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Marilyn Manson

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Band Photo: Marilyn Manson (?)

Formed: 1989
From: Tampa Bay, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Forming in 1989, the original Marilyn Manson line-up consisted of part-time journalist Manson (b. Brian Warner, 5 January 1969, Canton, Ohio, USA; vocals/tape loops), Daisy Berkowitz (guitar), Olivia Newton-Bundy (bass) and Zsa Zsa Speck (keyboards), later joined by Sara Lee Lucas (drums) - all the band members assuming forenames of female icons and surnames of famous murderers. Bundy and Speck were replaced at the end of 1989 by Gidget Gein and Madonna Wayne Gacy (b. Steve Bier), respectively.

The best description I think I have ever seen of Manson comes from RollingStone Magazine. It goes like this:

"Imagine Alice Cooper times 10. Picture KISS on an acid and whiskey bender. Marry the gross-out hilarity of G.G. Allin with the ubiquity of Howard Stern. Combine the "search and destroy" frenzy of Iggy Pop with the godless zeal of Ozzy Osbourne. Take two cups of the devil and throw in a pinch of P.T. Barnum, and you still can't fathom all that is...Marilyn Manson."

To me this describes the whole aura and prescence of Manson. The band has caused controversy with almost everything they have done. Manson has been sued, arrested, and banned in certain cities from playing live. They were accused of providing the thoughts that were brought out during the 'Columbine School Shootings' with one of their song's lyrics.

To fans, Manson is a God. His live shows are as heavy and exciting as any other metal tour around. During live performances Manson has been known to piss on the crowd, kill chickens, engage in sexual acts, tear the Bible, stab himself, and the list goes on.

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Did Heavy Metal Music Drive Man To Commit Murder?

Imran Ali of the Trinidad & Tobago Express has issued the following report:

Marcus Daniel (photo), a 28- year-old Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago mechanic, grabbed headlines last week when he was convicted of murdering his teenaged cousin. In his defence, he claimed he was high on drugs and possessed by a demon planted in him by hardcore rock music.

It was the first time that such a defence had been mounted in a local court, but the issue of the influence of rock music on impressionable minds has gained prominence in other shores, where-according to some-these devilish lyrics had led to even more sadistic crimes.

Marcus Daniel found himself at the age of 14 in this world. At his trial, he said he had already dropped out of school and began listening to rap music and "soft" rock songs.

Soon enough, he said, he started drinking rum and his taste in music veered to the hardcore.

Rock music became his favourite and he developed a taste for a particular genre known as black metal — typified by SLIPKNOT's music.

Although the jury found this no excuse, Daniel allowed this music to dominate his life. He painted his room black and plastered it with pictures of demons, tombstones, skeletons and dark metal bands including MARILYN MANSON.

He said the music would make him lose control to the point where he would go on violent rampages. He tattooed himself with various symbols he believed to represent the Antichrist and lost his faith in God.

It was all these factors, he said, that skewed his judgment so much that he stabbed his cousin, 16-year-old Suzette Gibson, to death. This was the cousin whom he was closest to and would go out often with.

But not even science is agreed that listening to certain types of music on their own can encourage anti-social behaviour in a receptive audience. All the leading studies seem to show that these lyrics-whether contained in rock, rap, dancehall or soca-can do is to make a listener more predisposed to aggressive behaviour.

In his 1997 testimony before a Senate Subcommittee in Columbia, Dr Frank Palumbo — representing the American Academy of Pediatrics — spoke about the social impact of music violence.

"Make no mistake about it, music can summon a range of emotions, most of which are wonderful. Yet there is some music that communicates potentially harmful health messages, especially when it reaches a vulnerable audience," he said.

He made a number of recommendations which included urging the music video to portray more "positive themes" in videos including racial harmony, drug avoidance, nonviolence and good sexual health practices.

Dr Palumbo also urged that music artists should serve as positive role models for children and that parents should take an active role in monitoring the music their children listen to and the videos they watch.

"Ultimately, it is the parent's responsibility to monitor what their children listen to and view," he stated.

When she address the jury on her client's behalf last week, Pamela Elder SC indicated that society had failed Marcus Daniel and that he was not totally to blame for what he did.

"Where were the social workers when he dropped out of school at the age of 14 and began drinking rum? Where were his parents and extended family when he started using drugs and decorated his room with symbols of the Antichrist?" she asked.

Could more have been done to help Marcus Daniel and others like him?

Was he really a victim of circumstance? Clearly the 12 jurors who heard his trial found that while music had the power to make someone shake his waist, it was not enough to make him kill.

Read the full article at TrinidadExpress.com.

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Marilyn Manson Marries Longtime Girlfriend

Marilyn Manson wed longtime girlfriend, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, Saturday (December 3) at Castle Gurteen in Ireland, a spokesperson for Manson confirmed.

The multi-day event — held at the Kilsheelan, County Tipperary, Ireland, home of the couple's friend, controversial Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein — included a non-denominational ceremony performed by Chilean underground film director (and Manson friend) Alejandro Jodorowsky, and the bride and groom exchanged personal vows. Manson and Jodorowsky, who directed "Santa Sangre," had been working together on a movie called "Abelcain," a project that has been suspended for the time being.

Manson, who's completing his sixth, as-yet-untitled studio LP, told MTV News back in late October that the wedding would be small, and that just a few invites went out to celebrity friends, "because it isn't about that. I wasn't looking to just have some sort of exploit out of it — I wanted it to be meaningful and something to remember," Manson said. "But the remembering part's going to be hard, because you're supposed to get drunk."

The couple started dating nearly five years ago, and Manson proposed more than a year ago. The wedding is the first for both. But Manson did gripe about one aspect when it came to his imminent nuptials exchange.

"I got f---ed out of a bachelor party, because — quite honestly, I have to agree with her — Dita said, 'Why should you have a bachelor party? That's your whole life,' " he explained. "'What are you going to do, get drunk and look at naked women?' And I guess that's what I do every day."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Metal Music, Devil Worship Blamed In Teen's Murder

Imran Ali of the Trinidad & Tobago Express is reporting that heavy metal music is being blamed for sucking a young man into a world of devil worship and drug use and is being mounted as a defense in his trial for murdering his teenaged cousin.

Though two men, 21-year-old Osei Lazare and 28-year-old Marcus Daniel, are charged with the death of 16-year-old Suzette Gibson, the focus of the first day of the trial immediately shifted to Daniel yesterday (Wednesday, Nov. 23) when the claim was made by his lawyer, Pamela Elder SC.

Several witnesses admitted to her that her client — who was Gibson's cousin — regularly listened to heavy metal music, that his bedroom was decorated with skeletons and that he drank heavily.

Daniel's music collection and tattoos came under scrutiny.

One witness said Daniel listened to artists such as shock rockers MARILYN MANSON, OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER and other metal bands such as SLIPKNOT and ANTHRAX.

He also had the tattoo of an upside down cross on one arm — which Elder called the symbol of the Antichrist.

Daniel's friend, Riaz Ali told the jury: "I recall the lyrics of one song. It went 'Devil man, devil man, you got in my head, devil man, devil man... right in my heart.'"

Read the full article at TrinidadExpress.com.

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'Saw II' Soundtrack Listening Party

AOL Music is hosting an online listening party for the 'Saw II' soundtrack, released Tuesday (October 25). The album features music from bloodsimple, Opiate for the Masses, Marilyn Manson, The Used, Mudvayne, Papa Roach, Sevendust, Queens Of The Stone Age, and more. You can listen to the album in full here.

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Full Saw II Soundtrack Tracklisting

The track listing has been revealed for the Soundtrack to the upcoming film "Saw II", here's how it shapes up:

01 - Marilyn Manson - "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" (Venus Head Trap Mix)
02 - The Used - "Sound Effects and Over Dramatics"
03 - Mudvayne - "Forget To Remember"
04 - bloodsimple. - "September"
05 - Papa Roach - "Blood (Empty Promises)"
06 - Puscifer - "REV 22:20" (REV 4:20 Mix)
07 - Sevendust - "Pieces"
08 - Skinny Puppy - "Rodent" (Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall remix / DDT Mix)
09 - Queens Of The Stone Age - "Burn The Witch" (Unkle Variation)
10 - A Band Called Pain - "Holy"
11 - Buckethead & Friends - "Three Fingers" (Feat. Saul Williams)
12 - The Legion Of Doom - "Home Invasion Robbery"
13 - Revolting Cocks - "Caliente (Dark Entries)" (Feat. Gibby Haynes and Al Jourgensen)
14 - Opiate For The Masses - "Step Up"
15 - Charlie Clouser - "Don't Forget The Rules"

The outing will see an October 25th release date through Image Entertainment. In related news, Mudvayne's track "Forget To Remember" has been chosen as the lead single from the release and a video was recently shot for it with "Saw II" director Darren Bousman. More on that can be found here.

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First Single From Saw II Soundtrack By Mudvayne

The MuDvAyNe track "Forget To Remember" has been picked as the first single from SAW II, the companion album to the upcoming Lion's Gate thriller. The band headlines a blockbuster lineup that includes Queens of the Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, The Used, Bloodsimple, Papa Roach and more.

In addition, MuDvAyNe recently shot an eye-popping video with SAW II director Darren Bousman that incorporates footage from the highly anticipated film. "Forget To Remember" can also be heard over the film's initial end titles. Says Bousman: "To have talents like MuDvAyNe and Queens of The Stone Age - both amazing bands, and both bands I've listened to for years - featured on this soundtrack is a thrill."

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Video Of Manson Receiving Kerrang! Award Posted

A video clip of Marilyn Manson receiving the 2005 Kerrang! Icon Award has been posted at BBC News. The video also features a clip of Marilyn Manson discussing the problem with his show in Croatia.

The Kerrang! Icon Award recognizes people who define a style, a sound, or genre.

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2005 Kerrang! Award Winners Announced

The 2005 Kerrang! Awards winners have been announced at The Brewery in London on Thursday August 25. Here are the winners, as voted by the readers:

Classic Songwriter Award: Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor
Best British Newcomer: Bullet For My Valentine
Best International Newcomer: Trivium
Best Single: Foo Fighters for "Best of You"
Best Video: My Chemical Romance for "Helena"
Best Album: My Chemical Romance for "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"
Best Live Band: Green Day
Best British Band: Funeral for a Friend
Best Band On The Planet: Green Day
Lifetime Achievement: Killing Joke
Icon Award: Marilyn Manson

Iron Maiden have been inducted into the Kerrang! Hall of Fame. Also, Kerrang! thought that a few people should be given recognition for other reasons so they awarded Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, with the Homer Simpson "Conducting Oneself with Quiet Dignity" Award for not using his acceptance speech as a cheap shot against the Osbournes, but merely thanking his band and fans.

For more on the award winners, visit qglastoblog.typepad.com/kerrangawards.

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Manson Plays Croatia Without Incident

Despite furious protests from church leaders, Marilyn Manson did succeed in playing his planned gig in Croatia. It happened in Pula, with a large police presence on hand, just in case of trouble. The church branded Manson's music as promoting satanism.

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Upcoming Marilyn Manson Concert Stirs Croatia

Reuters is reporting that religious groups in Croatia are up in arms over the imminent arrival of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson on August 22 in the northern Adriatic town of Pula.

Protestant organization Oaza wants the concert banned, while seven Catholic priests offered to pay damages to the organizers if the concert was cancelled, arguing the band's lyrics and image promote Satanism, drug-use and violence.

Religious groups warn locals of Manson’s ‘dark persona’, recommending that nobody — especially young people — attend Monday’s concert.

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Manson Talks About Upcomming Movie Role

According to a posting at MansonUSA.com, MARILYN MANSON recently spoke with "Entertainment Tonight" about his role in the upcoming film "Rise".

The movie stars Lucy Lui as a young female reporter who wakes up in a morgue to discover that she is no longer among the living. She vows revenge against those responsible for putting her there and hunts them down.

Commented Manson: "I think the ultimate irony is that it's a vampire movie, and I'm not a vampire; I'm a bartender."

Check out a couple of pictures from the "Rise" movie shoot at MansonUSA.com.

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Marilyn Manson To Have Non-Satanic Wedding

Launch Radio Networks reports: Marilyn Manson's fiancee, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, has told Xfm.co.uk that the couple's upcoming wedding will not involve any sort of Satanic ceremony or other bizarre rituals that could be associated with Manson's shock-rock image. Von Teese explained, "It's not going to be dark! No bats instead of doves, no black wedding gown. (But) we're hoping for snow and fog! (Manson's) very interested in the ceremony, but he's trusting my judgment on all the aesthetics."

Manson and Von Teese have not made the wedding date public as of yet. Meanwhile, Manson will release a set of four short films, entitled "Phantasmagoria: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll", through his web site. Manson says the films are part of a new art form he has invented, which he calls "horripilation." The word is a combination of "horrifying" and "depilatory," and Manson says it will "horrify the hair off your legs."

"Phantasmagoria" will be followed by a full-length feature film.

Manson also has 18 songs written for his next album, but there's no word on when the music will see the light of day.

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Marilyn Manson Making Movies

RollingStone.com reports that Marilyn Manson has turned is attention to making "horripilation" flicks. Several excerpts from the article:

Manson has come to a crossroads in his career. "I no longer want to make art that other people -- particularly record companies -- are turning into a product," he says. "I just want to make art." And he's invented a new genre for his new breed of art: "horripilation." "It's horrifying, and it's depilatory," he explains. "It will horrify the hair off of your legs."

First up is Fantasma Gloria, a set of four short films to be released through his Web site. "It's the visions of Lewis Caroll -- in fact I'm playing Carroll," he says. In Installment One, Manson explores the origin of Alice in Wonderland's Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. "I might add that the girls playing Tweedle Dee and Dum are twins who get to have real, genuine sex with each other. I like to make dreams come true."

Read the full article at RollingStone.com.

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Manson, Slayer, SoaD To Play Festimad 2005

Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Slayer and System of a Down are some of the music bands to perform in the festival Festimad 2005, to be held in Cantueña de Fuenlabrada (Madrid) on May 27 and 28. This edition will host the "heaviest" concerts it has ever sheltered.

The organisers expect this year near 60,000 people will attend the event, 20,000 more than in 2004. Furthermore, there will be many novelties in this edition, from a completely new headquarters to running-water WC's and hot-water showers.

Another of the novelties is that instead of a main stage and another smaller, both of them will have the same size one by the other. This nearness will allow a greater comfort for the audience to move from one stage to the other.

According to the organisers, the camping site will be much bigger and "closer from concerts, with a supermarket and food street stalls."

The Friday 27 programme will host Marilyn Manson's new show, as well as the bands Nightwish, The Hives, Wednesday 13 and Muletrain. The heavy metal Californian band Slayer will also perform on that day at the other stage, together with Turbonegro, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Skizoo and Legen Beltza.

The Prodigy will play on the first stage on Saturday 28 with Incubus, Hermano, Mondo Generator and The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster. System of a Down, one of the most creative bands on the North-American hard rock scene will share the stage on Saturday with Fu Manchu, Clutch, Five Horse Johnson and Hamlet.

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Rob Zombie Comments On John5 As Guitarist

Launch Radio Networks reports: When ROB ZOMBIE hits the road this summer on Ozzfest, his touring band will feature former MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5. Zombie told us how he and the guitar player got together. "CAMP FREDDY asked me to do this benefit, just to play one song, at the Arrowhead Pond (in Anaheim, California) for this tsunami relief thing. And John was there, and we played one song, 'Thunderkiss', and it kicked ass and he's a supercool guy and I was like, 'This is perfect.' John said, 'Do you need a guitar player for Ozzfest?' I said, 'Yes,' he said, 'I wanna do it,' I said, 'Perfect, done.'"

Zombie's new touring band also includes longtime bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson and ALICE COOPER drummer Tommy Clufetos. In addition to "Thunderkiss '65", Zombie recently hinted that his Ozzfest set list might include even more old material from his former band, WHITE ZOMBIE. We asked the singer if this was still the plan. "I don't know. I mean, I haven't rehearsed yet. John 5 and Blasko have been rehearsing and learning all these old songs that I haven't played in a million years, so we'll see."

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Zombie Says New Album Has Taken Backseat To Movie

Launch Radio Networks reports: Rob Zombie has been hard at work on his second movie as a director, "The Devil's Rejects", but what about his next album? Zombie's been recording the disc in bits and pieces for the last year, but said it's still not completed. "I've been making a record forever, I mean, and once again it's on hold 'cause I'm mixing the sound (for 'Devil's Rejects') and then in a couple of weeks I'll go back to the record and hopefully finish it someday," he said. "It's just one of those things, it's just — it always takes a backseat to the movie, and until the movie's, like, really done done, I can never say, 'Okay, it's record time.' But I mean, I have a lot done."

Zombie says he has 26 songs in various stages of readiness for the album.

Among the people who have played on the record so far are LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland, MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee and A PERFECT CIRCLE drummer Josh Freese. Former MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5, who just joined Zombie's touring band, will also contribute to the album.

Zombie will headline the second stage of this summer's Ozzfest, beginning on July 15 in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

"The Devil's Rejects" opens in theatres on July 22.

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House Of Wax Gets Heavy

My Chemical Romance, Deftones, Marilyn Manson and The Stooges will all have songs featured on the soundtrack album that accompanies new movie 'House Of Wax', a re-make of the 1953 horror classic. Released by Maverick in early May, the record also features The Prodigy and Disturbed.

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John 5 To Play Guitar For Rob Zombie On Ozzfest

Former MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5 has announced that he will be playing guitar for ROB ZOMBIE on the Hot Topic Second stage at this year's Ozzfest.

"I'm totally estatic about having the opportunity to play with Rob on Ozzfest!" John 5 said in a statement. "He has been one of my favorite artists for the longest time. I had the opportunity to play with him a few weeks back, and never thought that I would have the chance to share the stage with him playing the ZOMBIE songs we all know and love!"

When asked what this meant for LOSER, John's new band, he said, "This will not affect LOSER in any way. We are still pressing forward with writing new material for our debut album."

Commented Zombie: "I haven't really officially said this yet but once again I will be hitting the road with Ozzfest. This time I've decided to headline the second stage. Main is a drag, man. It's so uptight that it is almost a bore. I can't wait to get away from the fucking seat and play to all the maniacs that are always trapped up on the lawn. This should be insane.

"There are some lineup changes this time around. John 5 of ex-MARILYN MANSON fame will be handling guitar duties this time out. I'm totally stoked about this because this guy is a fucking shredder. I played 'Thunder Kiss 65' with him at The Arrowhead Pond Arena for a benefit a couple weeks back and it never sounded so fucking good."

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Iron Maiden For August Dublin Show

Iron Maiden are to play a major concert in Dublin this summer. They will play the RDS Arena on 31 August with special guest Marilyn Manson.

Iron Maiden's first four seminal albums and their subsequent tours will be the theme for their new stage production and their set will feature a number of songs that the band have not played in many years.

Tickets for the Dublin concert, priced €65 and €70, go on sale this Saturday, 26 February, at 9am from outlets nationwide.

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Slipknot, Slayer To Play Hultsfred

Slipknot and Slayer have been confirmed for the 2005 edition of the Hultsfred Festival, set to take place June 16-18 in Hultsfred, Sweden. Also scheduled to perform are the Haunted, System of a Down and Marilyn Manson. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

System of a Down
The Haunted
Marilyn Manson
The Hives
The Ark
Le Tigre
The Donnas
Ani Difranco
The Hidden Cameras
Flogging Molly
Son Kite
Ana International Penetrator
Johan Netz
Jason Ringenberg
Hans Appelqvist

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