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Stuka Squadron

From: London, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active


The band changed its name to Iron Knights on 10/31/2012

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Stuka Squadron Hints A Possible Reunion

The confusing evolution of the band formerly known as Stuka Squadron started in September of 2012, when founding member Lord Graham Pyre (bassist) split with the band. Carrying on without him, the band named a new bass player, before a name dispute ensued, causing the remaining members to change the name to Iron Knights. Since the change in name, vocalist James Duke Fang Begley split with the band along with Stuka guitarist Gravedigger Cox.

Now, its appears a reunion might be on the horizon as Lord Graham Pyre and James Duke Fang Begley have been working on new material and a snippet of a song entitled "Pit of Fire" has surfaced. Earlier this month, the band posted the following on the Official Facebook Page:

"Squadroneers and adherents of the Subterranean Reich. Following the conclusion of THE BLOOD WAR which has disrupted our campaign for the last two years, Oberkommando has authorised the announcement of a NEW WUNDERWAFFE (MIRACLE WEAPON in your inferior English tongue). This is the first step in OUR NEW CAMPAIGN. The STUKA SQUADRON RETURNS! Who wishes to sample the new MASTER WORK?"

This post followed along with the song snippet:

"Squadroneers, Knights and veteran First Legionnaires. Propagndaoberkommando has authorised the release of this first glimpse of the THE NEW WEAPON. The tide will turn. Victory is inevitable."

Check out the sample here: More...

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James Duke Fang-Begley Splits With Iron Knights

Iron Knights (f/k/a Stuka Squadron) vocalist James Duke Fang-Begley announced his departure from the band today in a post on his Facebook page, which reads:

"Dear fans, friends and family. It is with great sadness I tell you that I am leaving the mighty Iron Knights. This has been a long and difficult decision but there are various personal reasons that mean I am unable to continue further with the band. I would like to take the opportunity to thank ALL of you for the incredible support that you have shown over the years. You are truly the greatest people on the planet. I won't be disappearing from the stage but here ends my chapter in our histories blackened page. To the Iron Knights/Stuka Squadron family, I would like to say that it has been an unforgettable Heavy Metal experience and thank you for the amazing and hard fought times we shared. I will always support you in the future as a fan and friend."

The band released "New Sound of War" back in November 2012 via Metalbox Records. Just Previous to that the band had changed its name after the schism with former bassist Lord Graham Pyre.

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Former Stuka Squadron Bassist Addresses Dispute

Bassist and founder of Stuka Squadron, Lord Graham Pyre, publicly addressed the current dispute with former members stemming from his split with the band. The band formerly known as Stuka Squadron changed its name to Iron Knights and will release the album "New Sound of War" on November 26, 2012.

Pyre has assumed the official website and is set to launch the sequel to the first Squadron album "Tales From the Ost" (See Metal Underground.com's review at this location) entitled "Project Vulcan." The album is expected through Iron Crown Records soon.

The statement regarding the ongoing dispute (found here), reads as follows: More...

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Stuka Squadron Changes Name To Iron Knights

U.K. traditional metal vampires Stuka Squadron announced that the band has changed its name to Iron Knights. The official press release from Metalbox Recording reads as follows:

"Iron Knights is the new name for the band previously known as Stuka Squadron.

"The official band statement explaining the reasons for this change can be found here: www.stuka-squadron.com (website due to change).

"The new website is www.ironknightsband.com and will be live imminently.

"The release of the album ‘New Sound Of War’ will be postponed from the original release date of 19 November 2012 to 26 November 2012 and it will be an Iron Knights album.

"On behalf of Iron Knights, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance for the confusion this change will cause – it has not been an easy decision. I would also like to thank everyone that has supported the band and continues to support them going forward." More...

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Stuka Squadron Announces New Bass Player

Following the departure of founding member Graham Lord Pyre, Stuka Squadron announced a permanent bass player in the form of Count Carlos Montoya el Foxico. Foxico replaces temporary bassist Doktor Suicide, who played on the band's forthcoming LP "New Sounds of War," which is expected for release on November 19, 2012 via Metalbox Recordings.

The announcement reads as follows:

"The Squadron is preparing for its next missions; the continuance of the Winter War, beginning in Southampton this Friday, 19 October. It also marks the entrance into Squadron history of a colleague long known to the Squadron but on duties elsewhere: Count Carlos Montoya el Foxico (not to be confused with swordmaster Inigo Montoya who seeks revenge against the six-fingered man that killed his father...though they may be distant relations).

"Doktor Suicide, a Squadron Pilot from days of yore and who recently stepped back in to see the Squadron through many live shows and album writing and recording during 2012, is nearing the end of his stationing within the United Kingdom. It was always known that he has to return to the East and therefore could not remain indefinitely with the Squadron. While with us he has bought stunning guitar work and new layers of musical adventure, fitting like a hand into the undead Squadron glove. But alas, the Winter War continues without the Doktor.

"Enter Count Foxico...

"As is related in the Squadron history, war and chaos have long been perfect homes for those of a vampiric nature. Count Foxico was perfectly at home slaking his blood lust in the orange groves that were the killing fields of the Condor Legion; an arena of war where the very nature of the Sturzkampfflugzeug, the Stuka, was developed. And now Foxico joins the Squadron. The New Sound Of War has fresh teeth to it......" More...

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Stuka Squadron Unveil New Album Art, Title

U.K. traditional metal vampires Stuka Squadron issued a mission directive that the band's sophomore LP will be entitled "New Sound of War." The album will be released on November 19, 2012 via Metalbox Recordings. Stuka Squadron recently split with co-founding member Lord Graham Pyre last week.

An in studio preview can be found at this location.

The band previously noted that the new album will focus on the squadron's missions in Egypt, and the following cover art confirms that:

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Lord Graham Pyre Splits With Stuka Squadron

Bassist Lord Graham Pyre announced that he has left U.K. traditional metal act Stuka Squadron. In a post on his Facebook Page, Pyre stated:

"[I have] left the band I formed, Stuka Squadron. Not my decision and not what I wanted. Extremely sad about it, but very glad to have had the support of the fantastic press and fans. Thanks all! You have been absolutely amazing!"

No official word from the band has yet been made, nor has a replacement for Pyre been named. The exact reasons surrounding the departure are unknown. Back in July, Hauptman Beam Von Beamish was recruited to fill in for Pyre for the band's performances at Headbanger’s Open Air Festival in Germany on 25th July and Woodstock Open Air Festival.

*UPDATE: The band later issued the following statement about the departure:

"Lord Pyre has today departed the ranks of the Squadron. A co-founding member, Pyre has served the Squadron for five years, but in recent months the Squadron has been operating nearly entirely without him.

We wish Lord Pyre well in his future journeys."

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Stuka Squadron Posts First Video Studio Update

U.K. traditional metal vampires Stuka Squadron issued a directive that the band's yet untitled sophomore LP is nearly completed. In addition, the first video studio report was also posted. The band previously noted that the album will focus on the battlefields of North Africa and plan to issue the title, album cover and track listing soon. The first song title, a song written by vocalist James Duke Fang-Begley, was announced in the following report on the band's website:

"Album nearly complete!

"There has been a virtual communication blackout here at headquarters as all personnel were drafted into the battle lines at Unit 2, London. The final stages of creation have been reached with the new Stuka Squadron album and we are all very happy with the new sounds emerging from this motley collection of miscreants.

"The pledge has slowed in recent weeks, but nevertheless we have achieved an awesome 80% funding from you, the valiant members of the First Legion. Thank you again. We have been asked to keep the pledge going beyond our original cut off of today and so it still remains open for new recruits.

"And very shortly we will enlighten you as to the album title, track titles and artwork. You may or may not already be aware of the first title made public – First Legion: an ode created primarily by Duke Fang Begley in tribute to our stalwart allies.


The band's pledge drive launch site can be found at this location.

The first video studio report can be found here: More...

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Stuka Squadron Bassist To Miss Upcoming Shows

U.K. act Stuka Squadron has issued the following announcement about the band's bassist missing upcoming shows:

"Dearest and most beloved legionaries, squadroneers and other stukavolk; It is with the greatest regret that I, Graham Lord Pyre, bass Kommandant of Stuka Squadron and undoubtedly the world’s greatest un-living but still active bass player, am forced to convey some bad news. I felt that this would be best conveyed in person and thus have opted to address you directly by recourse to this wireless transmitting device.

"Unfortunately on this occasion I will not be joining the Stukawagen when it leaves our H.Q, (codenamed The Fox’s Lair) for The Squadron’s journey to Headbanger’s Open Air Festival in Germany on 25th July and Woodstock Open Air Festival in Borkovany in the Czech Republic on 28th.

"This is because I have been detained in England, where I am being forced to use my powers to ensure that The Olympic Games are not in any way thwarted by the forces of good.

"I apologise for my absence - but rest assured! My place will be ably supplied by Hauptman Beam Von Beamish, and I am certain that he and the rest of the boys will put on our usual magnificent show.

"I would like to stress that I intend to spend much of the time that they are away writing material for the forthcoming album. I will see you all again on The Winter War Tour this autumn and wish Von Beamish and the rest of The Squadron a successful tour!"

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Stuka Squadron Launches Fundraiser For New LP

U.K. traditional metal band Stuka Squadron has launched a campaign to raise funds for the band's sophomore studio LP and follow up to "Tales From the Ost" (see review here). the band plans to hit the studio this August for a release later this year. The fundraiser offers various benefit packages based on the various pledges. Pledges can be made at this location.

Earlier today, the band announced the departure of guitarist Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound, who left to pursue other musical projects. Filling in for Terrorsound is Doktor Suicide. Based on the following trailer, the new LP will unearth the evil hidden within ancient Egypt. Check out the trailer here:

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Stuka Squadron Parts Ways With Guitarist

U.K. traditional metal vampires Stuka Squadron announced that the band has parted ways with guitarist George ‘GT’ Stergiou a/k/a Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound. Stergiou left to concentrate on his various other music projects. Filling in for Terrorsound is Doktor Suicide.

The announcement on the band's website reads:

"We have news of a change in Squadron personnel. No doubt enticed by the fleshy temptations of a mortal life, Sir Graveghoul Terrorsound has renounced vampirism and returned to the land of the living. The Squadron was enriched by his bloodlust and now wishes him continued good fortune in his bands – Alexa de Strange and Scar Divine to name but two – where he goes under the human title George ‘GT’ Stergiou." More...

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Stuka Squadron Postpones Upcoming Shows

U.K. metallers Stuka Squadron have issued the following announcement about postponing their previously announced April tour dares in Northern Ireland:

"It is with heavy hearts and much sadness that Stuka Squadron have to announce that - like in 1943 - Operation Emerald Isle (the planned invasion of Eire and Northern Ireland scheduled for April) has to be postponed to a later date.

"We apologise sincerely for this turn of events, which have been forced on us by unforeseen circumstances. We were looking forward to bringing the Squadron to that green and plentiful land and hammering it out in front of you Irish metalheads - but it will have to be some time in the future.

"Metallic and undead best wishes to our friends in Eire/Northern Ireland. We WILL see you in the

For more on Stuka Squadron, and to find the latest tour dates, head over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Stuka Squadron Announces Additional Show Dates

U.K. traditional metal band Stuka Squadron announced additional dates for dates for the United Kingdom and Europe for 2012 in support of the re-release of ‘Tales of the Ost’ via Metalbox Recordings on February 13 2012.

The following dates are confirmed:

‘March Across England’

9 March - The Unicorn, London
10 March - Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
11 March - Bootlegger’s, Kendal
13 March - Axe & Cleaver, Boston
14 March – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
15 March – Bullingdon Arms, Oxford
16 March – Rampage, Preston
17 March – The Old Bell, Derby
18 March – Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley More...

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Stuka Squadron Debut To See Label Release

U.K. traditional metal band Stuka Squadron will have the debut full length release "Tales of the Ost" reissued on Metalbox Recordings on February 13, 2012. The album was originally self-released by the band in June 2012. The reissue will have new artwork (seen below). A review of the release can be found at this location.

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Stuka Squadron Announces U.K. Show Dates

U.K. traditional metal band Stuka Squadron announced a string of tour dates for the United Kingdom for the spring. The band self-released its debut full length album "Tales Of The Ost" in June 2011.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

9: The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, London
10: Satan's Hollow, Manchester
13: The Axe And Cleaver, Boston
17: The Old Bell, Derby

6: An Cruiscin Lan, Cork, Ireland
7: The Pavillion, Belfast, Northern Ireland
8: Dolan's Warehouse, Limerick, Ireland
9: April, Fibber Magees, Dublin, Ireland


25: Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

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