"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Eclipse Eternal

Formed: 1999
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Eclipse Eternal News

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Wacken Metal Battle Canada Offering Compilation

Wacken Metal Battle Canada has unleashed a free download compilation to promote some of the top Canadian metal talents competing in this year's contest for one true champion to represent the nation at this summer's 2013 edition of Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

The free download is available via Bandcamp here, or you can stream the tracks below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Adrenechrome - Led Elephant 05:37
2. Answer With Metal - Two Wrongs (Don't Make A Right) 05:06
3. Cecile Monique - Never Over 03:37
4. Crimson Shadows - Beyond The Mountain Wasteland 05:50
5. Cryptik Howling - Ulysses Death 03:58
6. Dissension - Of Time And Chronic Disease 06:58
7. Dreamers - No Place To Hide 04:23
8. Eclipse Eternal - Deathbound 08:29
9. Embracing Soul - Luna 03:42
10. Fallstaf - The Cost 03:21
11. Laugh At The Fakes - Blinded 05:28
12. Mastery - Step Up 04:23
13. Mürtenscythe - (Smoking weed) Through The Horn of Satan 08:30
14. Panzerfaust - The Apple of Infinite Knowledge 08:15
15. Powered By Death - Hit The Surface 03:00
16. Pyramid Theorem - Another Day Slips Away 06:28
17. Sanguine Glacialis - Into The Heart of Chaos 06:44
18. Slyde - New World Sympathy 03:36
19. Spewgore - The Ride 02:12
20. Through Death - Orphaned 03:38
21. Trainwreck Architect - The Door Slam Shut 04:14
22. Venomenon - Temple of Lies 07:13
23. Vesperia - O' Hail The Northlander 04:49
24. Virulys - Endless World 04:40
25. Warcall - Faces of Death 04:49
26. WarMachine - Moving On 04:04 More...

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Eclipse Eternal Live Footage Available Online

Footage has been posted online of Eclipse Eternal performing the track "Deathbound," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the clip:

"Recorded live in Toronto at the Hard Luck Bar from the first date of Eclipse Eternal's North American tour with Negura Bunget. The song is from the album 'The Essence of Hopelessness' which was released in 2012 by Archaic North Entertainment."

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Eclipse Eternal To Miss Final Date Of Tour

Eclipse Eternal has issued the following announcement about missing the final Ohio date of the band's current tour:

"Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control (last minute flight changes) the last date of this tour has been cancelled. We apologize to everyone in Ohio who was looking forward to seeing us and Negura. We all wanted to play but it is not possible. So, tonight in Pittsburgh will be our last show for this epic tour.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has come out and supported us, all the bands who have opened for us (Hails!), Lucia Elisabeth Bathory for doing our merch, Mark Howitt the best goddamn tour manager we could ever hope for and of course Negura Bunget who are not only a fucking awesome band but are also great people.

"A special thanks to Oq for helping us loadin and out every night and helping make sure the sound for each show was up to his high standards. This tour has been fucking epic."

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Negura Bunget Satisfies Fans' Transylvanian Hunger

May 19, 2012, San Antonio, Texas—Watching Behemoth play material off “…From the Pagan Vastlands” is the closest most Americans get to Eastern European black metal. Many of these artists either don’t play live, don’t have the money to make it to America or fall into the familiar trap of not getting their Visa application in on time. Negura Bunget is one of the few bands of this fold you’ll find on a flyer. However, not until just a month ago could one find them on a flyer promoting a concert in America. Negura Bunget is not your average slash-and-burn-satanic black metal group. Hailing from Transylvania, the group blends traditional Romanian folk music with atmospheric black metal to illuminate the “dark foggy forests” of the primeval Carpathian Mountains.

Negura Bunget is not a band for banging heads, bodies or fists. They work more on the mind’s eye, recreating a world where superstition rules the land. This is perfectly fine for one band, but if the all the bands on the bill took a similar approach; I would have witnessed and partaken in a snooze fest. Thanks to promoters Beyond the Dark Horizon, we were treated to a diverse assortment of acts. More...

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Eclipse Eternal Posts New Music Video

Canadian black metal band Eclipse Eternal posted a new music video for the song "Murder...Suicide." The track appears on the the band's latest album "The Essence of Hopelessness," which was released in January through Archaic North Entertainment.

Check out the video here:

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Negura Bunget Announces North American Tour

Negura Bunget has issued the following announcement about the upcoming "Transilvanian Legacy" North American tour:

"After 36 dates in Europe, 2012 brings new powers to Negura Bunget's 15th anniversary tour. It is now time to conquer new places. We can announce that 33 dates of the Transilvanian Legacy Tour - US an Canada are now confirmed. This one is going to be epic!

"The band is working with US artist David Richardson for some unique stage elements to be used throughout the US tour. Some elegant anniversary merchandise has been produced. Visit this location for details."

Dates for the trek, which also features Eclipse Eternal, Wolven Ancestry, and The Way of Purity are as follows: More...

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Eclipse Eternal Posts Video Teaser

Eclipse Eternal is currently working with Ax Media on an upcoming second official music video. Check out the teaser for the new "Murder....Suicide" music video in the player below. Photos from the video shoot have also been posted online at this location.

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Eclipse Eternal Streaming Song From New Album

Canadian black metal act Eclipse Eternal has posted the song "Deathbound" online, which is the second track off the band's new album "The Essence of Hopelessness," available now through Archaic North Entertainment. Check out the song in the player below.

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Eclipse Eternal Streams New Track

Canadian black metal band Eclipse Eternal are streaming the new track "Murder...Suicide" (heard below). The song appears on the forthcoming album "The Essence of Hopelessness," which is scheduled for release on January 14th 2012 through Archaic North Entertainment.

Check out the new song here:

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Eclipse Eternal Posts New Album Artwork

Eclipse Eternal recently signed with Archaic North Records and will be releasing a new album titled "The Essence of Hopelessness" on January 14th, 2012.

The band has now posted the album's cover artwork online, which can be viewed below. Further details on Eclipse Eternal are available through the band's official Facebook profile.

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Eclipse Eternal Signs With Archaic North Records

Canada's Eclipse Eternal have signed a record contract with Archaic North Records. The band's upcoming release "The Essence of Hopelessness" is slated for release on January 14th, 2012.

Archaic North made the following announcement:

"As of Thursday, October 6th, Eclipse Eternal proudly announce that they are signed to Archaic North Records; on Saturday, January 14th 2012, their newest and most powerful album to date, 'The Essence of Hopelessness', will be released upon the world. Recorded once again at Glen Drover’s Eclipse Studios, Eclipse Eternal has mixed the vicious, harsh nature of their previous album with an emotional intensity that is rarely seen in current Black Metal.

"They have delved into their innermost suffering and wrenched forth an album that is both poignant and memorable. From cold atmospheres to absolute chaos, from acoustic and spoken word interludes to ripping shredding, this album is as brutal as it is stirring. With lyrics swinging from Odes to ancient Pagan times to suicide to murder most foul, Eclipse Eternal holds back nothing on this third full-length album. This is Death Obsessed Black Metal at its best."

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Negura Bunget Announces First North American Tour

Romanian progressive black metal band Negura Bunget announced its first full length tour of North America in what is dubbed the "Transilvanian Legacy Tour 2012." Supporting acts are Eclipse Eternal, Wolven Ancestry and The Way of Purity.

Confirmed dates and cities for the tour (venues to be announced) are:

Transilvanian Legacy Tour 2012 - US & Canada
Negura Bunget w/ Eclipse Eternal, Wolven Ancestry, The Way of Purity

04/20/2012 - New York (USA)
04/21/2012 - Montreal (CAN)
04/22/2012 - Quebec (CAN)
04/23/2012 - Halifax (CAN)
04/24/2012 - Montcon (CAN)
04/26/2012 - Ottawa (CAN)
04/27/2012 - Toronto (CAN)
04/28/2012 - Detroit (USA)
04/29/2012 - Chicago (USA)
04/30/2012 - St. Paul (USA)
05/02/2012 - Calgary (CAN)
05/03/2012 - Edmonton (CAN)
05/04/2012 - Kamloops (CAN)
05/05/2012 - Vancouver (CAN)
05/06/2012 - Seattle (USA)
05/07/2012 - Portland (USA)
05/08/2012 - San Francisco (USA)
05/09/2012 - Anaheim (USA)
05/11/2012 - Los Angeles (USA)
05/12/2012 - San Diego (USA)
05/13/2012 - Mesa (USA)
05/16/2012 - Albuquerque (USA)
05/17/2012 - Tempe (USA)
05/18/2012 - Dallas (USA)
05/19/2012 - San Antonio (USA)
05/20/2012 - Houston (USA)
05/21/2012 - New Orleans (USA)
05/22/2012 - Tampa (USA)
05/23/2012 - Atlanta (USA)
05/24/2012 - Charlotte (USA)
05/25/2012 - Baltimore (USA) - Maryland Deathfest
05/26/2012 - New York (USA)
05/27/2012 - Boston (USA)

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Eclipse Eternal Offering Free Song Downloads

Eclipse Eternal has issued the following announcement about offering several songs as free downloads:

"Free Eclipse Eternal downloads: the first whole album plus 2 songs from our second album plus 1 new song. Since our first album is out of print we have decided to make it a free download.

"For those who wish to donate money you can send it via paypal to hellknowsmyname@hotmail.com all proceeds will be used for band expenses (recording, new shirts) Give these links to anyone who you think might appreciate these songs. Spread the word."

The download links for each of the tracks are available by heading over to the official Eclipse Eternal MySpace blog here.

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Eclipse Eternal Issues Recording Update

Eclipse Eternal has issued the following update about finishing the recording for new material:

"Hails, first of all, apologies for the present emptiness and disorganization of our page; MySpace.com has apparently redone not only the layout, but the back end (where you do your coding), which means everybody’s formats are now completely fucked up. Great job. Anyway, we’ll get that sorted out as soon as we can. In the meantime you can still listen to tracks here, or else visit our FaceBook page, where you can both stream and download songs.

"In other news, we’ve finally finished recording. Voldamares, Wulfgar, and Orcus completed the clean vocals the other day, which was the very last thing. It seems to have taken forever, but we’re satisfied with everything and will soon enter the mixing phase. As of now, Glen is doing some preliminary editing, and then in the New Year we will get down to actually mixing everything.

"On a completely unrelated note, this year’s Winter Solstice (December 21) coincides with a total lunar eclipse. For those of us in North America, it apparently begins either very early in the morning or very late on the 20th, but either way it should be worth watching."

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Eclipse Eternal Issues Recording Update

Eclipse Eternal has checked in with the following update about the process of recording a new album:

"Things have been a little quiet from the Eclipse camp lately, so here’s a run-down of what’s going on. The recording of our ensuing album, 'The Essence of Hopelessness,' is thankfully nearing completion (recording was a little slow due to some logistical issues, but we're back on track now). The bulk of the songs are done; what remains is to finish the keyboards, do the few clean vocal passages, and get Count Vain (rhythm guitar) in to do some tracks. And then…onto the penultimate studio step: mixing. Voldamares completed his vocal tracks today and they sounded fucking tremendous.

"The other day I finished doing the keys for 'Death Obssession' and 'The Noose,' and am now even more enthused about the strange quality of this record. The latter piece is like nothing we've ever done—or released, at any rate—and I’m further convinced that the peculiarities of the album are appropriate in terms of a logical musical progression. We've really let loose and allowed ourselves the luxury of incorporating further external touches to our core of black metal, thus creating an album which has afforded us few, if any, musical/lyrical boundaries.

"As with our previous records, 'The Essence...' is conceptual (though decidedly non-linear in terms of having a storyline), and it seems that this time we've embraced a theme more consciously than on either 'Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire' or 'Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond the Species,' which adds a level of real cohesion to the varying music. Ultimately the changes may not be overwhelming, but in addition to the two newest members (line-up changes will invariably influence direction), this stylistic leap is, we feel, a real progression for Eclipse Eternal."

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Eclipse Eternal Clarifies Tour Schedule

Vocalist Voldamares of Canada's Eclipse Eternal has issued the following statement clarifying the band's upcoming dates, which originally included Wolven Ancestry on the bill:

"There has been some confusion swirling around regarding our upcoming gigs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday so let me try to set the record straight. Yes Wolven Ancestry is no longer playing. No the shows are not canceled. We will now be headlining both the Ottawa show and the Montreal show. Empyrean Plague will still be playing both dates. The only date canceled was the Sudbury show. Eclipse is also still playing Barrie this Friday along with Remain. Hope to see some of your fuckers on the road. Cheers."

The details of the shows are as follows:

Friday August 13th - Foxx Lounge in Barrie
Remain, Burning the Day, Eclipse Eternal
Doors 9:30

Saturday August 14th - Cafe Dekuf - Ottawa
Eclipse Eternal, Empyrean Plague, Disentient + 1tba
Tickets at Vertigo or at door

Sunday August 15th - Cafe Chaos - Montreal
Eclipse Eternal, Hollow, Empyrean Plague, Blackscorn

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Eclipse Eternal Recruits New Guitarist

Canada's Eclipse Eternal has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new guitar player:

"Hail, it has been a while since I gave an update on what we’re up to so here goes. Some of you who witnessed our aural assault at Immortal may have noticed that there was a stranger on stage with us. He shall be a stranger no more. We are proud to announce that Count Vain of the band Vampire Vain has joined our ranks as rhythm guitarist. We look forward to finally being able to bring you Eclipse songs as they were meant to be heard.

"On a different note, recording is coming along quite well. We currently have all the drums recorded and are currently putting down guitar tracks. 5 done another 4 to go. Believe me when I say this album is going to really differentiate us from the pack. There is a depth to this album that I think will draw in listeners and keep them thinking long after they’ve stopped listening. For those who would like to hear some of our new material, to witness our storm I invite you to the following live rituals: June 18th – Barrie, Ontario at 'The Foxx Lounge' – 46 Dunlop Street West - with Breach & Entry and Like Animals – 19+ - Drs 9:30pm – 5$, June 19th – Oshawa, Ontario at 'The Atria' – 59 King Street East – with Will of the Ancients, Thantifaxath – 19+ - Drs 9 - $5 More...

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Eclipse Eternal Enlists New Bassist

Toronto-based black metallers ECLIPSE ETERNAL have issued the following update:

"Hail all. We are proud to announce that Orcus, previously of PANZERFAUST, from here on forward will be our permenent bassist. This was an easy decision to make as he is an excellent basssit and a deadicated individual. We look foward to introducing him to live audiences in the near future. On that note, we will start booking shows starting in June outside Toronto. If you are interested contact us. Till we meet of the battlefield hold your head high and keep your weapons sharp."

Eclipse Eternal's new album, Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species, is out now. The album was mixed in Sweden by Fredrick Nordstom (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, HAMMERFALL).

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Eclipse Eternal Post New Music Video Online

"The Dragon Has Come to Blot out the Stars", the new video from the Canadian black metal band ECLIPSE ETERNAL, can be viewed here. According to the group, the clip was shot during October/November 2007 by Dark Frame Pictures with director Adrian Kent and "was financed by the band and by Dark Frame Pictures exclusively (and it was not cheap as you can tell!). It was shot in 10+ locations over 4 full 6AM-to-4AM shoots in the fucking cold north. It required us to have our ex-bassist fall in a freezing lake and me then go in and pull her out, surround ourselves with a burning ring of fire (and almost burn along with it), walk back and forth through two feet of snow for six hours straight, have our drummer be blind for five-hour intervals, work with a child and lot of other fun stuff. Luckily for us, we had a great production crew and director making sure no one died or killed on another."

"The Dragon Has Come to Blot out the Stars" comes off ECLIPSE ETERNAL's latest album, "Ubermensch: Evolution beyond the Species", which was mixed in Sweden by Fredrik Nordström (DIMMU BORGIR, ZYKLON, OLD MAN'S CHILD). The CD is available now through The End Records distribution. More...

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Eclipse Eternal Post New Song Online

Canadian epic black metal band ECLIPSE ETERNAL has posted a new song, entitled "The Approaching Storm", on their MySpace page. The track comes off the group's upcoming album, "Ubermensch: Evolution beyond the Species", which was mixed in Sweden by Fredrik Nordström (DIMMU BORGIR, ZYKLON, OLD MAN'S CHILD). A release date for the effort has not yet been announced.

ECLIPSE ETERNAL will support DARK FUNERAL and ENSLAVED in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 13 at The Opera House.

ECLIPSE ETERNAL's debut album, "Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire", was released in 2004 via Galy Records. The CD was produced by Glen Drover (MEGADETH, EIDOLON) and was mastered by Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND).

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