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Marilyn Manson

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Band Photo: Marilyn Manson (?)

Formed: 1989
From: Tampa Bay, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Forming in 1989, the original Marilyn Manson line-up consisted of part-time journalist Manson (b. Brian Warner, 5 January 1969, Canton, Ohio, USA; vocals/tape loops), Daisy Berkowitz (guitar), Olivia Newton-Bundy (bass) and Zsa Zsa Speck (keyboards), later joined by Sara Lee Lucas (drums) - all the band members assuming forenames of female icons and surnames of famous murderers. Bundy and Speck were replaced at the end of 1989 by Gidget Gein and Madonna Wayne Gacy (b. Steve Bier), respectively.

The best description I think I have ever seen of Manson comes from RollingStone Magazine. It goes like this:

"Imagine Alice Cooper times 10. Picture KISS on an acid and whiskey bender. Marry the gross-out hilarity of G.G. Allin with the ubiquity of Howard Stern. Combine the "search and destroy" frenzy of Iggy Pop with the godless zeal of Ozzy Osbourne. Take two cups of the devil and throw in a pinch of P.T. Barnum, and you still can't fathom all that is...Marilyn Manson."

To me this describes the whole aura and prescence of Manson. The band has caused controversy with almost everything they have done. Manson has been sued, arrested, and banned in certain cities from playing live. They were accused of providing the thoughts that were brought out during the 'Columbine School Shootings' with one of their song's lyrics.

To fans, Manson is a God. His live shows are as heavy and exciting as any other metal tour around. During live performances Manson has been known to piss on the crowd, kill chickens, engage in sexual acts, tear the Bible, stab himself, and the list goes on.

Latest Marilyn Manson News

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Marilyn Manson Returns To Perth, Australia

Returning for the first time since the now-infamous Big Day Out festival in 1999 - when he walked off stage after being hit by a bottle - Marilyn Manson played Perth's Challenge Stadium on Saturday 15th October, with Melbourne all-girl band The Spazzys in support.

As the venue filled with goths and wannabe goths. The Spazzys played some Ramones-inspired pop-punk and received a largely disinterested response, although they weren't booed off stage as apparently happened at the Melbourne show. The crowd were there to see one man and weren't in an accommodating mood. More...

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Marilyn Manson Show Evacuated

Fans attending MARILYN MANSON's concert in Auckland, New Zealand Wednesday night (October 3) were made to evacuate the venue just four songs into the shock rocker's set.

Manson, who was playing a sold-out show in Auckland Town Hall, left the stage and security came on to ask concert goers to leave.

No explanation was given for the evacuation, but excessive smoke from smoke machines on the stage was wafting around the venue.

Firefighters were seen entering the building, and fire engines and ambulances were parked outside.

After a 10-minute delay patrons were allowed back into the venue and Manson continued his set.

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Just For Fun

Spinner Rates Top 20 "Worst Band Fueds"

Spinner is running a top 20 of "Worst Band Fueds," of which hard rock and metal bands make several appearances including:

Marilyn Manson vs. My Chemical Romance (18)
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Mr. Bungle (15)
Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam (14)
Dwarves vs. QOTSA (13)
Metallica vs. Megadeth (4)

Of course the list is topped primarily by rappers, but I don't recall when individual rappers constituted a "band."

Read the full article at Spinner.com.

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Slayer Frontman Talks About Manson Tour

David Priest of OnTrackMagazine.com recently conducted an interview with SLAYER bassist/vocalist Tom Araya. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

OnTrackMagazine.com: There seemed to be a little bit of animosity that you guys were goin' on first (before MARILYN MANSON) and that you would even be on tour with somebody like MANSON to begin with, being that his music's very different and not something that the average SLAYER fan would embrace.

Tom: Yeah, it was an odd bill, and we got the audience I figured we were gonna get and that was an audience that people didn't come to see us; the same with MANSON. A lot of the people that came to the show I think came because they wouldn't come to see just MANSON or SLAYER, but since they were playing together, "Let's go check it out." And I think a lot of our crowd was that; we got this kind of crowd on this entire tour. So it did well for everybody because this is our third time now goin' through and we were doin' really well, as far as merch sales we did the same. We did the same amount the last time as this time so we did really well; it showed good numbers for us. We had a really positive growth and response. So it worked out really well for us. Like I said, we were on prime-time, 8 o'clock. The only thing is, like you said, a lot of people just assumed that we would headline, and that was the one thing that we let it be known a long time ago: this is a co-headline bill — but — we're gonna kick his ass every night. (Laughs) We're gonna open up and kick his ass every night. That's by his choice! (Laughs)

OnTrackMagazine.com: Absolutely! Now the rumor backstage, talkin' to some of the people afterwards that had been to some of the earlier shows, especially the L.A. crowd I guess, said the MANSON camp, some of their people, tend to be a little controlling and uptight about the way everything was being handled back there. I guess even your manager had some problems being told he couldn't smoke in certain areas.

Tom: Well yeah, just in general period. For a co-headline, we're the kind of band that if you allow access for somebody… we don't mind not having too much access but if you're wearing the proper credentials you shouldn't be stopped and you shouldn't be questioned and you shouldn't be told you can't go because you don't have the right whatever, you know what I mean? And there was a lot of that going on on this tour and to us; well we're not like that. You got a laminate that says all access, well then goddamnit I guess you're all access, you know what I mean? If you have a VIP that says you get to these areas and you can't go beyond that area, that's great, but they kept changin' the rules, it wasn't our camp. There were issues like that were goin' on through the entire tour and that's one of the reasons why it'll be a one-time run. (Laughing)

OnTrackMagazine.com: (Laughing) Ah, right. I was gonna say chances are this probably won't ever happen again.

Tom: Oh yeah. It's like why? Why would we ever wanta go through this again? It's like, f*ck you. We've been doin' the business that we did with MANSON… we've been pretty much doin' the same business everywhere where we've gone and done it: Unholy and played ourselves, we've done basically the same business. So… to me, I wouldn't want to do that again. (Laughing)

OnTrackMagazine.com: Right on. Now I noticed there was some criticism on the writing of the CD. In my travels I've spoken with quite a few fans that would really; really love to hear more writing from you and Jeff, I know Kerry pretty much did most of what was on this album.

Tom: Yeah, musically, Kerry writes a lot and lyrically, lately, Kerry likes to write to his own music, that's one of the reasons why you don't see me writing to anything that Kerry has musically done because he pretty much writes his own songs to his own music. But I've written songs, actually for "God Hates" I've actually had five songs written on that album; four that I had pretty much complete and one that I was startin' to work on, an idea that I started workin' on, but they didn't want to use any of my ideas. They used two of my melodies, but not any of my song ideas. On past records I've had songs that haven't been used at all, so it's not like I haven't been writing, I have; they just don't use 'em.

OnTrackMagazine.com: (Laughing) they just don't use 'em.

Tom: Yeah they don't, they don't. Me and Jeff, it seems like whenever we collaborate on a song, we tend to write the songs that become favorites. But me and Jeff seem to, whenever we collaborate we click on ideas and stuff and they just kinda fall together whenever we start workin' on 'em. Like "Jihad" was something that just kinda fell together. "Eyes Of The Insane" was something that he had musically and he had some stuff written for a song and then I read an article and the song came to me in the middle of the night. I looked at him and I said, 'Listen, listen, I'm gonna steal this line and I'm gonna title the song "Eyes Of The Insane". And he's like, "Oh, OK." "Yeah, I wanna steal this phrase right here." And then I wrote the song and then put that phrase in the song, you know what I mean?

OnTrackMagazine.com: Right. It's always great when it works that way and it gels that way.

Tom: Yeah. A lot of the stuff that me and Jeff have worked on together just kind of falls into place, which is kinda cool because then I guess we're kind of both "in sync" with our idea of the final vision of the song, you know what I mean? They tend to fall in place and, like I said, Jeff leaves it open for someone to help write or assist; Kerry doesn't, so that's one of the reasons why you see a lot of that. And on this album, the recording process and the writing process, was very similar as to how we did "South" and "Seasons". That's why you can hear the similarities because the writing and the recording processes were very similar on those. The records in between there, they started stepping away from that.

OnTrackMagazine.com: Right, right yeah.

Tom: And to me, you can hear it in the melodies of those albums, you know what I mean?

OnTrackMagazine.com: Yeah I think one of the things that I've noticed on the last few albums is that your vocals have been a bit more aggressive, y'know, heavier and you've kind of toned down on the melodic aspect that was more prevalent on some of the earlier SLAYER material, especially during the "Seasons" era. Is this a conscious decision on your part?

Tom: No, that was, trying different vocal styles is something that we've kind of done period. We've tried different things but it's usually very open. Like on "Divine", that was a conscious effort at changing my vocal style. The same with "Diabolus", "Diabolus" was doing something different. And then on "God Hates", "God Hates" was the only one…, I would have done a lot of the stuff different on "God Hates", vocally. You can hear 'em when we do 'em live. The songs that we play that are off of "God Hates", when we sing them, when I do them live I sing 'em how I would have recorded them. That's how I would have recorded them in the studio 'cause they're done differently. I would have done that whole album, let's just say there are a lot of songs where I would have done things differently, and that's the one album to me that was just so far off-base as far as what we were as a band; when it comes to the studio and being creative in the studio. That, to me, I found was trying to mimic other bands that were screamin' and yellin' and that wasn't us.

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Slayer Guitarist Talks About Marilyn Manson Tour

Mike Daniel of The Dallas Morning News recently conducted an interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On touring with MARILYN MANSON:

"I haven't seen any fistfights or anything yet. But there's a lot of gray area between our fans and Marilyn's. We both mine the same depths. But you can always pick out his fans — they're the freaky-dressed ones — and you can always tell who our fans are; they're the simply dressed ones.

"There was this girl in the middle of the last show that had her fingers in her ears the whole time we were on. I [expletive] loved it!"

On winning a Grammy Award in February for the song "Eyes of the Insane", which chronicles the last moments of a soldier about to die at war:

"It never really blew my mind. It's odd, especially considering what I think of the music industry in general. It doesn't mean nearly as much as if some metal mag had given us a major award. It's cool and all, but not all that important."

"My take on it would be that 60 percent of the voters don't even know what the song's about, and that's probably being generous. I think the majority of voters just look at the ballot, check off a name they recognize in the categories that they don't know anything about, and turn it in.

"Winning the Grammy gives you voting rights for it. I know that when the time comes to vote, I'll just check off something or other in the hip-hop categories since I don't know anything about it. I'm sure that someone like Jay-Z probably did the same thing with the metal categories."

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Excerpts Of Manson Interview Posted Online

Ultimate-Guitar.com recently conducted an interview with Marilyn Manson. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Ultimate-Guitar.com: You recently got back from a successful European tour, how was it?

Manson: It was pretty phenomenal. I am really happy to be back into performing again after making this record, a record that I didn't know whether I wanted to make. But of course after I made it, I was very happy with it and to perform it on this tour, I'm feeling more excited, energized and inspired I think than I can remember. So I'm in a really good spot and am ready to start the American tour and ready to kick ass.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: Did you find that making "Eat Me, Drink Me" proved to be some sort of therapy for you?

Manson: I don't think it was really that simple, but looking back it's hard to really relate to how I was before I started making the record. And in making the record I think it's probably the best description of how I really felt. Because for the first time, I let my guard down and I wrote exactly at the moment of how I was feeling on pretty much every song. I suppose ultimately it was a salvation of some sorts because if I didn't make the record, we wouldn't be talking right now. I'm pretty convinced of that. I know it's pretty clichéd to say I know the record really changed me and it was cathartic because it was a little bit. But it's less easy to explain than just that. I think I was really confused as I wasn't sure if I believed in myself anymore. But it just took a simple step of starting with one song — "Just A Car Crash Away" — the first song I really sang on the album where I sang it through once, then once more recorded it. And that song became the first thing I did after a couple years of not wanting to do music. I played it to a few people later that same night because I just did it that one time and one person cried. So I realized that if I could make somebody feel something then that made me feel something to because I couldn't feel anything. And it made me realize I had to change.

Ultimate-Guitar.com: In what ways then did it effect a change in you?

Manson: Well, not so much in the obvious; the one-dimensional idea of myself, but in the way that I realized I had to change my surroundings and had to separate myself from everything. So then I could really focused on what would end up being the first real collaboration musically with Tim Skold. It was the first time the guitar player was actually playing almost a score to my life. He was playing exactly what I needed to hear and I didn't have to tell him what to play. And I wasn't accustomed to that because I'd always had a little bit more of a problem in steering people in a certain direction that I would want to go. So Tim and I fed off each other and it became the first real collaboration in my career and my life and that translated into my personal life too. I started realizing I had forced my perception of other people's feelings onto them. I had assumed or rejected the idea in the way I looked at life and romance, the idea that so many people ruin tomorrow by worrying about it today. I think you need to really have a kind of fearlessness. You need to be willing to drive off a cliff and when you have that fearlessness then you'll realize you don't have to that, which is the good part. And this helps make a change come about and that is the explanation for the difference in the musical approach to this record. I think it sounds more organic for the simple reason it was the way that I felt and it was the way I was making Tim feel because we were really close as he was the only person I saw on a daily basis last year.

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Manson Says He's More Comfortable With Himself Now

Launch Radio Networks reports: Marilyn Manson says he endured one of the darkest periods of his life while recording his latest album, "Eat Me, Drink Me". The shock-rocker went through a painful separation with wife Dita Von Teese late last year and even questioned whether he would continue making music. But now Manson told Launch he is more comfortable with his persona on and off stage and with the company he keeps. "I feel like I've gotten to that point where I don't have to feel awkward or guilty about one or the other, which has always been a problem in my life," he said. "It's either been about who I am offstage or who I am onstage that I've had problems in friendships and romance. I can do whatever I want now and not feel any regrets for it."

The 38-year-old Manson is currently dating 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood. The teen star told the British edition of Elle that they didn't get involved romantically until Manson had separated from Von Teese.

Wood and Manson performed some explicit love scenes in the video for "Heart Shaped Glasses", the first single from "Eat Me, Drink Me".

Von Teese, meanwhile, told the U.K.'s Observer that she and Manson were "so terribly in love...I never took him for someone who would exploit our divorce for the sake of records. I don't think people realize he used our marriage bed in that music video to have sex with that girl (Wood)."

Manson begins a co-headlining tour with SLAYER on July 25 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Manson To Tour Australia And New Zealand

According to NEWS.com.au, MARILYN MANSON will tour Australia and New Zealand this October.

Manson toured Australia in 2003 following the release of the concept album "The Golden Age of Grotesque".

Before that his group was a headline act for the 1999 Big Day Out.

Each time they were met with disdain by political and religious groups, and lauded by their often black-clad fanbase.

MARILYN MANSON tour dates:

Oct. 03 - Auckland, Town Hall
Oct. 05 - Melbourne, Festival Hall
Oct. 06 - Sydney, Hordern Pavilion
Oct. 08 - Brisbane, Entertainment Centre
Oct. 11 - Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre
Oct. 13 - Perth, Challenge Stadium

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 13.

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Kerry King Does Absinthe To Understand Manson

Kerry King does absinthe to understand co-headliner

Peter Atkinson of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: Are you looking forward to the tour with Manson or is this one of those deals where it's like, "What might we be getting ourselves into?"

King: I was kind of like that, but we met Manson before we came out here and we did the Revolver shoot and interview and since then we played a festival together and I took one of those rare opportunities, I don't usually drink before we go on, but I went over and did a shot of absinthe with him. And then I got a better vibe about him. It's more like I think he knows what he's gotten himself into — and I don't say that in a disrespectful manner — but let's face it, he could come out and play music that just makes everybody leave, at least everyone who came to see us, or he can play music that they are into as well. And I kinda got the vibe that that's what he was going to do. That's the wild card, so we'll just see.

KNAC.COM: He very well could come out dressed like a chick and play a lot of his mellower newer stuff?

King: That he could. He's definitely an unpredictable guy and who knows what his mindset's gonna be when the tour's ready to start. I guess we won't know for sure 'til opening night. If that's the way he ends up going, it could be a pretty brutal few weeks. But, again, that's not the impression I had after we'd met up.

KNAC.COM: If you guys had teamed up during his "Antichrist Superstar" phase, that really would have been something to see.

King: That would have been the tour of tours, for sure. I threw out a request to him when we did the interview and he said he was gonna do some of it, so we'll see what happens.

KNAC.COM: You mentioned how your fans might react to Manson, do you remember the last time any of your warm-up bands really got the "Slay-er, Slay-er" treatment.

King: I honestly don't know because I can't go out and watch people as much as I used to because I'll either be doing press or warming up. That's a tough one, I don't have an answer for you. I think bands know they've got their work cut out for them when they tour with us and that they better bring their A-game. Maybe that's been working for them, because I haven't noticed anyone really getting brutalized by our fans in a while.

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All That Remains Confirmed For Loud Park 2007

Massachusetts' ALL THAT REMAINS have officially been confirmed for Japan's Loud Park 2007 festival. Appearing on the prestigious festival's second day, ALL THAT REMAINS joins the bill alongside Heaven and Hell, Marilyn Manson, Blind Guardian, Saxon and As I Lay Dying among others. This marks the first time ALL THAT REMAINS will appear in Japan, while the band will hit Mexico for the first time as well in late July.

"We are heading to JAPAN!" frontman Phil Labonte says. "This year, the organizers of the Loud Park 2007 Festival have invited ATR to be a part of the fest. So later this fall, ATR is gonna head across the mighty pacific and deliver some live ATR insanity. We are excited more than I can tell you, we have some friends in Japan and hope to make even more. Get ready Japan, and get into it!"

Joe's Podhole recently posted an interview with Labonte from last summer's Ozzfest 2006, featuring hilarious clips from Labonte, Unearth's Slo and Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend, which is available for download or podcasting here.

Recently surpassing the 100,000 sales mark domestically, ALL THAT REMAINS recently announced the release of a live concert DVD in October. The DVD will feature live performances from the band’s recent show at Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, as well as from their upcoming show in Baltimore at The Recher Theatre on July 12. ATR fans will also be treated to tons of bonus goodies on the new DVD, including behind the scenes footage, band and fan interviews, a live photo slideshow and all of the band’s videos.

In other ALL THAT REMAINS news, July will find the hard-working band filming a video for the third single from 'The Fall of Ideals,' “Not Alone”, in between tour dates. Director Soren will handle the shoot, having already produced videos for Unearth and Light This City. After a handful of domestic tour dates (including a special appearance on the Sounds of the Underground tour), the band heads to Mexico and then Europe through August, where they will pay several major festivals including the Wacken: Open Air Festival in Germany.

Fan pages on MySpace from across the world have started sprouting on the social networking site, including sites from Japan, Germany, http://www.myspace.com/atrmexicoMexico, and the United States.

Here are the latest ALL THAT REMAINS tour dates: More...

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Manson Biography Movie In The Works?

Mad-haired Hollywood director Tim Burton is in talks with studio bosses about making a film about the life of Marilyn Manson and his estranged wife Dita Von Teese.

"I'm fascinated by Dita and Marilyn," says Burton. "They're like a living Brothers Grimm fairytale."

Marilyn Manson's new album 'Eat Me, Drink Me' is out now via Interscope.

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MCR Axeman Says Cooper Was Originator, Not Manson

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE guitarist Frank Iero has responded to claims by Marilyn Manson that the New Jersey emo titans are mere copycats.

Manson previously blasted MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, saying he was embarrassed because "these people are doing a really sad, pitiful, shallow version of what I've done."

Speaking exclusively to Kerrang! magazine, guitarist Frank Iero answered back to Manson's taunting.

"We're Marilyn Manson fans," said Iero. "I think he's really cool. The funny thing is that he seems to have lashed out at us about the make-up. That's weird to me, because I had heard of Alice Cooper before I heard of Marilyn Manson. I don't know how he could be mad at us. We never came out and said we were going to call ourselves by girl's name and then a serial killer's name.

"I'm really sorry if he feels we ripped him off," he added. "It would have been nice if he could have said something to our faces but he's been all smiles every time I've seen him. Maybe he's doing it for the press. Some people just like to talk..."

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Kerry King Warns Manson About What Not To Play

MTV.com reports: Guitarist Kerry King can’t even remember the last time his band — the iconic speed-metal maelstrom that is SLAYER — played a gig it didn’t close out. That’s because, with more than 25 years in the business, SLAYER have been a headlining act for quite some time. When SLAYER take the stage, no one else follows. Or at least that’s the way things were before the band decided to team up with MARILYN MANSON.

SLAYER’s summer co-headlining run with MANSON is set to kick off July 25 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and will hit 25 cities before concluding September 1 in San Antonio.

“[This tour has] been in the works for a good part of this year, and the way it started out was, we were looking to do another Unholy Alliance this summer,” King explained of the festival, which featured MASTODON, LAMB OF GOD, CHILDREN OF BODOM and THINE EYES BLEED last year. “Then, when we found out we’d probably be touring with MANSON, he didn’t want to call it [the Unholy Alliance]. So, we were like, ‘Fine, man. Let’s just go out and do a big tour.’ He basically said [playing festival runs] wasn’t who he is anymore, and we were like, ‘All right.’ It didn’t make much sense to me, but that’s who he is now, I guess.”

So, while this summer’s trek is billed as a “co-headliner,” King said each and every date on the tour will end with a set from MANSON.

“It is completely co-headlining, except that he wanted to close every day, and we’re like, ‘Hey, knock yourself out,’” King said. “We’ve been in so many situations like that, and sometimes, it’s better not to be the last band on. So, we’re just kind of happy about it. I don’t have the ego that makes me — and I’m not saying MANSON does — but I don’t have the ego that makes me have to close every show. I won’t be playing any longer, and we’ll be done with our show and be able to chill for a change.”

But, while some speculate that the two artists have vastly different fanbases, King said the pairing does make sense to him. And if MANSON plays his cards right, he might not witness a mass exodus of SLAYER fans leaving each venue once King’s crew is through.

“It’s definitely going to be weird,” he admitted. “My whole thing is, it depends on what MANSON plays, whether our kids stay or not. If he comes out and plays ‘Tainted Love,’ half the place is going to leave. No offense to MANSON — I’m just saying what’s up. I want him to come out and kick ass, because I’m an old-school fan. He can succeed on this tour, if he chooses the right set.”

SLAYER fans might be pleased to know that this summer’s tour will coincide with the re-release of 2006’s Christ Illusion on July 24. The limited-edition set will contain the previously unreleased cut “The Final Six,” as well as an alternate version of “Black Serenade.” The reissue marks the band’s first collaboration with new label home Columbia Records; SLAYER left Warner Bros. when longtime producer Rick Rubin jumped ship to head Columbia back in May.

“This version of ‘Black Serenade‘ is the version [guitarist] Jeff [Hanneman] originally wrote, and during the miscommunications of recording, it came out the way it did,” said King. “I like the original version better. And ‘The Final Six‘ was a song that just wasn’t finished in time for the record, because [frontman] Tom [Araya] had to head home for [gall-bladder] surgery.”

“The Final Six,” said King, “isn’t going to sound out of place, because it was written for Christ Illusion. So, it’s just another song off of that album, and it’s not separate at all. The track was recorded by the time Christ Illusion came out — we just had to have Tom sing on it.”

The reissue will also boast a bonus DVD called “Slayer on Tour ‘07.” It will include the “Eyes of the Insane” video; a live rendition of the band’s 1988 LP South of Heaven that was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, on last year’s Unholy Alliance run; and a behind-the-scenes, five-minute documentary-style montage of footage shot earlier this year when the band performed in Florida and Australia.

As for SLAYER’s next album, King said it will be a while. The band hopes to book another tour toward the end of this year but has no definitive plans to write or record anytime soon. “It would be awesome to have football season off,” King joked.

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Bleeding Through To Headline Off-Dates

Bleeding Through will headline a series of intimate club shows during the "off-dates" of their upcoming North American tour with Marilyn Manson and Slayer. War Of Ages will support Bleeding Through at each of the shows.

Bleeding Through will focus on smaller clubs in New Orleans, Albany, Las Vegas and other cities where the monstrous tour with heavy metal titans Slayer and iconoclast Manson will not hit during their days off. The Manson/Slayer tour and off-date headlining shows will coincide with the worldwide release of the band's new single, "Line in the Sand."

With a video directed by Dan Dobi (Cannibal Corpse, Paramore), "Line in the Sand" is the latest track to be released from The Truth, Bleeding Through's newest album which has been hailed by Revolver, Alternative Press, Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Billboard, Outburn, Metal Edge and other publications the world over.

The band kicked off the album's release last year with a massive headlining tour, followed by a co-headline slot on the Ozzfest second stage (their second Ozzfest), a fall tour with Senses Fail and Saosin, a European tour, and more.

Confirmed Bleeding Through off-dates (all with War Of Ages) during the Marilyn Manson/ Slayer tour are as follows: More...

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Manson Disses MCR for Stealing His Act

Launch Radio Networks reports: MARILYN MANSON has lashed out at MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, saying that a song called "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery", from his new "Eat Me, Drink Me" album, is directed at the band, whom he accused of ripping off his act. Manson told the London Paper, "I'm embarrassed to be me because these people are doing a really sad, pitiful, shallow version of what I've done. If they want to identify with me then here's a razor blade. Call me when you're done and we'll talk."

Here are some sample lyrics from "Mutilation...": "Hey, there's no rules today / You steal instead of borrow / You take all the shapes that I make / And you think that you thought / All the thoughts that I thought you / Don't you?"

MANSON and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE will both perform this weekend at England's Download Festival, although they'll appear on separate days.

MANSON's new record arrived in stores on Tuesday, June 5.

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Slayer Talks About Upcoming Tour with Manson

This summer, Slayer and Marilyn Manson will co-headline a 25-city North American tour, which will feature both acts with elaborate stage set-ups playing full sets. "Usually we just come out and play, but this time around we're really going to give the fans a show," explains Slayer's bassist/vocalist, Tom Araya. "Our set is going to span our entire career, but we're definitely going to squeeze in some new songs that we haven't performed live yet."

Fresh off winning their first-ever Grammy for their tenth full-length studio album, "Christ Illusion, Slayer couldn't have more momentum going into the tour. "The other guys will tell you it didn't mean anything to them, but it did to me," Araya explains about the band's award for Best Metal Performance for the track "Eyes Of The Insane.." "We're fans of the music we create and if we don't like it, we know the kids aren't going to like it either," Araya continues when asked what has kept Slayer relevant while so many of their peers have disbanded, or worse yet, become parodies of themselves.

"I think people like what they know," adds guitarist Kerry King. "The perfect comparison for Slayer's role in metal is what AC/DC did with rock; they made the same record for 30 years, but just changed the flavor." While musical trends have come and gone, for the past 26 years Slayer have continued to stay true to their thrash roots and loudly defied the music industry's standards.

When bands like Green Day and the Offspring suddenly became ubiquitous in the late-'90s the band released Undisputed Attitude, a collection of hardcore punk covers from acts like Minor Threat and Black Flag-and now that inoffensive pop music rules the charts, in typical Slayer-fashion the band countered with Christ Illusion, a blistering critique of the current administration set to the tune of impossibly heavy riffs, frantic drums and guitar solos that pummel the listener in carefully constructed blasts of noise. In other words, it's just business as usual for Slayer.

"I remember when I was a kid and one of the biggest metal bands at the time came out with a new album - I remember this because I was genuinely offended that they would put that album out," King explains when asked what he thinks has kept Slayer not only relevant but revelatory for the past twenty years. "That band got sidetracked by commercial music and tried to cash in on it," he continues. "Look at me, even now I'm still marred by it," he adds with a laugh. "I don't want to do that to our fans ever."

Tour dates for the Slayer/Marilyn Manson co-headline tour are as follows: More...

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Stream Entire Manson, Chris Cornell Albums

AOL Music has a couple decent albums for streaming in full this week:

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Marilyn Manson Covers Justin Timberlake

MARILYN MANSON sat down with BBC Radio 1's Jo Whiley on Wednesday (May 23) to talk about leather pants, Justin Timberlake, and perform live acoustically from the legendary Maida Vale Studios with a set that included a reluctant Justin Timberlake cover of the track "What Goes Around". You can listen to the program here.

Marilyn Manson's video for his new single, "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)", surfaced online on May 8. It features several soft-core sex scenes starring Manson and 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood, who happens to be Manson's current squeeze, reports Launch Radio Networks. The full eight-minute clip features nearly a minute of frolicking between the sheets before the song even kicks in, and returns to the bedroom antics throughout the rest of the song.

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Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese Interviews

Marilyn Manson and his estranged wife have both recently given interviews discussing their personal lives among other things. Polly Vernon of The Observer recently conducted an interview with Marilyn Manson. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On his new album, "Eat Me, Drink Me":

"I don't think that I would... [long pause] exist, if it weren't for this record. . . I haven't... left my house in a year. I shut myself, literally, out of being with people, and I think I... no, I wouldn't exist without this record. . . To me, it was worse than wanting to die. I didn't want to live. When you want to die, you at least have a goal. You're aiming for something. It's not a good goal, but at least you want something. And you've got anger and fear, but at least you're feeling something. But I wasn't afraid, I didn't have fear, I didn't care and I didn't have hope. . . Depression's something that people would... probably assume I've always had an element of it in me. But I know that I've never f... f... I was going to say 'felt,' but I don't know how I 'felt'... I didn't have any feeling — it's a void. But this record, it's a cliche, but this record saved me..."

On whether Manson blames his depression on his marriage to Dita von Teese:

"Yes, it has an inconvenient, unfortunate parallel to — you know — getting married. I think they ultimately have to be associated. I don't think that the relationship was... something to blame... as much as the, just the, the cliches of marriage. Being expected to change. Change who you are. I started to feel — and maybe this is only how I perceived it, or it's what my ex-wife genuinely expected of me — but to have to change who I am because suddenly I'm supposed to be more responsible or adult or to have to apologize for who I am... It just ultimately wasn't what I was prepared for."

On whether the conventions of marriage crushed what had been a healthy relationship:

"Yeah. That and the unfortunate coincidence that her career was really taking off. And I wasn't able to give up what I'm doing and follow her; like she did for me, in the beginning. But I never knew I was... going to be expected to do that. Sacrifice to me is something you do without expecting something in return. . . So to be expected... to... I guess be judged on how much you love someone by... if you don't do... what they did for you... because they did it for you. It got to a point where, where, I didn't know how to win, I didn't know how to explain... to somebody... that I don't... love... me. So for you to think that if I loved you I would change, or I would not be depressed, or I would want to... you know... give up my work for a moment, when I didn't think of it as work... what you create and who you are has to be the same, or both of them die. So that's what almost happened. My creativity died and I nearly died."

On whether he felt betrayed by the way marriage changed his relationship with Dita:

'That was one of the initial emotional confusions and responses. I felt that I was stupid, that I was taken advantage of. At first. But I wasn't, I wasn't taken advantage of. I realized that."

On whether there is any good way to divorce:

"I think that somebody's always going to suffer more. And I'd think I hurt her more. But only because she didn't understand the amount of pain I went through before it became apparent to her. She didn't understand that my idea of the relationship was suffering for longer than she knew. And so when things ended equally between us, she might have assumed that I didn't care. Not realizing that I had been experiencing it for much longer."

On whether anyone has blamed him for the Virginia Tech shootings yet:

"Not as far as I know. But I wouldn't be surprised if I was blamed. You know, it all seems very manufactured to me. . . in the way that there's candlelight vigils, but I haven't seen anyone crying. Not one single person crying. Someone said to me yesterday: I'm sure you're full of mixed emotions. And I'm not, really. I don't really care. I don't know anyone involved in it. If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realise that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I'm not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren't related to me. It doesn't mean that you have to be insensitive or cold, or have no sort of empathy. It just means that when you do have an emotion, make it extreme."

On whether he is really in love with his current girlfrield, 19-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood:

"Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely! It's actually easy for me [to fall in love], because it didn't make me cynical. My current relationship gives me the ability to realize where I've always gone wrong in my life, not just in my divorce. To realize I was always thinking: I wish that my life could be like the movies, like 'Bonnie and Clyde' or 'The Hunger' or 'Harold and Maude'. And... it can be! It maybe just takes somebody else who is as fearless as you. It takes a person who will not hesitate. . . Because now, my only definition of romance is that somebody has to be willing to hold hands and jump off the cliff with you. At that point, you don't want to die any more."

On whether he's happy:

"For the most part, yeah. More so than I was a year ago. And definitely more than I was 10 years ago. I feel, like, being in a position where I simply have no reason to apologize for just being myself, and where I don't have to make what I do an apology for me, or a defense of who I am."

On whether he ever talks to Dita:

"Not recently, but um... yup. I mostly just get yelled at for things that I can't change, and don't want to change any more. No. That's not a fair characterization of what, um... But it is pretty true! Ha ha!"

Marilyn Manson's estranged wife Dita von Teese recently gave an interview to the Toronto Star in which she discussed her split with the shock rocker and Manson's new video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses", featuring Marilyn in a love scene with his new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. An excerpt from the chat follows: More...

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Full Slayer, Manson Tour Dates Announced

Tour dates for this summer's co-headlining Slayer and Marilyn Manson tour have been announced today. The 25-city North American tour will kick off on July 25 in West Palm Beach, FL, pillaging its way cross-country to wrap up in San Antonio, TX on September 1. Confirmed dates are below.

For this two-pronged-threat double bill, Slayer and Manson will each play full sets with Bleeding Through and one other support band, yet to be determined, opening all shows.

Marilyn Manson just wrapped up work on his upcoming June release to be titled "EAT ME, DRINK ME."

Celebrating its 26th year together, Slayer are still touring in support of their latest album, "Christ Illusion," which debuted at #5 on Billboard's Albums Chart.

Confirmed tour dates for the Slayer/Marilyn Manson co-headline summer tour are as follows: More...

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