two covers the era with Brian Johnson on the mic, stretching from 1980 to the present. Highlights include a rare Japanese TV appearance from February of 1981, concerts from the '80s, '90s, and 21st century and a 2003 performance of "Rock Me Baby" with THE ROLLING STONES.

According to The Pulse of Radio, AC/DC is scheduled to begin recording its first all-new album since 2000's "Stiff Upper Lip" at some point soon, although exact dates remain a mystery.

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AC/DC Win Site Name Back From Porn Business

The following report is courtesy of news.com.au:

They've sung about 'Dirty Deeds' for decades, but with a younger online audience hardcore headbangers AC/DC are cleaning up their act.

For years the domain name acdc.com was held by a porn site with metal fans perhaps getting more than they bargained for every time they clicked.

But after years of wry tolerance the band’s management in New York has finished negotiations to reclaim the name and launch the brand at its rightful place online.

AC/DC label manager Sam Horsburgh from Albert Productions in Sydney said with fans as young as 10 or 11 turning to the site something had to be done.

“The demographic of the band has shifted a lot,” Mr Horsburgh said.

“The push to get it back came predominantly because they knew there were a lot of younger fans coming through.

“The young fans are so net savvy it’s the first thing they do. And there was some interesting viewing up there for some time.”

In announcing the reclaimed site the band made a tongue-in-cheek reference to the original domain: “Feel free to visit us from work, school or, for long-time visitors to the site, from the usual privacy of your basement.”

As long ago as 2002 AC/DC fans were discussing their surprise at the extreme content on acdc.com on threads like: “Was ACDC.com hacked?”

“You should post a warning with that kind of thing (turn off your sound and don't open it at work!!!),” one fan posted.

“I just happed to check that link out about a week ago on my own. I am not going there again!”

The move comes as AC/DC prepares to release a five DVD collection of live concert footage.

More than 500,000 copies of the set Plug Me In have already been ordered worldwide.

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Anthrax's Scott Ian To Appear On "L.A. Ink"

Tuesday, September 18, the High Voltage Tattoo Parlor will open its doors to Scott Ian, main axe-man for the legendary thrash metal band Anthrax. The heavy metal veteran will be appearing on the next episode of TLC’s “L.A. Ink,” which airs at 10PM EST. In the ultimate heavy metal tribute, Ian will be inked up with a tattoo of another hard rock hero, AC/DC’s Angus Young.

Ian commented on his appearance on the show, saying: “Kat Von D is the best and her shop is called High Voltage, so who and where better to get a tattoo of Angus Young?!?!”

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AC/DC Box Set Tracklisting Revealed

Columbia Records will release "Plug Me In" — the ultimate career-spanning DVD box set of live performances, interviews and more from AC/DC, the world's most electrifying rock and roll band — on Tuesday, October 16.

The first AC/DC release since the band came to Columbia Records earlier this year, the AC/DC "Plug Me In" DVD collection brings together for the very first time an astonishing five hours of definitive live concert and television performances — many of them previously unavailable — chronicling the ongoing career (now in its fourth decade!) of a groundbreaking rock and roll powerhouse whose music transcends the test of time.

"AC/DC has delivered the most dynamic rock and roll music in the world," said Steve Barnett, Chairman, Columbia Records. "Columbia is honored to be releasing this definitive career-spanning retrospective featuring many of AC/DC's finest filmed performances."

Disc One of the AC/DC "Plug Me In" DVD collection begins with a performance of "High Voltage" performed in October 1975 on Australia's "King of Pop" awards show. The first disc of "Plug Me In" is devoted to the band's formative years (1975-1979) with the late Bon Scott capturing the group in its full early glory with more than 20 performances including rare black-and-white video footage of the notorious St. Albans High School concert on March 3, 1976; the very first UK television appearance in July 1976; pristine live full-color stereo concert performances from Glasgow and Essex University in 1978; and three songs — including the very first public performance of "Highway To Hell" — from Netherlands television in 1979. Bonus material on Disc One includes a Bon Scott interview from November 1977; extraordinary band interviews from 1976; and four songs recorded live in Nice on December 15, 1979, one of Bon Scott's last concerts with the band before his tragic death on February 19, 1980.

Disc Two of the AC/DC "Plug Me In" DVD collection covers the band's second great epoch: the Brian Johnson era which began with the release of "Back In Black" in 1980 and continues to this day. In addition to more than 20 performances drawn from three decades of concerts around the world — including an extremely rare Japanese television appearance from February 1981, blistering '80s and '90s sets from Detroit to Moscow, incredible footage from 1996's "Ballbreaker" tour (including the "Beavis & Butthead" intro), and 21st century barnburners in Paris, Munich, and Toronto — "Plug Me In" includes a fantastic array of bonus material including the AC/DC Donnington interview on the "Old Grey Whistle Test" (August 1984) and AC/DC's in-concert performance of "Rock Me Baby" with THE ROLLING STONES.

A deluxe collector's edition of "Plug Me In" — containing a third DVD of 21 additional rare performances spanning both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras as well as a treasure trove of facsimile reproductions of authentic AC/DC memorabilia — will also be available for a limited time beginning Tuesday, October 16.

AC/DC "Plug Me In" track listing:

DVD 1 (2 hours 22 mins):

01. High Voltage (King Of Pop awards) - October 1975 (4:02)
02. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) (Bandstand) (4:41)
03. School Days (St Albans) - March 1976 (5:40)
04. TNT (St Albans) - March 1976 (4:46)
05. Live Wire (Rollin Bolan) - July 1976 (6:12)
06. Can I Sit Next To You Girl (Rollin Bolan) - July 1976 (4:14)
07. Baby Please Don't Go (Melbourne) - December 1976 (11:49)
08. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (Sight & Sound) - October 1977 (5:13)
09. Rocker (Sight and Sound) - October 1977 (8:10)
10. Rock 'n Roll Damnation (Apollo) - April 1978 (3:44)
11. Dog Eat Dog (Apollo Glasgow) - April 1978 (4:26)
12. Let There Be Rock (Apollo) - April 1978 (8:27)
13. Problem Child (Rock Goes To College) - October 1978 (4:44)
14. Sin City (Rock Goes To College) - October 1978 (5:23)
15. Bad Boy Boogie (Rock Goes To College) - October1978 (9:06)
16. Highway To Hell (Veronika) - July 1979 (4:12)
17. The Jack (Veronika) - July 1979 (5:19)
18. Whole Lotta Rosie (Veronika) - July 1979 (5:19)

DVD 1 Bonus Footage:

* Band Interview at Airport 1976 (2:16)
* Band Interview at Covent Garden (2:27)
* "Problem Child" - Melbourne (3:56)
* "Baby Please Don't Go" (Germany, incomplete) (2:10)
* "Dirty Deeds" on Network Sounds (0:40)
* Bon Scott Interview (15:11)
* "Rock n' Roll Damnation" – Top of the Pops (2:47)
* Australian Music to the World interview in Atlanta (1:31)
* Nice Super 8 movie (3.34

AC/ DVD 2 (2 hours 30 minutes):

01. Shot Down In Flames (Tokyo) - February 1981 (3:27)
02. What Do You Do For The Money - (Tokyo) - February 1981 (2:38)
03. Shook Me All Night - February 1981 (4:55)
04. Let There Be Rock (Tokyo) - February 1981 (5:29)
05. Back In Black (Largo 81) - December 1981 (3:34)
06. TNT (Largo 81) (3:39)
07. Shoot To Thrill (Houston) - October 1983 (5:23)
08. Guns For Hire (Detroit) - November 1983 (5:24)
09. Dirty Deeds (Detroit) - November 1983 (4:12)
10. Flick Of The Switch (Largo 83) (3:27)
11. Bedlam In Belgium (Largo 83) (3:24)
12. Back In Black (USSR) - September 1991 (2:15)
13. Highway To Hell (USSR) - September 1991 (3:36)
14. Whole Lotta Rosie (USSR) - September 1991 (4:16)
15. For Those About To Rock (USSR) - September 1991 (6:52)
16. Gone Shooting (VH1 Session) - July 1996 (6:03)
17. Hail Caesar (Sydney Screen Mix) - 1996 Tour (5:43)
18. Ballbreaker (Sydney Screen Mix) - 1996 Tour (4:29)
19. Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (Sydney Screen Mix) - Tour 1996 (6:34)
20. Hard As a Rock (Stade De France) - June 2001 (5:02)
21. Hells Bells (Stade De France) - June 2001 (5:49)
22. Ride On (Stade De France) - June 2001 (6:27)
23. Stiff Upper Lip (Munich) - June 2003 (3:54)
24. Thunderstruck (Munich) - June 2003 (5:24)
25. If You Want Blood (Toronto) - July 2003 (5:35)
26. The Jack (Toronto) - July 2003 (9:50)
27. You Shook Me All Night (Toronto) - July 2003 (4:27)

DVD 2 Bonus Footage:

* Beavis and Butthead intro to Ballbreaker tour (1:16)
* "Hells Bells" in Brussells (3:40)
* Donnington BBC interview with Angus (1:03)
* Warmup for VH1 (4:20)
* "Rock Me Baby" - Jam with THE ROLLING STONES (6:43)

DVD 3 (Bonus DVD) (2 hours 7 minutes):

01. Girl's Got Rhythm (Australian TV) - 1979 (3:30)
02. She's Got Balls (St. Albans High School 76) (6:20)
03. Long Way To the Top (St Albans High School 76) (7:08)
04. Let There Be Rock (BBC Sight & Sound 77) (5:57)
05. Bad Boy Boogie (Apollo Glasgow 78) (7:49)
06. House Is On Fire (Detroit 83) (3:06)
07. Guns For Hire (Band rehearsals 84) (3:50)
08. Boogey Man (Sydney 96) (10:49)
09. Girl's Got Rhythm (Sydney 96) (4:08)
10. Highway to Hell (Dublin 1996) (7:01)
11. Let There Be Rock (Stuttgart 2000) (10:55)
12. Angus Statue Intro (Stiff Upper Lip Tour Film 2001) (1:26)

Live at Houston Summit 83 (Whole Concert segment runs 53 minutes):

01. Guns For Hire (5:31)
02. Shoot To Thrill (5:32)
03. Sin City (5:24)
04. House Is On Fire (3:58)
05. Back In Black (4:12)
06. Bad Boy Boogie (14:33)
07. Rock 'n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (5:07)
08. Flick Of The Switch (3:25)
09. Hells Bells (5:24)

The AC/DC "Plug Me In" DVD box set is both a Holy Grail for aficionados of AC/DC as well as an ideal and comprehensive introduction to the music and history of a pioneering band that continues to define the electrifying possibilities of rock and roll.

Formed in Sydney, Australia in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young (still the most formidable electric guitar team in rock), AC/DC released its first album, "High Voltage", in 1975. The group has gone on to sell nearly 70 million albums in the U.S. alone, making AC/DC one of the five best-selling bands in American music history. The "Back In Black" album has achieved RIAA double diamond status, for sales in excess of 21 million copies in the United States, and is the U.S.'s fifth largest-selling album ever.

AC/DC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

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