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Formed: 1997
From: Vancouver, Canada
Last Known Status: Active


From humble beginnings in 1997 as a solo project of Andrew Staehling, Soulscar quickly developed their slicing hybrid of thrash, death and heavy metal to a savage level. Demo after demo, the critics returned universal praise. 2002 saw the band at a critical point. An injection of new blood in the form of Brent Mackenzie (bass) led to the recording of their debut album, Character Assassination, a superbly written riff-fest which garnered countless rave reviews in the metal community.

2003 brought major progress. The band signed to Galy Records for exclusive distribution of Character Assassination, and recruited metal machines Igor Cheifot (drums) and Stas Mikheev (guitars). Soulscar now had a full lineup and quickly took Vancouver by storm with their punishing live show. The band are now finishing up their second album, a phenomenal collection of ultra-memorable metal anthems.

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CBC Radio 3 Launches First Full Metal Podcast

Canada's CBC Radio 3 has launched the first Full Metal Podcast, hosted by Lisa Christiansen. The podcast features new music from Arapacis, Bison, Cursed, Cryptopsy, Derelict, Divinity, Forty Birds, Gross Misconduct, Penetrator, Protest the Hero, Rammer and Sequoia.

"We play a lot of great music here at Radio 3, and for one radio station we do play an unbelievable number of different genres, from hip hop to folk; electronica to pop and hard rock. But there is one genre that is sadly under-represented - metal.

"But not anymore. Today marks the first Full Metal Podcast for CBC Radio 3. And I couldn't be more um, filled with unholy joy.

"For the past few months a crack team of producers and one eager host, have listened to literally hours of metal tunes from our collection here at New Music Canada. We then sought out the opinions of a few serious metal heads and created this podcast.

"You'll hear music from Protest the Hero, Cursed, Bison, and Cryptopsy. I check in with a touring Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood and ponder the why behind Montreal's metal capital of North America status with legendary drummer Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy.

"It's a cross-country journey through some of the hardest and loudest music being made in Canada today, and it's all in one easy to enjoy package. So kick back and get ready and watch where you bang that head. Neck injuries are not covered by Radio 3."

To listen to the podcast, visit CBC Radio 3.

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Infernal Majesty To Film Performance

As reported earlier, INFERNAL MAJESTY will be opening up for ARCH ENEMY at the Scrape Records 10th Anniversary Bash this coming Monday (October 15) at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. Vocalist Brian Langley spoke about his thoughts on the show and how it all came together:

"Well, it happened out of the blue. JJ (Scrape Records owner) called up Steve (Terror - guitar) and normally when bands come through town and a band drops off the bill, he (JJ) is the go-to guy that they ask 'Is there a local band we can throw on the bill?' We knew that; so months before, Steve talked to JJ I guess and said 'Hey, should a band drop off the bill, keep us in mind.' I guess the Scrape Anniversary show came up and he wanted to get ARCH ENEMY and I guess support some of the local bands in Vancouver and gave Steve a call and said 'Hey, do you want to play opening up for ARCH ENEMY at the Commodore?' That's pretty much all that happened (laughs). I was pretty excited that JJ would think of us or anybody for that matter. It seems that there are a lot of good shows that come through town that we miss out on, but I'm sure a lot of the band's feel the same way."

The show was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 14 at the Commodore Ballroom, but was bumped forward a day due to scheduling conflicts in the ARCH ENEMY camp. UNEARTH, who are currently on tour with DARKEST HOUR, AUGUST BURNS RED and SUICIDE SILENCE, will be playing at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver the same night (October 15), so to give fans a chance to see ARCH ENEMY perform live, the band's set will begin at approximately 11:20 PM at the Commodore.

But having the show go ahead as planned, even if it had to be re-scheduled, is good news for Langley. He states: "I'd much rather have them push the show back a day than cancel it, that's for sure."

Langley also revealed that the band will be filming their set for a possible future DVD.

"So far we've got a three-guy camera crew lined up. We're gonna record our set, which should be about 30-35 minutes. We're gonna have it filmed in high-definition so we'll get the best possible quality. But that's the plan anyway. We're still working out the details on that, but it would be nice to have an officially released INFERNAL MAJESTY DVD instead of going on eBay and buying all the bootlegs up (laughs)."

METALEATER spoke to Langley back in March, 2006 about the band's new album, "Systematical Extermination", which they have been working on for the past few years. Langley states that while its still a work in progress, the band have already begun working on the follow-up to "Systematical Extermination".

"Unfortunately not a whole lot has changed on that front," he says. "The album is still being written in the last two and a half years. We've got half of the next album written after that. We're actually going to be playing one of the songs off the album that's supposed to come out after 'Systematical Extermination' at the show (on Monday). It's called '4x6' - just like the dimensions of a shallow grave (laughs). That's going to be on the album after 'Systematical Extermination' - hopefully. Unfortunately seeing as we're not on a label, and we're kinda looking for a label but not really - if the right deal comes along we'll take it - the band is funding everything ourselves, so it takes a long time to do much of anything."

Lots of new INFERNAL MAJESTY merchandise, including long sleeves, t-shirts, and girlie shirts, along with their limited edition unreleased "Demon God" EP (approximately 100 copies), will be available for purchase at the show this coming Monday. (Note: The only way to get your hands on the EP is at the band's live shows, so don’t pass up your chance to own this rare disc).

The Scrape Records' 10th Anniversary Bash will also include performances by SINNED and SOULSCAR. Here are the set times:

8PM - doors
9:45PM-10:10 - SINNED
10:30-10:55 - INFERNAL MAJESTY

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Soulscar Preproduction Underway

Soulscar guitarist, Andrew Staehling, has posted this message on their band's official website:

Hard at work perfecting the mother of all thick crunch guitar sounds necessary to do these songs justice. \m/

- Andrew

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Soulscar Announce Album Release Date

Vancouver-based metallers Soulscar have announced that their new album, "Victim Impact Statement" (cover), will be released in October through Galy Records.

Here is the track listing:
01. Unmade (mp3)
02. Death Anxiety
03. Cast Aside
04. Hell Bitch (mp3)
05. Without A Shadow
06. Ultimatum
07. Regressor
08. Alive Awake
09. To The Pain
10. Victim Impact Statement

"Victim Impact Statement" was was produced by Andrew Staehling and Soulscar, engineered by Andrew Staehling and Mackenzie, and mixed by Andrew Staehling.

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Dimmu Borgir Report - July 26 in Vancouver, BC

One of the disadvantages of living in Vancouver is that we get snubbed by Ozzfest every year. The good thing is that Ozzfest comes close enough (Auburn, WA) for some of the bands on the bill to perform here on one of their Off-fest dates. Three of such bands happened to be God Forbid, Otep, and Norway's Dimmu Borgir this year. More...

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