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Blodarv Posts "Moon Gazer" Video

With the release of the limited edition 7" vinyl “Flamekeeper” creeping closer, Danish black metal band Blodarv today debuts a video for the track “Moon Gazer.”

The video for “Moongazer” was filmed on Bornholm, the island home of Blodarv frontman and founder Hugin, and was produced at his own HammerArt and Studios. Check it out below.

“Flamekeeper” will be available in two different versions on Self Mutilation Services, including a special ceremonial box, and is a release that is very personal to Hugin, who wants it to be a special thank you to fans, some of whom have been following the band for twenty years since the release of the “Misanthropia/Misanthropia” back in 1994.

To this end, the front man has gone to great lengths to hand craft much of the content himself, and has ensured that the label sourced a high quality wooden box that will be a collector’s item for years to come. Included in the diehard “Flamekeeper Ceremonial Box” set will be the following: More...

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Blodarv Announces Limited Edition Box

Danish black metallers Blodarv are set to release a 3-tape limited edition box set titled “Storms of the Past,” which features the “Soulcollector” album and the first 2 Blodarv demos “Murder In The Name Of Satan” & “Mysteriis.”

“Storms of the Past” comes in both a regular version, limited to 30 boxes, and a diehard leather edition strictly limited to 15 units. As well as the three pro tapes, the boxes will also include a booklet, patch, badge, and poster which are only available with the sets, whilst the leather box will additionally include a sticker for the box, a “Mysteriis” and a “Lang vaek fra livet” sticker, and a large (23×10 cm) booklet which will have 4 extra pages with handwritten lyrics for “Soulcollector.”

“Storms of the Past” will be released on Atramentum Productions on the 18th September, and will also available to purchase direct from the band at this location where advance orders are currently being taken. More...

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Blodarv Live Footage Available

Fan-filmed footage has made its way online of Blodarv supporting Carpathian Forest live at Musik Loppen on April 19th, 2013.

Check out the clip of Blodarv performing "Surrounded By Dust" below. The track comes off the band's latest album "Gâst."

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Blodarv Announces DVD Release

Blodarv will be releasing the new live DVD "A Doorway Between Worlds." The following press release was issued about the upcoming DVD:

"It’s not easy for 'underground' bands to release DVD’s. Without major labels behind them who have money to invest in their roster, it’s pretty much a dream for the majority of bands, no matter how much demand there is from fans who are weary of trying to watch their favourite bands on YouTube, at the mercy of the vagaries of their internet connections and with poor sound quality. So Danish Black Metallers BLODARV have taken matters into their own hands, and released a DVD themselves, but in a format that self-financing would permit: DVD-r.

"Titled 'A Doorway Between Worlds' Chapter 1, the DVD contains videos for tracks from Blodarv’s albums 'Soulcollector,' 'Linaria Amlech,' 'Civitas Diaboli,' and the newly released 'Gâst,' as well as a live recording from their show at Club Brutal, in Aarhus Denmark, filmed in December of last year. The DVD will be available exclusively through the band’s webshop at this location."

The videos featured on the “A Doorway Between Worlds," which is DVD player and PC compatible and is limited to 666 hand-numbered copies, are as follows:

1. A Snowy Night In November (Music Video)
2. I Blaek Og Blod (Music Video)
3. Blood red Rocks (Live Video)
4. Empty Fucking Life (Music Video)
5. Civitas Diaboli (Music Video)
6. Heksen Nitiria Amlech (Musik Video)
7. Those Who Speaks In Minds (Slide W Live Pics)
8. Langt Vaek Fra Livet (Slide W Live Pics) More...

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Blodarv Reveals "Gâst" Track Listing

With a release date set for early December 2012, Blodarv today reveals the track listing and artwork for “Gâst,” the fourth full-length album from the veteran Danish black metal act. The eight-track album will be released in two versions on Self Mutilation Services – regular CD format and a limited edition in A5 format which will feature different artwork. Both versions come with a 16 page lyric booklet.

All artwork for “Gâst” was done by the blasphemer himself – Blodarv founder and frontman Hugin. The recording, mixing, and engineering were all done by Hugin at his HammerArt Studios on the frontman’s home island of Bornholm. The album's track listing is:

1. Indelukket
2. A Snowy Night In November
3. I Blaek Og Blod (check out the music video right here)
4. Korset Paa Baalet
5. The Heart Of Art
6. Lonely Journey
7. Surrounded By Dust
8. Into The Halls Of Orion

A collection of Blodarv tracks can also be heard below for those unfamiliar with the band's work. More...

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Blodarv Streams New Song

With new album "Gâst" set for release later this year on Selfmutilation Services, Danish black metallers Blodarv have debuted a second track from what will be their fourth full-length album. Unlike the previous track "I Blaek Og Blod," which recently had its debut as a music video, the lyrics to the new track, "Surrounded by Dust", are in English and the track can be heard below.

The band's publicist also commented: "The music and lyrics of Blodarv have always represented a very personal aspect of founder and front man Hugin's life and beliefs. Writing both in English and Danish he gives voice to his deepest thoughts and emotions through his poetry, which in turn becomes the lyrics to his music."

According Hugin "Surrounded by Dust" is in a way much more representative of the album as a whole: "The 'I Blaek Og Blod' video caught some of our fans by surprise as the track is not as dark as they have come to expect from us, but as always in Blodarv we create various atmospheres, to fit the music to the lyrics, and 'Surrounded by Dust' takes us firmly back into the darkness. It is, in fact, one of the slower tracks on the album and is one of my personal favourites. We finished recording the guitars for the track on the 5th of August and mixed and engineered it over the next few days, so it's 'smoking hot" in every sense of the word." More...

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Blodarv Releases New Music Video

Danish black metallers Blodarv have released a music video for a track to appear on their upcoming fourth full-length album. The video for "I Blaek Og Blod," which translated means "In Ink and Blood," was filmed in Hammerknuden and among the evocative ruins of Hammershus on the island of Bornholm, where the band originates and where it's founder Hugin lives. Check out the video below. More...

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Blodarv Announces New Album

Danish black metal act Blodarv has announced a new full-length album titled "GÂST" will see release later this year, featuring all brand new tracks. Further details will be announced as they are made available, and in the mean time you can check out Blodarv's music through MySpace.

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Blodarv Announces Compilation Release

Danish black metallers Blodarv have reached an agreement with the Slovenian underground label Nigrum Serpentis Production for the release of a retrospective compilation that will cover ten years of the band’s history.

The ten-track CD will contain various tracks from Blodarv's releases, including the bonus track “Six feet Below As She Wished For Death,” which was originally written in 1996 and up to now has only been available on the first Blodarv demo “Murder in the Name of Satan.” The album is set to run for 60 minutes and comes with a twelve-page booklet containing lyrics (the band writes in both Danish and English) and photos and fan art which detail the history of Blodarv.

The track listing for “A Demon’s Diary” as follows:

1. Under Satans Vinger
2. Daemonstormens Tid
3. Power Of A Soul
4. Where The Beast Dwell
5. Those Who Speaks In Minds
6. Heksen Nitiria Amlech
7. Sealed In Black With Silver Stars
8. Beyond Life
9. Langt Vaek Fra Livet
10. Natteskarn
*Bonus track: “Six Feet Below As She Wished For Death”

Despite an accident which smashed Hugin’s jaw and left him unable to either sing or perform live for most of 2011 while it healed, the vocalist has nevertheless been busy. Work has been progressing well on Blodarv’s next full-length album, and the band featured two previously un-released tracks on the “Shadows of Tragedy” compilation, which was released on Self Mutilation Services in September of this year.

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Blodarv Issues Year-End Recap

Danish black metal act Blodarv has issued the following recap of the band's activity this year and announcement about upcoming plans:

"We're coming to the end of yet another eventful year for BLODARV, and once again, in what we hope will become a tradition, I will take a look back at the achievements, and, it has to be said, mishaps that we went through, and a look forward to the year to come. January kicked off 2011 in what looked like a great way. YNLEBORGAZ was fit and at full power after an enforced rest following knee surgery and once again BLODARV was ready to hit the stage. Dedicated Booking had already booked us two shows, the first of which took place in Copenhagen at Beta and was a more than successful return to live performing for the band.

"With our second show set to take place at PH-Cafeen in May, disaster unfortunately struck again, and the show had to be cancelled when my jaw, which was already recovering from earlier surgery, was badly broken following an accident. With some bone needing to be removed from my jaw, recovery from this was obviously not going to happen overnight. In fact, it took half a year, during which time not only was I unable to sing, but I was also not able to eat anything more exciting than soup.

"The time was not entirely wasted however, and despite not being able to rehearse I was still able to start mixing the drum tracks for the next BLODARV full-length album. I had actually already composed most of the album back in 2010, and all the drums tracks had already been recorded by YNLEBORGAZ in December of that year when he visited my home and studio (HammerArt & Studio's) on the island of Bornholm. A few months later we began recording the guitars, and the next step will be to record the bass, for which HUUL will come to the island over several weekends to lay down the bass lines. And then, of course, it will be time to do the vocals. More...

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Blodarv Recruits New Live Drummer

Danish black metal act Blodarv has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new live drummer:

"Due to the fact that Blodarv's session drummer YNLEBORGAZ is frequently busy these days with his own band Angantyr, we have been trying out an additional live drummer who goes by the name of FJORGYNN. He has been drumming with us for the last six rehearsals and has proved himself to be a superb live drummer who fits right in with Blodarv – being able to understand the flow and energy of our music and synch completely with the band.

"This means that Blodarv is now in a position to be able to accept more live shows, without having to worry about the ones that YNLEBORGAZ can't make. And who knows, you might even be able to see Blodarv and Angantyr appearing at the same festivals in the future.

"The first show to feature FJORGYNN in action will be on the 26th November when Blodarv will be supporting Endstille at the Rock in Copenhagen (DK)."

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Blodarv Contributes Tracks To Compilation

Danish black metallers Blodarv have contributed two tracks to the “Shadows of Tragedy” compilation CD, which was released this week on Self Mutilation Services. Along with Blodarv, other contributors to the release are Nocturnal Depression, Black Hate, Acedi, and Grimlair. “Shadows of Tragedy” is released in a 500 copies-only limited edition CD, which hit the streets on the 16th September.

The two tracks contributed by Blodarv are both previously unreleased songs written at the same time as the band’s “Civitas Diaboli” album, which was itself released on Self Mutilation Services in 2009. The first track, “Sharpstone Mountain,” is effectively a prelude to the tale recounted in the “Blood Red Rocks” track from “Civitas Diaboli,” while the second track, “I Hulernes Rige” is a melancholy acoustic song, which gives Blodarv’s female backing vocalist Satinae Ma a chance to take the lead on vocals.

Blodarv founder and front man Hugin has only recently been allowed to return to performing, following an accident that resulted in extensive surgery to his jaw. It was also revealed this week that he would be collaborating with Norway’s Elenyx and Sweden’s It (Abruptum) on a new album from NÅE, which is to be recorded partly in Blodarv’s own HammerArt and Studios on the Danish island of Bornholm, and partly in Elenyx’s own recording facilities in Oslo. Commented the front man: “Being out of action so long would have been frustrating if I hadn’t been able to work on writing for the next Blodarv release and record some of the music for it in the studio, as well as drafting out ideas for the NÅE collaboration. All in all, you could say that it’s been quite a productive time out”.

Blodarv is due to support Endstille at The Rock, in Copenhagen on the 26th November, and more information about the band can be found at at this location.

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