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Formed: 1997
From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Last Known Status: Active


Celestial Dawn hails from the city of Montreal, Canada. The original members consisted of Steven on drums, Dylan on guitar, and JD on bass. The love of metal music brought these musicians together as they took their first steps down the road of heavy metal in the summer of 1997. The range, the power, and the crisp, clear notes that Christian was displaying was what the band had been hoping for. It wasn’t long into a conversation before Christian was telling the band how he wished he could find the right people to sing his one, true passion – heavy metal. Those simple words ignited a spark that had been waiting to be lit. Celestial Dawn was now complete

During the following 18 months Celestial Dawn rocked every event they played, pounding out heavy metal with earth-shattering sounds. The band refined itself as they began finding their own unique sound. In December of 1999, Celestial released their first EP entitled "Live at Dawn." Following the release, Celestial Dawn embarked on a year long journey of power hitting shows. Sadness struck Celestial Dawn in January of 2001, when Dylan announced that he was leaving to pursue personal goals.

The band was devastated – all the pieces had seemed right but it looked like fate had other plans. Not knowing what would happen next, the remaining members stood together and set out to find a new guitarist. Several auditions were held but, it did not take long to find the perfect match. Enter Kash: his powerful, unique guitar sound was the answer to all their needs. Without contest, Kash was granted the position. Rejuvenated, the group worked to create new material, as well as rethink their entire musical structure. After hard work and determination, the band finally recorded an EP entitled Genesis which they released in mid-October 2001.

During their song-writing and studio time together, the members quickly recognized a strong bond and chemistry that they had together. When they played – they sounded as one unit. Celestial Dawn had undergone a rebirth. The shows that followed only enforced that feeling as the band began promoting the EP in more cities, venues, and audiences than ever before. They burnt up the stage wherever they played and it now seems that their journey down the highway of Heavy Metal is well under way.

Now, Celestial Dawn has teamed up with Insanity Records of Germany. The band will be working closely with the label with one goal in mind: to bring audiences Celestial Dawn’s brand of metal.

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