"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Def Con One

Formed: 2009
From: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Def Con One Interviews and Features

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Antton Lant Discusses Def Con One

When speaking to drummer Antton Lant, it is obvious one is dealing with a musician who has an extensive background in the metal community. He commands respect with his decade playing for Venom and other groups and brings a certain element of heaviness to any project he's been involved in. But Antton is not a musician who is content to rest on his past laurels. He created his band Def Con One years ago to be involved in a group where he could bring his own ideas of what a heavy metal band should sound like.

Def Con One is the group he always wanted to be a part of, and is now doing that full-time. He feels that a group should be fun and not some routine job, and that is what he and the members of Def Con One convey - pure energy. As the band plays countless gigs in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and other cities in his native Britain, Antton took to time to dish with me about his involvement in Def Con One and other areas of his past projects in metal bands. More...

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