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From: Antofagasta, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

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Folkheim Releasing Debut Album

Chilean ancestral metal band Folkheim will be unleashing its debut full-length album "Mapu Ñi Tiam" on July 4th via Australis Records. Check out a teaser for the album below. This is the first offering the Antofagasta natives have released since 2006's "Pachakuti" EP and reflects nine years of hard work. "Mapu Ñi Tiam" was recorded in Santuario Sónico and 15Hz Studios, and has 10 tracks of definitive native Chilean sounds. The Track listing for this disc, which mixes Spanish, Mapudungún, Diaguita, Maori and English is:

1.- Konú
2.- Illkun
3.- Chaka
4.- EnFfronteras Ajenas (Quillasuyo)
5.- Vaai Honga Kaina
6.- Vai-Heva
7.- Zeuman
8.- Cherubic Anguish
9.- Seraya / An Elegy for Iscariot
10.- A Night Discharged of All Care...

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Chile

Chile is a world unto itself, a land of extremes that begins at the harsh Atacama desert to the north and extends thousands of miles to the south in the fjords of Patagonia. The population is of hardy, rugged stock and it's people are as diverse as our own. Within this long country of one time zone, you have all kinds of microcosms and people of diverse ancestry. There are influences from German and Italian lineage and plenty of native and indigenous folk residing amongst the Hispanic populace. And of course, one common thread appears to always transcend boundaries - music. In the case of metal music, Chile has an unbelievable amount of bands in every subgroup imaginable. Black metal bands such as Runepath have put out demos that have gotten recognition on many webzines, and even the ambient new age doom of Uaral has gone viral on YouTube. The majority of people will think of Tom Araya, who recently got the key to a city as a musical emissary, as the most popular Chileno - but delve a little bit deeper and you will find all sorts of bands.

Chile has been thrashing for years, and you can see this as evident when old schoolers such as Vastator regroup are still around putting out videos and even collaborate with Veronica Freeman ("The Gods Give No Reply"). The great thing about the Chilean metal scene as of late is the organization put into it. The Digmetalworld label has put alot of effort into showcasing and streaming countless bands and releases from Chilean and other South American artists. A fan of one band can easily jump and discover music from other groups this way. While you may stream dozens of releases this way and get to know more metal bands, I still find that many will investigate on their own as well. Great blogspots such as Paganvs Info, for those who can read Spanish, also highlight a vast amount of music from the pagan metal scene in Chile and South America. Here on Metal Underground, we have streamed the entire newest releases of such diverse Chilean metal bands as Lefutray, Sacramento and several others. Today we will take a look at a few different styles of metal bands currently active in the Chilean scene.


I like what Folkheim stand for. They have the touch of the common man in their message of popular rights and autonomy for indigenous people. They don't celebrate Columbus Day, because in their words it would be celebrating 519 years of conquistador oppression. They recently bowed out of the Caviahue festival on moral and monetary grounds, and continue to speak their peace on issues such as the funding of the HidroAysen energy project which many deemed environmentally unsound. Hailing from Antofagasta, they play a rich variety of ethnic black folk metal. Folkheim's first EP was 2006's "Pachakuti," which followed their 2004 demo "Touched by Thy Undisturbed Essence." They continue to play shows all over Chile and have an incredible cult following.


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Folkheim Posts New Single

Legendary Chilean ethnic black/folk metal band Folkheim has released the promotional single for the track "Illkun," which you may listen to here at the Paganvs Info blogspot. Their album "Mapu Ni Tiam" is coming out on Australis records in Chile. More...

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