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God Of Atheists

From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest God Of Atheists News

Below is our complete God Of Atheists news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

God Of Atheists Issues New Delay Update

The delays go marching on! Just under a year ago, Asgeir Mickelson's God Of Atheists project issued the latest update about waiting on five bass tracks before completing the album. Apparently, that's still the same delay. Today the God Of Atheists Facebook page was updated with this statement:

"Talked to Lars the other day. To make a long(er) story short: He's still working on his doctor's degree. Hopefully done this spring.

"I don't want anyone else to do the last five bass tracks so I'll wait. This album WILL eventually be released and then you'll have it forever. – And remember: Music is important, but education is importanter!"

When its done in 2087 or so, the album will feature Trym, ICS Vortex, Carl August Tidemann, Ihsahn, Lars K. Norberg, and Vibeke Stene, and it was (now hilariously in hind sight) named our Most Anticipated Album of 2013.

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God Of Atheists Comments On Latest Delay

The constantly delayed God Of Atheists project (first announced back in 2011 and never actually releasing anything) has a new update from band mastermind Asgeir Mickelson. He comments:

"Waiting for the last five bass tracks. Lars is still working on his doctor's degree and has little time for anything else (yes, bass is important, but education is, eh, importanter).

"I'm not getting anyone else, because his work on the three first songs is flawless. I've learned not to promise anything with this project, but hopefully he'll start recording his last parts in August/September."

If the album ever arrives, its slated to include Asgeir Mickelson, Trym, ICS Vortex, Carl August Tidemann, Ihsahn, Lars K. Norberg, and Vibeke Stene.

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Headline News

The Best And Worst Of Metal In 2015

We've almost got another year in the bag, so it's time to take a look back at all that went down throughout 2015 in the world of heavy metal.

This was an uneven year featuring both highs and lows, and metal didn't escape the drama frequent in other styles of music at all in the last 12 months. Echoing previous schisms in famous black metal bands, Immortal finally took its turn imploding and split into two, and this was probably the worst year in recent memory for U.S. metal tours.

On the flip side of that, a solid number of amazing albums saw release, and metal also catapulted to the top of the charts with some major releases that made people outside the underground take notice.

After two solid years dominated by reunions and reboots, it looks like that craze is finally winding down. This year most notably we saw the return of Faith No More with “Sol Invictus,” but on the more underground end industrial black metal outfit Diabolicum also came back with a first album in 14 years. Although not quite on the same scale of time, Arcturus finally returned with a new full-length after a decade's waiting.

While there are less surprise reunions announced for the coming year, there is one classic outfit hitting the road to take note of, as Black Sabbath's “final” tour - dubbed The End - runs through most of 2016 across the globe. While we wait to see what's in store in the coming year, first we'll look back at everything that went down throughout 2015.

The Good: The Best Of Metal In 2015

Both Slayer and Lamb Of God ended up topping the charts with their latest albums (with Lamb Of God even getting nominated for a Grammy). It's not often a metal album hits #2 in the world, but Slayer managed to do it. While not everyone loved the album, the exposure alone is good for the genre overall.

But how was the more underground metal? Simply put: pretty killer, if you knew were to look. There was a solid mix of great albums from long time bands like Amorphis, Cattle Decapitation, Enslaved, and Soilwork, as well as excellent material from newer and less prolific groups like Alkaloid, Tribulation, and Lychgate.

The tried and true classic outfits from Cradle Of Filth to Iron Maiden to My Dying Bride made appearances, and there were some seriously ambitious undertakings (Swallow The Sun released a TRIPLE album). A handful of bands that were already solid managed to really outdo themselves with stellar material this year though, including Subterannean Masquerade, Code, Shining, and Melechesh. More...

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God Of Atheists Comments On Album Delays

Every couple of aeons a trickle of info flows out about the pipe dream that is the God Of Atheists project, and now the latest aeon has passed and it's time for another update on how we're not getting that album any time soon. Asgeir Mickelson comments:

"Yes, this takes forever, but here’s kind of good news. Carl August Tidemann has been struggling for a long time with so called 'tennis elbow' (a form of tendinitis) and has been forced to not play guitar while in treatment.

"However, he just started playing (carefully) again and it looks like he'll have his chops back soon and able to record the last few solos (which also happen to be the most shredding parts). Lars K. Norberg is still busy studying music and jumped straight from finishing his master degree to working on a doctor degree in metal studies. How cool is that? A doctor’s degree in metal! I’ll gladly let Dr. Metal play bass on my album!

"Why am I waiting for these guys to finish? Why don’t I just get someone else or do it myself? Simply because I have all the time in the world to make this sound the way I want it, and my playing abilities are not even close to what these guys are capable of. I do know how to riff on a guitar, but trust me, you don’t want to hear me play solos… I also want ONE line-up on the album.

"When you hear (for example) a solo you should not have to check the booklet to see who’s playing on that particular song. Plus, I asked these guys to join because I like the way they play. So, sorry for yet another delay but when this thing is released it will be forever. Hopefully it will be worth the wait."

This project - featuring keyboards from Ihsahn and vocals from Vibeke Stene - was voted our most anticipated album of the year.... back in 2013.

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God Of Atheists Issues Update On New Album

After years of waiting, Asgeir Mickelson has today issued a statement indicating the long-overdue God Of Atheists project will finally release an album later this year. He comments:

"The plan: mix during Summer, release some time in the Autumn. Due to studies, Lars Norberg won't have time to record his last bass tracks until May/June.

"Carl August Tidemann has shredded himself into tendinitis-'heaven,' but will record his last three solos as soon as he's back in shape. Vibeke Stenel will record some additional vocals next week. I.C.S. Vortex will also do some minor additional recordings. Sareeta will record the last few bits this month.

"Other news is that I've decided on an artist who's now well into making the artwork for the album. OK, so this is the master plan, but don't shoot me if it fails. Time is my best friend and I take great pride in being slow." More...

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Asgeir Mickelson Departs Sarke

Asgeir Mickelson has announced via a brief statement on his official Facebook page and on the Sarke page that he has parted ways with the Norwegian band.

This news has led some fans to wonder if this means a return to Spiral Architect (check out the FB comments below). Mickelson has also slowly been working on his all-star project God Of Atheists, which features appearances by ICS Vortex, Ihshan, Trym, and Carl August Tidemann.

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God Of Atheists Issues Album Update

The perpetually delayed and seemingly never-happening God Of Atheists project from Asgeir Mickelson has checked in today with the following progress report:

"I.C.S. Vortex finished his parts today! Now on to the last few bits and pieces from Sareeta, Carl August Tidemann, and Lars K. Norberg. Yes, there is actually light at the end of the tunnel..."

Cover artwork, release date, and track listings at this point are all a question mark, with further details coming down the road. The project's full superstar metal lineup can be seen below. More...

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God Of Atheists Checks In With Album Update

It's been almost a year since the last major update, and now there's finally news about the long-overdue God Of Atheists album! Asgeir Mickelson comments:

"OK, so I'm back on track with the album. If you say you can't wait till this thing is out then let me tell you that it's nothing compared to that I CANNOT WAIT! This has been forever!

"I hoped for a release last year but then I slammed headfirst into a wall called writer's block and spent almost 10 months writing the last two lyrics... I admit I didn't work nonstop on them but how is that possible...?

"Master I.C.S. Vortex finally recorded them on Monday - and now I'm very happy that I didn't just write some ordinary and boring words to record. The lyrics are very personal and important for the album, and I stand by every single venomous word. If you plan to illegally download the album I hope it'll take as long time as I spent just writing ONE of the damned lyrics...

"If you've been waiting for Vortex's grim vocals after Borknagar's 'Quintessence' then this is definitely it! Yes, he's doing his trademark clean vocals too (oh yeah!) but I wanted a good mix of both styles in order to get variation and a dynamic sounding album. In the end you'll obviously be the judge of that. Now I'll get back to work. There's still a lot to do before hunting down a record deal and get this thing out to you." More...

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God Of Atheists Issues Update

God of Atheists is the new project from Asgeir Mickelson, which also features Ihsahn, ICS Vortex, Vibeke Stene, and more.

The project's coming debut album was voted our most anticipated release of 2013, although it was later revealed the album won't be available until 2014.

Asgier Mickelson has now checked in with the following update about writing lyrics for the songs as the recording progresses:

"Here's a quick status: The project is moving slowly during the summer months. It's been hard to write (good enough) lyrics for the last two songs, but I think I'm almost done with one of them now.

"This is 'Song no. 5' which was originally called 'I Am God,' but I scrapped it and started all over, so now it has a new title (which is not 100 % set yet). This song has a 2.5 minute slow death/doom melodic 'intro' before it takes off into 260 bpm blast beat brutality with grim vocals."

You can also check out a preview for the track "Fountain of Emptiness" below. More...

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God Of Atheists Reveals Full Lineup

God of Atheists, the new Asgeir Mickelson led project that was voted the most anticipated released of 2013, has now announced the band's complete lineup and revealed the coming debut album won't actually see release until next year. Mickelson comments:

"The time has come to reveal the whole line-up for the God Of Atheists project. I am extremely proud to announce the addition of bassist Lars K. Norberg and soprano Vibeke Stene!

"They are completing the line-up which already consists of the excellent musicians ICS Vortex, Ihsahn, Trym, Carl A. Tidemann and Sareeta. Excitement is an understatement. Time to start shopping for a deal and get this album out in 2014." More...

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God Of Atheists Posts Recording Update

The new Asgeir Mickelson led project God of Atheists, which was named our most anticipated release of 2013, is currently in the process of recording tracks for a debut album. God of Atheists posted the following message online about the vocal recording process:

"Wow, it was a pleasure hearing I.C.S. Vortex sing in the studio today! The God Of Atheists album is coming along nicely. Vocals on three songs are pretty much done. Lots of grim and lots of signature Vortex clean vocals. More recording next week. Now off for some poker.

The band also issued the following announcement about bringing on another vocalist:

"God Of Atheists has been joined by a female singer! She's Norwegian - and she's (obviously) great! Sorry for not letting you know who it is, but I'll let you know when we've recorded something and know it will work. Very excited!"

The currently known lineup (not including the new vocalist) is:

Asgeir Mickelson - Guitar
Trym - Drums
ICS Vortex - Vocals
Carl August Tidemann - Solo guitar
Keyboards - Ihsahn

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God Of Atheists Posts Video Teaser

The new project God of Atheists, which was named Metalunderground.com's most anticipated release of 2013, has now posted a brief solo video online as a teaser for upcoming material.

Check out Carl August Tidemann playing the solo for the song "Fountain of Emptiness" over at the band's Facebook profile here.

God of Atheists is a new project spearheaded by Asgeir Mickelson, and the band's lineup is currently as follows:

Asgeir Mickelson - Guitar
Trym - Drums
ICS Vortex - Vocals
Carl August Tidemann - Solo guitar
Keyboards - Ihsahn

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Headline News

Metalunderground.com's Best Of 2012 Awards

Metalunderground.com wishes all our regulars and newcomers a happy new year as we look forward to a 2013 full of improvements and hopefully even more awesome metal than the preceding year. The 2011 “best of the year” piece ended up so late it actually became an April Fool’s joke (with “Lulu” of course winning the top album spot), but this time around we’re going to dive right into a retrospective of the last 365 days of metal and how they impacted the scene at large.

Recent years have been fairly uneven for metal, punctuated by stellar releases surrounded by flops and mediocre albums from the big names. We’ve seen the continuing sad decline of some of the oldest and biggest names in metal in the past few years, but 2012 shook that up and was a year where the underground earned a greater focus.

2012 was a highly productive year for several prominent sub-genres (power, prog, and djent all saw a horde of releases from acts both known and unknown), but a little more sparse for others (there were only a handful of symphonic black metal releases by established bands.) Considering the sheer number of albums, EPs, singles, demos, etc. that see the light of day per year, we’re inevitably going to end up overlooking some that were definitely good releases, so please accept our apologies in advance if a band you dig didn’t get a nod. We love all forms of metal, and there’s just no way to cover everything that happened in 2012 in a single article.

While 2012 was an off-year on the release schedule for some of the highest profile acts, there were still plenty of bands in the upper echelons that dropped new material. Metaldom saw albums hit from the likes of Between the Buried and Me, Therion, The Sword, Dethklok, Cradle of Filth, Kamelot, Enslaved, Katatonia, Korpiklaani, Borknagar, and Lacuna Coil. Obviously that alone covers a huge range of sound, and we also got to hear some highly anticipated new material from God Seed, Ministry, Wintersun, Baroness, Meshuggah, Woods of Ypres, and Ex Deo. Some of those ended up being worth the hype, while others didn’t meet the high level of expectation, and below you’ll see how our contributors voted on last year’s releases.

Before we jump into the different categories and winners, I’d like to mention how this was such a good year for bands that mash up genres. Fans of different styles colliding were in for a treat as cross-genre experimentation seems to be becoming more of the norm these days. The Wretched End blended together death and thrash, Diablo Swing Orchestra worked swing music into metal, Kontrust melds pop and metal, Stealing Axion worked through just about every sub-genre that exists, and Nachtblut blurred the lines between industrial and symphonic black metal. It seems like this trend is running strong and cross pollination is going to widen metal fan’s musical horizons and introduce mainstream music enthusiasts into the more extreme stuff. More...

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God Of Atheists Issues Album Update

It was announced yesterday that legendary Norwegian musician Ihsahn had joined the God of Atheists project, and now band mastermind Asgeir Mickelson has checked in with the following update about progress on a new album:

"I assume many of you liked the news about Ihsahn joining the project. In fact he agreed to play on it close to three years ago, but I've had a few speed bumps in my life along the way, so he didn't get the songs until maybe two months ago. And, well, I'm not the fastest on this planet either...

"The project is coming along fine right now. Ihsahn is working on the third song, Tideman is recording his neck breaking solos in January, bass player recording his parts around Christmas (you'll know who when we start recording. Rest assured - he's awesome! And, no, it's not Santa Claus), Vortex is eagerly waiting to record the vocals but I have to finish the damn lyrics first. I am a slow writer too (surprise), I am half way into it and quite happy with how vicious it's turning out (psychologically vicious, not blood gore vicious). It will be about 40% clean and 60% grim vocals. Some song titles are 'The Sapient's Error,' 'Fountain of Emptiness,' 'Cataclysm,' and (probably) 'I am God.' These titles might change along the way but it's where I'm at right now.

"Except for the two songs I wrote for the last Sarke album I am totally aware of the fact that you guys only know me as a drummer, so all I can say is that you'll just have to wait and judge for yourself if I'm capable as a song writer and guitarist too. Some of the songs were the most challenging stuff Trym has ever recorded on drums, so the only thing I can promise is that God Of Atheists is no commercial soft shit! If I get a decent deal I'll have the album out before summer." More...

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Ihsahn Joining God Of Atheists

God Of Atheists is Asgeir Mickelson's (Spiral Architect, Borknagar) new extreme metal project, and the band has now issued the following brief statement about recruiting ex-Emperor member and current solo artist Ihsahn:

"Proudly presenting the mighty Ihsahn on keyboard! His contribution adds a new dimension to the music without making God Of Atheists symphonic extreme metal - just as intended! Stoked!"

The current God of Atheists lineup is:

Asgeir Mickelson - Guitar
Trym - Drums
ICS Vortex - Vocals
Carl August Tidemann - Solo guitar
Keyboards - Ihsahn

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ICS Vortex Recruited For God Of Atheists

Asgeir Mickelson has issued the following announcement about recruiting ICS Vortex and Trym for his God Of Atheists band:

"I’m proud to announce that ICS Vortex will be singing for my God Of Atheists project. Drums were recorded by Trym (Emperor, Zyklon, Enslaved), and the rhythm guitars were recorded by me (solos will be done by someone a lot better than me…).

"God Of Atheists is the extreme metal project which I wrote most of the music for in 2008. One song was originally written for Borknagar back in 2004 but was never finished so I rewrote it and it’s now way too brutal for Borknagar’s style. The over all style is kind of 'Norwegian black metal done death metal.' It’s brutal but also very melodic.

"Both Mr. Vortex and I are looking forward to work on this album the upcoming months, and I’m sure Vortex’ awesome vocal style will add a new dimension to the songs. I just need to write some venomous lyrics first… Thankfully there’s a lot of venom in my head…

"And, if you like a project with Trym, Vortex and me, I think you will like the other musicians who’ve agreed to play on it. Exciting times!"

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