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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Photo

Band Photo: Marilyn Manson (?)

Formed: 1989
From: Tampa Bay, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Forming in 1989, the original Marilyn Manson line-up consisted of part-time journalist Manson (b. Brian Warner, 5 January 1969, Canton, Ohio, USA; vocals/tape loops), Daisy Berkowitz (guitar), Olivia Newton-Bundy (bass) and Zsa Zsa Speck (keyboards), later joined by Sara Lee Lucas (drums) - all the band members assuming forenames of female icons and surnames of famous murderers. Bundy and Speck were replaced at the end of 1989 by Gidget Gein and Madonna Wayne Gacy (b. Steve Bier), respectively.

The best description I think I have ever seen of Manson comes from RollingStone Magazine. It goes like this:

"Imagine Alice Cooper times 10. Picture KISS on an acid and whiskey bender. Marry the gross-out hilarity of G.G. Allin with the ubiquity of Howard Stern. Combine the "search and destroy" frenzy of Iggy Pop with the godless zeal of Ozzy Osbourne. Take two cups of the devil and throw in a pinch of P.T. Barnum, and you still can't fathom all that is...Marilyn Manson."

To me this describes the whole aura and prescence of Manson. The band has caused controversy with almost everything they have done. Manson has been sued, arrested, and banned in certain cities from playing live. They were accused of providing the thoughts that were brought out during the 'Columbine School Shootings' with one of their song's lyrics.

To fans, Manson is a God. His live shows are as heavy and exciting as any other metal tour around. During live performances Manson has been known to piss on the crowd, kill chickens, engage in sexual acts, tear the Bible, stab himself, and the list goes on.

Latest Marilyn Manson News

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Twiggy Ramirez To Join Nine Inch Nails?

Former MARILYN MANSON/current A PERFECT CIRCLE bassist Jeordie White (a.k.a. Twiggy Ramirez) is strongly rumored to have joined NINE INCH NAILS' touring lineup. Two recent photos of White in the recording studio with NINE INCH NAILS during the making of their new album have popped up on NIN's official web site (Photo#1, Photo#2), with one of them appearing to depict Jeordie laying down bass tracks for the CD, which is believed have a working title of "With Teeth". Adding fuel to the speculation, MARILYN MANSON stated in an interview with the New York radio station K-Rock 92.3 FM on Thursday (Nov. 18) that Jeordie was "in NINE INCH NAILS now" (Audio). There has been no official statement or confirmation on the matter from any of the parties involved.

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Marilyn Manson Artwork Available For Sale Online

Marilyn Manson's artwork has now been made available for sale at the website www.marilynmansonartworkonline.com. When you buy the artwork it comes in wood frames on a floating silk mat with non-reflective glass. The Watercolor Fine Art Editions are made with archival watercolor ink on watercolor paper. Marilyn signs and numbers each piece.

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Ex-Fight Guitarist To Fill Marilyn Manson Slot?

Although there's no official word as yet, it looks likely that one time Fight man Mark Chaussee will be the new guitarist in Marilyn Manson's touring band. Chaussee also had a stint with Danzig.

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Nu-Metal Rockers Past Their Best Days?

USA Today music writer Ken Barnes took part in an online chat with readers on Tuesday, where he was asked about the state of nu-metal, with the questioner suggesting Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Marilyn Manson, and Korn are still going strong. "I don't know, they all seem to be past their best days to me," Barnes countered. "Linkin Park still does well on radio and in record stores, but their tour this summer wasn't exactly a sensation. Papa Roach and Marilyn Manson seem to belong more to yesterday, and Korn, if they're lucky, may hang on to attain some sort of elder-statesman status as the Metallica of nu-metal. But I think it's more likely that they'll fade, too."

Read the full article at USA Today.

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Marilyn Manson To Star In 'Alice In Wonderland'

Marilyn Manson is co-starring in an upcoming re-imagining of "Alice in Wonderland" called "Living in Neon Dreams", according to MTV.com. MGM was originally aboard to distribute, but the film has been retooled as a smaller, indie film, and so far Daryl Hannah, Nia Vardalos, Alan Cumming and Jonathan Pryce are also aboard. In an inspired casting move, Manson will play the Queen of Hearts. Shooting is slated to begin this month in Cape Town, South Africa. More information about the movie is available at this location.

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Marilyn Manson To Marry Next Month

Marilyn Manson is planning to marry burlesque queen Dita von Teese at a castle in Germany next month.

The couple apparently plan to marry while the 35-year-old rocker is in Berlin for a photo shoot, according to the Berlin newspaper Berliner Morgenpost. Manson is reportedly searching for a place where the ceremony can be held.

Dita Von Teese is a professional pinup and lingerie designer best known for performing a strip tease in a giant martini glass.

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Marilyn Manson Promotes Best Of Album In Hollywood

Marilyn Manson appeared at an in-store promotional visit to plug his latest album 'Lest We Forget: The Best Of' at Hot Topic in Hollywood, California on September 29th. Check out pictures from LFI.

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Marilyn Manson Hires Ex-NIN Drummer

Marilyn Manson told an East Coast radio station that former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna will play on Manson's upcoming tour.

Manson drummer Ginger Fish was injured on September 24th when he fell from the stage during a German awards show performance, with his recovery expected to take several weeks. It's not known whether Fish, who suffered a fractured arm and broken nose, will join the tour at a later date.

Manson's five-week Against All Gods tour kicks off on October 27th in Las Vegas. The shock-rocker released a greatest hits album titled "Lest We Forget" last Tuesday (September 28th).

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Manson's Depech Mode Cover Was A Replacement

Marilyn Manson tells MTV News that his cover of Depeche Mode's hit 'Personal Jesus' actually replaced a duet between Manson and Garbage singer Shirley Manson on his greatest hits album. "That's what we were originally planning to do for this album, but the track didn't really come out exactly how we wanted it," Manson explained. "It wasn't fantastic enough to even be on either of our albums...I wasn't in the best frame of mind when I did it, and I had to take some time away, and that's when I had a moment of clarity and 'Personal Jesus' came to mind."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Marilyn Manson Announce Against All Gods Dates

Marilyn Manson will be touring in support of the upcoming "Lest We Forget, Best Of" record that is in stores now. The Against All Gods American tour will begin in late October. Pre-sale tickets for the tour are offered for the shows listed here. Please note that all tickets will go on sale at the local time indicated.

10/27 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
10/29 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre
11/1 San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
11/3 Denver, CO @ The Fillmore
11/5 Fargo, ND @ Civic Auditorium
11/6 Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
11/8 Cincinnati, OH @ Taft Theatre
11/9 Chicago, IL @ The Riviera
11/11 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
11/12 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
11/14 Detroit, MI @ State Theatre
11/15 Toronto, ONT @ Massey Hall
11/17 Montreal, QUE @ Metropolis
11/18 New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
11/20 Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
11/21 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
11/23 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
11/26 Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom
11/27 Reading, PA @ Sovereign Center
11/29 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
11/30 Columbus, OH or Norfolk, VA @ Promowest Pavilion
12/2 Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live
12/3 Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues
12/4 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle

In other news, Marilyn Manson drummer Ginger Fish was injured when he fell from a raised stage while performing at the VIVA Comet awards this past Friday night in Cologne,Germany. He suffered injuries including a fractured arm and a broken nose. Although his recovery is expected to take several weeks, the Against All Gods fall tour will continue as scheduled.

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Marilyn Manson Connects Iraq And Columbine

Manson equates Columbine with the Iraq War in one simple observation:

I've had my grasp on morals for some time since my dad's experience [in Vietnam], but also because I had to sit there and think 'Why is it OK that we're blowing the shit out of some other country and two kids blow up a high school?'" he says. "What's the difference? Because somebody says? At the end of the day it's all killing. You can drive yourself crazy in circles going round about that but it's... it would take an hour at least just to go down that path. I think art is your escape. That's what keeps me going.

Read the full article at Chart Attack.

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Marilyn Manson Photos From Fuse's 'Daily Download'

Marilyn Manson and Franz Ferdinand visited Fuse's 'Daily Download' on Friday (September 10) at Fuse Studios in New York City. You can check out the pictures from FilmMagic.

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John 5 Says Departure From Manson 'Amicable'

In an interview with Electricbasement.com, guitarist JOHN5 (David Lee Roth, Two) dismissed the idea that his departure from MARYLIN MANSON was frought with friction, "What actually happened was, at the end of the tour, we were just on different roads. It was completely amicable. He just wanted to write with other members of the band, and I wanted to do other things."

Asked if Manson's public comments to the contrary were for publicity John 5 responds, "I don't know, but everything's fine."

John 5 also sheds light on the difference between working with ROB HALFORD (in Two), DAVID LEE ROTH (DLR Band) and Manson, "Rob was a true, true professional. He was so good at his craft. He was such a pleasure. Working with him was fantastic because he's such a great guy. I don't think I ever saw him mad.

"David Lee Roth is the true rock star. He was running the show: 'This is how we're going to do it, boys,' like the old Van Halen. I had a blast with David Lee Roth. As for Manson, everyone always asks me if Manson is real. He definitely is real and a true artist.

"[Manson's] a great songwriter, producer, a great individual. That's why I stayed with Manson. He was so real. He was not a joke. But all three are very different individuals."

Read the full article at Electric Basement.

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Metal Masters' Righteous Revival

Toronto Star wrote an article about how "evil isn't what it used to be."

Parents groups, conservative politicians and religious wingnuts worried daily that exposure to metal was promoting everything from promiscuity, substance abuse and casual violence among teens to an overall increase in Satan's power over the surface of the earth. Tipper Gore, of the then-notorious Parents Music Resource Centre (PMRC), claimed the music told young people "It's okay to beat people up" and successfully lobbied for warning labels to be affixed to potentially offensive recordings. Geraldo Rivera presided over a straight-faced, primetime "news" special exploring the links between heavy metal and Satanism.

Ozzy Osbourne — already notorious in the midst of his drunken "lost years" for biting the heads off a dove and a bat (the latter, in Ozzy's defence, was accidental) — found himself dragged into California court over the first of two ludicrous legal claims that his song, "Suicide Solution," had convinced an unfortunate teenager to kill himself. British metallers Judas Priest would face a lawsuit of their own in Reno, Nevada a couple of years later when the families of two more suicidal teens claimed subliminal messages on the band's 1978 album, "Stained Class," had coaxed the boys to "do it." Slayer would be next in court in the '90s when three teens who murdered, then raped, a 15-year-old girl in a horrific "virgin sacrifice" claimed the band's blood-spattered lyrics were responsible.

Read the full article at Toronto Star.

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Watch Marilyn Manson's 'Personal Jesus' Video

Marilyn Manson is out with the video to his cover of the Depeche Mode classic, 'Personal Jesus'. You can watch it online at Launch.com.

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Marilyn Manson Reveals Greatest Hits Tracklisting

The track listing for Marilyn Manson's upcoming greatest hits collection has been revealed.

The yet-to-be-titled album, due out this fall, will feature a brand new cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus," along with 17 of Manson's best-known songs. The package will also include rare photos and artwork by Manson himself, along with a DVD featuring all of the shock-rocker's videos.

Also included on the DVD will be the uncensored version of Manson's video for "(S)aint," directed by Italian actress and director Asia Argento.

The complete track listing for Manson's greatest hits album is: More...

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Vote For Best Metal Videos Of The New Millennium

MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball and Revolver magazine are teaming up to bring you the Best Metal Videos of the New Millennium (so far) picked by you. So put your pedal to the metal and vote for your favorite video here. Then, catch the two-hour premiere Saturday, August 21 at 10 PM during Headbanger’s Ball, on MTV2. Plus check out the final list in the October issue of Revolver.

Videos you can vote for: More...

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Marilyn Manson To Appear In Area 51 Videogame

Marilyn Manson will appear in the soon-to-be-released Area 51 videogame by Midway Games Inc. Area 51 is one of the last of Midway's arcade franchises (from back in the day) to be given a makeover for present-day consoles. Manson will appear in the form of an alien that the team calls "Edgar." He becomes responsible for sending special messages to help guide you to your goal. Edgar communicates by reanimating corpses. A tentative late 2004 release is expected.

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John5 Readies First Solo Release, 'Vertigo'

'Vertigo' is the former Marilyn Manson guitarist, John5's, first release under his own name and first instrumental guitar album of his career.

John5 is best known for his tour-of-duty with the controversial Marylin Manson. "I had a great run with Marilyn Manson. It was a lot of fun and it was a really great experience, but I've got a lot of other stuff going on. I'm busier now than I was on tour," explains John5. "Marilyn Manson's music is somewhat limiting, so I sometimes felt like I was watching a porno movie and couldn't get off. It was really frustrating. Now I feel fully satisfied."

'Vertigo' will be released on Shrapnel Records at a yet unspecified date in the future.

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John 5 Talks About Departure From Manson

Former MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5 has issued a statement attributing his departure from the group to his desire to "pursue other opportunities." The versatile guitarist/songwriter, also known for his work with KD Lang, David Lee Roth and Rob Halford, has just completed a 12-song instrumental solo album, "Vertigo", which is scheduled for release in the fall, and is said to be writing with several multi-platinum artists for their upcoming albums.

"I truly enjoyed my time with MANSON and have the greatest respect for the incredible fans," John said in the statement. "I am grateful to have contributed over two dozen songs to his projects. It was a great creative outlet for me at that point in my career. I've received so many calls from labels over the years about making a solo record, the timing is just perfect."

As previously reported, MARILYN MANSON is currently working on a best-of collection, due this fall on Interscope. Manson is also in the studio recording additional new material that could be included on the compilation. The as-yet-untitled collection will be padded with a DVD that will include Manson's entire video catalog, including the uncensored version of "s(AINT)", directed by actress Asia Argento.

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