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Formed: 1995
From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


Marcus Losbjer and Stefan Zell formed Wolverine in 1995. Stefan's younger brother Mikael joined pretty soon thereafter. In the early days the band played melodic deathmetal. A few line-up changes and three demos later Andreas "Bagge" Baglien and Carl-Henrik Landegren joined the band. Together they recorded Wolverine's fourth demo called Fervent Dream. The music had then evolved to melodic progressive-metal mixed up with some "growl-vocals", an element kept since the band's earlier days.

Shortly after the release of Fervent Dream the band got signed by Zizania Entertainment Group. Through Zizania the band released a partly re-recorded version of Fervent Dream as a mini-CD in November 1999. That same month they also performed outside Sweden for the first time in their career. Fervent Dream was received amazingly well by both media and audience. The band got amazing reviews and the CD soon sold out.

During 2000, Carl-Henrik Landegren was replaced by Per Broddesson and the band also signed on to a label called Emerald Factory which resulted in a re-release of Fervent Dream in April 2001. In July 2001, the band recorded their debut full-length album The Window Purpose at Spacelab in Kempen, Germany together with Oliver Philipps and Christian "Moschus" Moos both of Everon-fame.

In the autumn of 2001, the band parted ways with Emerald Factory and it was decided that the album would be released through DVS Records instead. A bassplayer, Thomas Jansson, also joined the band at this time since Stefan had decided to focus on his vocals.

The Window Purpose received an overwhelming reception by the fans and media. Wolverine also did a short European tour together with Canadian band Into Eternity.

In 2002 the band signed to Elitist Records, a sublabel to the much bigger Earache Records. Wolverine recorded Cold light of Monday during 2003. It proved that Wolverine was a band that wasn't afraid to try out different approaches with their music. The album scored really high points in several of Europe's leading magazines.

2005 saw the re-release of The Window Purpose, remastered and with a newly recorded version of the song Again which originally appeared on Fervent Dream. During the summer of 2005 the band, once again, went to Germany and the Spacelab studio to record the album Still. Unfortunately the band and Earache didn't see eye to eye on a few matters regarding the recording of the album. Both parties finally agreed to go separate ways. Not long thereafter Wolverine signed on to Candlelight Records and it was decided that Still would be released in June 2006.

During spring that same year Bagge left the band after 8 years as a member. He was asked to leave since his commitment to the band had faded and in order to go on as a band to be reckoned with Wolverine needed new blood. Bagge's replacement was a guy called Per Henriksson.


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Wolverine Premieres Full New Album

Wolverine's fifth full-length album "Machina Viva" is set to drop next week on July 8th, but today we're bringing you the entire disc for advance streaming - listen in below!

"Machina Viva" was recorded and produced by the band in various locations throughout Sweden during late 2015 and early 2016, mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian “Moschus” Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz.

The follow-up to 2011's "Communication Lost" features such track as the epic 14 minute "The Bedlam Overture" and dark electronic landscapes on "Machina." To help you get the full "Machina Viva" experience, we had the band give us a complete track-by-track break down of the entire release.

Read the full break down below, followed by the album stream, and if you like what you hear pre-orders are online at this location.

"The Bedlam Overture"

Marcus: The origins of this song can be found way back in 2006. I was in a quite chaotic state of mind and the Rhodes intro-riff is what came out of that, although on an acoustic guitar originally. It has taken many shapes during the years as it was instrumental at ?rst but evolved to a longer and longer song. The thing that has always stuck with it is the somewhat chaotic nature of it.

Stefan: Like Marcus says, a song that has been around in various forms for quite some time now. I remember I really loved the intro-riff that Marcus came up with back in 2006. We intended to do something with it for Communication Lost but ended up not using it, probably because we didn't have a clear idea of where the song needed to go.

Thomas: I think this epic piece is one of the best songs we ever recorded. Sure, all songs have their own strengths and weaknesses, and there are other songs that are more beautiful and touching. With "The Bedlam Overture" however, you feel sort of run over having played through 14+ minutes. It is sort of a musical journey to me, and it has such a massive impact. I especially enjoy playing the verses due to the meditative nature of the bass lines. Speaking of the bass: The fretless bass solo is something that really bothered me since I had a hard time coming up with anything worthy in such a forceful song. Actually it wasn't until Marcus and I was in the studio to record the bass tracks for the entire album that I managed to come up with what you hear on the album – the solo was invented in its entirety under these somewhat stressful circumstances, and I am quite satis?ed what came out of it.

Per: This was the song that we played over and over again at rehearsals. Everything with this song felt very much complete besides the middle section which went through some changes during the writing sessions. From one session to the next we tried different ideas and approaches.

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Wolverine Streaming "Pledge"

"Pledge" is the new single to be brought forth from Wolverine's impending fifth album, "Machina Viva," the band's first album for Sensory Records that is now two weeks from release. Check out the track stream below.

Wolverine's "Machina Viva" recorded and produced by the band in various locations throughout Sweden during late 2015 and early 2016, mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian "Moschus" Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz. More...

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Wolverine Posts "Our Last Goodbye" Video

Swedish dark progressive act Wolverine proudly unveils a new video for "Our Last Goodbye," the single hailing from upcoming album "Machina Viva," which is nearing release on July 8th through Sensory Records.

Directed by the band's drummer Marcus Losbjer and bassist Thomas Jansson, with photography by Mattias Wigforss, the video has been unveiled today and can be seen below. More...

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Wolverine Posts "Machina Viva" Trailer

Sensory Records has locked a summer release date for "Machina Viva," the vast fifth studio album from Swedish progressive metal outfit, Wolverine.

The band has created a brief trailer for the record, including the first sample of audio from the album as well as its cover art and more. Check it out below.

Recorded and produced by Wolverine in various locations throughout Sweden during the autumn and winter months of late 2015 and early 2016, "Machina Viva" was mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian "Moschus" Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz.

Wolverine's first title for the Sensory Records division of U.S. progressive powerhouse Laser's Edge, "Machina Viva" will see worldwide release on July 8th. Additional video and audio samples of the album will be issued over the weeks ahead. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Bedlam Overture
2. Machina
3. Pile Of Ash (ES335 version)
4. Our Last Goodbye
5. Pledge
6. When The Night Comes
7. Nemesis
8. Sheds
9. Pile Of Ash (cello version) *
*bonus track More...

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Wolverine Signs With Laser's Edge

Laser's Edge division Sensory Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish progressive metal kingpins Wolverine for the summer release of the band's fifth studio full-length release, "Machina Viva."

From the fourteen-minute epic and powerful "The Bedlam Overture" and the dark electronic landscapes of "Machina," to the naked and organic nature of "Pile of Ash" and "Sheds," new album "Machina Viva" is the next step in Wolverine's explorations in the progressive field.

Recorded and produced by Wolverine in various locations throughout Sweden during the autumn and winter months of late 2015 and early 2016, "Machina Viva" was mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian "Moschus" Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz.

Laser's Edge/Sensory owner Ken Golden states of the signing: "Wolverine has been on my radar since their first release, 'The Window Purpose,' back in 2001. I've followed their progression through the years and I'm honored to have them on the Sensory roster."

Issues Wolverine on signing with Sensory Records, "We are very happy to work with someone like Ken and Sensory that has a genuine passion for and interest in the kind of music that we play." More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: Saturday Crazies

Carrying the energy over from ProgPower XIV’s Friday show to Saturday’s show was like a Herculean trial for me, running on a combined total of 6 hours sleep from the last two days. In the quiet of dawn, nobody from ProgPower: Hardcore, the unofficial fitness group, was awake enough to run or work out, but not for lack of effort -- They had put in a good run and hot yoga session earlier in the week. (Only at ProgPower, folks.) Fortunately, each of the seven bands on the second day’s roster brought its game face and gave me and the other concert-goers what we needed to raise our bodies, put our hands in the air, bang our heads, jump (if you really enjoyed Sabaton), and fall in love all over again.

After descending upon Einstein Bagel Co at the end of Peachtree St for breakfast with my group of fellow black-shirted friends, which brought a few funny reactions from the locals, we headed down to The Loft next to Center Stage to see Wolverine’s exclusive all-acoustic set for Gold Badge holders and sponsors only. Having rehearsed well in advance, Wolverine was a well-oiled machine, although the same could not be said for the guitar cables that seemed to be shorting out on them by the dozen. Nevertheless, the show was to be unforgettable. Drawing heavily from “Communication Lost,” perhaps the easiest Wolverine album to translate to an acoustic setting, the show took the form of a sort of “Storytellers” gig.

The typical routine they followed went something like this: Vocalist Stefan Zell or bassist Thomas Jansson would give a background and context to a song, they would play it through, Jansson or keyboardist Per Henriksson would take a passionate but subdued solo, Zell would light up the air with his voice, and the crowd would weep. It’s true -- one attendee brought a box of tissues with her, which the band autographed after the performance, for members of the audience that couldn’t help but resonate with the song. The whole performance gave the impression of a slow burn -- warm and electrifying. A special set, indeed. More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: A Friday To Remember

Internationally respected, domestically loved, and locally interesting (“Look at all these black-shirted people walking into this Einstein Bagel Co!”), the ProgPower USA festival returned to its frequent home at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for its fourteenth year of bringing quality metal to the stateside masses.

Through the hallowed gates (err… glass and metal doors) of the venue, almost anything was possible on the days of September 5-7. To some, it was an ocean of opportunity or a place to be reborn in metal. To others, a place to spend endless nights with the masters of the world themselves. To most of the 1,000+ attendees, it was where they went to reach within, feel alive, and leave with a sense of pride -- nobody was wondering “Why am I here?,” even if it was only the 1st chapter of their ProgPower story. (For this writer, the festival was also a chance to write 9 song/album titles from the bands that would be performing at the show into this second paragraph about the show. Because it sounded really cool.)

As previously detailed, the festival brought 5 bands to the states for the first time and 16 in total throughout the three days, with an extra 2 added to that in a separate Wednesday show. When I had arrived on Friday, the ProgPower elite who had come both days prior to it were feeling quite at ease and even had a sort of comfortable glow about them. I later learned that this was due in part to warm hangovers, but mostly due the awesomeness of the concerts on the days leading up to Friday, which were written about in part by Metal Underground admin CROMCarl. This, however, is the record of my time at this year's crazy heavy wonderland. More...

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ProgPower USA XIV: At A Glance

In its 14th year for 2013, the ProgPower USA Festival is one of the longest-running US festivals, and the longest-running US multi-day festival to feature bands from outside the US.

This year, it has the special distinction of being the US debut show for five bands. Totaling more than a hundred and twenty band performances in its time, it has developed a reputation as a tastemakers’ festival, heightening awareness within the US of foreign bands.

It can be a daunting festival, price- and endurance-wise, but it’s one that should be considered if the genres it derives its name from at all turn your head. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s celebration of the fast and the nerdy down at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia, starting on September 4th. More...

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ReinXeed Cancels ProgPower USA Performance

Swedish metal act ReinXeed has cancelled its first U.S. performance, which was scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta, GA. Festival promoter Glenn Harveston announced that Chicago progressive metal act Divinity Compromised will fill the 2-3pm opening spot for that day.

The band provided the following explanation: "We are very sorry to announce our cancellation of ProgPower USA and all other shows and festivals in 2013. Due to personal private reasons Tommy ReinXeed will not do any more live shows after the "Rock out Wild" festival and for the rest of the year.

"We are all very sorry about this but respect his decision and are looking forward to the upcoming release of the album 'A New World' and new strength and motivation to tour in the future."

The revised lineup for ProgPower USA is as follows:

Thursday, September 5, 2013 (Kickoff Show):

In The Silence - 6:00 to 6:45
Circle II Circle - 7:15 to 8:45
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - 9:30 to 11:45 More...

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ProgPower USA Reveals 2013 Festival Lineup

Just following Epica's performance on the first day of ProgPower USA XIII, festival promoter Glenn Harveston revealed the lineup for ProgPower XIV, held annually at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. For 2013, Saturday's event will be held on Friday, September 6-7, 2013 and will have one less band, but Saturday there will be a triple co-headliner. The roster was revealed as the following:

Friday, Sept. 6, 2012:

Damnation Angels
Ashes of Ares
Soilwork (co-headliner)
Shadow Gallery (co-headliner)

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2012:

Heaven's Cry
Circus Maximus (co-headliner)
Armored Saint (co-headliner)
Sabaton (co-headliner) More...

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Wolverine Finishes Mixing Album

Sweden's Wolverine has issued the following update about finishing the mixing process for the band's upcoming album:

"Mixing done! The mixing of the album is finished and next up is the mastering. Marcus is working on the artwork while Thomas is contributing to it with great photos. We'll let you know about a release date once the label has provided us with one."

You can also check out Wolverine's music at this location.

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Wolverine Checks In With Recording Update

Stefan Zell of Sweden's Wolverine has issued the following brief update about the band's new album being mixed:

"The mixing of the upcoming album is underway in Denmark. Jacob Hansen is doing the mix and the first snippet we've heard of the opening track sounds amazing! More news on this during the coming week."

You can also hear sample Wolverine tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Wolverine Issues Recording Update

Stefan Zell of Sweden's Wolverine has issued the following brief update about the band's progress recording vocals in the studio:

"The vocals were finished today... Until the last song recorded was destroyed in some sort of computer crash. We're of course not too happy about this, especially since the vocal performance on the song was great BUT we'll re-record tomorrow. Then the vocals will be finished for sure."

You can also check out Wolverine's music via the band's official MySpace page.

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Wolverine Checks In From The Studio

Stefan Zell of Sweden's Wolverine has issued the following update about the band's progress in the studio:

"The title track, 'Communication Lost,' was recorded yesterday and it sounds great! It's a pretty heavy and epic track that surely will fit nicely in future set lists.

"Done for today... We laid down vocals for 'In the quiet of dawn,' a song that we wrote three or four years ago. It went down just perfect so we also had time to re-record the choruses for the song we started this whole vocal session with. Some of the band members weren't thrilled about the vocal approach on it but now it should definitely please everyone involved. Only three songs to go."

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Wolverine Issues Studio Update

Stefan Zell of Sweden's Wolverine has checked in with the following update about the band's progress in the recording studio:

"Work in the studio has finally started to run more smoothly. We had two days of technical issues that prevented us from recording properly. However, I've now completed three songs and they sound amazing. It's such a blessing to work with Oliver Philipps. Not only is he a genius when it comes to musical arrangements but he's also a dear friend which makes it all so much more enjoyable."

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Wolverine Posts Third Studio Video

Sweden's Wolverine is currently in the studio recording an upcoming full-length album titled "Communication Lost." The band has posted the third video diary from the recording studio, which can be viewed below.

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Wolverine Checks In With New Video Blog

Sweden's Wolverine has recently begun working on an upcoming full-length album to be titled "Communication Lost." The band has now posted a second video blog from the recording studio, which can be viewed below.

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Wolverine Recording New Album

Sweden's Wolverine has begun work on an upcoming full-length album to be titled "Communication Lost." The band has now posted video footage online from their first day in the recording studio, which can be viewed below.

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Wolverine Bassist Guests On New Griftegard Album

Wolverine has issued the following announcement about their bass player making a guest appearance on the upcoming Griftegård album:

"Our bassplayer, Thomas Jansson, recently recorded the bass tracks on Griftegård's upcoming album which is to be released in September this year. Griftegård, a doom metal band from Norrköping, Sweden, invited Thomas to participate in the process of making this album after a rather quick and unforseen situation which led to the original bassplayer parting ways with the band. When former Wolverine guitarist Per Broddesson, now member of Griftegård, asked whether Thomas could come to Norrköping and help out, there was no way he was going to miss the opportunity to work with a band that he highly appreciates. Thomas will join Griftegård on the Hamburg gig due 18 July, where they will play together with The Devil's Blood."

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Wolverine Reveals New Album Title

Swedish heavy metal act Wolverine has posted a new message online updating fans on the bands current situations. The update reads as follows: "It has been a long time since we last updated this homepage. We want to say we are sorry about this, and we are looking to better ourselves when it comes to regular updates.

"Time flies and there are numerous things to attend to in life: full time jobs and full time education; family life as well as social life in general—you all know how the story goes, right? As you might know we have not been very productive the past few years, and after the summer of 2008 we pretty much decided to part ways and discontinue further activities in the name of Wolverine. The band was no longer to be. Even though we had already begun to work with new material for a future album release, we felt that it was a pointless struggle to continue. There was simply too much conflict and too little dedication regarding Wolverine. And considering the positive reception Still had earned in several reviews and from our dedicated fans all over the world, we felt that at least we could put an end to the band’s misery and still (!) be satisfied with what we had accomplished.

"However, we decided upon a change of direction. During the rehearsals for the upcoming gigs at ProgPower Europe 2008, we had such a good time! It was such a blast to just play together, and it felt like such a waste just to throw everything away and terminate the band. As it turns out we agreed upon trying to make things work and make an effort to put more energy into working with Wolverine. Being on stage during the ProgPower festival also served as great motivation to us—playing in Baarlo, once again, was a fantastic experience! For those of you who came to the show to see us perform: thank you for being there!

"Right now we are working on the upcoming album titled 'Communication Lost.' Some of the songs have been lying around for quite some time now, and we are eager to finalize the basic structures of the material and record it as soon as we possibly can. We promise to provide more information as we are progressing. Thank you for staying with us!"

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