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Formed: 1993
From: Greenville, SC, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Nile Mainman: "We're Too Heavy For Ozzfest"

Nile frontman Karl Sanders has commented on Nile's involvement on this summers Ozzfest along with Ozzy Osbourne, Lamb of God, Lordi, Hatebreed and others.

Karl Sanders stated "Been getting a lot of messages about Ozzfest, and the general concensus is, we are either giving a good reason for metalheads to go to the show, or we're going someplace we don't belong because we're 'too heavy for Ozzfest.'

"Well, here's how I see it: There is a brief scene in 'Saving Private Ryan', during the opening sequence on the Normandy Beach, where just for a few seconds the camera moves to a viewpoint of a German machine-gunner — looking over his machine-gun sights down onto the beach — who is laying waste to countless U.S. soldiers as the doors open up to their boats and they are all just helpless and vulnerable, in the water and struggling onto the beach, exposed to devastating machine gunfire — and from this vantage point, one can not help but get the feeling, if only for a moment, of what it must feel like to be that machine gunner, with so many helpless targets right in your sights to mow down at will. Of course, for that machine-gunner, you also feel that, however awesome it must be for those priceless few moments of godly slaughter, it will inevitably be short-lived, because he is soon to be roasted alive in his bunker as soon as Tom Hanks and friends make it up the hill. But for those few moments of unimpeded opportunity to mow down wave after wave of helpless targets, it had to be utterly godly.

"That's why we are doing Ozzfest. We will be the first real death metal band to ever play Ozzfest, and the chance to lay waste to thousands and thousands of mall metal posers is just too once-in-a-lifetime to pass up.

"In the words of Ross Dolan, 'Metal will take place.'

"I could care less about how much incredible exposure it will be to play Ozzfest; I am just thrilled at the possibility of metal carnage on a mass scale. Those venues will look like Omaha Beach when we are done."

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Daath, 3 Inches Of Blood Confirmed for Ozzfest 07

Roadrunner Records artists DAATH and 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have now been added to the Jagermeister sponsored 2nd Stage. Three more 2nd Stage bands are set to be announced, along with one final Main Stage artist.The most up to date list of confirmed bands to be revealed for this years OZZFEST 2007 are as follows:

Main Stage

OZZY OSBOURNE (Main Stage Headliner)

2nd Stage

HATEBREED (2nd Stage Headliner)
DAATH (new - 3/22)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD (new - 3/22)

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Breaking News

Initial Bands Confirmed For Ozzfest 2007

Lamb of God and Lordi will perform on the main stage with Ozzy Osbourne, while Hatebreed will headline OZZFEST 2007's reliably down and dirty second stage with Mondo Generator, Ankla, Circus Diablo, Nile and The Showdown. These are only the first artists who have stepped forward to be part of this ground-breaking touring extravaganza, with more artists to be announced in the coming weeks for the main and second stages.

The 24-city OZZFEST will now launch July 12 in Seattle, WA at the White River Amphitheatre. The tour was originally announced to start July 7 in Southern California but had to be moved to accommodate the extension of OZZY's European tour. OZZFEST 2007 will also hit Seattle, WA, George, WA, Sacramento, CA, Mountain View, CA, Devore, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH, Tinley Park, IL, East Troy, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Holmdel, NJ, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, Charlotte, NC and West Palm Beach, FL. More...

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Nile Team Up With Decapitated For Australian Tour

NILE will embark on a headlining tout of Australia in May. Support at the shows will come from Polish technical death metal sensations DECAPITATED. Confirmed dates are as follows:

May 19 - Auckland, NZ @The Studio
May 22 - Perth, AUS @ Club Capitol
May 23 - Adelaide, AUS @ Uni Bar
May 24 - Melbourne, AUS @ The Hifi Bar
May 25 - Sydney, AUS @ Manning Bar
May 26 - Brisbane, AUS @ The Arena

Tickets will go on sale February 16 from the usual outlets.

NILE in May 2006 signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. A new studio album is expected later in the year.

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Obituary Re-Releases Discussed

These death metal pioneers from Tampa, Florida, pretty much defined the sound of this extreme genre of guttural vocals, down-tuned guitars, and a pulverising rhythm section.

What is death metal, you say? Well, the common characteristics are usually violent or dark lyrics which focus on death as a nihilistic metaphor, although lately, more philosophy-based lyrics seem to be becoming popular.

In English, what that means is you sing about death, dying and creative ways of achieving it.

The release of Cause of Death in 1990 is regarded as a defining album in the genre, and vocalist John Tardy is also credited as one of the first to use an abnormally low growl called grinding.

Roadrunner Records has recently re-released Obituary’s classic odes to death as remasters.

Cause of Death can’t be overlooked. If you’re a fan, have limited dough, then just get this remaster. If it’s not in your collection, and you really want to be able to say you have all the “great” albums this genre has ever seen, this needs to be in there.

Without this album and some other shining examples from the same period, there would be no Nile, no Cryptopsy, none of the super technical bands.

Read the full article at Malay Mail.

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Nile Unveil New Website

Nile have changed webmasters, and the new webmaster posted the following greeting on the new website:

It's an unique honour for me to introduce myself as a new webmaster, and to anounce the new version of the Catacombs. For now you can taste the new look of this site... Updates and treasures are being prepaired, and soon we will bring some fresh meat for the beasts.
If there are any questions or things related with this site, I'm here for you, don't hesitate to email me...

And finally, best regards to Steve - the former webmaster - your creation was a good source of contents to start my work with, resulting in this version of the site. Salutes!"

- Michal "Xaay" Loranc

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Today Is The Day Add Drummer Derek Roddy

Today Is The Day has officially announced the addition of Derek Roddy to their line-up.

Derek Roddy is renowned by musicians and music fans worldwide for pushing the art of drumming to new heights. Best known for his work with death metal bands such as Hate Eternal, Nile, and Malevolent Creation, Roddy's astonishing speed and finesse have won him international acclaim. He currently endorses Sonor Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Axis Pedals, Remo Heads, and Vater Sticks.

Roddy joins a long legacy of great drummers to occupy the Today Is The Day drum throne, including such heavyweights as Brad Elrod (the band's wildly unique original drummer), Brann Dailor (who would go on to form Mastodon), and Marshall Kilpatrick (currently of The Esoteric).

Roddy will make his Today Is The Day recording debut on the band's eighth studio album, "Axis Of Eden." Recording is planned for February 2007 at Steve Austin's own studio, Austin Enterprise, in Nashville, TN. "Axis Of Eden" will be released on Austin's own label, SuperNova Records, later in the year.

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Sickening Horror Sign To Neurotic Records

SICKENING HORROR, the Greek band featuring NILE drummer George Kollias, has signed a multi-album deal with Neurotic Records. The group's new album, entitled "When Landscapes Bled Backwards", was mixed and mastered by Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE). An early spring 2007 release is expected.

Commented Neurotic Records' Ruud Lemmen: "This fairly new death metal band was brought to our attention when having a brief meeting with George Kollias on a European NILE tour in early 2006. Ever since we've heard the recorded material it seemed destined that SICKENING HORROR and Neurotic Records would join forces. We are therefore very delighted to be able to work with this band."

The band added: "We proudly announce that SICKENING HORROR became a part of the Neurotic Records family. Our debut album will soon be out on the shelves under the title 'When Landscapes Bled Backwards'. We are extremely happy about this cooperation since Neurotic Records is a label with top-notch bands and a very promising prospect for SICKENING HORROR's future. We would like to thank Ruud Lemmen at Neurotic Records for helping us spread the sickness and we can't wait to see you all on the road!" Songtitles set to appear on the album include 'The Perfect Disease', 'Imprisoned in Apocalypse' and 'Forsake My Bleeding'.

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Cazares Unveils New Project At Hollywood Show

Former FEAR FACTORY/current ASESINO guitarist Dino Cazares unveiled his new, as-yet-unnamed project Saturday night (September 2) at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California prior to ASESINO's performance as part of Dino's birthday bash. According to one attendee, the band's musical direction "was reminiscent of old FEAR FACTORY — 'Soul of a New Machine' [1992] meets 'Demanufacture [1995] — but faster, heavier and more intense. After [the new group's] three-song set, Dino screamed from the stage, 'This ain't no pussy shit like new FEAR FACTORY is.' The over-packed crowd cheered as he marched off stage, only to return 10 minutes later to do a full set with ASESINO."

Dino Cazares' new band consists of the following musicians:

Dino Cazares (ASESINO, ex-FEAR FACTORY, BRUJERIA) - Guitar
Tommy Vext (VEXT) - Lead Vocals
Tim Yeung (ex-VITAL REMAINS, NILE) - Drums
Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) - Bass

The band is currently writing material for its debut album, which should see the light of day in 2007 through an as-yet-undetermined label.

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Blotted Science Replace Drummer Yet Again

BLOTTED SCIENCE, the instrumental extreme metal project led by guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK) and bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE), has parted ways with drummer Derek Roddy (ex-HATE ETERNAL, NILE) who replaced original skinsman Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) only months ago. Taking Roddy's place is highly touted New Jersey native Charlie Zeleny of newly signed Black Market Activities/Metal Blade recordings artists BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS.

"Well, sometimes things don't quite work out they way you want them to and this is one of those instances," commented Ron Jarzombek on the split. "Derek Roddy gave us his notice a couple of weeks ago and won't be a part of BLOTTED SCIENCE after all. Everything is still cool between us. Basically, Derek did not have the necessary time to dedicate to the project — he's writing a book and has a clinic tour coming up — and, unfortunately, the physical distance between us proved to be a bigger than anticipated obstacle in the recording process. Anyway, the good news is that Charlie Zeleny from BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS has stepped in on the fly and he's already begun final tracking. Charlie is totally smokin' on this shit! The man is seriously skilled and besides doing lots of session work on the East Coast, Charlie is also working with Jordan Rudess from DREAM THEATER as a member of his online conservatory staff. You can get the full lowdown on Dr. Z on his website www.CharlieZeleny.com . Barring any further delays we'll have all the drums recorded by October/November and finish the album before Christmas."

BLOTTED SCIENCE's debut CD, "The Machinations of Dementia", is tentatively scheduled for an early 2007 release through a yet-to-be determined label. Among the 16 songs set for inclusion are 'Narcolepsy', 'Bleeding In The Brain', 'R.E.M.', 'Synaptic Plasticity', 'Laser Lobotomy', 'The Insomniac', 'EEG Tracings', 'Oscillation Cycles', and 'Brain Fingerprinting'.

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1349 Taps Nile Drummer For Tour Dates

Norwegian black metallers 1349 have confirmed that they will be utilizing the services of former NILE drummer Tony Laureano on their upcoming dates as regular skinsman Frost is busy with promoting SATYRICON's recently released "Now, Diabolical" CD. In addition, they will be using a session guitarist for upcoming live appearances as the replacement for Tjalve, who left earlier in the year.

1349 has been confirmed as one of the support acts for CELTIC FROST on their fall 2006 North American tour. Also appearing on the bill will be SAHG. The bands will support CELTIC FROST from September 12 (Springfield, Virginia) to October 2, 2006 (Portland, Oregon).

1349 released their third studio album, "Hellfire", in the U.S. last October via Candlelight Records. Recorded at Studio Studio in Nyhagen, Norway, "Hellfire" was supported by a European tour with Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH.

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Nile Signs To Nuclear Blast Records

Death metal outfit Nile has officially signed with Nuclear Blast Records, marking an end to the band's business relationship with Relapse Records. Here's a statement from Nile's Karl Sanders:

"Nile is pleased to announce the recent signing of its new record deal with Nuclear Blast. We are excited about the possibilities and potential of this new partnership with the wonderful people at Nuclear Blast. We are most certainly eagerly looking forward to working on the next Nile album and to fearlessly continue bringing Nile's unique brand of Ithyphallic Brutal Death Metal to our fans."

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Frost To Perform w/ 1349 At Transistor Metal Fest

Norwegian black metallers 1349 will be performing at this weekend's Transistor Metal Fest with their regular lineup - including drummer Frost (real name: Kjetil Haraldstad) of SATYRICON - according to a posting on the band's official web site. Transistor Metal Fest is set to take place April 29 at Kroa i B? in Telemark, Norway.

1349 recently announced that they will be utilizing the services of former NILE drummer Tony Laureano on most upcoming dates as Frost is busy with promoting SATYRICON's recently released "Now, Diabolcal" CD. 1349 will be making their first live appearance in the U.S. as the headliners of the Death in the Forest festival, set to take place May 20 at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Middletown, New York.

1349 released their third studio album, "Hellfire", in the U.S. last October via Candlelight Records. Recorded at Studio Studio in Nyhagen, Norway, "Hellfire" was supported by a European tour with Norwegian black metallers GORGOROTH.

Formed in 1997, 1349 features vocalist Ravn, guitarists Tjalve and Archaon, bassist Seidemann and drummer Frost. Their Candlelight debut, "Liberation", was released in 2003. Returning in 2004, the band recorded "Beyond the Apocalypse".

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Psycroptic Reveal European Tour dates

Psycroptic post an update with tour dates on their Myspace site:


06.04.06 DE BERLIN @ FRITZ
11.04.06 CH PRATTELN @ Z7
17.04.06 NL TILBURG @ 013


20-04-06 GER Bastard Club, Osnabrück
21-04-06 GER East Club, Bischofswerda
22-04-06 GER Rockstation Halle, Saale
23-04-06 AUT Planet Music, Vienna
24-04-06 SLO Media Park, Ljubljana
25-04-06 HUN A 38, Budapest
26-04-06 CZR Black Pez, Praha
27-04-06 POL WZ Wroclaw, Poland
28-04-06 LIT Nooruse Maja, Tartu
29-04-06 LAT Salamandra, Riga
30-04-06 EST Nõmme Cult, Tallinn
01-05-06 FIN Nosturi, Helsinki
02-05-06 travel
03-05-06 NOR Blaest, Trondheim
04-05-06 NOR John Dee, Oslo
05-05-06 SWE Klubben, Stockholm
06-05-06 SWE Skylken, Linkoping
07-05-06 DEN Studenthuset, Aalborg
08-05-06 GER Markthalle, Hamburg
09-05-06 NLD Melkweg, Amsterdam
10-05-06 ENG Underworld, London
13-05-06 NLD Dynamo, Einhoven

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Detonation Added to Nile Tour

Detonation will be joining Nile and Yyrkoon on their upcoming European tour for select dates. Detonation's dates with Nile and Yrkoon are as follows:

May 10 - London, ENG @ Camden
May 12 - Germany @ Exhaus Trier
May 13 - Holland @ Plato Helmond
May 14 - France @ Antipod Rennes
May 15 - Paris, France @ La Locomotive

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Ex-Hate Eternal, Nile Drummer Has "Fastest Feet"

Former HATE ETERNAL/NILE drummer Tim Yeung came in first in the "Fastest Feet" category at the NAMM International Fastest Drummer Contest on Sunday, January 22 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Yeung, who recently formed a new extreme-metal project with ex-FEAR FACTORY/BRUJERIA guitarist Dino Cazares, beat the competition with 872 beats in one minute. Meanwhile, Reese Bridges from London, England placed first in the "Fastest Hands" category with 1,007 beats in 60 seconds. You can check out a picture of Yeung and Bridges at this past weekend's competition.

All contestants for both "Fastest Hands" and "Fastest Feet" competitions were scored on playing single strokes (no bounces, presses or buzz) for ONE MINUTE and recorded by the Drumometer. Grand prizes for this year’s contest included: Two Pearl drum sets, a year supply of ProMark drum sticks (with winner’s name), two sets of Meinl cymbals, Axis LongBoard "A" double pedal, 50 Remo drum heads, a year subscription to Drum! magazine and much more.

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Lecherous Nocturne Signs With Deepsend Records

Deepsend Records has announced the signing of Greenville, SC, based extreme-metallers Lecherous Nocturne to the Deepsend Records roster.

The band is currently playing live shows throughout the east coast and finishing the recording process for their debut full-length album, "Adoration of the Blade," due in 2006 on Deepsend Records which will feature Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade on drums and bassist Mike Poggione of Monstrosity.

Keep an eye out for a late spring/early summer release. For the time being, the band has uploaded unmastered versions of "Kompagne" and "Release in Flame" from Adoration of the Blade on their Myspace page.

Look for Lecherous Nocturne to be on the road supporting Adoration of the Blade sometime after the official release.

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Hypocrisy Cancel Memphis Show

Due to problems with the promoter and the venue, HYPOCRISY's scheduled performance on January 12 at the first show for the Annihilation World Tour in Memphis, Tennessee has been cancelled. By default, DECAPITATED will also not perform because they are traveling on the same tour bus. HYPOCRISY's inaugural performance on this tour will now take place at the Engine Room in Houston, Texas on Friday, January 13. The rest of the shows will remain as scheduled.

In addition to HYPOCRISY and DECAPITATED, the Annihilation World Tour features NILE, SOILENT GREEN, RAGING SPEEDHORN, and WITH PASSION.

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Nile Changes Portland Show Venue

The Nile show in Portland, Oregon has been moved to the Hawthorne Theater at 1507 SE 39th Ave. The original venue lost its license for all ages.

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The Haunted To Play Japan And Australia

The Haunted will be heading off to Japan & Australia February/March 2006 as the last segment of their world tour for rEVOLVEr. Here are the dates:

Extreme the Dojo Vol.15 with Nile and Exodus:

Feb. 28 Osaka, JAP - Big Cat
Mar. 01 Nagoya, JAP - Club Quattro
Mar. 02 Tokyo, JAP - O-East

Headlining Australian tour:

Mar. 05 Perth, AUS - Heat
Mar. 06 Melbourne, AUS - Hifi Bar
Mar. 07 Sydney, AUS - The Forum
Mar. 08 Brisbane, AUS - The Arena

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